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Anime News

DateArticle Name
9/30/2006More on Next Miyazaki Film
9/30/2006Anime in the Limelight Back on Toon Radio
9/30/2006Viz Talks International Distribution for Death Note
9/30/2006Manga eBooks from Tokyopop and Harlequin
9/29/2006Chicago Int'l Film Festival Presents Anime Focus
9/29/2006YTV Applies To Launch Anime Channel
9/28/2006Death Note 2 Trailer
9/28/2006Anime Network Coming to AT&T On Demand
9/28/2006Naruto Notches Sixth Week on Booklist
9/28/2006IFC Promotes Basilisk
9/27/2006Robotech Film Wins Sci-Fi Award
9/27/2006Media Blasters Picks up Gakuen Heaven
9/26/2006Paradise Kiss Splash Site: Franz Ferdinand Music Licensed
9/26/2006New Genshiken Gets a Date
9/25/2006Tetsuro Danba Dies
9/25/2006Bleach Soars on BookScan
9/25/2006Naruto Director's Chair Contest Begins
9/24/2006Koizumi Gets Animated Correction
9/24/2006New York Comic-con 2007 Dates
9/24/2006Kaze Hikaru out of Shojo Beat
9/24/2006Additional ADV License
9/24/2006ADV Universe Digital Download Service
9/24/2006Taro Aso Speaks in Akiba
9/23/2006Funimation Licenses Peach Girl
9/23/2006Devil May Cry Anime
9/23/2006Train Man at the ImaginAsian
9/23/2006Subtitled Paprika Trailer
9/23/2006Death Note Trailer
9/23/2006The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Manga
9/23/2006Gundam License Plate Goes for $14,000
9/23/2006Score to Release Bleach TCG
9/23/2006Yoshiyuki Tomino at Chicago International Film Festival
9/23/2006New ADV Licenses
9/22/2006The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya TV Season 2 Trailer
9/22/2006Lucky Star Anime in '07
9/22/2006Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Announced
9/22/2006Paradise Kiss Dub Premiere Tomorrow
9/21/2006Naruto 11 Still on Booklist
9/21/2006Last Call for Sherlock Hound
9/21/2006Video: Nissan Cars to be Featured in Ghost in the Shell Film
9/21/2006English Language R2 Brave Story DVD
9/20/2006Viz Talks About FMA Edits
9/20/2006Satoshi Kon's Paprika at New York Film Festival
9/20/2006Gunslinger Girl, New Anime Block on IFC
9/20/2006New Evangelion Game in November
9/20/2006Shakugan no Shana OAV on the Way
9/20/2006Har?+Guu on Funimation Channel
9/20/2006MPD-Psycho Licensed
9/20/2006New Lament of the Lamb Project
9/19/2006Funimation Channel Hits Hawaii
9/19/2006Miyazaki is's Man of the Week
9/19/2006BT'X Set for US
9/19/2006Guyver Week
9/19/2006Afro Samurai Preview at NYT Music Festival 2006
9/18/2006Fullmetal Movie at NDK
9/18/2006Detective Conan Helps Kids Fight Crime
9/18/2006Guyver Episode 1 Online
9/16/2006Ronny Yu Talks Blood
9/16/200611th Hour: Naruto, Negima, DNAngel on Booklist
9/16/2006Wii Bleach To Introduce New Bleach Character
9/16/2006Gedo Senki Falls to X-Men
9/16/2006Death Note Website
9/16/2006New Anne Of Green Gables Anime
9/16/2006Polysics On Sgt. Frog
9/16/2006Azumi R1 DVD Specs
9/16/2006Sony Enters Blu-Ray Hardware Market
9/16/2006Digitized Manga Hits Asia In English And Chinese
9/16/2006Kodai Ohja Kyoryu King Anime Announced
9/16/2006Palm PS2
9/16/2006Takeshi Obata Became Yahoo Japan's Top Search
