Anime News

DateArticle Name
3/18/2019No Guns Life TV Anime Confirmed, Staff Announced
3/18/2019My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TV Anime Gets 3rd Season
3/18/2019Ero Lover Manga Gets Anime on Anime Beans App
3/18/20193rd Starmyu Anime Season's Key Visual Revealed
3/18/2019Young Disease Outburst Boy Anime Reveals Staff, Visual
3/18/2019TMS Entertainment Appoints Tadashi Takezaki as New President
3/18/2019Naka no Hito Genome [Jikky?ch?] TV Anime Reveals July Premiere, Visual, More Cast
3/18/2019Code Geass Social Game's Main Character, Knightmare Frame Designs Revealed
3/18/2019Precure Miracle Universe Film Sets New Opening Weekend Record for Spring Precure Film
3/18/20192nd Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel Film's U.S. Screenings Earn US$420,595
3/18/2019Osomatsu-san Sextuplets to 'Appear' in Black Clover Anime's 76th Episode
3/18/2019Ema Toyama Publishes 1-Shot Manga in Comic Yuri Hime Magazine
3/18/2019Alita: Battle Angel Film Earns US$81 Million in U.S., US$394 Million Worldwide
3/18/2019Ultraman Anime's Clip Highlights Ultraman, Bemlar Fight Scene
3/17/2019Dr. Stone Anime Reveals Main Staff, New Visual
3/17/2019Showtaro Morikubo Voices Cyborg Guitarist from Virtual Hard Rock Band Ironbunny
3/17/2019J-Novel Club Licenses Full Metal Panic! Light Novel Series
3/17/2019Final Fantasy XI Producer Says Game Has Budget For At Least 3 More Years
3/17/2019His and Her Circumstances Voice Actors Comment on 20th Anniversary Blu-ray Box Set Release
3/17/2019Sh?wa Era Lifestyle Museum Recreates House from In This Corner of the World
3/17/2019Virtual YouTuber Kaguya Luna Livestreams 1st Virtual Commercial Presentation
3/17/2019Magical Sempai TV Anime Unveils Video, Cast, July Premiere
3/17/2019Iro Aida's Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun Manga Gets TV Anime
3/17/2019Dropkick on My Devil! Anime's 2nd Season Casts Nanami Yamashita, Minami Tanaka
3/17/2019Fire Force TV Anime's 2nd Teaser Reveals July 5 Premiere
3/17/2019'That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime' TV Anime Gets 2nd Season (Updated)
3/17/2019Japanese Anime Home Video Market Falls 24% in 2018
3/17/2019Leiji Matsumoto Supervises New Comic Based on His Universe, Characters
3/17/2019J-Novel Club Licenses Ascendance of a Bookworm Novels
3/17/2019Sega Streams Customization Trailer for Sonic Team Racing Game
3/17/20192nd Girls und Panzer das Finale Film Previewed in Trailer, New Visual
3/17/2019Sega Streams 1st Episode of 2-Part Team Sonic Racing Overdrive Animated Shorts
3/16/2019Sega Reveals it is Developing 'Next Major Title' in Sonic the Hedgehog Game Series
3/16/2019Viz Media Adds A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow Manga, Announces Rerelease of Kazuo Umezu's The Drifting Classroom Manga
3/16/2019'That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime' Novels Get New Spinoff Manga
3/16/2019IG Port Transfers Xebec's Operations to Sunrise for 300 Million Yen
3/16/2019Mohiro Kitoh Pens 1-Shot Manga on March 26
3/16/2019One Piece Cosplay King Grand Prix Offers 3D-printed Trophies of Winners' Costumes
3/16/2019Japan Shogi Association Column Endorses The Ryuo's Work is Never Done!
