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Knight of the Ice Vol. 3 (Manga) (Books)
Knight of the Ice Vol. 3 (Manga)
New!: 9/9/2020
Manufacturer: Kodansha Comics
Item Code: 1632369885
UPC: 9781632369888
S.R.P.: $12.99
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A rom-com manga on ice, perfect for fans of Princess Jellyfish and Wotakoi. Kokoro is the talk of the figure-skating world, winning trophies and hearts. But little do they know…he’s actually a huge nerd! From the beloved creator of You’re My Pet (Tramps Like Us).A NEW KIND OF MAGICAfter an injury forces Kokoro to withdraw from the Four Continents Championships and sends him spiraling into another slump, Chitose wants to do whatever it takes to convince him to get back on the ice. But to her surprise, Kokoro offers her a shocking proposition: If he places ?rst in the World Championships, he wants to ask Chitose to be his girlfriend! The feeling is mutual, so Chitose wants nothing more than for Kokoro to win. But when Chitose’s spell-casting pen goes missing, she’ll have to come up with a new kind of magic to motivate Kokoro…Series Overview: Chitose is a serious young woman, working for the health magazine SASSO. Or at least, she would be, if she wasn’t constantly getting distracted by her childhood friend, international figure skating star Kokoro Kijinami! In the public eye and on the ice, Kokoro is a gallant, flawless knight, but behind his glittery costumes and breathtaking spins lies a secret: he’s actually a hopeless romantic otaku, who can only land his quad jumps when Chitose is on hand to recite a spell from his favorite magical girl anime!

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