Anime News

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8/27/2018Frontwing Launches Kickstarter for ISLAND Game/Anime Physical Copies
8/27/2018In Case You're Still Thinking About Hellshake Yano's Animelo Summer Live Concert
8/27/2018Yuichiro Umehara Returns to The Thousand Musketeers Anime
8/27/2018Sneaker Bunko 30th Anniversary Event Includes Haruhi Suzumiya Stage
8/27/2018Marmalade Boy Little Manga Ends Next Month
8/27/2018New Streets of Rage Game Announced After 24 Years
8/27/2018Swiss Internet 'Pervert' Melonpan's 66 Pounds of D?jin Confiscated by Customs
8/27/2018Jingai-san no Yome Anime Casts Satomi Arai
8/27/2018Face Your Own Titan at Attack on Titan Tokyo, Osaka Exhibits
8/27/2018Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Game's 'Extra Pack 3' Trailer Previews Kefla, Super Baby Vegeta
8/27/2018Seishun Buta Yar? Anime Reveals Video, Additional Cast, Songs
8/27/2018Kemono Friends Gets New Stage Play Starring Nogizaka46 Idols
8/27/2018Persona Q2 3DS Game's New Video Highlights Persona 3's Shinjiro
8/27/2018Shomin Sample Manga Ends in September
8/27/2018My Wife is the Student Council President's Yumi Nakata Launches New Manga in Winter 2019
8/27/2018Chibi Maruko-chan Manga Creator Momoko Sakura Passes Away at 53
8/27/2018Masamune-kun's Revenge Manga Gets New Spinoff Series in September
8/27/2018Irregular at Magic High School's 'President Election Arc' Manga Approaches Climax
8/27/2018'As Miss Beelzebub Likes' Anime's New Videos Reveal 2 New Cast Members
8/27/2018Boarding School Juliet TV Anime Casts Kazuyuki Okitsu
8/27/2018Gundam 00 Stage Play's 4 Main Cast Members Revealed
8/27/2018Pony Canyon Streams English-subtitled Promo Video for The Girl in Twilight Anime
8/27/2018Pony Canyon Streams English-subtitled Promo Video for Tsurune Anime
8/27/2018Live-Action Gintama 2 Film's New Making-of Video Streamed
8/27/2018Yakuza Online Game's Staff Comment Video, Announcement Video Streamed
8/27/2018Kamen Rider: Climax Scramble Zi-O Switch Game's Teaser Video Streamed
8/27/2018Dragon Ball FighterZ Game's Switch Version Previewed in 1st Promo Video
8/27/2018YOSHIKI Gives Special Performance in Hollywood for Japan House Los Angeles
8/27/2018Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Embraces Augmentation with Dues Ex: Mankind Divided Collaboration Event
8/27/2018Maidreamin Treats Toronto to Maid Culture at Fan Expo Canada 2018
8/27/2018Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Physical Copies of ISLAND Game and Anime
8/27/2018New Inazuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin TV Anime Revealed for October Premiere
8/26/2018Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu Anime Reveals More Cast, Staff, Spring 2019 Debut
8/26/2018We Never Learn TV Anime Posts Teaser Visual
8/26/2018Have Moon Healing Conversation With Sailor Moon's New Moon Stick Phone Case
8/26/2018Ace Attorney Anime's 2nd Season Gets Puzzle-Solving Event
8/26/2018FLCL Progressive Anime's English Dub Streams Internationally on Adult Swim Website
8/26/2018Kono Manga ga Sugoi! Documentary Drama Lets Actors Discuss, Play Their Favorite Characters
8/26/2018Tsutomu Takahashi's Neun Manga Has 'Important Announcement' on September 3
8/26/2018Erotic Manga Artist Who Left Company Describes Poor Pay, Rejection
8/23/2018Arc the Lad R Smartphone Game Launches
8/23/2018Nano to Perform at Anisong World Matsuri at Anime NYC
8/23/2018Highlights from Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama 2018
8/23/2018Naoki Yamamoto's Red Historical Manga Ends
8/23/2018JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Anime's Video Previews Leone Abbacchio
8/23/2018Live Performances, Big Meet & Greet, and Pro-wrestling at the City of Anaheim: CharaExpo USA 2018 Tickets Now On Sale
8/23/2018Kero Blaster Out Now on the Nintendo Switch
8/23/2018Gang King Manga Enters 'Climax' in 32nd Volume in February 2019
8/23/2018Ema Toyama Launches New Manga in November in Nakayoshi Magazine
