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Automatic Eve Novel (Books)
Automatic Eve Novel
New!: 8/7/2019
Manufacturer: HaikasoruSimon
Item Code: 1974708071
UPC: 9781974708079
Author: Rokuro Inui
S.R.P.: $16.99
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The political chess game between the shogunate and the empress has a new piece--a self-aware, autonomous entity named Eve.

A mighty shogunate ruling the land from Tempu Castle. An imperial line of strict female succession. Caught between these two immense powers, the sprawling city of Tempu is home to many wonders--not least a superhuman technological achievement in the form of a beautiful automaton known as Eve. When a secret that threatens to shake the imperial line intersects with the mystery of Eve's creation, events are set in motion that soon race toward a shocking conclusion. A new, astonishingly inventive science fantasy masterpiece of historic proportions.