Penguindrum: Collection 2 (Blu-Ray) (Blu-Ray)
Penguindrum: Collection 2 (Blu-Ray)

Manufacturer: Section23 Films
Item Code: SFBPGD102
UPC: 814131018021
S.R.P.: $69.98
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As the search for the mysterious "penguin drum" continues, the twins Kanba and Shouma grow even more desperate now that their sister's life is in ever-greater danger. The strange riddles that have given their journey so many twists and turns now reveal deadly answers. Strangers with no seeming relationship display disturbing and bizarre connections. And the chaos of destiny that governs both the heavens and the earth surges with terrifying and baffling power. Will the brothers save Himari from death's closing grip? Or will they lose her to supernatural powers beyond their control? Find out in the stunning, final collection of the psychedelic saga of Penguindrum!

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