8/23/2018The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Game's New Promo Video Streamed
8/23/2018FuRyu Streams Promo Movie for Crystar PS4 Game
8/23/2018FuRyu Streams 2nd Promo Video for Work x Work RPG
8/23/2018Live-Action Bleach Film Launches on Netflix U.S. on September 14
8/23/2018Warriors Orochi 4 Game's Video Highlights Guest Characters
8/23/2018Jump Force Game's New Battle Gameplay Video Streamed
8/23/2018Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Game's Trailer Reveals January Release
8/23/2018The Disappearing of Gensokyo Touhou Doujin Game Gets PS4 Release
8/23/2018Live-Action Bungaku Shojo Series Casts Keito Tsuna
8/23/2018Utawarerumono Zan Action Game Adds Kiwru, Maroro
8/23/2018Tokyo Ghoul:re Anime's 2nd Season Previewed in Ad
8/23/2018Neptunia iOS App Relaunches as Neptunia & Friends
8/23/2018Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur Anime's Character Visuals, Descriptions Revealed
8/23/2018Ch?gaku Hijiri Nikki Live-Action Series Casts Kenshi Okada as Akira
8/23/2018Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Game's 'Puppet Show' Trailer Posted
8/23/2018MangaGamer Announces the Upcoming Release of Their Original Title, Koropokkur in Love
8/23/2018Newest Nendoroid Series, Nendoroid Jotaro Kujo is Now Available for Pre-order
8/23/2018Viz Media Announces the Award-Winning 20th Century Boys in a New Perfect Edition
8/23/2018Ellation Announces New Division Devoted to Original Content
8/23/2018Swery65's The Missing is Coming Soon
8/23/2018Neptunia? & Friends Launches for iOS on August 29
8/23/2018Arc System Works Streams Trailer for Swery's The Missing Game
8/23/2018Live-Action Real Girl Film's Clip Shows Tsutsui Defending Iroha
8/23/2018Daemon X Machina Switch Game's Teaser Shows Gameplay
8/23/2018Itsuwaribito's Iinuma Launches Manga of Novel by Cheeky Angel's Nishimori
8/23/2018Sh?dengo, Capsule Hotel de, J?shi ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru. Romance Manga Gets TV Anime
8/23/2018Funimation Offers The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi for Digital Purchase
8/22/2018Ashi-Girl Sequel Live-Action TV Special Premieres in December
8/22/2018[New Life+] Manga Resumes Following Original Light Novel Author's Controversy
8/22/2018Japan's Moomin Theme Park Opens March 16 in Saitama
8/22/2018Roselia, Raise a Suilen Also Perform Opening Songs for BanG Dream! Season 2
8/21/2018Shenmue III PS4, PC Game's Video Previews August 27, 2019 Release
8/21/2018Steins;Gate 0 Anime's Episode 20 Delayed by 1 Week
8/21/2018Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, August 13-19
8/21/2018Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, August 13-19
8/21/2018Ryo Hanada's Devils' Line Manga Ends in 4 Chapters
8/21/20182nd Haikara-San: Here Comes Miss Modern Anime Film's Teaser Shows Benio in Manchuria
8/21/2018Grandia, Grandia II HD Remasters Head to Nintendo Switch
8/21/2018Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Game Delayed to 2019, Vita Version Cancelled
8/20/2018Live-Action Gintama 2 Earns 800 Million Yen at #1, Seven Deadly Sins Opens at #5
8/20/2018Kaori Ishihara Performs Ending Song for Kaiju Girls (Black) Anime
8/20/2018Iconic Characters Return To Fight In Dead or Alive 6
8/20/2018Touhou Luna Nights Out Now in Steam Early Access
8/20/2018Original Character From Smartphone game, ?Mass for Dead?, Based on 'Overlord' Anime and Novels Will Make her Debut as Virtual YouTuber
8/20/2018'Princess of the Moon ~Ultimate~' has Been Released
8/20/2018Norn9 Stage Play Reveals Key Visual, Cast
8/20/2018Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!/Eevee! Games' Clip Shows Mega Kangaskhan, Gyarados
8/20/2018Let Unit-01 Pillow Shoulder Your Stress for a Relaxing Rest
8/20/2018Flying Babies TV Anime Unveils Visual, January Premiere
8/20/2018Overlord: Mass for the Dead Mobile Game Introduces Virtual YouTuber Slimeko
8/20/2018Penguin Highway Film Briefly Listed With Eleven Arts Release (Update)
