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Anime News

DateArticle Name
2/28/2018Digimon Designer Draws Olympic Skating Gold Medalist Hanyu
2/28/2018Japanese Comic Ranking, February 19-25
2/28/2018'Maquia' Anime Film's Trailer Focuses on Mother/Son Relationship
2/28/2018Japan's Video Game Rankings, February 19-25
2/28/2018Get Down to Business With Sailor Moon Card Holders
2/28/2018Palladium Books' Robotech License Expires, Remaining Kickstarter Rewards Cancelled
2/28/2018Mah? Sh?jo Ore Anime's 2nd Promo Video Reveals April 2 Debut
2/28/2018Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou Manga Gets Side Story Mini-Series
2/28/2018Sword Art Online: Progressive Manga to Start 'Part 2' in April With New Artist
2/28/2018Kemono Friends Director Tatsuki Reveals 2nd 'Hentatsu' Anime Short
2/28/2018Sword Gai Anime Unveils New Cast Members, New Video
2/28/2018Persona 5 TV Anime Reveals April 7 Premiere, Makoto Visual
2/28/2018My Tamagotchi Forever Smartphone Game Launches March 15
2/28/2018Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Out Now on Steam
2/28/2018Kakuriyo Yadomeshi Anime Casts Mitsuki Nakae, Yuki Inoue
2/28/2018Leading Japanese Music Industry Organization PROMIC Launches the Japan Anime Music Lab. Website
2/28/2018My Tamagotchi Forever Available on March 15th, 2018 on App Store and Google Play Store
2/28/2018VIZ Media's Haikasoru Science Fiction Imprint Announces the Award-Winning Novel Sisyphean
2/28/2018Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash Set to Take the Plunge onto PC 7th March 2018
2/28/2018J-Novel Club Announces the Licensing of ?Infinite Stratos?
2/28/2018J-Novel Club Announces the Licensing of ?The Unwanted Undead Adventurer?
2/28/2018Complete Competition Lineup for Anime Ascension Revealed, Adds Dragon Ball FighterZ
2/28/2018Mitsuba Takanashi's Sumika Sumire Ends Serialization in March
2/28/2018New Legend of the Galactic Heroes TV Anime Premieres on April 3
2/28/2018Doukyusei -Classmates- Boys-Love Manga Gets New Series
2/28/2018Yukari Tamura Sings ISLAND Anime's Opening Song
2/28/2018Ahiru no Sora Basketball Manga Gets TV Anime
2/28/2018Kiratto Pri?Chan Anime Reveals New Cast, Ending Song Artist, April 4 Debut
2/27/2018Anime Boston to Host Crayon Shin-Chan director Yuji Muto
2/27/2018Golden Time Manga Artist Umechazuke Launches Kami no Kono Noko Manga
2/27/2018Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Soundtrack on Core Crystal-Shaped USB Drive Sells Out Instantly
2/27/2018sho.t's Snack World Manga Ends Serialization
2/27/2018Yuri!!! on Ice Victor's Baby Talk in 'Yume-100' Game Weirds Out Fans
2/27/2018Kodansha USA Licenses Starving Anonymous, Perfect World, Liar x Liar Manga Digitally
2/27/2018Virtual Youtube Sensation Kizuna Ai Gets Terrestrial TV Show
2/27/2018North American Anime, Manga Releases, February 25-March 3
2/27/2018Yuu Takahashi Performs Ending Theme for Major 2nd Anime
2/27/2018Hirohiko Araki Reveals Which Blade Runner Character Inspired DIO
2/27/2018J-Novel Club Licenses Infinite Stratos, The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Light Novels
2/27/2018Pokémon Day Arrives With an Amazon Alexa Takeover
2/21/2018BTOOOM! Gets Spinoff Manga by Ouroboros' Y?ya Kanzaki
2/21/2018Saredo Tsumibito wa Ry? to Odoru: Dances with the Dragons Anime Reveals More Roles, Songs, Premiere Dates
2/21/2018Dagashi Kashi Creator Already Drafted Manga's Finale
2/21/2018Blood Blockade Battlefront Back 2 Back Manga to Bundle New Anime DVD
2/21/2018In This Corner of the World, Kemono Friends Win Tokyo Anime Award Festival's Top Prizes
2/21/2018Singing Unit Kalafina to Continue After Producer Yuki Kajiura's Departure
