Blue Flag Vol. 2 (Manga) (Books)
Blue Flag Vol. 2 (Manga)
New!: 6/25/2020
Manufacturer: Viz
Item Code: 1974713024
UPC: 9781974713028
Author: KAITO
S.R.P.: $12.99
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An unexpected love quadrangle with a dash of unrequited love as two classmates, a boy and a girl, begin to fall for each other when each of their best friends have already fallen for them.

It's the last year of high school, and love is in the air. Romantic feelings that have been building up over years of friendship come to light. When Taichi's classmate Futaba asks him to help her confess to his best friend, Toma, it sparks the catalyst that begins the sweet and heart-wrenching journey of their third and final year of high school.

The school sports festival is coming, and Toma accepts the position of class 3-A's cheer squad captain on the condition that Futaba and Taichi are his vice-captains. Hoping to live up to Toma's faith in them, Taichi and Futaba diligently practice their squad's routine. But when the time to perform comes, Futaba is hit with a sudden, debilitating case of stage fright!

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