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Anime News

DateArticle Name
1/31/2008Persona 3 Game-Based 4-Panel Manga Serialized Online
1/31/2008Noodle Fighter Miki, Train Man Artists Start New Manga
1/31/2008Hunter X Hunter Manga Reportedly Restarting in March
1/31/2008eBay to cut listing fees
1/31/20082007 comics sales up in all categories
1/30/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, January 22?28
1/30/2008Reactions to Geneon
1/30/2008Bandai Visual USA Gets Shigofumi, True Tears Anime
1/30/2008Ai Kora Manga to End in Shonen Sunday on February 6
1/30/200853rd Shogakukan Manga Award Winners Announced
1/30/2008ADV Films Removes Titles from Website - Update 2
1/30/2008Randall Duk Kim to Play Dragonball's Grandpa Gohan
1/30/2008ADV Films Removes Titles from Website - Update
1/30/2008USA Today Booklist, January 21?27: Naruto 27 is Back
1/30/2008Lego to Create Speed Racer Toys
1/29/2008Ikuze! Gen-san Anime, PSP Game Announced
1/29/2008Code Geass R2 Promo Movie Posted Online
1/29/2008School Days OVA Promo Video, Commercial Streamed
1/29/2008Singapore's Pacnet Ordered to Name Anime Downloaders (Updated)
1/29/2008Eyeshield 21's Murata to Do 1-Shot Window Washer Manga
1/29/2008Viz's Live-Action Funky Forest DVD Ships in March
1/29/2008President of Otakorp Resigns
1/29/2008Uchi no 3 Shimai Manga Blog Gets TV Anime This April
1/28/2008Kaori Yuki Creates Camelot Garden One-Shot Manga
1/28/20085th Precure Film Greenlit, Versailles Still in Planning
1/28/2008Cyborg 009's Shotaro Ishinomori Sets Guinness Record
1/28/2008Blue Drop, Wild Life, Sola Manga End in Japan
1/28/2008Japanese Box Office, January 26?27
1/28/2008All Nippon Air Line Manga Offered with Two Covers
1/28/2008Adult Swim to Run 52 More Episodes of Bleach
1/28/2008ADV Films Removes Titles from Website (Updated)
1/28/2008Charter Cable Carrier Adds Anime Network SVOD Serivce
1/27/2008USA Today Booklist, January 14?20
1/27/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, January 16?22
1/26/2008Comcast Plans AZN Television Channel's Shutdown
1/26/2008IFC to Premiere Hell Girl on On-Demand Channel in July
1/26/2008Gonzo Animates Dream Theater's "Forsaken" Music Video
1/26/20082nd Macross Frontier Manga, Exhibit to Launch in Japan
1/25/2008Funimation Uploads Entire Black Blood Brothers Anime
1/25/2008New Director Announced for Imagi's CG Astro Boy Film
1/25/2008Frogman's Eagle Talon Film to Screen in New York
1/25/2008Appleseed Director Aramaki to Attend D.C. Screening
1/25/2008Eureka 7's NIRGILIS to Play at Houston's Anime Matsuri
1/25/2008Ashita no Joe Boxing Film Comes to North American DVD
1/25/2008Inukami, Honoka, Baccano 1931 Manga to End in Japan
1/25/2008D.N.Angel Manga to Return to Asuka Mag in February
1/24/2008Viz to Print Cat Eyed Boy, Black Lagoon, Tanemura Works
1/24/2008W-Juliet's Emura Launches Ky? mo Ashita mo Manga
1/24/2008Subtitled Girl Who Leapt through Time Trailer Streamed
1/24/2008Del Rey Posts Preview of Hell Girl Manga
1/24/2008Animate Buys into Broccoli, Creates AniBro Partnership (Updated)
1/24/2008Tokyopop Germany Puts All DVD Releases on "Pause" (Updated)
1/24/20083 Japanese Men Arrested, Charged with Uploading Anime
1/24/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, January 15?21
1/23/2008Chi's Sweet Home Cat Manga Gets TV Anime This Spring
1/23/20085cm per Second Wins at Italy's Future Film Festival
1/23/2008Funimation Streams Tsubasa/xxxHOLiC Movies' Trailer
1/23/2008Gintama's Sorachi, 19's Kitagawa Draw 1-Shot Manga
1/23/2008X Japan Reunion Concerts Confirmed for March in Japan (Updated)
1/23/2008Montreal's McGill University Hosts Sh?jo Conference
1/23/2008English Business Website Reports on Manga Trends
1/23/2008Unaired Moetan Episode 13's Promo Video Streamed
1/23/200812 Titles Nominated for 1st Ever Manga Taisho Awards
1/23/2008Ghibli, Bandai Entertainment Films Play in California
1/23/2008Japanese Box Office, January 19?20