2/21/2018AKIRA to Perform at Saboten Con in Phoenix, AZ
2/21/2018Preorders for New Title ?Momoiro Closet? Opened on Kickstarter by Visual Novel Developer Frontwing
2/21/2018Anime Boston 2018 Announces its Sixth Round of North American Guests
2/21/2018?Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical - Le Mouvement Final? Debuts in Select US Theaters March 10th
2/21/2018Super Robot Wars X Game's 2nd Video Previews Jam Project Theme Song
2/21/2018Impossibility Defense, Hitsuji no Ki Films Stay in Top 10 at Japanese Box Office
2/21/2018Anime Music Composer Yuki Kajiura Leaves Agency After 25 Years
2/21/2018PriPara All Idol Perfect Stage Switch Game's Trailer Teases Original Story
2/21/2018Arizona's Saboten Con to Host Singer Akira
2/21/2018Saori Hayami, Daisuke Namikawa Join Creatures Family Days Animation's Cast
2/20/2018Pop Team Epic's Latest Episode Inspires 'Hellshake Yano' Meme
2/20/2018Ni no Kuni II Game's Video Previews 1st 15 Minutes
2/20/2018Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match Game's Video Shows University Selection Team Tanks
2/20/2018Figure Skating, Shogi Prove Real Life Can Beat Anime Feats
2/20/2018Bleach Live-Action Film's Teaser Shows Ichigo's 1st Hollow Battle
2/20/2018Soul of Chogokin Adds Nadia's V-Nautilus to the Line-Up
2/20/2018Kodansha USA Lists Dragon Head Manga as Digital Release
2/20/2018Laid-Back Camp Staff Went Location Scouting, Winter Camping
2/20/2018North American Anime, Manga Releases, February 18-24
2/20/2018Edogawa Rampo's 'The Man Traveling with the Brocade Portrait' Story Gets Museum Anime Short
2/20/201812th Yowamushi Pedal Stage Play Reveals Cast Visuals
2/20/2018Netflix "Eye-Jacks" Shinjuku Station with 280 Pairs of Anime Eyes
2/20/2018Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Plus PS4 Game Ships on May 31 in Japan
2/20/2018Garden of Sinners' Fujino Follows Y?ichi Nakamura Into Fate/Grand Order
2/20/2018Metal Gear Survive Game's Launch Trailer Streamed
2/20/2018Lost Child Game to Also Launch for Nintendo Switch
2/20/2018God Wars Game Gets Updated Version for Switch
2/20/2018Over 180 New Figures Announced at Winter Wonder Festival 2018
2/20/2018Miyuki Sawashiro Performs Lupin III Part 5 Anime's Ending Theme
2/20/2018Megalobox Anime's Video Previews COMA-CHI's Rap
2/20/2018Rokuh?d? Yotsuiro Biyori Anime Reveals 2nd Video, Visual, More Cast
2/20/2018Kimeru Performs Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Anime's New Opening Theme
2/20/2018Beatless Anime Casts Hiroshi Kamiya, Kana Hanazawa
2/20/2018Uta no Prince-sama's 'Ultra Blast' Single Ranked #2 on Weekly Chart
2/15/2018GKIDS and Fathom Events Present Studio Ghibli Series in U.S. Cinemas Throughout 2018
2/15/2018Anime Boston 2018 Announces its Fifth Round of North American Guests
2/15/2018The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II Takes on the World With its Global PC Launch Today
2/15/2018Gamers and Anime Fans Can Now Pre-Order Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge Game
2/15/2018Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Sh?mei Shite Mita Manga Gets Live-Action Drama, Film
2/15/2018Dragon Ball Recasts Bulma With Aya Hisakawa After Hiromi Tsuru's Passing
2/15/2018Ni no Kuni II Game's Goldpaw City Trailer, 25-Minute Gameplay Video Streamed
2/15/2018Rilu Rilu Fairilu Anime Gets 3rd TV Season This Summer
2/15/2018Free! Take Your Marks Anime Film's English-Subtitled Teaser Video Previews 1st Story
2/15/2018Libra of Nil Admirari Anime Reveals 12 More Cast Members, Opening Theme Artist
2/15/2018The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II Game's PC Launch Trailer Streamed
2/15/2018Hiroki Yasumoto Joins Megalobox Anime's Cast
