Anime News

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11/30/2018Yutaka Yamamoto's 'Twilight' Anime Project's Teaser Reveals 2019 Release
11/30/2018Jouji Nakata Brings the Charm to Old Man and Cat Manga Promo
11/30/2018Pokémon GO Game to Add Trainer Battles 'Soon'
11/30/2018Ciconia no Naku koro ni, Umineko Games' Videos Streamed
11/30/2018Escape Your Hunter Exam at Scrap's Hunter × Hunter Real Escape Game
11/30/2018Megane Mihoshi's Love Tyrant/Renai B?kun Manga Ends on December 5
11/30/2018Kyoto Manga Contest Offers Cash Prize, 1-Year of Tea Ceremony Lessons
11/30/2018Compile Heart's Arc of Alchemist PS4 Game Streams Opening Movie
11/30/2018Gundam: Hathaway's Flash Film Trilogy Slated to Start 'Next Winter'
11/30/2018Animators, Researchers Develop Automated Technique for Coloring Anime
11/30/2018Crunchyroll Adds Battle Girl High School, Norn9, Matoi the Sacred Slayer Anime
11/30/2018Hajime Isayama Reveals His Struggles to Draw the End of Attack on Titan
11/30/2018Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas Special's Trailer Streamed
11/30/2018JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Casts Sayaka Senbongi as Trish Una
11/30/2018Monster Musume Manga Releases New Chapter
11/30/2018RobiHachi TV Anime Reveals 1st Teaser Video, Visuals, Spring 2019 Debut
11/30/2018Manaria Friends Anime Casts Lynn as Poppy
11/30/2018Gundam NT Anime's 1st 23 Minutes Streamed with English Subtitles
11/30/2018'D?kyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.' Anime's Promo Video Reveals January 9 Premiere
11/30/2018Grimms Notes Anime's New Promo Video Reveals January 10 Premiere
11/30/2018Boogiepop and Others Anime's 2nd Promo Video Reveals 14 More Cast Members, January 4 Debut
11/30/2018Mari Okada, Nao Emoto's O Maidens in Your Savage Season Manga Gets TV Anime
11/30/2018Koei Tecmo Games Opens Site Teasing Announcement on December 6
11/30/2018Ultraman R/B Live-Action Series Gets Film on March 8
11/30/2018Adult Swim and Crunchyroll Producing All-New Blade Runner Anime Series With Alcon Television Group
11/30/2018Frame Arms Girl Sequel Anime Film Reveals Title, June Premiere
11/30/2018Romancing SaGa Re; Universe Smartphone Game's 2nd Trailer Reveals December 6 Debut
11/30/2018Kakegurui Anime's 2nd Season Casts Rumi Okubo
11/30/2018Forest of Piano Anime's 2nd Season Reveals New Director, January 27 Premiere, Ending Theme Artist
11/30/2018Ikki Tousen Western Wolves OVA Previewed in Promo Video, New Visual
11/30/2018Top-Selling Light Novels in Japan by Volume: 2018
11/29/2018Adult Swim, Crunchyroll Produce Blade Runner ? Black Lotus Anime Series
11/29/2018The Promised Neverland Anime's 4th Commercial Streamed
11/29/2018Live-Action Zenaku no Kuzu Film Casts Hirofumi Arai, Kento Hayashi, Fumika Baba
11/29/2018Legendary Adapts 'Console Wars' Novel About Sega, Nintendo Into Limited TV Series
11/29/2018Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection THE COMICS Manga Ends in December
11/29/2018Real Account's Okush? Writes New Manga With Artist MGMEE
11/29/2018'Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat' Game Series Gets New Anime Project
11/29/2018Virtual Talent Nanami Yoshi Performs Ending Theme for Kenja no Mago Anime
11/29/2018Final Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Anime Film Previewed in Teaser Video
11/29/2018Kenjiro Tsuda, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Nana Mizuki Join Cast of Ashita Sekai ga Owaru Toshitemo Anime Film
11/29/2018Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match Switch Version Gets English Release in Southeast Asia
11/29/2018Major Animation Update for Clip Studio Paint, Now with Camera Actions and Timeline Export
11/29/2018Cookie Run: OvenBreak Presents "Hello Kitty's Surprise Visit"
11/29/2018Mobile Suit Gundam Writer Y? Yamamoto Passes Away at 71
11/29/2018Nintendo Posts Copyright Guidelines for Content Creators
