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All Figures in "Figures" for "Horror Movies"

Code Figures SRP
FU24597Alien: Alien 8-Bit Pop Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU3362Child's Play: Chucky POP Vinyl Figure [New!: 7/5/2018]$11.99
FU24595Horror Movie: Freddy Krueger 8-Bit Pop Vinyl Figure [Street Date: TBA]$11.99
FU24596Horror Movie: Jason Voorhees 8-Bit Pop Vinyl Figure [Street Date: TBA]$11.99
FU20152Horror Movies: Annabelle POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU32306Horror Movies: Black Philip POP Vinyl Figure (The Witch) [Street Date: 9/10/2018]$11.99
FU20115Horror Movies: Carrie POP Vinyl Figure$11.99
FU15023Horror Movies: Danny Torrance POP Vinyl Figure (The Shining)$11.99
FU20911Horror Movies: Freddy Krueger & Jason Voorhees Vynl Figure$14.99
FU2291Horror Movies: Freddy Krueger POP Vinyl Figures (Nightmare on Elm St.) [Street Date: TBA]$11.99
FU29257Horror Movies: It - Pennywise & Georgie Vynl Figure [New!: 6/22/2018]$14.99
FU15021Horror Movies: Jack Torrance POP Vinyl Figure (The Shining) [New!: 7/17/2018]$11.99
FU2292Horror Movies: Jason Voorhees POP Vinyl Figures (Friday the 13th)$11.99
FU2296Horror Movies: Michael Myers POP Vinyl Figures (Halloween) [New!: 7/19/2018]$11.99
FU20116Horror Movies: Norman Bates POP Vinyl Figure (Psycho)$11.99
FU15031Horror Movies: Pennywise Dorbz Vinyl Figure (Steven King's It)$7.99
FU3363Horror Movies: Pennywise POP Vinyl Figure (It Original) [Street Date: TBA]$11.99
FU20176Horror Movies: Pennywise POP Vinyl Figure (Steven King's It Remake)$11.99
FU4785Horror Movies: Pinhead POP Vinyl Figure (Hellraiser)$11.99
FU20117Horror Movies: Tiffany POP Vinyl Figure (Bride of Chucky) [Street Date: 8/27/2018]$11.99
FU15022Horror Movies: Wendy Torrance POP Vinyl Figure (The Shining)$11.99
FU14902[Display] Horror Movies - Series 1 Pint Size Heroes Mini Trading Figures (Display of 24) [Restocked!: 7/19/2018]$96.00
FU10844[Display] Horror Movies: Series 3 PDQ Mystery Mini Figures (Display of 12) [New!: 7/17/2018]$81.99