Wholesale Inquiry

Documentation You Will Need

In addition to your completed Account Application, you will need to submit documentation to verify that you are a bona fide retailer.

Specifically, we will need clear photocopies of:

  • a Photo ID (such as a driver's license) of the primary business owner
  • a business license, sales tax license, or other permit required by law to conduct business in your location. (Some jurisdictions may not require this documentation.)

Buyers Beware: We have received reports from new buyers that they are in contact with email accounts that do not end with the @AAAanime.com email domain. All employees of AAA Anime Distribution with emails have an AAAanime.com email address. While we strive to shut down false identity emails, it is good practice to verify the identity of the receiver of the email and to not send sensitive information to unverified sources.

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**Company Name:
Reseller's Permit:
**Business Phone:
Business Fax:
**Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
**Zip Code:

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