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Dark Horse Incubates 'World Embryo'
Date: 8/4/2008
Seinen Series Due Next Summer

Dark Horse Manga has announced the acquisition of Daisuke Moriyama?s seinen manga series World Embryo. Yoshiyuki Fudetani, the same editor who acquired titles like Hellsing, Trigun and Excel Saga, nabbed World Embryo for Shonen Gahosha?s Young King Ours magazine in 2005. So far four volumes in this ongoing series have been published in Japan. Dark Horse plans to publish its first volume of World Embryo in the summer of 2009.

Moriyama, who created the fast-paced ?nuns-with-guns? manga Chrono Crusade (published here by ADV), delivers the goods once again with World Embryo, a seinen science fiction series featuring a teen hero (Riku) who discovers the existence of ?kanshu,? hideous creatures that can spread over cell phones and turn humans into monsters. Only members of an organization known as F.L.A.G. can kill the kanshu, and Riku soon meets two of them including the gorgeous Rena Arisugawa, but what about the bizarre little girl who hatched from an egg in Riku?s living room and calls him ?Papa??
Source: ICv2