Anime News

DateArticle Name
6/29/2017Researchers Discover Safer Earth Re-Entry Thanks to Gundam
6/29/2017Spinoff Novel of Shinkai's your name. Film Gets Manga in July
6/29/2017The Devil is a Part-Timer! Novel Creator Explains Why Anime Has No 2nd Season
6/29/2017Anime Expo VR Experiences Include Death Note, Sh?nen Jump, Idols
6/29/2017Irregular at magic high school Film Tops 300 Million Yen
6/29/2017VisualArts to Crowdfund Little Busters Spinoff Kud Wafter's Anime
6/29/2017Netflix Streams Live-Action Death Note Film's Full Trailer (Updated)
6/29/2017Nights of Azure 2 Game Ships for Switch, PS4, PC in West in October
6/29/2017Amazon Strike Lists Touken Ranbu, Welcome to the Ballroom, Dive!! Anime
6/29/2017Clione no Akari TV Anime's Promo Video Highlights Takashi
6/29/2017Jun Fukuyama Narrates Chronos Ruler Anime's TV Ad
6/29/2017AMS Posts Trailer for Anime Expo Screening of Lupin III Italian Game Anime Special
6/29/2017ClassicaLoid Anime's 2nd Season Reveals New Characters, New Staff
6/29/2017Chio-chan no Ts?gakuro Manga Gets Anime Adaptation
6/29/2017Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun Anime Casts Daiki Hamano, Michiko Neya, Daisuke Namikawa
6/29/2017'Just Because!' Original Anime's October Premiere Revealed
6/29/2017Space Brothers Gets Planetarium Show With Story by Author
6/29/2017Dies Irae Anime Reveals New Visual, October Premiere
6/29/20171st Laughing Under the Clouds Gaiden Anime Film's Teaser Reveals Cast, December Opening
6/29/2017Live-Action Hyouka Film's Teaser Reveals Theme Song, November Opening
6/29/2017Megadimension Neptunia VIIR VR Game's Video Shows Conversation With Neptune
6/29/2017Man Threw Flare at Keyakizaka46 Handshake Event, Arrested for Bringing Knife
6/29/2017Hortensia Saga Smartphone Game's Animated Video Posted
6/28/2017Tsuredure Children Anime's 5th Short Promo Video Previews Takeru, Ayaka
6/28/2017Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense Invites Players to Sniff Characters
6/28/2017Warriors All-Stars Game's Trailer Highlights 'Sestuna Clan'
6/28/2017Watch the Entire Final Fantasy XIV Bahamut Projection Mapping Display
6/28/2017The Dragon Dentist Anime Wins Best Animation at Shanghai TV Festival
6/28/2017Man Arrested for Stalking HKT48 Idol Group Member
6/28/2017ANN Readers: Welcome to the Ballroom Is Most Anticipated Summer 2017 Anime
6/28/2017Sakura Quest Anime's 2nd Cour Visual, Theme Songs Revealed
6/28/2017Japanese Comic Ranking, June 19-25
6/28/2017Viz Media Names Chris Butcher Consulting Editor-At-Large
6/28/2017Send Your Letters Across the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario Stamps
6/28/2017Sentai Filmworks Reveals Onigiri English Dub Cast, Clip
6/28/2017Nintendo Switch Surpasses 1 Million Units Sold in Japan
6/28/2017Japan's Video Game Rankings, June 19-25
6/28/2017Kaito × Ansa Puzzle-Solving Anime Adds New Cast, Brings Back Nazotokine Characters
6/28/20171st 3 The Ancient Magus' Bride Episodes, Children of Ether to Screen in U.S. Theaters
6/28/2017One Piece Lottery Could Be 100 Fans' Big Musical Break
6/26/2017Yoshiki to Screen We Are X and Special Yoshikitty Featurette at Anime Expo
6/26/2017Hidive? Acquires 'Kabukibu!' for International Streaming
6/26/2017Hidive? Acquires 'Atom the Beginning' for International Streaming
6/26/2017Aniplex of America Names Shu Nishimoto as President
6/26/2017Hidive? Acquires 'Grimoire of Zero' for International Streaming
6/26/2017Live-Action 'GARO' Series to Stream Exclusively on HIDIVE?
