Blade of the Immortal Omnibus Vol. 6 (Manga)
Blade of the Immortal Omnibus Vol.  6 (Manga)
Type: Books
Manufacturer: Dark Horse
Item Code: 1506705685
UPC: 9781506705682
Author: Hiroaki Samura
S.R.P.: $21.99
With Hiroaki Samura's titanic tale hitting its midpoint, Rin begins to discover her skills as a warrior and strategist, as she makes new allies and resolves to find the missing Manji. Her immortal swordsman is imprisoned and being tortured in an underground stronghold beneath Edo Castle, however, and cruel doctors hope to find the secret behind his mystical powers. Rin teams up with the enigmatic Doa to not only free Manji but expose the hideous medical experiments
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