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11/30/2008Japanese Box Office, November 22-23
11/30/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, November 17-23
11/30/2008Loudness Rock Band's Drummer Munetaka Higuchi Dies (Updated)
11/30/2008USA Today Booklist, November 17-23: Naruto, FB drop
11/30/2008Medicom Develops 1-Meter-Tall Evangelion Mecha Figure
11/29/2008Bones' Xam'd: Lost Memories Sci-Fi Anime to Get Manga
11/29/2008Modern Artist Murakami to Open Animation Studio in LA
11/29/2008NisiOisin's Katanagatari Light Novels to Be Animated
11/28/2008New Manga Publisher Yaoi Generation Unveils Web Store
11/28/2008ICE Anime Movie's Promotional Videos Streamed
11/28/2008GDH Asks 50 Employees to Voluntarily Retire
11/28/2008Tenchi Spinoff Seikishi's 2nd Teaser Trailer Streamed
11/28/2008Oshii's Live-Action Kill Film Gets Samurai Sword Manga
11/26/20083rd Seiy? Awards to Set Up Foreign Fan Award Category
11/26/2008English-dubbed Naruto Shippuden Trailer Streamed
11/26/2008Udon Entertainment Announces New Kids Manga Line
11/26/2008Maria Watches Over Us in 3D in New Year's Eve Show
11/26/2008'Futurama' Takes Off 'Into the Wild Green Yonder'
11/26/2008Borders Sales Drop Worst of All Same Stores Drop 12.8%
11/26/2008GAMA Not Behind Gen Con Bid According to President Rick Loomis
11/26/2008Yaoi Titles in Manga Child Porn Case
11/25/2008Viz, B&N Post Tezuka's Phoenix 'Motion Manga' Video
11/25/2008Miyazaki Press Luncheon Streamed in Japanese, English
11/25/200807-Ghost Fantasy Anime Confirmed via Website Launch
11/25/2008Chrome Shelled Regios Promo Video Trailer Streamed (Updated)
11/25/2008Chain Bookstore Slide Continues BAM's Same Store Sales Down 9.9%
11/25/2008It's 'ShamWow!' Kids, Not 'Shazam!' Infomercials Replace Toons on Fox
11/25/2008Eleventh Hour Offer for GenCon Delays Final Plan
11/25/2008Daily Briefs
11/25/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, November 19-25
11/25/2008Ghost in the Shell's Kamiyama to Launch Eden of the East Anime (Update)
11/25/2008Pre-Production Bubblegum Crisis Film Image Posted
11/24/2008'Skip Beat' & 'Shugo Chara' on Crunchyroll Starting January 8th
11/24/2008New Miyazaki Movie in Q1? Signs Point to Ponyo in February
11/24/2008Pinata Games Hires Operations Manager Chas DeLong, A 20-Year Vet
11/24/2008Eleventh Hour Offer for GenCon Delays Final Plan
11/24/2008AIC Agrees to Live-Action Bubblegum Crisis Proposal (Updated)
11/24/2008Gurren Lagann on Canada's Super Channel 2 Next Month
11/24/2008Lawyer Indicates Manga in Iowa Obscenity Case are Yaoi
11/24/2008Cease & Desist Letters for Eva: 1.0, Soul Eater Fansubs (Updated)
11/24/2008What's Michael Creator to Launch Seki no Yatappe Manga
11/24/2008Barnum Studio Develops Hoshi ni Negai o Anime
11/24/2008Gundam 00 Premieres on U.S. Sci Fi Channel Tonight
11/24/2008'Kamen Rider' Debuts on January 3rd Sneak Preview on December 13th
11/24/2008Fangirls Triumph 'Twilight' Reigns at the Box Office
11/23/2008Japanese Box Office, November 15-16
11/23/2008Bones Anime Studio Issues Report on Leaked Document
11/23/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, November 10-16
11/23/2008New Dragon Ball, Tegami Bachi Anime Now Streaming
11/23/2008Jin Kobayashi's Natsu no Arashi to be Animated in 2009