6/26/2017Nintendo Reveals SNES Classic Edition With 21 Games, Including Star Fox 2
6/26/2017Zoo Ends 1st Kemono Friends Campaign, but Grape-kun & Humboldt Are Forever
6/26/2017Symphogear AXZ Anime's 3-Minute Promo Previews Nana Mizuki's Opening Song
6/26/2017Sentai Filmworks Licenses Battle Girl High School, Plans HIDIVE Simulcast
6/26/2017Idol Ririka Sut? to Graduate NMB48 After Announcing Marriage Plans
6/26/2017King of Prism: Pride the Hero Anime Film Earns 200 Million Yen
6/26/20172nd Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Film Opens at #8
6/26/2017Vanishing Starlight Manga Based on Sound Horizon Single Ends '1st Part'
6/26/2017Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Film Previewed in 2 More Trailers, Still of K?tar? Amon
6/26/2017Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat Anime Premieres on July 12, Will Have 12 Episodes
6/26/2017Snack World Nintendo 3DS Game Delayed to August 10
6/26/2017Nakaba Suzuki's The Seven Deadly Sins Manga Gets PS4 Action Game
6/26/2017Tokyo Ravens Manga Ends Serialization in July
6/26/2017Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 0 Manga Ends in July
6/26/2017Kiss×sis Creator Ditama Launches New Manga in Shonen Sirius
6/26/2017Hajimete no Gal Manga's 5th Volume Listed With Original Anime on Blu-ray
6/26/2017Princess Principal Anime's Ad Highlights Main Characters
6/26/2017Uta no Prince-sama? Shining Live Smartphone Rhythm Game Gets Global Release
6/26/2017One Piece 'Episode of East Blue' Special's Visual Unveiled
6/25/2017Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Anime's Season 3 Visual Unveiled
6/25/2017Live-Action Ajin Film's Trailer Previews The Oral Cigarettes' Theme Song
6/25/2017Magic Knight Rayearth's Hikaru Inspires Cosmetics
6/25/2017Fujoshi Choose 'Top' Characters in Boys-Love Manga Quiz
6/25/2017Is the Order a Rabbit?? Anime's Special Episode Reveals November 11 Debut, Staff
6/25/2017Kemono Friends Zoo Collab Adds Night Tours
6/25/2017Little Witch Academia PS4 Game's 2nd Ad Reveals November 30 Launch, Trigger's Anime Footage, Bonus Game
6/25/20175th Digimon Adventure tri Anime Film's Promo Video Teases Battle
6/25/2017DIVE!! Anime Reveals 2nd Promo Video, More Cast
6/25/2017Houbunsha Reveals Kirara Fantasy Smartphone RPG
6/25/2017Yurucamp Anime Reveals Main Cast, 1st Visual
6/25/2017Blend S TV Anime's 1st Promo Video Reveals Main Cast
6/24/2017Welcome to the Ballroom Anime Gets Amazon Prime-Only Streaming Inside, Outside Japan
6/24/2017Touken Ranbu Smartphone Game Reveals 2 More Characters in Kiwame State
6/24/2017Futari H Manga Gets Gag Spinoff Series About Akira
6/22/2017Kaito × Ansa Puzzle-Solving Anime's 4th Promo Video Reveals Daisuke Ono as Y?
