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Animation Insider Interviews Fred Schodt
Date: 2/14/2005
Internet news group is proud to announce an interview with Frederik L. Schodt. The interview is one of the newest articles added to the website's subsection "The Animated Voice," which houses articles and interviews regarding the animation and comics industries.
Taking time out of his busy schedule, Fred Schodt--professional writer, translator, interpreter, and author--has answered a variety of questions from Animation Insider regarding his most recent endeavor: a biographical publication. Additionally, Mr. Schodt has answered questions about his work as a translator of popular Japanese comics. In 2003, Frederik L. Schodt authored a biography of Ranald MacDonald, a young man whom in the middle of the 1800s made an adventurous journey to Japan and became one of the first glossarists of the Japanese language and teachers of the English language within enclosed country. The biography entitled, Native American in the Land of the Shogun: Ranald MacDonald and the Opening of Japan (Stone Bridge Press), is acknowledged by Choice Magazine, a publication of Association of College & Research Libraries, as an Outstanding Academic Title.

The January 2005 publication of Choice has affirmed the value of Schodt's biography with the following, MacDonald is rescued from obscurity, legends, prejudice, and misrepresentations of every imaginable kind. Along the way, readers learn about mixed-blood culture of the Northwest, the Hudson Bay Company, and the many false starts in relations between Japan and the outside world before 1853. Most of all, Schodt reveals the randomness of historical fame and the importance of revisiting the past as successive generations bring new values and insights to bear. An individual that is certainly responsible in part for today's current surge of interest in manga; Mr. Schodt is knowledgeable of Japanese culture and its history; and since the mid-eighties, has been publishing various text regarding the industry of Japanese comics and the diversity their appeal.

Translated texts include The Rose of Versailles Vols. 1&2, by Riyoko Ikeda (1981; Sanyusha), Ghost in the SHell, by Shiro Masamune as translated with Toren Smith (1995; Dark Horse Comics/ Studio Proteus), and Astroy boy Vols. 1-23, by OSamu Tezuka (2002-2004; Dark Horse Comics); amongst many others. Authored texts include Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics (1983; Kodansha International), and Dreamland Japan: Writings on Modern Manga (1996; Stone Bridge Press). Frederik L. Schodt continues to write and lecture on Japanese culture and Japan - US relations.
Source: Manga News Service