11/22/20083rd Man-gatar? Manga, Chiny?ki, to be Flash-Animated
11/22/2008Manga Nominated for France's Angoul?me Comics Awards
11/21/2008Designer Haruhiko Mikimoto to Draw New Macross Manga
11/21/2008Muhyo & Roji's Nishi to Launch Bokkesan Manga
11/21/2008Broccoli Books to Update Titles' Status Before Closing
11/21/2008Broccoli Books Shuts Down No Releases in 2009
11/21/2008Manga Box Sets From Viz 'Death Note,' 'Bleach,' & 'Naruto'
11/21/2008Suit Claims 'Voltron' Film Thwarted By Potential Rights Dispute
11/21/2008B&N 3Q Loss Bigger Than Expected Store Traffic Down
11/21/2008Print View 'I Am Legend' Scribe on 'Old Boy' Manga, Not Film Will Be the Source
11/21/2008Daily Briefs
11/21/2008USA Today Booklist, November 9-15: Fruits Basket 21
11/21/2008?oku, Detroit Metal City, More New Manga Listed for Viz
11/21/2008Dattebayo to Stop Fansubbing Naruto on January 15
11/21/2008Spielberg, Smith Reportedly Adapting Old Boy Manga Itself
11/20/2008Mei-chan no Shitsuji Sh?jo Manga to Get TV Drama
11/20/2008Japanese, Russian Heads to Discuss Joint Doraemon Anime (Updated)
11/20/2008Hastings Echoes B&N Most Difficult Retail Environment Ever
11/20/2008Falling Prices May Kill Reed Business Sale Two Bidders Remain
11/20/2008Daily Briefs
11/20/2008Dreams Come True CD with Umino Manga Debuts at #1 (Updated)
11/20/2008Computer-Animated Astro Boy Film's Trailer Streamed
11/20/2008Crunchyroll to Stream Shugo Chara, Skip Beat Anime (Update 2)
11/20/2008Manga-Based Battlefield Baseball Flash Anime Confirmed
11/20/2008Japan's Jump Festa to Preview Dragonball Film Footage
11/19/2008Joost to Stream Kaiji, Buzzer Beater Anime in December
11/19/2008Ad Lib Prince Slot Machine Manga to Bundle Anime DVD
11/19/2008Natsume Ono's Ristorante Paradiso Gets TV Anime
11/19/2008Miwa's Dogs Action Manga to Be Animated (Updated)
11/19/2008Free 'Naruto' Anime in U.S. Days after Japan Eleven Manga Volumes in Three Months
11/19/2008Print View 'Robotech' Movie Gets 'Smallville' Writers Also Worked on 'Spider-Man 2'
11/19/2008Stan Lee Gets National Medal of Arts At White House
11/19/2008Crunchyroll Goes Legit Major Online Anime Distribution Deal
11/19/2008Daily Briefs
11/19/2008Broccoli International USA to Shut Down by Year's End (Updated)
11/19/2008Tenchi Spinoff Seikishi's 1st Teaser Trailer Streamed (Updated)
11/19/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, November 11-17
11/17/2008Skip Beat Sh?jo Manga to Get Taiwanese TV Drama
11/17/2008TV Tokyo to Stream Naruto via Crunchyroll Worldwide (Update 2)
11/17/2008Viz to Stream Naruto on Within 1 Week of Japanese Airing (Updated)
11/14/2008New Square Enix Products
11/14/2008Viper's Creed Sci-Fi Anime's Pilot Footage Streamed
11/14/20081st 11 Minutes of Resident Evil: Degeneration Posted
11/14/2008Mag Lists "New 07-Ghost Show" as Debuting in April
11/14/2008Precure All Stars Movie to Open in Japan Next Spring
11/13/2008Giant Annual ANN Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners
11/13/2008Totoro to be Screened in Los Angeles on Friday
11/13/2008Amazon Lists New Manga from Aurora, Udon, Yen Press
11/13/2008Kami no Shizuku Wine Manga Gets TV Drama in January
11/13/20080th Episode of 2nd Hayate Season to Ship on DVD
11/13/2008Kadokawa to Launch Macross-Related Magazine in January