6/22/2017Sylph Manga Magazine Ceases Publication, New 'Pixiv Sylph' Online Magazine Launches This Summer
6/22/2017SEGA Launches 'Forever Collection' of Classic Games on iOS, Android
6/22/2017Princess Jellyfish Manga Approaches Climax
6/22/2017Warriors All-Stars Game's Videos Highlight Plachta, Sophie, Tokitsugu
6/22/2017Medical Manga K?nodori Gets 2nd Live-Action Series in October
6/22/2017Anime Expo Hosts U.S. Premiere Screening of Lupin III Italian Game Special
6/22/2017Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul Anime's New Theme Song Artists Revealed
6/22/2017Berserk Manga Goes Back on Hiatus Until Winter
6/22/2017My Hero Academia Anime Reveals New Opening Theme Artist, Cast for Gran Torino
6/22/2017One Piece Anime Gets 'Episode of East Blue' Special on August 26
6/22/2017Black Clover Manga Takes 1-Week Break Due to Author's Hospitalization
6/22/2017Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Anime Gets 3rd Season This Fall
6/22/2017Animator: Yowamushi Pedal Anime Gets 4th Season
6/22/2017Love Rice Anime Gets Stage Play Adaptation
6/21/2017Level 5 Launches Layton's Mystery Journey Game's Global Puzzle Game
6/21/2017Detective Conan Creator Appears on Sherlock Holmes Anniversary Program
6/21/2017Shinji Aramaki Directs Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars CG-Animated Film
6/21/2017Shueisha Releases Assassination Classroom VR PC Game
6/21/2017Romance Comedy Manga Chronicles Struggles of Having No Face
6/21/2017Root Letter Mystery Visual Novel Gets PC Release This Year
6/21/2017Daruma Matsuura's Kasane Manga Gets Live-Action Film
6/21/2017Alleged ClariS Photos Reveal Parts of Secretive Singers' Faces
6/21/2017Japanese Comic Ranking, June 12-18
6/21/2017Japan's Video Game Rankings, June 12-18
6/21/2017HIDIVE Streaming Platform Adds School-Live, Chivalry of a Failed Knight English Dubs
6/21/2017Pokémon, Yuri!!! on Ice, Detective Conan Top Japan Character Awards
6/21/2017Anime Expo to Host Bandai Namco Producers Yasuhiro Fukaya, Yusuke Tomizawa
6/21/2017Anohana English Dub to Premiere at Anime Expo
6/21/2017Growth Squadron Nobiranger Web Anime Promotes Nutrition for Kids
6/21/2017Mistwalker Details 'Terra World' Franchise With Terra Battle 2, Terra Wars
6/21/2017Marriage, Graduation Announcements Overshadow Idol Rino Sashihara's 3rd AKB48 Election Win
6/21/2017Tsuredure Children Anime's 4th Short Promo Video Previews New Cast
6/21/2017Tatsunoko's Infini-T Force Anime Reveals 5 More Characters, Cast
6/21/2017Udon Licenses Infini-T Force Manga With Limited Pre-Launch at Anime Expo
6/21/2017Battle Girl High School Anime Reveals 2nd Promo Video, Streaming Plans
6/21/2017Rilakkuma Mascot Character Gets 2018 Anime on Netflix
6/21/2017Live-Action Love and Lies Film Reveals More of Cast
6/21/2017Layton's Mystery Journey Game's Promo Video Previews Kana Nishino Theme Song
6/20/2017Mamoru Miyano Is 1st Male Voice Actor to Top Weekly Blu-ray Chart
6/19/2017Boom Boom Satellites Band Gets Documentary Film
6/19/2017The Fruit of Grisaia: Side Episode PS Vita Game's Promo Video Streamed
6/19/2017Pokémon GO Game Details Gym, Battle Updates
6/19/2017Capcom, Bandai Namco Enter Cross-Licensing Agreement for Street Fighter, More
6/19/2017Irregular at magic high school Anime Film Earns 163 Million Yen in Opening Weekend
6/19/20172nd New Haikyu!! Compilation Film Also Gets New Scenes
6/19/2017Bungo Stray Dogs Anime Film Reveals Title, Teaser Video, Visual, Early Spring 2018 Debut
6/19/2017Yumina Narrates 1st Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection Film's 3 New Ads
6/19/2017Ikemen Sengoku Anime's Promo Video Outlines Story
6/19/20173 Former SMAP Members Leave Johnny & Associates Agency
6/19/20177O3X: Fastest Finger First Anime Casts Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Takumi Niina
