Kigurumi Guardians Vol. 3 (Manga) (Books)
Kigurumi Guardians Vol. 3 (Manga)
Street Date: 12/12/2017
Manufacturer: Kodansha Comics
Item Code: 1632364921
UPC: 9781632364920
Author: Lily Hoshino
S.R.P.: $12.99
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Hakka's second year of middle school was dull as it could be, until a suspicious cow mascot ("kigurumi") shows up in her room, holding a sign that reads, "My Name Is Ginger." But this isn't (just?) a stalker, it's a magical being that's come to convince Hakka (and her friends) to become Guardians, and save the world! Hakka is understandably confused, until she's suddenly attacked, and a beautiful young man leaps in to save her. Can this handsome knight and the weird kigurumi and the same?

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