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'The Dark Knight' Tops Downloads Pre-Orders on iTunes Phenomenal
Date: 12/5/2008
Apple has announced that The Dark Knight is the best-selling movie download of 2008 even though the movie won?t actually be available on Apples iTunes store until December 9th. But pre-orders for The Dark Knight have been so strong that it has now taken in more money than Pixar?s Wall-E, which has been unceremoniously Bat-bumped to second place. Kung Fu Panda is now in third place followed by Iron Man and National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

The iTunes pre-orders are another indication that The Dark Knight will be the #1 DVD release of the year. Pre-orders of The Dark Knight DVDs, which are also to street on Tuesday, December 9th, have been heavily promoted on a number of Internet sites and at Blockbuster locations. With DVD sales down for the year (9% in Q3 according to Nielsen VideoScan), it will be up to The Dark Knight, which nearly all analysts expect to end up as the best-selling DVD of 2008, to make up a lot of ground if Hollywood hopes to avoid a significant drop in DVD sales for the year.
Source: ICv2