6/19/2017Dudok de Wit, Studio Ghibli's The Red Turtle Film Wins Animafest Zagreb Award
6/19/2017Hidamari ga Kikoeru Live-Action Film's 4-Minute Clip Streamed
6/19/2017Cup Noodle Anime Ad Imagines Kiki's Delivery Service's Kiki, Tombo as 17-year-olds
6/19/2017Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Manga's OAD Reveals Visual, Cast
6/18/2017Kemono Friends Stage Play to Return in 2018
6/18/2017NTR: Netsuzou Trap Yuri Anime's Promo Video Previews Opening Theme Song (Updated)
6/18/2017Shiori Teshirogi Draws Justice League Origin: Wonder Woman Manga
6/18/2017Sailor Moon, My Melody Collaboration Reveals Bag, Plush, Table, More Goods
6/18/2017Shoji Gatoh, Shikidouji, Seiji Kishi, Hiroyuki Hashimoto, More Listed as Attending Anime Expo
6/18/2017Humans Are Off the Menu at Attack on Titan Cafe Collaboration
6/18/2017Crunchyroll Adds Red Data Girl, Eccentric Family, Sky Wizards Academy, Gantz, Aquarion Logos, Devil May Cry Anime
6/18/2017Tokyo Neighbors Web Series Gives Frank Look at Being Gay in Tokyo
6/18/2017Bushiroad Reveals Granadia Saga Smartphone Game, Manga
6/18/2017Rest Your Head on Gundam's Acguy, Z'Gok Pillows
6/18/2017Sayori Ochiai's Gingitsune Manga Goes Back on Hiatus
6/18/2017Idolish 7 Anime Project Includes Both TV Anime & Spinoff Series
6/18/2017Saiyuki Reload Blast Anime Casts Yuuki Kaji, Haruhi Nanao
6/18/2017Chronos Ruler Anime Reveals 2nd Key Visual, July 7 Premiere
6/18/2017Anime Expo Schedule Lists Screening Trailer at 'FLCL 2 & 3 Panel' on July 2
6/18/2017Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Game's Switch Version Launches in Japan on September 7
6/18/2017Funimation Streams Season 3 Preview Video For Attack on Titan Anime
6/18/2017LiSA Performs New Ending Theme For My Hero Academia Anime's 2nd Season
6/18/2017Lu over the wall, In This Corner of the World Anime Films Win Awards at Annecy (Updated)
6/17/2017Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Manga Ends in July
6/17/2017The irregular at magic high school Film Marks Premiere With Rice Balls
6/17/2017Reiko the Zombie Shop's Mikamoto Launches Iron Ghost no Sh?jo Manga
6/17/2017Takara Tomy is Not OK With Twitter's Profile Pic Change
6/17/2017Bandai Namco's VR Experience Opens in Tokyo on July 14, Overseas Expansion Planned
6/17/2017Iced Cup Noodle Will Keep You Cool in the Summer Heat
6/16/2017Altair: A Record of Battles Anime's TV Ad Previews SID's Opening Song
6/16/2017Sony Ships 60.4 Million PS4 Consoles Worldwide
6/16/2017Wit Studio to Show Live-Action Film Summer Blooms at Moscow Film Festival
6/16/2017Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu TV Anime's 3rd Promo Video Previews Kalafina's Theme
6/16/2017Final Fantasy XV Game Previews 'Episode Prompto' DLC in Gameplay Video
6/16/2017Teeky? Anime's 9th Season Premieres on July 12
6/16/2017Hitorijime My Hero TV Anime's Long Promo Video Previews Wataru Hatano's Theme Song
6/16/2017Mysterious Joker, Pokémon Horizon, Puzzle & Dragons X Manga End
6/16/2017Masaaki Yuasa's Devilman Crybaby Anime Reveals New Visual
6/16/2017Princess Resurrection's Mitsunaga Writes New Tama Kick Manga
6/16/2017Compile Heart Collaborates With Tezuka Productions For New Smartphone Game
6/16/2017Voice Actor Keiji Fujiwara Plans Return to Work
6/16/2017Nami Sano's New Manga Titled Migi to Dari, Story Revealed
6/16/2017Sonic Mania Video Reveals August 15 Release Date
6/16/2017Okinawa Resident Launches Crowdfunding to Make Manga, Anime About Okinawan Culture
6/16/2017Nikkei: Konami Blacklists Former Employees in Japanese Game Industry
6/15/2017DIVE!! Anime Casts Kensho Ono, Shouta Aoi, Kengo Kawanishi, Ryohei Kimura
6/15/2017Iwaihime: Matsuri, Earth Defense Force 5 Games Delayed
6/15/2017Mazinger Z Reveals Theme Song Artist, Composer, Story
6/15/2017Kaito × Ansa Puzzle-Solving Anime Reveals 3rd Promo Video
6/15/20173rd Show By Rock!! Stage Musical Gets New Visual
