Exodus Guilty Vol. 1 (Games)
Exodus Guilty Vol. 1 Manufacturer: Hirameki
Item Code: HIAP0008
UPC: 820170100795
S.R.P.: $29.99
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The year 2000. Kasumi Shindo is at first glance a run-of-the-mill high school student in modern day Japan. However, beneath his normal appearance, Kasumi is in fact a top-notch treasure hunter.
This time, Kasumi is aiming to find the lost 11th Commandment of Moses. Kasumi discovers that his childhood friend, Reina Tachibana is in southern Europe participating on an archeological dig. Under the guise of being a tourist, he visits the excavation area and finagles himself into helping with the excavation. But he is not the only treasure hunter looking for the Eleventh Commandment of Moses and he gets himself embroiled in a dangerous adventure.