1/22/2008Kodansha Plans 300,000 Copies for New Sh?nen Rival Mag
1/22/2008Viz to Pitch Monster, Hunter X Hunter at TV Conference
1/22/2008ADV Films UK Switches from US-Run Office to UK Partner
1/22/2008Live-Action Mushishi Comes to UK
1/22/2008Manga Nominated for Awards at Angouleme Festival
1/22/2008Californian Newspapers Profile Founders of Viz, Tokyopop
1/22/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking: December 31?January 13
1/21/2008Evangelion 1.0 Film Gets DVD in Japan in April
1/21/2008ICv2 Interviews Funimation Founder Gen Fukunaga
1/21/2008To Love-Ru TV Anime's Promo Video Posted Online
1/21/2008Broccoli Adds Honoka, DrMaster Adds Magic Lover's Tower
1/21/2008Indonesian Child Dies After Imitating Anime Character
1/21/2008Sumire 16!!, Mitsurugi Haruka Manga Get TV Drama Shows
1/21/2008New Live-Action Blood the Last Vampire Photos Leaked
1/21/2008Washington's Japanese Embassy to Screen Lovely Complex
1/20/2008A.D. Vision's PiQ Mag to Cover More than Anime, Manga
1/19/2008Black Lagoon 2nd Barrage Premieres on G4TechTV Canada
1/19/2008Amazon Unbox Service Offering Some Free Anime Episodes
1/18/2008GTO's Tohru Fujisawa to Start Unhappy! Manga Series
1/18/2008USA Today Booklist, January 7?13
1/18/2008ADV Suspends Anime ADVocates Club Program Indefinitely
1/18/2008Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th Season Confirmed for TV
1/18/2008Ali Project to Play at Sakura-Con, Versailles at A-Kon
1/18/2008Speed Racer, Gatchaman Writer Jinzo Toriumi Passes Away
1/17/2008Medicom Cable Carrier Adds Anime Network SVOD Serivce
1/17/2008Totoro Statue Erected at Bus Stop in Southern Japan
1/17/2008Twin Angel's Theme Song Promo Video Streamed
1/17/2008Fushigi Yugi's Watase Draws Pandora Cube 1-Shot Manga
1/17/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, January 2?15
1/17/2008Quebecor World faces delisting amid cash crisis
1/17/2008Emma, Chibi Vampire, Idolmaster Manga Ending in Japan (Updated)
1/17/2008Shigofumi #3 Altered after Recent Events in Japan
1/17/20083 Genius Party Directors to Attend U.S. Premiere
1/16/2008Right Stuf Posts Emma Anime Trailer Online
1/16/2008Manga Named to Librarians' Great Graphic Novels List
1/16/2008New Live-Action Dragon Ball Set Photos Leaked
1/16/2008Japan's Cultural Agency Updates Anime Film Subsidies
1/16/20082 Seasons of NHK's Ani-Kuri 15 Shorts Posted Online (Updated)
1/16/2008Shonen Ace Posts Cloverfield Movie Tie-In Manga Online
1/16/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, January 8?14
1/16/2008Berlin Gallery to Host Yoshitaka Amano Art Show
1/15/2008Bandai Visual USA Gets Haruka TV Anime Series
1/15/2008Cobra the Space Pirate Returns in Video, TV Projects
1/15/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, December 26?January 1
1/15/2008Kamikaze Girls' Kyoko Fukada Joins Yatterman Cast
1/15/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking: December 24?30
1/15/2008Gainax Co-Founder's Sinking of Japan Comes to UK DVD
1/15/2008Japanese Box Office, January 12?13
1/15/2008ANN Ads on YouTube
1/15/2008Togari's Yoshinori Natsume to Draw Batman: Death Mask
1/14/2008Japanese Animated Batman Video Gets Novelization, Date
1/14/2008Viz's Brave Story Wins Best Translated Novel Award
1/14/2008Yaoi Magazine's Debut Issue to Ship This Month
1/14/2008Book Looks at Historical, Cultural Angles of Anime
1/14/2008Japan's NHK to Air 2 of 3 Wild Life Drama Episodes
1/14/2008Darker than Black's Antic Cafe to Perform in California
1/14/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, January 1?7
1/14/2008Doujin Work's Hiroyuki to Start Mangaka-san Manga
1/14/2008Broccoli Books Adds Details on Recent Manga Licenses
1/12/2008Appleseed: Ex Machina Gets European Premiere (Updated)
1/12/2008HALCALI to Appear at Anime Central, Nabeshin at A-Kon
1/12/2008Oshii to Take Guest Post at Tokyo Keizai University
1/11/2008MediaWorks Revamps Website with Japanese Manga Previews
1/11/2008USA Today Booklist, December 31?January 6