6/15/2017Gundam the Origin Anime's Loum Arc Previewed in 2nd English-Subtitled Video
6/15/2017Y?kai Ap?to no Y?ga na Nichij? Anime Reveals 7 More Cast Members, Theme Song Artists
6/15/2017Oscar-Nominated Director Yamamura Previews New Shorts in Trailer
6/15/2017Level-5 Acquires Mighty No.9 Developer Comcept as Subsidiary
6/15/2017Coro Coro Comics Characters Gather for Original Net Anime in July
6/15/2017Demon Prince Poro's Diaries Manga Ends on Monday in Shonen Jump
6/15/2017Nintendo Announces Sushi Striker 3DS Game for 2018
6/15/2017Irregular at magic high school Anime Film Opens in U.S. on July 28
6/15/2017Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Game's Gameplay, Mechanics Trailer Streamed
6/15/2017Dragon Ball FighterZ's Gameplay Videos Show 3-vs.-3 Fights
6/15/2017Animation Project for Vivaldi's The Four Seasons to Also Open Crowdfunding on Kickstarter
6/15/2017Cats, Cats, and More Cats - Neko Navy Now on Steam
6/15/2017Aniplex of America Begins Ticket Sales for Nationwide Theatrical Release of The Irregular at Magic High School THE MOVIE - The girl Who Summons the Stars-
6/15/2017The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie -The Girl Who Summons The Stars- To Be Released in Select U.S. Theaters in July
6/15/2017Four Visionary Animation Artists Take on Vivaldi's Four Seasons - Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign to Launch July 25th
6/15/2017Yoshiki to Attend Special Screening of "We Are X" at Anime Expo 2017
6/15/2017FLOW and Minori Chihara Join for Bandai Namco Shanghai "Anisong Party"
6/15/2017Hatsune Miku Enters the World of Osamu Tezuka for New Exhibition
6/15/2017Hulu Streams The Asterisk War Anime's English Dub
6/15/2017JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Yoshikage Kira Real Escape Game Reveals Visuals
6/15/2017Anime Expo to Host Voice Actor Miyu Irino
6/15/2017Granblue Fantasy's Muscle Men Show Off in Music Video
6/15/2017Vatican Miracle Examiner Anime Casts Yusa Koji, Hiroki Yasumoto, Tsubasa Yonaga
6/15/2017Utena, Anthy Inspire Lingerie, Fragrance, Accessories
6/15/2017New Mazinger Z Film's Trailer Previews Animation
6/15/2017Japan's Animation TV Ranking, June 5-11
6/15/2017Maiden Japan Licenses Hinako OVA Series
6/15/2017Yen Press to Release Gesellschaft Blume, IM: The Great Priest Imhotep Manga Digitally
6/15/2017Viz Media Announces Exciting Events for Food Wars! Manga Co-creator Yuto Tsukuda at Anime Expo 2017
6/15/2017Kadokawa To Make Its Debut At Anime Expo
6/15/2017Sentai Filmworks Returns to Disboard in "No Game, No Life Zero"
6/15/2017Ragnarok Journey Comes to Steam
6/15/2017Wakanim to Launch Anime Streaming Services in the Nordic Region July 1st 2017, Titles Revealed
6/15/2017Stella Chuu to Appear at Otakon Matsuri 2017
6/14/2017Gundam Director Shinji Takamatsu Responds to NHK's Anime Industry Special
6/14/2017Princess Jellyfish's Akiko Higashimura Produces New Manga Series
6/14/2017Anime Expo to Screen Resident Evil: Vendetta Film Ahead of N. American Premiere
6/14/2017Gintama Incense Holder Repels Insects, Promotes Elizabeth Smoking
6/14/2017Ensemble Girls!! Smartphone Game Ends Service in November
6/14/2017Konami's Metal Gear Survive Game Delayed to Early 2018
6/14/2017Clione no Akari TV Anime to Premiere on July 12
6/14/2017One-Punch Man Anime Gets 4-Volume Character Drama, Song CD Series
6/14/2017Anime Expo to Host X Japan Leader Yoshiki for We Are X Screening
6/14/2017Japanese Comic Ranking, June 5-11
6/14/2017Sui Ishida's Tokyo Ghoul Art Takes Over Shinjuku Station
6/14/2017Japan's Video Game Rankings, June 5-11
6/14/2017King of Prism: Pride the Hero Anime Film Tops 100 Million Yen in 4 Days
6/14/2017Anime Expo Lists Appearance by Voice Actor Daisuke Hirakawa
6/14/2017Fukuyoka-san Manga Follows Plus-Size Woman in Japan
6/14/2017Full Metal Panic! Light Novel Author, Illustrator to Attend Anime Expo