3/16/2019Ayuko Hatta's Haibara-kun wa Gokigen Naname Manga Ends in April
3/13/2019Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet Game's 2nd Promo Video Streamed
3/13/2019Makai Senki Disgaea RPG Smartphone Game Launches on March 19
3/13/2019Female Singing Unit Kalafina Disbands
3/13/2019Try Knights Rugby Manga Listed With TV Anime
3/13/2019Aquria Hires 3D Motion Designer for Anime-Style Fantasy RPG
3/13/2019Fairy gone Anime's Promo Video Reveals More Cast, Staff
3/13/2019Live-Action Kingdom Film's Subtitled Promo Teases N. American Release
3/13/2019Strategy & Partners Game Company Begins Bankruptcy Proceedings
3/13/2019Denki Groove Band Member/Actor Pierre Taki Arrested for Cocaine Use (Updated)
3/13/2019Ni no Kuni II Game Previews 'The Tale of a Timeless Tome' DLC in Trailer
3/13/2019ROOKiEZ IS PUNK'D Band Goes on Indefinite Hiatus
3/12/2019Anime Boston 2019 announces its sixth round of North American guests
3/12/2019Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. and Twitch Officially Announce Tekken World Tour 2019
3/12/2019High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World Light Novel Series Gets TV Anime
3/12/2019Heidi: A Girl of the Alps Voice Actress Won Title Role Thanks to Catching a Cold
3/12/2019Children of the Sea Film Reveals More Cast, Poster Visual
3/12/2019Bang Dream's Roselia Band Cover T.M. Revolution, Nana Mizuki Song
3/12/2019North American Anime, Manga Releases, March 10-16
3/12/2019Princess Jellyfish Creator Will Draw Your Motherhood Story
3/12/2019Laid-Back Camp Offers 2-Day Camping Event in Yamanashi
3/12/2019Captain Marvel Actress Brie Larson Cites Sailor Moon as Childhood Role Model
3/12/2019Okko's Inn Anime Film's English-Dubbed Clip Shows Uri-b? Meeting
3/12/2019Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Game's Gameplay Trailer Streamed
3/12/2019Hayao Miyazaki Directs Next Film Without Deadline for Finishing
3/12/2019Detective Conan Manga Takes 1-Month Break
3/12/2019Crunchyroll, Adult Swim Announce Toonami Programming Partnership With Distribution Deal
3/12/2019Fire Force TV Anime Casts Tomokazu Seki as Rekka Hoshimiya
3/12/2019Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, March 4-10
3/12/2019Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, March 4-10
3/12/2019Araiya-san! Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de!? Anime's Video Previews Theme Song
3/12/2019'Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle' Game by Koei Tecmo Listed by Taiwanese Rating Board
3/12/2019Teasing Master Takagi-san's S?ichir? Yamamoto, Kamio Fukuchi Launch New Manga
3/12/2019GTO's Tohru Fujisawa Starts Red Data Planet Manga
3/12/2019Live-Action Patalliro! Film Reveals June 28 Opening After Delay
3/11/20193rd Psycho-Pass SS Anime Film Opens at #10 at Japanese Box Office
3/11/2019Netflix Grows Anime Programming Through Partnerships with Leading Japanese Production Companies
3/11/2019Viz Media Delivers the Home Media Release of Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission
3/11/2019Stravaganza Manga Series to be Released by Udon Entertainment
3/11/2019Netflix Announces Dragon's Dogma, Wit Studio's Vampire in the Garden, BONES' Super Crooks Anime
3/11/2019Encouragement of Climb Director Discusses Pros, Cons of Using Real-life Reference Photos in Anime
3/6/2019Romancing SaGa 3 Remaster Game Delayed in Japan
3/6/2019Tsugumomo Anime Gets 2nd Season in 2020
3/6/2019Project Anima Announces Results of 'Kids/Game' Anime Contest
3/6/2019Hachinantte Sore wa Inai Desh?! Fantasy Anime's Ad Reveals 2020 Airing
3/6/2019Cop Craft TV Anime Unveils Cast, Staff, Summer Premiere
3/6/2019Crunchyroll Offers Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Anime's English Dub
3/6/2019Tonko House, Domo's Dwarf, Megalis Make Oni Stop-Motion/CG TV Series
3/6/2019WarnerMedia Reorganizes Adult Swim, Crunchyroll, More Under Global Kids & Young Adults Unit
3/6/2019Businessmen in Africa/African Office Worker Manga Gets New 'Project' With Voice Actors
3/5/2019Isekai Cheat Magician TV Anime Unveils Cast, Staff, Visual
3/5/2019Hello Kitty Gets 1st Hollywood Film by Warner
3/5/2019Latest Live-Action One Piece Job Search Ad Features Chopper, Dr. Kureha
3/5/2019Final Fantasy XIV is 1st Video Game Float to Sail at Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade
3/5/2019Digimon Adventure Film's Teaser Reveals Cast, Early Spring 2020 Debut
3/5/2019Crowdfund Starts for Konan City's Own Sasuke Tourism Character
3/5/2019Nintendo Game Director Masahiro Sakurai Continues Working While Sick, Hooks Up to IV Drip
3/5/2019W'z Stage Play Reveals More Cast, Key Visual
3/5/2019Veteran Animator Toshiyuki Inoue Gives Young Animators Advice to Negotiate Better Wages
3/5/2019Devil May Cry 5 Game's Nero Combat Video Streamed
3/5/2019Gleipnir TV Anime Reveals Visual, Main Staff
3/5/2019One Piece: World Seeker Game's Opening Cutscene Streamed
3/5/2019Sh?nen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan Anime Gets 4th Season in April
3/5/2019Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 25-March 3
3/5/2019Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 25-March 3
3/5/2019Fire Force TV Anime Casts Taiten Kusunoki as Leonard Burns
3/5/2019To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts TV Anime Casts Kaito Ishikawa, Y?ko Hikasa
3/5/2019Japanese Comic Ranking, February 18-24
3/5/20197SEEDS Anime Delayed 2 Months to June
3/5/2019Live-Action Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Show Returns in Special
3/5/2019Sunrise Establishes Sunrise Beyond Studio at Xebec's Current Address
3/5/2019Ultraman Anime's Trailer Previews OLDCODEX Theme Song
3/4/2019One-Punch Man Season 2 Debuts April 9th!
