Art Book: Remember Me, The Art of (Books)
Art Book: Remember Me, The Art of
Manufacturer: Dark Horse
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UPC: 9781616551636
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In May, Capcom will be releasing Remember Me, a sleek action/adventure set in Neo Paris, 2084, with the female lead, Nilin, a memory hunter on the run. The proposed future for humanity has basically done away with secrecy - memories can be bought and sold, and people can know anything about anyone for the right price. Nilin was, apparently, one of the best at this, but someone has wiped her memory and now she's determined to figure out why. Just in time for the hotly anticipated action puzzler's release, Dark Horse, Capcom, and Dontnod Entertainment invite fans to explore the intricate, enigmatic dystopia of Remember Me! Guided by the game's creators, readers will traverse the darkly beautiful avenues and alleyways of 2084 Neo-Paris and examine the complex technology that enables memory hunters to manipulate and remix the innermost secrets of society's most powerful leaders. Dontnod founder and comics veteran Aleksi Briclot sheds light on the genius that inspired the creation of this alluring, daring, and dangerous new universe!