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Take Me To Heaven (Manga) (Books)
Take Me To Heaven (Manga)
Manufacturer: Aurora Publishing
Item Code: 1934496510
UPC: 9781934496510
Author: Nase Yamato
S.R.P.: $12.95
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Since he was young high school student, Fumiya possessed the ability to see things normal people could not - spirits. Every time Fumiya sees ghosts, he turns to the son of a temple, Shougo, who lives next door and can't see the spirits. Always being rescued by the tall, handsome, and popular Shougo, Fumiya can't help developing certain feelings towards his savior. Then one day, Fumiya somehow finds himself dragged into his school's Occult Club. During "club activities," Fumiya is forced to go to ghost hot spots and panics from the ghost's anger. At that time, Shoujo embraces Fumiya and chants a sutra!