1/11/2008Itazura na Kiss Sh?jo Manga Gets TV Anime in April
1/11/2008Nendoroid Miku - 10,000 Preorders on Amazon
1/11/2008Science Website Calculates Price of Building Gundam
1/11/2008English Devil May Cry Anime Trailer Streamed
1/11/2008Time Warner Invests in Gaia Online Virtual Community
1/11/2008Wild Life TV Drama Cancelled After Giraffes' Deaths
1/10/2008Del Rey to Publish Kujibiki Unbalance Manga in English
1/10/2008Yotsuba&! Competing for Bloggers' Literary Award
1/10/2008New Crystal Blaze Anime to Premiere in Japan in April
1/10/2008A.D. Vision to replace Newtype USA with PiQ in March
1/10/2008Viz Posts Senior Editor Job Listing for Shojo Beat Mag
1/10/2008ToHeart2Ad Promo Video Posted Online
1/10/2008Radio Macross Show Begins Broadcasting, Web Streaming
1/10/2008New Code Geass Series Details Revealed
1/9/2008Bandai Entertainments Confirms Recall on 4 DVDs
1/9/2008Japanese Box Office, January 5?6
1/9/2008Japan's .Anime Sells Gundam 00 Set with Uniform Jacket
1/9/2008Noramimi Anime's 2-Minute Trailer Movie Streamed
1/9/200816 Minutes of Ryofuko-chan Episode #2 Posted Online
1/9/2008Cat Soup, Mind Game's Yuasa to Direct Kaiba Anime
1/9/2008Japanese Otaku Awards' 2007 Winners Announced
1/9/2008New Good Smile figma Commercial
1/9/2008Newtype USA to Cease Publication
1/8/2008Seven Seas Adds Inukami! Manga, Kuro Majo-san Novels
1/8/2008Terminator Anthology in Development for 2009 Release
1/8/20084Kids Brings Dinosaur King to European Markets (Updated)
1/8/2008Verizon Offers Tokyopop Video Channel on V Cast Phones
1/8/2008Some Issues Reported with 4 January 8 Bandai Ent. DVDs - Update
1/8/2008Detroit's Auto Show to Feature Speed Racer Car
1/8/ Ranks Comics by Averaging Reviews
1/8/2008Genshiken Otaku Manga Creator Kio Shimoku Interviewed
1/7/2008Vicky the Viking Anime Adapted into Live-Action Film
1/7/2008Read or Die Team to Create The Uch? Show Movie in 2008
1/7/2008Gegege no Kitaro Live-Action Sequel to Open in Summer
1/7/2008Japan's Middle/High School Anime Contest Winners Posted
1/7/2008Dark Horse Founder, Eisner Award Judge Interviewed
1/7/2008Aria the Origination TV Anime's Promo Movie Streamed
1/7/2008Anime Singers Rie Fu, HALCALI Attempt Overseas Debuts
1/7/2008Viz Responds to Questions about M?R, Hikaru no Go DVDs
1/6/2008Hirameki No Longer Publishing Interactive Visual Novels
1/5/2008Anime Network's 24/7 Linear Service Discontinued
1/5/2008Zettai Karen Children Manga Gets Spring TV Anime
1/5/2008Some Issues Reported with 4 January 8 Bandai Ent. DVDs
1/4/2008Future DVD Volumes of M?R Anime Reportedly Delisted
1/4/2008Nij?-Mens? no Musume Anime Teaser Trailer Streamed
1/4/2008Beyond the Beyond Manga Ends in Japan at End of January
1/4/2008Hellsing Ultimate 4 Unavailable for Starz Edge Next Month
1/4/2008Otaku Flock to Akiba, Lucky Star Shrine for New Year's
1/4/2008AKB48, Dizon, Shokotan Help Raise New Year's Ratings
1/3/2008Yomiuri Newspaper Discusses History's First Manga
1/3/2008America's Sci Fi Channel Adds Anime on Tuesdays
1/3/2008Japanese Box Office, December 29-30
1/3/2008Taiwanese Politician Campaigns on Mazinger Z Float
1/3/2008USA Today Booklist, December 24?30
1/3/2008Violinist of Hameln Manga to Restart Serialization
1/3/2008Twilight of the Dark Master Creator Starts New Manga
1/3/2008Kirarin Revolution TV Anime's Third Year Greenlit
1/3/2008ADV Films Streams Moonlight Mile Anime Trailer
1/3/2008Yomiuri Newspaper Discusses History's First Manga
1/2/2008Two Takashi Miike Retrospectives to Run in Los Angeles
1/2/2008Japan's Foreign Ministry to Expand Outreach Program
1/2/2008Nij?-Mens? no Musume Crime Manga Gets TV Anime
1/2/2008Tokyopop to Publish More Warcraft, Starcraft
1/2/2008Tokyopop Hiring in Editorial, Marketing, Management
1/2/2008Sony Pictures Sets Date for Blood+ DVD Release
1/2/2008Spirited Away Voted #3 Foreign Film in British Poll
1/2/2008Haruhi Hawks Japanese PS2 Game on the Streets
1/1/2008New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Update 11)