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Anime News

Magazine Collection Crushes Owner
Date: 2/7/2005
On Feb 6th a Tokyo man who had amassed a collection of vintage magazines on the second floor of an apartment complex was knocked to ground level and buried when their arrangement was unsettled thus becoming a torent of dried ink and paper, collapsing the floor of the room. Rescuers dug through the massive pile of printed pages for 2 hours before finding him. He was seriously injured, sustaining full body bruises. The 75 year old resident of the 1st floor apartment was uninjured told police the ceiling just seemed to fall in. The Tokyo Fire Department who could only hear the man's voice deep beneath the mountain of magazines used a long probing stick with a miniature camera to find him. The bulk of the collection were old comic magazines such as Shonen Jump, Weekly Playboy and Sunday Mainichi dating back to the mid 1970's. The collection was estimated to be about 50 centimeters in height and about 30 meters in width.
Source: Anime News Service