Anime News

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8/28/2017Kokuhaku Jikk? Iinkai TV Anime to Debut in November, Air for 6 Weeks
8/28/2017Shuuichi Shigeno's MF Ghost Manga Launches on September 4, Reveals New Visual
8/28/2017High School Fleet: Maidens of Loreley Spinoff Manga Ends
8/28/2017Kase-san and Morning Glories Manga Gets New Anime Project in 2018
8/28/2017Two Car Anime Reveals 2 Manga Adaptations, Ending Theme Artists
8/28/2017Gundam UC Author Harutoshi Fukui Launches Mobile Suit Moon Gundam Manga
8/28/2017Street Fighter V Game Adds Menat as Playable Character
8/28/2017Viz Media Delivers All-Ages Adventure with the Home Media Release of Pokémon The Series: XYZ Set 1 on DVD
8/28/2017One PieceŽ: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition Launches For PlayStation 4 System and Steam
8/28/2017HIDIVE Acquires Streaming Rights to Chihayafuru English Dub
8/28/2017Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Story Legacy Brings Together Naruto Video Game Series In A Compilation Available Today
8/28/2017'Fireworks' Anime Film Ranks at #4 in 2nd Weekend at Japanese Box Office
8/28/2017Crunchyroll Reveals Plans to Dub Anime into Foreign Languages
8/28/2017Black Clover Anime Reveals 3 More Character Designs
8/28/2017Blend S TV Anime Reveals Visual, More Cast, October 7 Debut
8/27/2017Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond Anime's Promo Video Previews Action
8/27/2017Dragon Ball Super, One Piece TV Specials Teased in Joint Ad
8/27/2017A3! Male Actor-Raising Smartphone Game Gets New Ad on Outdoor Screens
8/27/2017Gaku Kuze's Uramichi Oniisan, Aka Akasaka's Kaguya-sama: Love is War Win Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards
8/27/2017Fans Choose Best Anime Heroines of Summer 2017
8/27/2017Stamp Set Celebrates Macross' Upcoming Orchestral Concert
8/27/2017Elfen Lied's Okamoto, Scum's Wish's Yokoyari End Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Jo? Manga
8/27/2017Hokuto ga Gotoku PS4 Game Reveals Teaser Trailer, Story, Cast
8/27/2017Yakuza Online Game's 13-Minute Prologue Video Streamed
8/27/2017Yakuza Kiwami 2 Game's Teaser Trailer Previews HD Cutscenes, New Scenario
8/27/2017Hikaru Nakamura Draws New J?ni Taisen Visual
8/26/2017Crunchyroll to Stream Monster Strike: The Fading Cosmos Anime Series
8/26/2017Eleven Arts to Screen Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection Anime Film This Winter
8/26/2017A Silent Voice Anime Film Opens in U.S. on October 20
8/26/2017Dark Horse to Release Illustrated Yoshitaka Amano Biography
8/26/2017Aniplex USA to Screen 1st Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel Film Theatrically in U.S.
8/26/2017Crunchyroll to Stream Food Wars! Anime's 3rd Season
8/26/2017Crunchyroll to Stream Recovery of an MMO Junkie Anime
8/26/2017Madoka Magica Voice Actress Ai Nonaka Marries
8/26/2017Magazine Bundles Detective Conan's Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper Extra
8/26/2017ToraCon Otaku Marriage Consultation Uses Male Members' Stats to Attract Women
8/26/201723 Musical Acts Unite in Song for Anime's 100th Anniversary
8/26/2017Manga Creator Machiko Ky? Designs Anime Short for Documentary About Japanese-American Zen Monk
8/26/2017Yoshiyuki Nishi's Lycanthrope B?ken Hoken Manga Moves to Tonari no Young Jump Website
8/26/2017A Certain Magical Virtual-On Collaboration Manga Launches This Fall
8/7/2017Saredo Tsumibito wa Ry? to Odoru: Dances with the Dragons Reveals Visuals, Theme Song Artists, October 5 Premiere
8/7/2017Konohana Kitan Anime Reveals 1st Promo Video, Key Visual, October Premiere
8/7/2017Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Anime Reveals Teaser Visual, Staff
8/7/2017Shonen Jump Editor-in-Chief: Shrinking Print Runs Made Up by Rising Digital Demand
8/7/2017JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Live-Action Film Opens at #5, Kamen Rider/Ky?ranger Films Open at #2
8/7/2017Shinobi Refle -Senran Kagura- Nintendo Switch Game Previews Opening Animation in Video
8/7/2017Dragon Quest X Online Game Gets New Expansion in November
8/7/2017Dragon Quest I, II, III Games Get Releases on PS4, 3DS
8/7/2017Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy PS4/Vita Game Slated for October 19
8/7/2017Frontwing's Kickstarter for Wonderful Everyday Visual Novel Meets Goal
8/7/2017Black Clover TV Anime's Character Visuals Revealed
8/7/2017Cast Returns for Is the Order a Rabbit?? Anime's Special Episode
8/7/2017Funimation Reveals In Another World With My Smartphone Anime's English Dub Cast
8/7/2017gdgd Fairies' Strawberry Meets Pictures Produces aiseki Mogol Girl Stop-Motion Animation
8/7/2017Kino's Journey TV Anime's Theme Song Artist, Visual, October Premiere Revealed
8/6/2017Voice Actress Risa Taneda Will Not Return for Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Season 3
8/6/2017A?P Returns to Sing Mr. Osomatsu Season 2's Opening Theme
