We Never Learn Vol. 14 (Manga) (Books)
We Never Learn Vol. 14 (Manga)
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When studious Nariyuki tutors two supergeniuses who are total dunces in their favorite subjects, he´┐1/21/2ll get a crash course in love!Nariyuki Yuiga comes from an impoverished family, so he´┐1/21/2s eager to secure a full scholarship to college before he graduates high school. His principal agrees, with one stipulation´┐1/21/2he must tutor three of the most talented girls at school and make sure they get into their target colleges!Rizu Ogata´┐1/21/2s a genius when it comes to science and math, but she can´┐1/21/2t seem to understand the subtleties of human emotion. For her, the tidiness of scientific logic provides comfort, especially when she tries to understand her feelings for Nariyuki. At the same time, Rizu´┐1/21/2s dealing with self-esteem issues, and because of her conflicted feelings, she suddenly disappears!

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