8/20/2018Gundam NT Anime Visual's Bizarre Pose Creates Internet's Latest Trend
8/20/2018Poppin' Party Performs Opening Song for BanG Dream! Season 2
8/20/2018Madoka Magica Designer Will Draw Live on 'Magia Day'
8/20/2018My Hero One's Justice Trailer Showcases All Playable Characters
8/20/2018Manga Anthology Gets to the 'Meat' of It, Literally
8/20/2018Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Game's Trailer Previews Barrier Battles
8/20/2018Jump Force Adds Gon, Hisoka, Sanji, Blackbeard as Playable Characters
8/20/2018Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist Adds Amon, Arima, T?ka, Sh? as Playable Characters
8/20/2018The Idom@ster SideM Wake Atte Mini! Manga Gets TV Anime in October
8/20/2018Tokyo Chronos VR Visual Novel's Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Goal
8/20/2018Boarding School Juliet TV Anime Casts Hiro Shimono
8/20/2018'As Miss Beelzebub Likes' Anime's New Video Reveals Satoshi Hino as Azazel
8/20/2018Vinland Saga Anime Unveils Main Staff, Visual
8/20/2018Kinoshita Acquires Fukushima Gainax, Moves Studio to Tokyo Under New Name
8/20/2018Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur Anime Announces Theme Song Artists
8/20/2018X Japan to Perform 1st Large-Scale Concert in 8 Years
8/20/2018Power Rangers Beast Morphers Show Unveils Cast, Teaser
8/20/2018Haruto Ikezawa's Noah's Notes Manga Ends
8/20/2018As Miss Beelzebub Likes Anime's Video Reveals Misaki Kuno as Belphegor
8/19/2018'We Never Learn' Manga to Have Important Announcement Next Week
8/15/2018'Boku-Ben' Domain, Anime Twitter Account Registered
8/15/2018Boarding School Juliet TV Anime Casts Tomokazu Sugita
8/15/2018Madoka Magica's Magia Record Game Ad Features Skating Gold-Medalist Alina Zagitova
8/15/2018Inio Asano Resumes Y?sha-tachi Manga for Limited Run
8/15/2018Atelier Arland Trilogy Games' Trailer Streamed
8/15/2018Cheburashka Creator Eduard Uspensky Passes Away at 80
8/15/2018Live-Action Bungaku Shojo Show Adds 6 Cast Members, New Visual
8/15/2018Pokémon Quest Smartphone Game Reaches $8 Million Revenue in 1st Month
8/14/2018China Suspends Sales of Monster Hunter: World Game
8/14/2018One-Punch Man Ranks #2 on U.S. Monthly Bookscan July List
8/14/2018Producer Reveals Sunrise, Production I.G Animated April's Azur Lane Commercial
8/14/2018Nintendo Files Trademarks for 'Endless Ocean,' 'Another Code'
8/14/2018180 Attendees Treated in Comic Market's 1st 3 Hours Due to Heat Wave
8/14/2018Asobi Asobase Director Shows Off His New Buff Bod
8/14/2018My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Anime Film's Trailer Previews English Dub (Update)
8/14/2018Viz Media Partners With Cryptozoic & Quidd To Create Anime-Based Digital Collectibles
8/14/2018Prince of Tennis Summer Valentine Event Gets Official Day
8/14/2018North American Anime, Manga Releases, August 12-18
8/14/2018My Hero Academia's Denki Credited for Unleashing Lightning in Tokyo
8/14/2018Seven Heavenly Virtues Anime's English Dub Trailer Streamed
8/14/2018Highlights from Comiket 94: Summer-Themed Booths and Viral Cosplay
8/14/2018CharaExpo Returns for 4th Installment Within Inaugural Japan Park Singapore 2018
8/14/2018Viz Media to Livestream Three Seasons of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure on Twitch
8/14/2018KADO - The Right Answer Anime Wins MPTE Animation Award
8/14/2018Premiere Report: Hi Score Girl at Otakon 2018
8/14/2018Dark Souls: Remastered Game Launches for Switch in October
8/14/2018SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Switch Game Previews Ikari Warriors Series
8/14/2018DIVE!! Stage Play's Visual, Videos Show Cast in Costume
8/14/2018Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, August 6-12
8/14/2018Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, August 6-12
8/14/2018Those Who Hunt Elves' Yu Yagami Launches Manga of Orphen's Comedy Spinoff Novels
8/14/2018Seishun Buta Yar? Anime Premieres on October 3