6/14/2017Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Game is Remake Not Remaster
6/14/2017Gamers! Novel Author Writes Daily Stories Before Anime's July Premiere
6/14/2017Fate/Grand Order Stage Play Reveals 2nd Key Visual, More Cast Visuals
6/14/2017Pluto Anime, New Patlabor EZY Anime Series Projects Revealed
6/14/2017Yaoi Publisher SuBLime Debuts Manga Series FINDER
6/14/2017Anime Expo Hosts Kyoto Animation's Violet Evergarden World Premiere
6/14/2017In This Corner of the World to be Shown at Otakon 2017
6/14/2017100% Orange Juice Characters Find Their Voices
6/14/2017Diamond, X-Plus Release Mechagodzilla With The New PREVIEWS Exclusive Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. Figure
6/12/2017Omega Labyrinth Z Gameplay Video Shows Dungeon Exploration
6/12/2017Nanbaka Stage Play Reveals Dates, Cast, Staff
6/12/2017Prince of Tennis Voice Actor Masami Iwasaki Marries
6/12/2017Galaxy Express 999's Maetel Gets a Tan for Beauty Campaign
6/12/2017Digimon Adventure tri. Stage Play Casts 3 Female Leads
6/12/2017J?ni Taisen Anime Reveals 12 Main Cast Members, Character Designs, Visual
6/12/2017King of Prism: Pride the Hero Anime Film Opens at #7
6/12/2017Tsuredure Children Anime Casts Kentar? Kumagai, Haruka Miyage, Kana Hanazawa
6/12/2017Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories Anime Gets 5th Season in July
6/12/2017Sentai Filmworks to Produce English Dub for Flying Witch Anime
6/12/2017The Ancient Magus' Bride TV Anime, OVA Series Reveal New Trailers, Cast, Visuals
6/12/2017Tite Kubo Draws Original Character Designs For Upcoming Bleach Novels
6/12/2017Shaft, Shunji Iwai's Fireworks Anime Film Reveals 5 More Cast Members
6/12/2017Y?koso Jitsuryoku Shij? Shugi no Ky?shitsu e Anime Reveals Ending Theme Artist, July 12 Debut
6/12/2017Magical Circle Anime Reveals 2nd Promo Video, More Cast, More Staff, Story
6/11/2017Golgo 13's Takao Saito Launches New Manga Award
6/11/2017Discover Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh During Real Escape Game
6/11/2017Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Game's Story Trailer Streamed
6/11/2017Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Holds Kemono Friends Concert
6/11/20171st 3 The Ancient Magus' Bride Episodes to Screen at Anime Expo
6/11/2017Otakon Hosts Masao Maruyama, Hidenori Matsubara
6/11/2017Discotek to Release Kaiba TV Anime, Galaxy Express 999, Adieu Galaxy Express 999, Hells Anime Films on Blu-ray
6/11/2017Splatoon 2 Splashes Into Kyoto Aquarium This Summer
6/11/2017Anime Expo Hosts Director Tensai Okamura, Final Fantasy Real Escape Game
6/11/2017Fate/Extella Game's Switch Version Previews Bride Costume in Video
6/11/2017Irregular at magic high school Anime Film's English-Subtitled Trailer Streamed
6/11/2017Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu Anime Premieres on July 1
6/11/2017Kojima Productions Won't Show Death Stranding Game at E3
6/11/2017Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Uch? Sentai Ky?ranger Films' Trailer Outlines Story
6/11/2017Live-Action Perfect World Film Reveals Cast, Staff, 2018 Premiere
6/11/2017Kingdom Hearts III Game's Latest Trailer Previews Olympus Coliseum Gameplay (Updated)
6/11/2017X Japan Continues World Tour as Acoustic Concerts
6/11/2017New Final Fantasy Manga Follows Square Enix Employee Who Dies, is Reborn in Final Fantasy World
6/11/2017Diary of a Fishing Fool Anime's Kouichi Yamadera Guest-Stars in Live-Action Series Version
6/11/2017Microsoft Reveals Xbox One X Console, Xbox Backward Compatibility
6/11/2017Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Discusses Zeon Zum Deikun as Gundam's Jesus
6/11/2017Code Vein RPG's E3 Trailer Reveals Release on PS4, Xbox One, PC
6/11/2017Arc System Works Officially Reveals Dragon Ball FighterZ Fighting Game
