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All Character Goods in "Pillows" for "Sailor Moon"

Code Character Goods SRP
GE45591Body Pillow: Sailor Moon - Black Lady (Dakimakura Hugging Pillow)$39.99
GE2933Body Pillow: Sailor Moon - Jupiter [Street Date: TBA]$39.99
GE2931Body Pillow: Sailor Moon - Mars [Street Date: TBA]$39.99
GE2930Body Pillow: Sailor Moon - Mercury$39.99
GE2929Body Pillow: Sailor Moon - Moon [Street Date: TBA]$39.99
GE45003Body Pillow: Sailor Moon - Pluto [Street Date: TBA]$39.99
GE45000Body Pillow: Sailor Moon - Sailor Neptune$39.99
GE2955Body Pillow: Sailor Moon - Tuxedo Mask [Street Date: TBA]$39.99
GE45001Body Pillow: Sailor Moon - Uranus [Street Date: TBA]$39.99
GE2932Body Pillow: Sailor Moon - Venus [Street Date: TBA]$39.99
GE45590Body Pillow: Sailor Moon R - King Endymion [Street Date: TBA]$39.99
GE45589Body Pillow: Sailor Moon R - Neo Queen Serenity$39.99
GE87003Pillow Case: Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon Punish Pose [Street Date: TBA]$15.60
GE87004Pillow Case: Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon Tiara Shot [Street Date: TBA]$15.60
GE45709Pillow: Sailor Moon - Artemis Plush 13''$23.99
GE45708Pillow: Sailor Moon - Luna Plush 13''$23.99
GE2937Pillow: Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon Round Throw [Street Date: TBA]$23.99
GE2936Pillow: Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon Square Wink [Street Date: TBA]$23.99
GE45706Pillow: Sailor Moon - SD Sailor Jupiter Plush 13''$23.99
GE45705Pillow: Sailor Moon - SD Sailor Mars Plush 13''$23.99
GE45704Pillow: Sailor Moon - SD Sailor Mercury Plush 13''$23.99
GE45707Pillow: Sailor Moon - SD Sailor Venus Plush 13''$23.99
GE45653Pillow: Sailor Moon - Tuxedo Mask Square$23.99
GE45651Pillow: Sailor Moon S - Sailor Pluto Costume Square$23.99
GE45710Pillow: Sailor Moon Super S - Diana Plush 13''$23.99
GE45546Pillow: Sailor Moon Supers - Diana Hand Warmer [Street Date: TBA]$35.99