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Sister Princess OST: My Sweet Twelve Angels (CDs)
Sister Princess OST: My Sweet Twelve Angels
Manufacturer: Geneon
Item Code: 52542
UPC: 013023525429
S.R.P.: $14.98
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Wataru's the academic ace among his classmates, but due to some bad luck and carelessness, he's failed the entrance exams and now has to enroll in a high school located on an island! On the boat trip to Promise Island, Wataru falls off, but he's rescued by a girl who turns out to be his sister. Actually, she's one of 12 sisters - 12 cute sisters that he's meeting for the first time, all innocently vying for his attention.
"Sister Princess - my sweet twelve angels" is a cheerful image CD soundtrack inspired by the PS2 game-turned popular anime series with endearingly beautiful and poppy tracks, featuring character-based songs performed by each of the original Japanese voice actresses.
1. Karen - Daisy Bouquet
2. Kaho - A little Pansy
3. Mamoru - Speed
4. Sakuya - girlish
5. Hinako - Angel's Happiness
6. Marie - Prayer
7. Chikage - Kiss of Darkness
8. Haruka - Faint Dream
9. Rinrin - Secret of Love
10. Yotsuba - I Check Your Heart!
11. Shirayuki - sweet sour cherry pie
12. Aria - A Prince and Sweet Stars
13. A Letter From Karen
14. A Letter from Kaho
15. A Letter from Mamoru
16. A Letter from Sakuya
17. A Letter from Hinako
18. A Letter from Marie
19. A Letter from Chikage
20. A Letter from Haruka
21. A Letter from Rinrin
22. A Letter from Yotsuba
23. A Letter from Shirayuki
24. A Letter from Aria