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All Character Goods in "Merchandise" for "Fairy Tail"

Code Character Goods SRP
GE10604Air Freshener: Fairy Tail - SD Erza$3.99
GE10602Air Freshener: Fairy Tail - SD Gray$3.99
GE10603Air Freshener: Fairy Tail - SD Lucy$3.99
GE10601Air Freshener: Fairy Tail - SD Natsu$3.99
GE57824Blanket: Fairy Tail - All Out Magic Battle [Street Date: TBA]$29.99
GE57517Blanket: Fairy Tail - Boys Group Pink [Street Date: TBA]$30.00
GE57573Blanket: Fairy Tail - Gajeel & Pantherlily Throw [Street Date: TBA]$30.00
GE57701Blanket: Fairy Tail - Group in a Bar Sublimation [Street Date: TBA]$29.99
GE45757Blanket: Fairy Tail - Happy Pillow w/ Blanket Set [Street Date: TBA]$36.00
GE34028Blanket: Fairy Tail - Happy Short Hooded [Street Date: TBA]$36.00
GE57017Blanket: Fairy Tail - Happy Throw [Street Date: TBA]$30.00
GE57641Blanket: Fairy Tail - Lucy [Street Date: TBA]$30.00
GE57594Blanket: Fairy Tail - Natsu & Happy Throw [Street Date: TBA]$30.00
GE57698Blanket: Fairy Tail - Natsu & Happy Throw [Street Date: TBA]$29.99
GE57572Blanket: Fairy Tail - Natsu & Natsu Throw [Street Date: TBA]$30.00
GE57700Blanket: Fairy Tail - Natsu & Zeref Throw [Street Date: TBA]$29.99
GE57826Blanket: Fairy Tail - Natus & Happy [Street Date: TBA]$29.99
GE57825Blanket: Fairy Tail - Team Natsu In Front Of Guild Sublimation Throw [Street Date: TBA]$30.00
GE57583Blanket: Fairy Tail - Team Natsu Throw [Street Date: TBA]$30.00
GE57699Blanket: Fairy Tail - Team Natsu Throw [Street Date: TBA]$29.99
GE76595Coasters: Fairy Tail - Set 1$14.99
GE18505Cord Organizer: Fairy Tail - Happy$7.99
GE415021Mouse Pad: Fairy Tail - Lucy [Street Date: TBA]$15.99