8/14/2018Natsume's Book of Friends Film Adds Comedy Duo 'Viking' to Guest Cast
8/13/2018Mirai Climbs to #6, My Hero Academia Film Drops to #7
8/13/2018Newton and the Apple Tree Visual Novel Debuts on Wednesday
8/13/2018Otakon 2018 Attendance Numbers Rise Again
8/13/2018Aniplex of America Announces Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Blu-ray Box Sets Release and Event at Anime NYC
8/13/2018The irregular at magic high school TV Series Coming Out As Complete Blu-ray Box Set From Aniplex of America
8/13/2018In New Book, Ghibli's Suzuki Reveals Isao Takahata as Notoriously Difficult Director
8/13/2018MangaGamer's Breaking a New Language Barrier With Otakon Announcements
8/8/2018Cells at Work Stage Play Announces 16 More Cast Members
8/8/2018Hoshi no Shima no Nyanko Cat Game App Gets CG TV Anime in October
8/8/2018Hasbro Plans Power Rangers Film Follow-Up
8/8/20182nd Live-Action Gintama Show's Trailer Reveals Dragon Ball Characters
8/8/2018Discotek to Replace Law of Ueki Disc Due to Missing Subtitles
8/8/2018'D?kyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue' Manga About Novelist and Cat Gets 2019 TV Anime
8/7/2018BookWalker Announces The Next Big Light Novels Poll Results
8/7/2018ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D, SPYAIR Rock Bands Launch World Tours
8/7/2018HIDIVE Casts a Wide Net With Streaming Video App on Chromecast
8/7/2018Otakon Celebrates East Asian Culture
8/7/2018Valkyria Chronicles 4 Digital Pre-Order Now Available on All Platforms and Free Demo on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch
8/7/2018KLab Games Station Reporter 2018 Contest Starts Today
8/7/2018Black Jack, Astro Boy, Phoenix Anime Stream With English Dubs on Amazon Prime
8/7/2018Fate/stay night Creator Kinoko Nasu Shares Thoughts on Fate/Extra Last Encore: Illustrias Tend?setsu Anime
8/7/2018AT&T Buys Out Crunchyroll's Otter Media
8/7/2018Yo-kai Watch Character's Groin Target in Latest BPO Complaint
8/7/2018NISA to Release The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince on PS4, Switch in 2019
8/7/201822/7 Idol Project's 'Rikaisya' Music Video Streamed Outside Japan
8/7/2018Announcing a New Special Event for Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars ~Battle of the NEETs~
8/7/2018Motion-Capture Technology Will Bring Virtual Band EGOIST to Life in Singapore
8/7/2018North American Anime, Manga Releases, August 5-11
8/7/2018Funimation Offers Sound! Euphonium Season 1 for Digital Purchase
8/7/2018Code Geass Fans Clamor to Public Fukkatsu no Lelouch Promo Screening
8/7/2018HIDIVE Android App Launches Chromecast Compatibility
8/7/2018Square Enix Responds to Dragon Quest Composer's 2015 Anti-LGBTQ Statements
8/7/2018Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Game's Class Type Trailer Streamed
8/7/2018An Inside Look at the Encouragement of Climb Capsule Hotel Rooms
8/7/2018New Baki Anime Casts Anri Katsu, Kenji Nomura as Shinshinkai Members
8/7/2018The World Ends With You -Final Remix- Game Heads West in October
8/7/2018The Quintessential Quintuplets Manga Gets TV Anime in 2019 (Updated)
8/7/2018Memories Off -Innocent Fille- Game Gets Fan Disc in Spring 2019
8/7/2018Square Enix Teases New Title in Bravely Default RPG Series on Twitter
8/7/2018Evangelion's Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Designs Characters for Nogizaka46's Animated Computer Ad
8/7/2018Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, July 30-August 6
8/7/2018Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, July 30-August 6
8/7/2018Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! Anime Reveals Theme Song Artists
8/7/2018French/Japanese Anime MFKZ Gets Japanese Dub in Theaters
8/7/2018Luck Life, ChouCho Perform Theme Songs for Tsurune Archery Anime
8/7/2018Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu Boys-Love Anime Posts 1st Promo Video
8/6/2018My Hero Academia Film Earns 500 Million Yen to Rank #4 in Opening Weekend