6/11/2017Final Fantasy XIV Game's 'Stormblood' Launch Trailer Streamed
6/11/2017Manga's 1st "Documentary Boys-Love" Series Ends
6/9/2017Voices of Eren, Conny Try Video App's Attack on Titan Stamps
6/9/2017GATE Anime's English Dub Casts Molly Searcy as Rory Mercury
6/9/2017Dragon Ball Fighters '2.5D' Fighting Game Briefly Listed Worldwide in Early 2018 (Updated)
6/9/2017Hitorijime My Hero TV Anime Reveals Ending Theme Artists, July 8 Debut
6/9/2017Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! OVA's Teaser Video Streamed
6/9/2017Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler Anime Reveals 2nd Promo Video, Theme Song Artists
6/9/2017Made in Abyss Anime Reveals 2nd Promo Video, Theme Song Artists, More Cast
6/9/2017Magical Circle Anime Reveals Staff, More Cast, July 11 Premiere
6/9/2017No Game, No Life Zero Anime Film's 2nd Promo Video Previews Konomi Suzuki's Theme Song
6/9/2017Crunchyroll Adds Ergo Proxy, Black Cat, Texhnolyze to Catalog
6/9/2017Compile Heart's Moero Chronicle Game Heads West on PC This Summer
6/9/2017GATE Anime's English Dub Casts Brittney Karbowski as LeLei La Lalena
6/9/2017Zhang Ziyi Joins Legendary's 'MonsterVerse' Franchise, Stars in Godzilla Sequel
6/9/2017New Kino's Journey TV Anime Unveils Staff, Title, Visual, Fall Debut
6/9/2017Live-Action Gintama Film's Trailer Previews UVERworld Theme Song
6/8/2017Astro Boy: Edge of Time, a Battle Strategy Card Game. is Come to Steam
6/8/2017Anime, Gaming, & Cosplay Hits Leicester this September
6/8/2017Arc System Works' - New Frontier Days ~Founding Pioneers~ Available Today on Steam (PC)
6/8/2017"Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey" Announces Six New Wizards
6/8/2017Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux Travel to the Americas
6/8/2017Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation Coming September 2017 from Right Stuf, Inc. and Sunrise Inc.
6/8/2017Princess Principal TV Anime's Video Reveals More Cast, July 9 Debut
6/8/2017Maid Sama! Manga Gets New Special Chapter in August
6/8/2017Bahamut Disco Takes Over Shibuya With Burlesque Techno Concert
6/8/2017American/Japanese Anime Project 'Indigo Ignited' Streams Trailer
6/8/2017TOKU Opens Streaming Channel on Amazon Prime
6/8/2017Maho Girls Precure! Villain Gets Official Hugging Pillow
6/8/2017My Girlfriend is a Faithful Virgin Bitch Manga Gets TV Anime
6/8/2017Astro Boy: Edge of Time Game Gets English-Language Steam Release
6/8/2017Unravel a Layton Mystery & Discover a Secret Cafe Location in L.A.
6/8/2017Toei Registers Trademark For 'Kamen Rider Build'
6/8/2017Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku! Out Now for North America and SteamŽ
6/8/2017Project Rap Rabbit Gameplay Video to be Revealed
6/8/2017NYAFF 2017 Announces Full Lineup
6/8/2017Vanillaware's 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is Coming Westward
6/8/2017Koei Tecmo America Announces Upcoming Western Release Of Blue Reflection
6/8/2017Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash European Collector's Edition and Pre-Order Available Now
6/8/2017Japan's Animation TV Ranking, May 29-June 4
6/8/2017Universal Studios Japan's 'Super Nintendo World' Breaks Ground
6/8/20172nd Pro Wrestler Plays Himself in Tiger Mask W
6/6/2017Mr. Osomatsu Anime's Season 2 Reveals October Premiere, Visual
6/6/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, May 29-June 4
6/6/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, May 29-June 4
6/6/2017Anime Expo Hosts Neptunia Franchise's Character Designer, Producer
6/6/2017The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls, Love Live! Sunshine!! Singles Rank in Top 5
6/6/2017Voice Actress Yuka Imai Goes on Hiatus to Take Care of Son
6/6/2017Monogatari Series Novels' New 'Monster Season' Begins on July 15
6/6/2017Anime Expo Holds World Premiere of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Prologue Anime