11/29/2018LAAF This Weekend
11/29/2018Barnes & Noble Announces First-Ever Tokyo Comic Con Celebration with Exclusive Products and Special New York City Pop-Up Shop
11/29/2018Cheers to 5 Years of Brave Frontier and More with Brave Frontier's 5th Anniversary Extravaganza
11/29/2018Switch Console Breaks Nintendo's Black Friday Weekend Record
11/29/2018Poe Clan Unicorn Manga Resumes in March 2019
11/29/2018Yumi Tamura's Basara Manga Gets Stage Play in January
11/29/2018Voice Actor Mahito Tsujimura Passes Away at 88
11/29/2018Ry?ka Sh?, Kazuko Yumeno's Kono Hito ni Kakeru Manga Gets Live-Action Series
11/29/2018Kakegurui Anime's 2nd Season Casts Yumi Uchiyama
11/29/2018Layton Mystery Tanteisha Anime Adds Kenjiro Tsuda to Cast
11/29/2018Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Game's Ad Posted
11/29/2018Koji Hasegawa's Louie the Rune Soldier Manga Ends
11/29/2018Top-Selling Light Novels in Japan by Series: 2018
11/29/2018Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 19-25
11/29/2018Top-Selling Manga in Japan by Volume: 2018
11/29/2018Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Live-Action Film's Japanese Dub Stars Ry?ma Takeuchi
11/29/2018Kaito Kid 'Steals' Detective Conan 2019 Film Visual
11/29/2018Top-Selling Manga in Japan by Series: 2018
11/29/2018Kickstarter Campaign Seeks to Localize Horror Visual Novel Carrion Crow
11/29/2018Hozuki's Coolheadedness Smartphone Game Reveals Title, Puzzle Game Genre
11/29/2018Anime Adaptation of Tokyopop's Goldfisch Manga Being Developed With Grant From Media and Film Funding of Baden-Württemberg, Germany
11/28/2018Early Disney Animated Oswald Film Discovered in Japan
11/28/2018Terraformars Manga Goes Back on Indefinite Hiatus After 3 Weeks
11/28/2018Pop Team Epic Manga Gets Smartphone 'Game'
11/28/2018Tokyo Court: YouTube Must Help Regulate Text Manga Spoilers
11/28/2018Shenmue III Game's Crowdfunding Campaigns End at US$7 Million
11/28/2018Gal*Gun 2 Doki-Doki VR DLC Available Now on Steam
11/28/2018R-Type Dimensions EX Available Now on Nintendo Switch and PC
11/28/2018'Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki' - Documentary on the Iconic, Academy Award-Winning Director and Co-Founder of Studio Ghibli Coming to U.S. Cinemas
11/28/2018RPG Marenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God for PlayStation
11/28/2018Eevee Tamagotchi Falls Victim to Merch Scalpers
11/28/2018Koei Tecmo America Unveils the Long-Awaited Release Date for Nelke & The Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World
11/28/2018'NOCE' Now Available on DLsite and Steam
11/28/2018Pastel Memories Game Gets Manga in December
11/26/20187SEEDS Manga Gets Anime on Netflix
11/26/20185 Main Cast Members to Also Perform Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! Anime's Ending Theme
11/26/2018Director Tatsuki's Kemurikusa Anime to Have 12 Episodes
11/26/2018That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Anime Adds Yoshimasa Hosoya to Cast
11/26/2018Live-Action I''s Series' Additional Cast, Visual Revealed
11/26/2018 The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan 4-Panel Gag Manga Ends on December 26
11/26/2018Uma Musume Previews Bonus BD Anime With Narrated Video
11/26/2018Kuroko's Basketball's Conclusion Stage Play Reveals New Visual, Full Cast
11/26/2018Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Sh?mei Shite Mita Live-Action Film's Trailer Previews Songs
11/25/2018Kono Oto Tomare Anime Casts Yoshimasa Hosoya, Shouta Aoi
11/25/2018Shonen Jump Magazine Launches 3 New Manga in December
11/25/2018Live-Action Hollywood Alita: Battle Angel Film's Video Features Interviews With Staff
11/25/2018Hakusensha's New Harem Magazine Announces Debut Titles
11/25/2018Inio Asano's Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction Manga Resumes on December 10
11/25/2018?eaL Performs New Ending Theme for Boruto Anime