2/15/2018Discotek Runs Poll for Possible Standard Definition BD Releases
2/15/2018The Idolm@ster: Shiny Colors Game Adds L'Antica Idol Unit
2/15/2018Okaa-san to Issho Children's Program Gets 1st Film With Anime Segment
2/15/2018Yo-kai Watch TV Anime Enters Shadowside Arc in April
2/15/2018Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative Coming to PS Vita This Summer
2/15/2018Code: Realize Limited Editions Announced for North America
2/15/2018Cygames to Show Off Shadowverse and Granblue Fantasy at PAX East and Anime Expo
2/15/2018MangaGamer Launches Valentine's Sale
2/15/2018Bluefin Marks 30th Anniversary of My Neighbor Totoro With Studio Ghibli Licensed Consumer Products at Toy Fair 2018
2/15/2018Bluefin to Participate in Toy Fair 2018 with Exclusive New Collectibles from International Manufacturers
2/15/2018Chronos Ruler Manga Ends Serialization in Japan, Continues in China
2/15/2018New Free! TV Anime's 'Episode 0' Event Screening Slated for June 23
2/15/2018A Certain Magical Virtual-On Game's Videos Preview Lessar, Ruiko
2/15/2018Dynasty Warriors 9 Game's Launch Trailer Streamed
2/15/2018Kuroneko Monroe Essay Manga Gets TV Anime Shorts in April
2/15/2018Layton Mystery Tanteisha Anime's 1st Promo Video Reveals April 8 Premiere
2/15/2018Shining Resonance Re:frain Game's Video Highlights New Events, Costumes
2/15/2018New Haku?ki Musical Reveals Visual, Cast Members
2/15/2018Gurazeni Ends Tokyo Dome-hen Manga, Starts Pa League-hen Manga
2/15/2018La Magnifique Grande Scène Ballet Manga Gets English Release
2/14/2018Servamp Anime Film's Trailer Reveals New Cast Members, OLDCODEX Song
2/14/2018Akkun to Kanojo Anime's Cast, New Visuals Revealed
2/14/2018GReeeeN Performs Live-Action Marmalade Boy Film's Theme Song
2/14/2018Utena Manga Artist Chiho Sait? Publishers Her 1st Boys-Love Book
2/14/2018VIZ Media Announces Home Media Release of Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge Feature Film
2/14/2018Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Power Rangers at Power Morphicon
2/14/2018KOEI TECMO America Marks The Rebirth Of An Epic With Dynasty Warriors 9 ? Out Now
2/14/2018VIZ Media Announces Special Sailor Moon Event for Anime Boston
2/13/2018Snack World - Trejarers Gold Game Launches for Switch in Japan on April 12
2/13/2018Takara Tomy Website Holds 'Z' Countdown
2/13/2018Masami Nagasawa Guest Stars in 2018 Doraemon Film
2/13/2018Kanako Itou, Zwei Perform Steins;Gate 0 Anime's Theme Songs
2/13/2018Kouji Seo's Fuuka Manga Ends in 7 Chapters
2/13/2018Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 5-11
2/13/2018Sweet Punishment Manga About Prisoner & Sadistic Guard Gets TV Anime
2/13/2018Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 5-11
2/13/20185th Touken Ranbu Stage Musical Debuts in March
2/13/2018Saban Brands, Nickelodeon Renew Power Rangers Partnership Until 2021
2/13/2018Japan Aims to Extend Copyright Until 70 Years After Author's Passing
2/13/2018Toji no Miko Game App Streams Comedy Anime Short
2/13/2018My Brother's Husband Show's Main Visual Recreates Manga Cover
2/13/2018Major 2nd Anime Casts Yui Horie, Jun Fukushima
2/12/2018Dol:Men X Alien Idol Comedy Manga Gets Live-Action Show, Film
2/12/2018Check Out the Latest Shots of the In-Progress, Life-Size Fate/Grand Order Figure
2/12/2018New Irregular at Magic High School Manga Launches on April 27
2/12/2018Tora-san Manga Gets 2019 Live-Action Film With Hiromitsu Katayama
2/12/2018Mario Spotted at the Olympics ? On the U.S. Curling Team
2/12/2018Sayaka Kanda Voices Anime Character in Live-Action Real Girl Film
2/12/2018Fanservice Mousepads! Now With Fashion Accessories!