8/6/2017Voice Actor Yoshimasa Hosoya Returns to Work After 4-Month Hiatus
8/6/2017Kimi no Suiz? o Tabetai Coming-of-Age Novel Gets Anime Film in 2018
8/6/2017Niantic Faces Class-Action Lawsuit for Pokémon GO Fest Event
8/6/2017Headlining Voice Actors Star in Spider-Man: Homecoming Film's Japanese Dub
8/6/2017Moon Prism Power Marks Matrimony on New Sailor Moon Registration Forms
8/6/2017Someday's Dreamers' Kumichi Yoshizuki Launches New Manga
8/6/2017The Idolm@ster SideM Live On St@ge App Streams 3rd Pre-Registration Bonus MV
8/6/2017Fire Emblem Warriors Game Reveals 2 New Characters, More Conversation Videos
8/6/2017Hakumei to Mikochi Manga About Forest Dwarf Girls Gets TV Anime
8/6/2017Hibana Magazine's Individual Series' Plans Announced
8/6/2017Lostorage conflated WIXOSS Anime Project Revealed as December OVA, 2018 TV Series
8/6/2017Viz Media Streams English Dub Clip From Sailor Moon Crystal Anime's 3rd Season
8/6/2017Fate/Grand Order Game's 'Dead Heat Summer Race!' Event Previewed in Anime Ad
8/6/2017Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest Builders 2 Game for PS4, Switch
8/6/2017Netflix to Stream Violet Evergarden Anime Worldwide
8/5/2017Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2's 1st Promo Video Reveals October Premiere
8/5/2017Macross Delta Gets Theatrical Anime Project
8/5/2017Sorata Akiduki, Meca Tanaka, Ken Saito Write 1-Shot Manga
8/5/2017Voice Actor Showtaro Morikubo, Former SOUL'd OUT Member Shinnosuke Form Musical Unit
8/5/2017Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans' Yuka Terasaki Announces Birth of Baby Boy
8/5/2017Jun Fukuyama Takes Over as Chipmunk Promoting Apartment Complex
8/5/2017CLAMP's HiGH&LOW Manga Ends on August 9
8/5/2017Ciao Magazine's 2nd PriPri Chi-chan!! Freebie Combines Electric Fan, Eraser
8/3/2017Egglia: Legend of the Redcap Smartphone Game's 18-Minute Trailer Streamed
8/3/2017Toei, DLE Launch New Company for Japanese, Asian Anime Projects
8/3/2017Laughing Under the Clouds Gaiden Anime Film Trilogy Reveals Visual, More Staff
8/3/2017Majestic Prince Manga Goes on Hiatus Due to Illustrator's Health
8/3/2017Hikaru Nakamura Resumes Black Night Parade Manga
8/3/2017Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Manga Gets 4-Panel Side Story Manga
8/3/2017The Ancient Magus' Bride's Kore Yamazaki to Attend Crunchyroll Expo
8/3/2017Saeki YouthK Performs Theme Song for Yowamushi Pedal Re:Generation Compilation Film
8/3/2017The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel PC Version's Launch Trailer Posted
8/3/2017Seitokai Yakuindomo Anime Film Tops Mini-Theater Ranking For 2nd Weekend
8/3/2017Moero Chronicle Game's Western PC Release Slated for August 16
8/3/2017Golden Kamuy TV Anime's Visual, Announcement Video Revealed
8/3/2017Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc Manga Launches on September 4 (Updated)
8/3/2017Peach Pit Launches '2nd Season' of Nishina Tesura wa Suirishinai Manga in Spring 2018
8/3/2017King's Game Horror Anime's Staff, Visuals Revealed
8/3/2017Maki Ohguro Performs New Detective Conan Anime's Opening Theme Song
8/3/2017Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Game's Video Previews Characters
8/3/2017Mary Skelter PS Vita Game's Video Highlights Mechanics, Reveals September Release
8/3/2017Live-Action Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Ads Highlight Shining Diamond
8/3/2017Crunchyroll Adds And you thought there is never a girl online?, Peacemaker Anime
8/2/2017New Hoshin Engi TV Anime Reveals Visual
8/2/2017Japanese, Chinese Co-Produced RoboMasters The Animated Series' Premieres in October
8/2/2017Funimation Announces Chronos Ruler English Dub Cast
8/2/2017Japanese Comic Ranking, July 24-30
8/2/2017K Exhibition Kicks Off Upcoming K: Seven Stories Film
8/2/2017Japan's Video Game Rankings, July 24-30
8/2/2017Japan's Anime Industry Celebrates Underwear Day on Twitter
8/2/2017Live-Action Ajin Film's Trailer Highlights Action Scenes
8/2/20172nd Hozuki's Coolheadedness Season Reveals New Visual
8/2/2017The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Teams Up With Instant Curry Rice
8/2/2017Atlus Unveils Persona 3, Persona 5 Dancing Games, Persona Q2
8/2/2017Sakura Wars Creator Ouji Hiroi Reveals Marriage to 37-Year-Old Dentist
8/2/2017Neto-J? no Susume Manga About 30-Year-Old Woman Playing an Online Game Inspires Anime
8/2/2017Netflix to Stream LeSean Thomas' Cannon Busters Animated Series
8/2/2017Demon King Aims to Kill Hero in RPG Personifying Japanese Words
8/2/2017Netflix Reveals Visuals for Sword Gai: The Animation Series
8/2/2017Netflix to Premiere Kakegurui Anime Outside of Japan in 2018
8/2/2017Netflix Reveals Staff, Cast, Visuals for B: The Beginning Anime (Updated)
8/2/2017Netflix Announces CG Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya Remake Anime
8/2/2017Liden Films, Dwango's Original Lost Song Anime Premieres on Netflix in 2018