9/16/2006Dirty Pair Site
9/16/2006Jigoku Shoujo Drama Coming
9/15/2006Comic Party Revolution Now on Anime Network
9/15/2006Initial Voltron Sales Extremely Strong
9/15/2006Tokyopop Looking to Make Exclusives Available to Retailers as Pre-Orders
9/15/2006Nick to Strip Avatar
9/15/2006Anime OK'd on G4TechTV Canada
9/15/2006G4TechTV Canada Able to Broadcast Anime
9/15/2006Rumbling Hearts Trailer
9/15/2006JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Movie
9/15/2006Central Park Media and Launch Otaku Invitational Tournament
9/14/2006Astro Boy Film in 2009
9/13/2006Fullmetal Alchemist for DS
9/13/2006Azumi Date Change
9/13/2006Black Blood Brothers Episode 1 Online
9/13/2006Super Robot Wars TV Series Website
9/13/2006Basilisk on IFC
9/13/2006BESM at ArtHaus
9/13/2006September 3rd Booklist
9/13/2006Studio Ghibli Name Change Considered
9/13/2006New Studio Ghibli Projects in the works
9/13/2006Tokyopop Removes Titles from Online Exclusives
9/13/2006CPM to Release Anime Online
9/13/2006Hokuei-ch? Honors Gosho Aoyama With Museum
9/13/2006Novala Takemoto at PMX
9/13/2006Ayano Yamane Pulls Tour Guide Duty
9/13/2006Tachiguishi Retsuden North American Premiere
9/13/2006Lupin Live-Action Still Coming
9/13/2006Seven Seas Entertainment Launches Light Novel Imprint
9/12/2006Origin ~Spirits of the Past~ Premieres in Austin
9/12/2006Funimation Solicits Shin-isms
9/12/2006Ojaru Maru Creator Dead at Age 48
9/11/2006Anime Exhibition in Singapore
9/11/2006Train Man Opens Next Week
9/11/2006Basilisk on IFC Next Month
9/11/2006Dub Studio to Enter Graphic Novel Market
9/11/2006Bandai to Provide Content to Amazon Unbox
9/11/2006Viz Edits Fullmetal Alchemist
9/11/2006Buttler Cafe At Yaoi-Con 2006 October 20-22
9/11/2006Known Titles For New EVA Movies Are Tentative
9/11/2006Old Century Evangelion
9/11/2006Japan Goes Home Empty From Venice
9/11/2006Death Note Cinematographer Hiroshi Takase Dies
9/8/2006Itochu Corp. Invests in Comic Book Movies, llc.
9/8/2006Jin Roh on Dutch MTV
9/7/2006Japan Balances Moe, Military
9/7/2006Death Note Creator Arrested for Possessing a Knife
9/7/2006A Day in the Life of Yoshitaka Amano
9/7/2006New YTV Friday Lineup This Fall
9/7/2006Karas on Encore Action Next Month
9/7/2006AM Driver, Beet, BtX Dates
9/7/2006Bleach English Dub Preview
9/7/2006New Evangelion Movies
9/6/2006LA Times Interviews Goro Miyazaki
9/6/2006Gedo Senki: 5 Weeks at #1
9/6/2006Red Garden Trailer Online
9/5/2006Totoro in Finland
9/5/2006Japan Gets New Shonen Jump Game
9/5/2006Shoujo Manga Exhibit in Toronto
9/5/2006Grave of the Fireflies on TCM
9/5/2006Eureka Seven Starts Friday on YTV
9/5/2006New Funimation Block Delayed a Week
9/5/2006FLCL Ultimate Edition Details
9/5/2006Music Video For New Naruto Theme Online
9/5/2006Kyojin No Hoshi Revival In Japan
9/5/2006South Korean SFX Movie Plagiarizes Anime?
9/5/2006Newsweek on Youtube and Haruhi Suzumiya
9/4/2006Pokemon Launches Learning League
9/4/2006Naruto 11 Breaks Booklist Record
9/1/2006UCI Lines up Guest Speakers for Anime Class
9/1/2006Interviews from Taipei Comic Exhibition