2/12/2018A Certain Magical Virtual-On Game's Video Highlights Kaori Kanzaki
2/12/2018Here's 32 Sh?jo Manga You Need to Read
2/12/2018Live-Action Princess Jellyfish Show Casts Noriko Eguchi as Nisha
2/12/2018Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Light Novel Series Gets Sequel
2/12/2018Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Illumination's Super Mario Bros. Film
2/12/2018Sumire Uesaka Sings Hozuki's Coolheadedness Season 2's New Ending Theme
2/12/2018Hayate the Combat Butler Artist Kenjirou Hata, Seiyu's Life Author/Voice Actress Masumi Asano Marry
2/12/2018Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Game Launches for Switch, PS4 in May
2/12/2018Live-Action Misumis? Film Reveals New Key Visual, Stills
2/12/2018Persona 3, Persona 5 Dancing Game Videos Preview Yukari, Ry?ji
2/12/2018Magi: Adventure of Sinbad Manga Begins 'Epilogue' on February 28
2/12/2018Moyocco Anno's Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen Ends on March 8
2/12/2018Valkyria Chronicles 4 Game's Character Introduction Trailer Streamed
2/12/2018Attack on Titan 2 Game's Multiplayer Video Streamed
2/12/2018Anime Tamago 2018's Shorts Reveal Cast Members
2/12/2018Ryota Ohsaka: Ace of Diamond Anime Is 'Not Over, Will Continue'
2/12/2018Square Enix Reveals More Details on Kingdom Hearts III Game
2/11/2018Animegaphone Turns Heads With Voice-Changing Tech
2/11/2018Bluefin Highlights Impressive New Bandai Shokugan Super Mini-Pla Model Kits and Iconic Gundam White Base at Toy Fair 2018
2/7/2018Crackle Adds Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer, Lupin III: The Legend of the Gold of Babylon, Wicked City
2/7/2018Get Your Favorite Character Added to Good Smile's Figma Line Up
2/7/2018Tsuredure Children Manga to End With 12th Volume
2/7/2018Affordable Animator Dorm Crowdfund Opens for 2018
2/7/2018Japanese Comic Ranking, January 29-February 4
2/7/2018Japan's Video Game Rankings, January 29-February 4
2/7/2018Monster Hunter World Player Finds Game's Hidden Depths
2/7/2018Singer Eir Aoi Returns From Hiatus
2/7/2018Technical Glitch Reveals Virtual YouTuber's Real Identity
2/7/2018Sentai Filmworks Plans Legend of the Galactic Heroes Home Video for 2018
2/7/2018Final Fantasy VI's Kefka is Secretly Handsome
2/7/2018Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online Anime Reveals TV Ad, Staff
2/7/2018Fate/Extella Link's Gameplay Videos Preview Mumei, Nero
2/7/2018BONES' Hisone to Masotan TV Anime Premieres in April
2/7/2018Starwing Paradox Arcade Game's Animated Video Previews Characters
2/7/2018The Idolm@ster: Shiny Colors Smartphone Browser Game Launches This Spring
2/7/2018New Ninja Slayer Manga Series Launches on April 19
2/7/2018Devils' Line Anime Casts Mayumi Asano, Mamoru Miyano
2/7/2018The Golden Era of Retro RPGs Comes Back With Dragon Sinker Hitting the PlayStation Store Today
2/7/2018Japan-based Animation Studio Teases a Big 2018 Year For Anime
2/7/2018VIZ Media and Rose City Games Partner to Launch a New Publishing Program For Independent Video Games
2/7/2018Azoland Pictures and Sentai Filmworks to Release the New Theatrical Movie Initial D Legend Trilogy in North American Theaters
2/7/2018BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Adds RWBY's Yang Xiao Long
2/7/2018IDOLiSH7 Vibrato Net Spinoff Anime Series Premieres February 17
2/7/2018Saki Biyori 4-Panel Spinoff Manga Ends With 7th Volume
2/7/2018Evo 2018 Tournament Unveils Fighting Game Lineup
2/7/2018CLAMP's Blood-C Gets New Live-Action Film This Fall
2/6/2018Grand Blue Dreaming Manga Has 'Big News' on March 7
2/6/2018'Girlish Pikachu' Makes Her Debut in Crane Games This Week
2/6/2018Aggretsuko Netflix Anime's Trailer Streamed With English Subtitles
2/6/2018North American Anime, Manga Releases, February 4-10
2/6/2018Could the Winter Olympics Feature Yuri!!! on Ice?
