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All "Figures" by "Kotobukiya"
Code Figures SRP
812771025799Alien: Dog Alien ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$89.99
190526001190Arrow TV: Green Arrow ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$74.99
812771023313Avengers 2 Age of Ultron: Iron Man Mark43 ArtFX 1/6 Scale Figure$139.99
812771024006Avengers: Age of Ultron - Iron Man MK45 ArtFX 1/6 Scale Statue Statue$139.99
190526000858Batman & Robin All-Star: Batman & Robin ArtFX+ Two-Pack 1/10 Scale Figures$99.99
190526009011Batman Rebirth: Batman ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$64.99
812771024358Batman V Superman: Armored Batman ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$69.99
812771024341Batman V Superman: Superman ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$69.99
812771023474Batman: Harley Quinn New 52 Bishoujo 1/7 Scale Figure$74.99
812771027199Batman: Joker New52 ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$54.99
812771022736Batman: Red Robin New 52 ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$54.99
812771028509Captain America: Civil War - Captain America ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$69.99
812771028516Captain America: Civil War - Iron Man MK46 ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$69.99
812771029230DC Comics: Bizarro New 52 ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$59.99
812771022798DC Comics: Hawkman Super Powers ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$34.99
812771023481DC Comics: Wonder Girl Bishoujo 1/7 Scale Figure$74.99
603259046869Deadpool: Deadpool X-Force PX Exclusive ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$59.99
190526001565Deadpool: Super Deadpool Marvel Now ArtFX 1/6 Scale Figure$149.99
812771028837Green Lantern: Sinestro ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$59.99
190526000636Spiderman: Spider-Gwen Marvel Now ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$64.99
190526000384Spiderman: Ultimate Spiderman (Miles Morales) 1/10 ArtFX+ Figure$59.99
812771027427Star Wars: C-3PO & R2-D2 w/ BB-8 ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$109.99
812771024556Star Wars: Darth Vader ArtFX 1/10 Scale Figure (Episode IV - A New Hope)$129.99
812771027380Star Wars: First Order Stormtrooper ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figures (The Force Awakens)$54.99
190526002395Star Wars: Force Awakens - Han Solo & Chewbacca ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figures (Set of 2)$129.99
812771024549Star Wars: Kylo Ren ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure (Force Awakens)$69.99
812771020718Star Wars: R2-D2 & Yoda Dagobah ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure (2-Pack)$64.99
190526002401Star Wars: Rey & Finn ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure (The Force Awakens)$139.99
190526001893Star Wars: Rogue One - Scarif Stromtrooper ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure Two-Pack$119.99
190526000711Wolverine: Wolverine Marvel Now ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$59.99
812771022590X-Men: Emma Frost Marvel Now ArtFX+ 1/10 Scale Figure$54.99
603259046524Yotsuba&!: Danboard-Nano Flavors One Coin Trading Figures (Display of 10)$49.99
812771024747Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dark Side of Dimensions - Lemon Magician Girl Ani-Statue 1/7 Scale Figure$99.99