11/13/2008Watchmen Character Posters Released All Over the Net
11/13/2008Showtime?s Gay Superhero Series from Stan Lee
11/13/2008Ridley Scott to Direct 'Monopoly' Based on the Game
11/13/2008Daily Briefs
11/13/2008USA Today Booklist, November 3-8: Naruto 32 Jumps
11/13/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, November 5-11
11/12/2008Protoculture Addicts Writer Emru Townsend Passes Away
11/12/2008Third Naruto Movie Streamed on Toonami Jetstream
11/12/2008Shikabane Hime: Kuro TV Anime Confirmed for January
11/12/2008Geneon to Merge with Universal Pictures Japan
11/12/2008Valkyria Chronicles Game to Get TV Anime Next Spring
11/12/2008Batman Sues Warner And Nolan
11/12/2008New YGO! OP for Kids Dragon Duel League
11/12/2008Viz Anime DTO on Xbox 360 Bleach, Death Note Join Naruto
11/12/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, November 4-10
11/12/2008"House of Small Cubes" Short in San Francisco This Week
11/12/2008Druaga Fantasy TV Sequel's New Promo Video Streamed
11/11/2008Bat-Manga Editor Chip Kidd to Appear in LA, SF, NYC
11/11/2008Shinkyoku S?kai Polyphonica crimson S Anime Confirmed
11/11/2008Live-Action Dragonball Pushed Up to April 8 in U.S.
11/11/2008Gash/Zatch Bell's Raiku Wins 2.55M Yen over Lost Art (Update)
11/11/20082 Anime Films Submitted for Possible Oscar Nominations
11/11/2008IDW Plans Two 'Astro Boy' Series Jazwares Master Toy Licensee
11/11/2008Battletech and Shadowrun Carry On Despite WizKids Closure
11/11/2008WizKids: Reactions and Next Steps Who Gets HeroClix?
11/11/2008Topps Shuts Down WizKids Pursuing Alternatives for Viable Props
11/11/2008Josei Fantasy Titles From Aurora
11/11/2008Viz Plans 'Bleach Posterzine' Newsstand Only
11/11/2008Print View Gonzo Reducing Output in 2009 Will Produce Half as Many Anime
11/11/2008Fourteen Animated Oscar Submissions Including Two Anime
11/11/2008Daily Briefs
11/11/2008Japanese Box Office, November 8-9
11/11/20082006 Doraemon Film to be Shown in D.C. on November 14
11/10/2008'Captain America' Gets a Director
11/10/2008Movies Drive Graphic Novel Sales The Number of Manga Releases Declines
11/10/2008'Madagascar' 2 Much Top Animated Debut of '08 So Far
11/10/2008Top 20 Q3 2008 Manga Properties 'Naruto' Remains Dominant
11/10/2008Dezaki's The Tale of Genji Anime to Debut in January
11/10/2008Koi Suru Otome to Shugo no Tate "Anime" is Misprint
11/10/2008Aurora Adds Tengu-Jin, Queen of Ragtonia Fantasy Manga
11/10/2008Gonzo to Reduce Annual Anime Output from 8 to 4
11/10/2008Top Q3 2008 Anime Properties 'Batman' Affects Anime Too
11/10/2008Top Q3 2008 Traditional Graphic Novels Superhero & Genre
11/10/20084Kids to End Its Fox Programming Block in December
11/10/2008DiCaprio is Producing Akira, Ninja Scroll, Not Acting in Them
11/9/2008Theatrical Evangelion Remake's EVA-02 Design Previewed
11/9/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, October 27-November 2
11/9/2008X Japan Delays World, Japan Tour Stops to 2009
11/9/2008CG Astro Boy Teaser Added to Madagascar 2, Bolt
11/8/2008CG Astro Boy Film Teaser to Be Made Public This Month
11/8/2008Polyphonica to Reportedly Get New TV Anime This Spring
11/7/2008Will Smith and Spielberg Remaking OLDBOY
11/7/2008GeMaga Mag Lists Koi Suru Otome to Shugo no Tate Anime
11/7/2008The Three Young-Men in Midnight Gag Manga Gets Anime
