Psycho Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami Vol. 4 (Manga) (Books)
Psycho Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami Vol. 4 (Manga) Manufacturer: Dark Horse
Item Code: 1506705367
UPC: 9781506705361
Author: Midori Gotu
S.R.P.: $11.99
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From Star Creator Gen Urobuch (Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica) comes the fourth volume in the manga prequel to the hit anime series Psycho-Pass!

The perfect society and its price...the manga prequel to the acclaimed anime series! In the 22nd century, the Psycho-Pass measures emotional health, making crime not only rare, but strange and dangerous--and the only "safe" job for a person on the borderline is as a cop...kept on a virtual leash as they hunt down the criminals they may soon become themselves!

How did rice, once sacred to Japan, become its forbidden food? Division 3 descends into the deepest levels of the Special Sector in search of a lost field under a hidden sun...and the mysterious woman at the heart of their case, Kirika Nouzen.

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