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Disney Sets Up 'Monster Attack Network'
Date: 8/4/2008
Graphic Novel from AIT/Planet Lar

According to The Hollywood Reporter the Walt Disney Company has acquired the rights to Monster Attack Network, a graphic novel written by Marc Bernadin and Adam Freeman and published by AIT/Planet Lar. Released in 2007 and illustrated by Nima Sorat, Monster Attack Network is a fast-paced adventure saga set on an idyllic Pacific island that is populated by assorted giant monsters that are "kept in check" by a team of adventurers who tamp down the behemoth's rampages and clean up their messes.

According to The Reporter Disney sees similarities between Monster Attack Network and Men in Black; and the studio sees a Monster Attack Network film ?as a tentpole with franchise potential.? Jason Netter, who has made a specialty of comic book adaptations at his Kickstart Entertainment, is producing. Netter has already set up AIT/Planet Lar?s Couriers at Rogue Pictures (see ?Couriers Movie Planned?) and Garth Ennis? The Boys (from Dynamite Comics) with Columbia (see ?Columbia Opts for The Boys?).
Source: ICv2