11/7/2008Ef, Wind's Creators Hint at New Eden Work in 2009
11/7/2008Steven Spielberg, Will Smith Discuss Remake of Oldboy (Updated)
11/7/2008Daily Briefs
11/7/2008Cartoon Network to Run 3rd Naruto Movie This Saturday
11/7/2008USA Today Booklist, October 27-November 2: Naruto 32
11/7/2008Funimation Adds Shuffle, Peach Girl, Slayers to Hulu
11/6/2008Moetan Artist to Release Kowarekake no Orgol Anime
11/6/2008Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar Anime Film's Teaser Streamed
11/6/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, October 28-November 3
11/6/2008Tenchi Spinoff Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari Confirmed
11/6/2008Adult Swim Increases Anime Programming 5-Hour Block Starting at 1AM
11/6/2008Daily Briefs
11/6/2008Human Crossing's Masao Yajima Starts Rakia Manga (Updated)
11/6/20082nd Death Note Film to Run in Canadian Theaters
11/6/2008Viz Reportedly Plans 11 More Naruto Books in 3 Months
11/5/20083 Anime Songs Place in Weekly Top 10 Singles in Japan
11/5/2008Video from Live-Action Film of Tezuka's MW Streamed
11/5/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, October 29-November 4
11/5/2008Marvel Investing Over $10 Million in Digital Publishing
11/5/2008Marvel Publishing Revenues Decline Economy May Delay Price Increases
11/5/2008ADV to Distribute Princess Resurrection Anime Beginning in March
11/5/2008Charity Says 'D&D' Dis a 'Misunderstanding' Donation Rejected Over Endorsement
11/5/2008Obama Wins! Comic Sales Beat McCain?s
11/5/20081st Bleach Film to Run on Canada's YTV This Saturday
11/5/2008Adult Swim Updates Weekend TV Schedule
11/5/2008Daily Briefs
11/5/2008Kyoto Animation's Munto to Get New TV Anime (Updated)
11/4/2008Deep Cuts in U.S. Holiday Graphic Novel Sales Expected
11/4/2008Jiro Taniguchi's 1st Sensei no Kaban Chapter Posted
11/4/2008Tezuka's 700 Manga, 100 Anime to Be Posted for Free
11/4/2008Nodame's Tomoko Ninomiya Gives Birth to Baby Son
11/4/2008ADV Films to Distribute Princess Resurrection Anime (Updated)
11/4/2008Bookstores Feel the Pain Graphic Novels Cut 30-60%
11/4/2008Marvel Publishing Revenues Decline Economy May Delay Price Increases
11/4/2008DVD Sales Weak in October Despite Strong Releases
11/4/2008Ryoko Fukuyama's Nosatsu Junkie Manga to End in Japan
11/4/2008Japanese Box Office, November 1-2
11/4/2008Daily Briefs
11/3/2008Fight Ippatsu! J?den-chan!! to Get Anime Next Summer
11/3/2008Ken-ichi Sakura Confirmed for Prince of Tennis Tribute
11/3/2008Japan Gives Order of the Rising Sun to Doraemon's Abiko
11/3/2008New Precure TV Series to Premiere on February 1
11/3/2008Daily Briefs
11/3/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, October 20-26
11/3/2008Adult Swim Moves Code Geass R2 TV Series to 2 a.m.
11/3/2008FUNimation Streams Dubbed Sgt. Frog "Test Episode"
11/3/2008Street Fighter IV Game to Ship with Anime DVD in Japan
11/2/2008Happy Happy Clover's Tatsuyama to Start Kumappuri Manga
11/2/2008Full Moon's Tanemura to Launch Sakura-Hime Kaden Manga
11/2/2008Funimation Posts Free 1st Episodes of 4 Anime on iTunes
11/2/2008Funimation's Revenues Drive Navarre 2Q Financials
11/1/2008Boys on the Run Boxing Manga Gets Movie Next Fall
11/1/2008Live-Action Neko Rahmen Film's Trailer Streamed