11/25/2018My Hero Academia Manga Gets Stage Play Next Spring
11/25/2018The Quintessential Quintuplets Anime Reveals More Cast, Theme Song Artists, January 10 Debut
11/25/2018Hunter x Hunter Manga Goes Back on Hiatus in December
11/25/2018Between the Sky and Sea Manga Ends
11/25/2018Teto Tachitsu's A Certain Idol Accelerator Manga Ends
11/25/2018Persona 5 the Animation Dark Sun Special Reveals Visual, December 30 Broadcast
11/25/2018The Seven Deadly Sins Smartphone RPG Delayed to Spring 2019
11/25/2018JUNNA Performs Opening Theme for Kakegurui Anime's 2nd Season
11/25/2018Ace of Diamond Act II Manga Gets TV Anime in 2019
11/25/2018SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Game Adds Jeanne
11/25/2018Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland Game's 1st Promo Video Reveals March 20 Release in Japan
11/25/2018The Promised Neverland Anime Announces 10 More Cast Members
11/25/2018Kakegurui Anime's 2nd Season Adds Megumi Han to Cast
11/25/2018Sega Ages Project's Out Run Game Launches on November 29
11/25/2018Spice & Wolf VR Anime Meets Crowdfunding Goal in 2 Hours
11/25/2018Ace Attorney's New Stage Play Reveals New Visual
11/25/2018The Rising of The Shield Hero Anime's Theme Song Artists Revealed
11/24/2018Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime Reveals Staff, More Cast
11/24/2018We Never Learn Anime Reveals Main Cast
11/24/2018Ren Tops Rankings of Most Popular Japanese Boy Names For 3rd Consecutive Year
11/24/2018Perfect Your Dragon Ball Fighting Moves at the Tokyo Skytree
11/24/2018Cotoji's Anne Happy Manga Ends Serialization
11/24/2018Mario Tennis Aces Game Adds Characters Pauline, Luma, Boom Boom
11/24/2018Fighting Ex Layer Game Launches Arcade Version, Steam Version Next Week
11/24/2018Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka Anime's New Key Visual Revealed
11/21/2018Radiation House Manga Has Important Announcement in December
11/21/2018Live-Action J?ni-nin no Shinitai Kodomo-tachi Film's Trailer Reveals Cast, January 25 Opening
11/21/2018Eevee Stars in 1st Official Pokémon Tamagotchi Gadget
11/21/2018Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Manga Gets Stage Play in Tokyo, Kobe in 2019
11/21/2018Japanese Comic Ranking, November 12-18
11/21/2018Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu Manga Gets Live-Action Series in January
11/21/2018Fist of the North Star's Heart Makes His Virtual YouTuber Debut
11/21/2018Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 Game's 4th DLC Adds Broly
11/21/2018Sword Art Online Holds Giveaways in Akihabara For Winter Festival
11/21/2018Japan's Video Game Rankings, November 12-18
11/21/2018'D?butsu Biscuit x PPP' Returns for Kemono Friends 2 Anime's Opening Song
11/21/2018Former Fruits Basket Voice Actor Tomokazu Seki Approves of the New Anime's Casting
11/21/2018Japan Anniversary Society Formally Recognizes November 21 as 'Eevee Day'
11/21/2018Live-Action Monster Hunter Film Reveals 1st Official Photo
11/21/2018Piccolo, Cell Join Jump Force Game as Playable Characters
11/21/2018Gundam Thunderbolt Manga Resumes on December 14
11/21/2018UVERworld Performs The Promised Neverland Anime's Opening Song
11/21/2018Osamu Tezuka's Barbara Manga Gets International Live-Action Film in 2019
11/21/2018'How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno' Anime Unveils More Cast, Opening Song Info
11/21/2018Tatsunoko's The Price of Smiles TV Anime Casts Empire's Military
11/21/2018Jigoku Sensei Nube Neo Manga Ends on December 5
11/21/2018Dragon Ball Super Manga Launches 'Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc' Next Month
11/21/2018Life-Size Moving Gundam Statue to Be Unveiled in Yokohama in 2020
11/21/2018Kakegurui Anime's 2nd Season Reveals New Visual, Characters
11/21/2018Gundam: Hathaway's Flash Film Trilogy, Reconguista in G Film Project Confirmed
11/20/2018Live-Action I''s Series Casts Konatsu Kat?