2/6/2018Teru Konda's Legal Recipes Live-Action Series Reveals Additional Cast
2/6/2018Fairy Tail Creator Lands in France, Accepts Award, & Still Beats Monster Hunter World
2/6/2018Live-Action Princess Jellyfish Show Casts Yumi Adachi as Nomu
2/6/2018Don't Watch Pop Team Epic With Your Baby Boy ? Or His 1st Words Might Be?
2/6/2018Monster Hunter Frontier Z to End Service on Xbox 360, Wii U in August
2/6/2018Crunchyroll Adds English Dubs for March Comes in like a lion, Occultic;Nine
2/6/2018Final Fantasy XIV's Nidhogg Comes to Life at Sapporo Snow Festival
2/6/2018Kenjiro Hata, Shun Matsuena's New Manga Titles Revealed
2/1/2018Kakegurui Manga Has 4 Million Copies in Print
2/1/2018Akkun to Kanojo Anime's Character Visuals, Spring Premiere Revealed
2/1/2018Form Your Party of Four and Venture Together Through the Kingdom of Hydeland in Dragon's Crown Pro Co-Op Trailer
2/1/2018Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match Game's Promo Videos Highlight Pravda Girls High School Tanks, 2 Original Story Modes
2/1/2018Season Two of Beyblade Burst Evolution Launches in French, February 3, on Télétoon in Canada
2/1/2018Cross Infinite World Announces Acquisition of Mia and the Forbidden Medicine Report Mystery Shoujo Light Novel
2/1/2018March comes in like a lion Anime Goes on 3-Week Hiatus Due to Winter Olympics
2/1/2018Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition Sells 4 Million Units Worldwide
2/1/2018Switch Online Service Launches in September
2/1/2018Pro Figure Skater, Yuri!!! on Ice Fan Evgenia Medvedeva Gets Anime Portrayal in Ad
2/1/2018Nintendo Unveils Mario Kart Tour Game App
2/1/2018Orange Juice Plushies Now on Kickstarter
2/1/2018Spiritpact -Bond of The Underworld-: Trailer, New Key Visual, Music Information and Event Revealed
2/1/2018Universal Studios' Illumination to Animate Super Mario Bros. Film
2/1/2018English Version of Japanese Clicker Game Tap Hina Logic Descends iOS & Android
2/1/2018Yakuza 6 PS4 Game's Trailer Shows Clan Creator Minigame
2/1/2018CyberConnect2 Reveals Fuga, Tokyo Ogre Gate, Cecile Games
2/1/2018?Samurai Guitarist?, MIYAVI Performs in Singapore For the First Time
2/1/2018maidreamin Featured in Fuji TV Show Kuragehime
2/1/2018English Version of Mobile Game "BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!" Scheduled for Spring 2018 Worldwide* Release on iOS & Android
2/1/2018Anime Voice Actors Bryce Papenbrook, Austin Tindle, Jad Saxton Added To Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis Feb. 2-4
2/1/2018One Punch Man Artist Yuusuke Murata to Launch Manga Based on Back to the Future Film
2/1/2018Moe Yukimaru to End Hidamari no Tsuki Manga in March
2/1/2018Anime Boston 2018 Announces Its Third North American Guest
2/1/2018Buddy Go! Manga Ends in 3 Chapters
2/1/2018Kadokawa, Production Ace Hold Singing Voice Actress Auditions for Idol Anime Project
2/1/2018Starwing Paradox Anime Project Reveals Story, Character Designs
2/1/2018Yoshimasa Hosoya Stars in Megalobox Boxing Anime
2/1/2018Voltron: Legendary Defender Show's Season 5 Premieres on Netflix on March 2
2/1/2018Nintendo Raises Earnings Projection for Fiscal Year to 1.02 Trillion Yen
2/1/2018Maido! Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku Manga Ends, Gets New Series
2/1/2018Touken Ranbu Musical Gets 1st European Performance in Paris in July