3/4/2019Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition Arrives for Nintendo Switch on May 24, 2019
3/4/2019Yen Press Announces New Novel Acquisition: The Miracles of the Namiya General Store
3/4/2019Below enemy lines: Gun Gun Pixies for Nintendo Switch announced
3/4/2019If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary- Out Now!
3/4/2019One-Punch Man Season 2 Airs April 2 Special Before April 9 Hulu Premiere
3/4/2019Ad Agency Briefly Reveals Sonic the Hedgehog Film's Character Design
3/4/20192019 Doraemon Film Opens at #1 at Japanese Box Office
3/4/2019Evangelion's "Cruel Angel's Thesis" Theme Song Takes Heisei Anisong Grand Prize
3/2/2019Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Game's Switch Version Previewed in Video
3/2/2019Japan Cartoonists Association Formally Respond to Efforts to Expand Japanese Copyright Law
3/2/2019Level 5 Reveals Inazuma Eleven SD Smartphone Game
3/2/2019Relive Maquia's Emotional Roller Coaster with 1-Year Anniversary Exhibit
3/2/2019International Fan Festival Toronto Event in April Hosts SIngers Konomi Suzuki, Megumi Nakajima in Concert
3/2/2019California's Fanime to Host Voice Actor Nobutoshi Canna as Guest
3/2/2019Adult Game Developer Minori Shuts Down
3/2/2019Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection Film Sells 500,000 Tickets in Japan
3/2/2019Takara Toy Company Founder Yasuta Sato Passes Away at 94
3/2/2019Kenja no Mago Anime's Promo Video Previews Both Opening, Ending Themes
3/2/2019Okamoto Kitchen Food Truck's Webtoon Series Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Goal
3/2/2019International Fan Festival Toronto Announces an Omnibus-Style Concert Live
3/1/2019Titan Comics to Release Eldo Yoshimizu's Ryuko Manga
3/1/2019Shoji Kawamori Expo to Screen Original Video to Celebrate Macross Creator's 40 Years in Industry
3/1/2019Controversial Mascot Character Chiitan Asked to Stop Performing Due to Similarity to City's Official Mascot
3/1/2019Funimation to Introduce New Tiered Membership System in April
3/1/2019Dead or Alive 6 Available Now on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC via Steam
3/1/2019Danmachi Author Discusses Continuity Differences Between Film and Novels
3/1/2019Viz Media Copyrights Alone Account for 5% of Google's URL Takedown Requests
3/1/2019Get Oscar's Perfect Skin with Rose of Versailles Foundation Set
3/1/2019Dead or Alive 6 Game's Launch Trailer Streamed
3/1/2019Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Anime's Releases Delayed in U.K., Australia
3/1/2019Utena, Penguindrum Director Ikuhara's Exhibition Will Begin in Tokyo on April 27
3/1/2019Warner Bros. Develops Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Film
3/1/2019NHK Preps Ultimate Macross Poll for Top Series, Character, Mecha, Song
3/1/2019Publisher Hakusensha Launches Blog 'Manga Lab!' with Contests
3/1/2019Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time 6 Game Gets Stage Play in June
3/1/2019Zannen na Ikimono no Jiten Anime Gets New Episodes by Pop Team Epic's Aoki
3/1/2019PQube to Release Kill la Kill IF Game in Europe This Year (Updated)
3/1/2019Mirai Wins Japan Academy Prizes' Animation Award
3/1/2019How to Report Pop-Ups and Redirects on Mobile
3/1/2019Bandai Namco Holdings Outlines Company's April Reorganization
3/1/20192019 Soreike! Anpanman Film's New Visuals, Guest Cast Revealed
3/1/2019Saikano's Shin Takahashi Launches New Manga in April
3/1/2019Laidbackers Theatrical Anime Project's Character Video Previews Mai
3/1/20192nd Trinity Seven Anime Film Gets Simultaneous Theatrical Release in U.S. on March 29 (Updated)
3/1/2019New Toei Manga Matsuri Omnibus Anime Project Previewed in Trailer
3/1/2019Arc System Works' Kill la Kill - IF Coming to Europe with PQube
3/1/2019AniFest to Host Red Carpet Screening of Trinity Seven: Heavens Library & Crimson Lord in Torrance, CA
3/1/2019Nobunaga Sensei no Osanazuma Anime's Promo Video Previews Pyxis' Opening Theme