11/20/2018K?ya no Kotobuki Hik?tai TV Anime Casts Rumi Okubo, Y?ji Ueda, Nao T?yama
11/20/2018Kingdom Hearts III Game Wraps Development
11/20/2018Phantom Thief Jeanne Creator Arina Tanemura Talk Event Scheduled for February
11/20/2018J-Novel Club Announces the Licenses of 5 Manga, Start of Manga Streaming
11/20/2018World End Syndrome is Coming to the West for PS4 and Switch
11/20/2018BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special Edition is Coming to the Switch
11/20/2018Sentimental Graffiti Game's Event Crowdfunding Campaign Ends Successfully
11/20/2018Late Ghibli Animator Makiko Futaki's Picture Book Gets Collector's Edition
11/20/2018Dragon: Marked for Death Game's Trailer Reveals January 31 Release
11/20/2018North American Anime, Manga Releases, November 18-24
11/20/2018SteveS Manga About Apple Co-Founders Gets Kickstarter Campaign for English Translation
11/20/2018This Gintoki Fork Puts the Ita in Itadakimasu
11/20/2018Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer Film Earns 120 Million Yuan as #5 Japanese Film in China
11/20/2018Super Robot Wars T Gets English Release in Southeast Asia
11/15/2018Konosuba Dungeon RPG Launches for PS4, PS Vita on March 28
11/15/2018Black Clover: Mugen no Kishidan Smartphone Game Launches in Japan
11/15/2018Crunchyroll Serves as New Publisher for Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost Smartphone Game
11/15/2018Bluefin Details a Colorful Array of Collectibles From Leading Pop Culture Brands for Unique Gifts This Holiday Season
11/15/2018Lupin The 3rd Part 5 Available for Digital Purchase on November 18th
11/15/2018Sentai Filmworks Reels in 'Between the Sky and Sea' Anime
11/15/2018Prime Video Channels Launches Sony Pictures Television's FunimationNow
11/15/2018SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Available Now on Nintendo Switch
11/15/2018adidas Originals x Dragon Ball Z Reveal Vegeta Ultra Tech & Majin Boo Kamanda
11/15/2018Haky? H?shin Engi: Senkai Chronicle Smartphone Game Launches in Japan on January 8
11/15/2018Live-Action Bleach Film's 2 More Behind-the-Scenes Videos Streamed
11/15/2018Tokimeki Idol Smartphone Game Ends Service in January
11/15/2018Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Game Previews 3 DLC Sets in Videos
11/15/2018Fuyumi Soryo Resumes Cesare Manga After 4-Year Hiatus
11/15/2018Bandai Namco Ent. Reveals New 'Ninja Box' Switch Game
11/15/2018Scum's Wish's Mengo Yokoyari to End Retort Pouch! Manga in December
11/15/2018eigoMANGA Launches 'Comic Climax' Comics Service App
11/15/2018SINoALICE Smartphone Game Recasts Red Riding Hood Character
11/15/2018Hajimete Koi o Shita Hi ni Yomu Hanashi Live-Action Series Reveals More Cast
11/15/201813 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Game's Release Delayed, PS Vita Version Canceled
11/15/2018Satoko and Nada Manga Listed as Ending With 4th Volume
11/15/2018Seven Seas Entertainment to Release All-Ages My Little Pony Manga and Papercraft Book
11/15/2018MoeNovel Will Be Releasing Two New Exciting Visual Novels: LoveKami -Healing Harem- Out Now on Steam
11/15/2018Time to Hone Your Alien-Blasting Skills with Classic Arcade Shmup R-Type Dimensions EX
11/15/2018'Under cover investigator Rena Igarashi' on DLsite
11/15/2018Fate/EXTELLA LINK to Release Q1 2019 in Europe & Australia
11/15/2018YOSHIKI Announces New Single MIRACLE and Worldwide Livestream Concert
11/15/20182019 Doraemon Film Gets Switch Game in February
11/15/2018Nexon to Release SINoALICE Smartphone Game Worldwide
11/15/2018Isekai Izakaya Anime Reaches 300-Preorder Goal to Green-light Blu-ray Release
