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RWBY Anthology Vol. 1: Red Like Roses (Manga) (Books)
RWBY Anthology Vol. 1: Red Like Roses (Manga)
Manufacturer: Viz
Item Code: 1974701573
UPC: 9781974701575
Author: Monty Oum
S.R.P.: $12.99
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Straight from Rooster Teeth's hit animation series, a new four-volume anthology series featuring stories from various manga creators, each focusing on a different member of Team RWBY!
The world of Remnant is filled with horrific monsters bent on the destruction of humanity. Fortunately, the kingdoms of the world have risen to combat these forces by training powerful Huntsmen and Huntresses at academies around the planet. Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long are four such Huntresses in training.

All new short stories set in the world of RWBY from no less than twenty different manga creators in one single volume!

Includes a full color four-page story and four full-color illustrations. This volume focuses on Ruby Rose from TEAM RWBY.

Plus, bonus messages from the illustrators and creators, with longer notes from RWBY character designer Ein Lee and actress Lindsay Jones, the voice of Ruby Rose herself!

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