6/6/201721st Detective Conan Film Sells Record 5 Million Tickets for 6.5 Billion Yen
6/5/2017Anime Heidi's Grandpa Takes a Swing at Coaching in Prince of Tennis Manga
6/5/2017Attack on Photo: Become a Titan With New App Stamps
6/5/2017Shingo Honda Ends Hakaij? Manga, Starts New Series
6/5/2017Lunatan Anime Promo Features Rie Murakawa's Theme Song
6/5/2017Fans Declare 2017's Favorite Tales of Characters
6/5/2017PlayStation VR Exceeds 1 Million Sales
6/5/2017Omega Labyrinth Game's Opening Movie Streamed
6/5/2017J?taro Battles DIO in USJ's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Attraction Ad
6/5/2017New Frontier Days Game's Steam Trailer Shows Town-Building
6/5/2017GATE Anime's English Dub Casts David Wald as Yoji Itami
6/5/2017Cowboy Bebop's Spike Appears in Sally Forth Newspaper Comic
6/5/2017Recreate Evangelion's Gruesome Scenes With Revoltech Figure's Bonus Parts
6/5/2017Viz's Shonen Jump to Preview Shundan!, Cross Account Manga
6/5/2017New CG-Animated Starship Troopers Sequel to Premiere in August
6/5/2017Rurouni Kenshin Collab Returns to Puzzle & Dragons With All-New Characters
6/5/2017Flying Cats Lift Off June 14th in Neko Navy
6/5/2017Voice Actor/Singer/Producer Sandy Fox Added To Guest Roster At Otakon 2017
6/5/2017XSEED Games Brings Newly Revealed Titles, And Fan Appearance With Senran Kagura Producer To E3 2017
6/5/20171st New Haikyu!! Anime Compilation Film Reveals Visual
6/5/2017Attack on Titan's Wit Studio Animates 3 Videos for Square Enix's Project Tokyo Dolls App
6/5/2017Tenshi no 3P!/Here Comes the Three Angels Anime Reveals Video, More of Cast, July 10 Debut
6/5/2017Love and Lies Anime Casts Shinnosuke Tachibana, Reveals Opening Song Artist
6/5/2017Tsuredure Children Anime Premieres on July 4
6/5/2017Dance with Devils: Fortuna Anime Film Reveals Teaser Video, More Cast, November 4 Premiere (Updated)
6/5/2017Compile Heart Opens Teaser Site For 'New Heroine' Featuring Golden Egg
6/5/2017Denki-Gai no Honya-san Manga Ends in November
6/5/2017Godzilla Anime Film Trilogy Gets Presentation at Annecy
6/5/2017Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto's Sano Launches New Manga Series
6/5/2017Show By Rock!! Franchise Gets New Project
6/5/2017Spike Chunsoft's New Attack on Titan 3DS Game Previewed in Ad
6/5/2017Altair: A Record of Battles Anime Casts Kazuya Nakai, Kouki Uchiyama
6/1/2017In This Corner of the World's Japanese BD/DVD to Include English Subtitles
6/1/2017Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Anime Reveals 2nd Key Visual, Story Summary
6/1/2017Hiromi ?kubo's Hito wa Mita Me ga 100 Percent Manga Ends Again
6/1/2017Liar Game's Shinobu Kaitani to Launch New Manga This Year
6/1/2017Yuki Yuna Is a Hero: Washio Sumi Chapter Anime Films Get Manga
6/1/2017Sengoku Night Blood Smartphone Game's Introduction Video Streamed
6/1/2017Scenario Art Performs New Ending Theme For Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime
6/1/2017Monster Musume's Tatsuya Yoshihara Directs Black Clover TV Anime
6/1/2017Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine Launches 2 New Manga This Month
6/1/20172 Haikyu!! Compilation Films Open in September
6/1/2017Shun Numa's Samon the Summoner Manga Ends on Monday
6/1/2017My Hero Academia Season 2 Casts Go Inoue as Stain
6/1/2017Accel World/Dural Magisa Garden Spinoff Manga Ends in June
6/1/2017Anime Expo to Host Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Film's Director, Lead Actor
6/1/20175th Digimon Adventure tri Anime Film's Teaser Reveals September 30 Debut
6/1/2017Top-Selling Light Novels in Japan by Volume: 2017 (First Half)
6/1/2017Top-Selling Light Novels in Japan by Series: 2017 (First Half)
6/1/2017Top-Selling Manga in Japan by Volume: 2017 (First Half)
6/1/2017Top-Selling Manga in Japan by Series: 2017 (First Half)