11/15/2018Final Godzilla Anime Film's Trailer Shows Godzilla, Ghidorah's Fight
11/15/2018Coro Coro Comic Gets Mira Coro Comic Sister Magazine
11/15/2018Live-Action Touken Ranbu Film's Stills Posted
11/14/2018Yoshiki to Stream Concerts With Hyde, Sarah Brightman on Thursday
11/14/2018Viz Media Announces The Release of Abara: Complete Deluxe Edition
11/14/2018eigoMANGA Has Launched A Free Streaming Service Called 'Comic Climax'
11/14/2018Amazon Adds Yowamushi Pedal New Generation, Yo-kai Watch, Lupin the Third: Jigen's Gravestone Anime
11/14/2018'Pythagoras' Perpetual Motion Machine' on DLsite and Steam
11/14/2018Anime Ascension Returns for 2019
11/14/2018Hunter: Female in Xeno'jiiva Beta Armor, From the PlayStation 4 Game 'Monster Hunter: World', is Joining Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Series
11/13/2018Okayama Prefecture's Kibi Dango Promotes Korakuen Gardens, Warns Against Smoking
11/13/2018Sailor Moon Crystal's Monster Strike Collab Teases Mysterious Guardians
11/13/2018Nintendo's Lawsuit Against 2 ROM Sites Reaches US$12.2 Million Judgment
11/13/2018Bandai Namco Opens Teaser Site for New Title
11/13/2018Live-Action Hollywood Alita: Battle Angel Film's Trailer Previews Battle Scenes
11/13/2018Medabots Franchise Launches 20th Anniversary Countdown
11/13/2018Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Anime Gets Theatrical Screening Next Spring
11/13/2018God Eater 3 Game's Full Opening Anime by ufotable Previews BiSH Song
11/13/20182nd Peace Maker Kurogane Anime Film's Promo Video Streamed
11/13/2018Akira Creator Katsuhiro Otomo Continues Work on New Full-Length Manga
11/13/2018Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Game's Trailer Shows Fighters in Action
11/13/2018Anime, Manga Essayist Fred Patten Passes Away at 77
11/13/20181979 Cyborg 009 Theme Song Artist Ken Narita Passes Away
11/13/2018Kaiju Girls (Black) Anime Casts Yui Ogura as Ultraman Tiga's Gatanothor
11/13/2018Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 5-11
11/13/2018Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 5-11
11/13/2018Dropkick on my Devil Staff: Anime Needs to Sell 500 More Boxes for 2nd Season
11/13/2018Neo Geo mini Gets Christmas Limited Edition With 9 New Titles
11/13/2018Live-Action I''s Series Casts Ky?ka Shibata
11/13/2018Live-Action Kakegurui Project Casts Elaiza Ikeda as Kirari for Season 2, Film
11/13/2018Kemono Friends 2 Anime's New Visual Shows Serval, Caracal
11/13/2018Uirabu, Godzilla, Zoku Owarimonogatari, Anemone Films Open in Top 10
11/12/2018Legend of Galactic Heroes' Reinhard, Siegfried Enjoy Papico Frozen Treats
11/12/2018Japanese Hair Color Brand Will Transform Your Hair the Magical Girl Way
11/12/2018PONY CANYON Announces Anime NYC 2018 Exclusive Deals & Events
11/12/2018Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER Film's Trailer Shows Heisei-Era Riders
11/12/2018The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince Arrives on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in February 2019
11/12/2018Hypnosis Mic Multimedia Project Adds 3 Manga Projects
11/12/2018Man Gets Lost in S?ka City's 15-Minute Tourism Anime
11/12/2018Attack No.1 Volleyball Manga Inspires Stage Play
11/12/2018Kemono Friends 2 Director Reveals Circumstances For His Hiring, Story Details
11/12/2018Marvel's Stan Lee Passes Away at 95
11/12/2018San Diego Comic-Con President John Rogers Passes Away
11/12/2018A Certain Magical Index III Anime Was Originally Planned as a Reboot
11/12/2018The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince PS4/Switch Game Slated for February 12 in the West
11/12/2018Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Live-Action Film's 1st Trailer Streamed
11/12/2018Persona Q2 Game's Video Highlights Persona 5's Ann
11/12/2018Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Game's New DLC Features 3 Hokage Characters
11/12/2018ReLIFE's Yayoiso Starts New Manga on November 17
11/12/2018Hana to Yume Magazine Lists New Anime for Natsuki Takaya's Fruits Basket Manga
11/7/2018Video: Go Behind the Scenes of Kyoto Animation's Liz and the Blue Bird Title Track
11/7/2018Square Enix Reports Initial Loss on Luminous Productions Studio for AAA Games
11/7/2018Japan's Video Game Rankings, October 29-November 4
11/7/2018Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!/Eevee! Games Videos Show Gym Leaders, Elite Four
11/7/2018Nintendo Apologizes for Offensive Native American Caricature, Will Update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
11/7/2018Shout! Factory to Release Lu Over the Wall Anime Film on BD/DVD
11/7/2018Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists Game Delayed in Japan to January 31
11/7/2018Dragon Ball Z Dub Composer Nathan Johnson Claims Texas Senate Seat
11/7/2018BanG Dream! Franchise Recasts Rinko With Kanon Shizaki
11/7/2018Starwing Paradox Game's 2nd Animated Promo Video Previews Yoko Kanno's Theme Song
11/7/2018Tatsunoko Productions' Egao no Daika TV Anime Streams Promo Video
11/7/2018Production I.G Unveils Kabukich? Sherlock TV Anime's Main Cast, Characters, Promo, Final Title
11/7/2018Shinichiro Watanabe, BONES' Original Anime Carole & Tuesday Reveals More Staff, Netflix Streaming, Story, Ad, Visual
11/7/2018Live-Action Bleach Film's Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows Grand Fisher Fight
11/7/2018Voice Actress Yuko ?no Goes on Hiatus for Medical Treatment
11/7/2018Comic Market Considers Entrance Fee Due to Olympic-Related Move
11/7/2018This Hero is Invincible but "Too Cautious" Novel Ad Confirms TV Anime by White Fox
11/7/2018Live-Action J?ni-nin no Shinitai Kodomo-tachi Suspense Film's Ad Teases November 21 Reveal
11/7/2018Live-Action School-Live! Film Reveals New Trailer, Cast Member, Visual
11/7/2018Viz Media Releases the High School Romantic Comedy Series We Never Learn
11/7/2018Viz Media Releases Akira Toriyama's Dragon Quest Illustrations: 30th Anniversary Edition
11/6/2018Conception Plus PS4 Game Ships in Japan on January 31
11/6/2018Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Stage Play Adds 3 Cast Members
11/6/2018Banana Fish Comes Home to New York for Sightseeing Tour
11/6/2018Robotics;Notes DaSH Game's Opening Video Highlights Main Characters
11/6/2018Students Animate Eiz?-ken ni wa Te o Dasu na! Manga for College Contest
11/6/2018J-Novel Club Teases 5 Manga, 5 Light Novel Releases
11/6/2018THE ALFEE Frontman Wields Monstrous Guitar at Godzilla Store Event
11/6/2018Otomate's LibraryCross? Game Ends Service in January
11/6/2018Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight PlayStation 4 Demos, Digital Pre-Orders, Boogie Their Way to North America
11/6/2018Hikaru Utada Celebrates Kick-off of Her First Tour in 12 Years With Surprise Drop of Digital Single That Features Top Asian Rappers
11/6/2018New Dangling Rimuru Necklace from the Currently Airing Series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Has Arrived
11/6/2018Japan Society Presents Two Anime Films in 35mm for November/December Monthly Classics
11/6/2018Niantic Unlocks the Mysteries and Intrigue of the Real World in INGRESS PRIME
11/6/2018'Wings of Roldea' Now Available on DLsite
11/6/2018Dragon Quest Monsters Terry no Wonderland SP Smartphone Game's Promo Video Streamed
11/6/2018Life-Size Gundam Unicorn Goes Gold This Winter with Interactive Light Show
11/6/2018North American Anime, Manga Releases, November 4-10
11/6/2018Gundam Tries to Take Down Godzilla in Crossover Commercial
11/6/2018Illumination's Super Mario Bros. Film in 'Priority Development' for Possible Release by 2022
11/2/2018B: The Beginning Wins Jury Prize at Bucheon Int'l Animation Film Fest
11/2/2018Catherine: Full Body Game's Video Focuses on Rin
11/2/2018Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!/Eevee! Games Reveal Gameplay, Promo Videos
11/2/2018Mini-Doc Binary Skin Digs Deep into Virtual YouTuber Craze
11/2/2018Actress Kyoko Enami Passes Away
11/2/2018Evangelion Creator Hideaki Anno Has Another Pint in Beer Commercial
11/2/2018D?kyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. Anime Reveals Theme Songs, Additional Cast
11/2/2018'DJ Kitty' Drops F-Bombs at Sanrio Theme Park's Official Halloween Rave
11/2/20182nd Eureka Seven: Hi - Evolution Film Reveals Stills, TV Special's Promo Video
11/2/2018Hugtto! Precure Anime Film's Clip Shows Battle Scene
11/2/2018Uirabu. -Uiuishii Koi no Ohanashi- Live-Action Film Gets Spinoff Drama
11/2/2018Crayon Shin-chan Anime Reveals 2019 Film With Video
11/2/2018MoeNovel Will be Releasing Two New Visual Novels: LoveKami -Healing Harem- Coming November 14th
11/2/2018MarisaLand Legacy Now Available on DLsite and Steam
11/2/2018Marvelous Europe Turns it up to 11 in Free-form Rhythm Title Gal Metal, Rocking on to Nintendo Switch, 2nd November
11/2/2018Kono Oto Tomare Anime Reveals Character Designs, Visual
11/2/2018Robotics;Notes DaSH Game Delayed to January 31
11/2/2018Crunchyroll Adds Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle, Action Heroine Cheer Fruits, Frame Arms Girl Anime to Catalog
11/2/2018NISA Reveals 6 More Free DLC Games for SNK 40th Anniversary Collection
11/2/2018Final Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Anime Film Opens on March 1
11/2/2018Liz and the Blue Bird Film's Final English-Subtitled Trailer Streamed
11/2/2018Umineko: When They Cry Game Gets Kickstarter for English Dub
11/2/2018Golden Cain Manga Creator Yu Asagiri Passes Away
11/2/2018Studio Pierrot Reveals Crime Action Anime Hero Mask Exclusively for Netflix
11/2/2018Aniplex Establishes Rialto Entertainment Subsidiary for Video Content Production
11/2/2018Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Game's DLC Video Previews Orochimaru
11/2/2018Shimajir? Children's Anime Gets New Film in March 2019
11/2/2018HIDIVE Adds Welcome to Pia Carrot!! 2DX Anime
11/2/2018Kalafina's Hikaru Also Leaves Spacecraft Talent Agency
11/2/2018Bleach, Naruto Shipp?den Band Ikimono-gakari Return From Hiatus
11/2/2018Karakuri Circus Anime Adds 8 Cast Members
11/2/2018Saint Seiya: Saintia Sh? Anime Adds 3 Cast Members
11/2/2018ImagineVR and VRJCC Bring Adult VR Game "Let's Play With Nanai!" to Steam
11/2/2018The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade® Kicks off the Holiday Season
11/2/2018Viz Media Announces the Release of Ran and the Gray World Manga Series
11/2/2018Viz Media Launches the Record of Grancrest War Manga Series
11/2/2018HIDIVE Serves a Piping Hot Slice of "Welcome to Pia Carrot!! 2DX"
11/2/2018You Still Have One Month to Enter SMA's Tastiest Round
11/1/2018Space Battleship Tiramisu Anime Gets 2 Exhibitions in Tokyo in November
11/1/2018iTunes Adds Yo-Kai Watch Anime's 'Seasons 1,' 'Season 2'