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Anime News

DateArticle Name
12/31/2008FUNimation Adds Soul Eater Anime from Media Factory (Update 2)
12/31/2008Discotek Licenses 1st Fist of the North Star Anime Film
12/31/20082009 One Piece Movie to Mark Anime's 10th Anniversary
12/31/2008FUNimation Entertainment to Distribute Samurai Champloo?
12/31/2008Daily Briefs
12/31/2008FUNimation Picks Up Evangelion:1.0 Anime Film Remake (Updated)
12/31/2008Crunchyroll to Add Neo Angelique Abyss Anime on Friday
12/31/2008Sunrise Plans for Gundam Anime's 30th Anniversary (Updated)
12/30/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, December 15-21
12/30/2008Chocolate Underground, Tezuka's MW Film Trailers Posted
12/30/2008Crunchyroll Adds Eyeshield 21 Football Anime
12/30/2008FUNimation to Distribute Gungrave Anime for Geneon
12/30/2008Hudson, Fanworks Launch Decodeco Town with Web Anime
12/30/2008Daily Briefs
12/30/2008Leiji Matsumoto Loses Suit over Plagiarism Claim
12/30/2008Moribito Designer Asou to Start Tokyo Bardo Manga
12/29/2008Tenchi Spinoff Seikishi's Anime Promo Video Streamed
12/29/2008Ai no Kusabi Boys-Love Novels Get New Anime Remake (Update 2)
12/29/2008FUNimation Adds Slayers Revolution, Evolution-R Fantasy Sequels (Update 4)
12/29/2008Funimation Acquires 'Oh! Edo Rocket' And 'Last Exile'
12/29/2008'Watchmen' Judge Rules in Fox's Favor March Release in Jeopardy
12/29/2008Disney Drops 'Narnia' Franchise Third Film Financing in Doubt
12/29/2008Funimation Nabs 'Nabari no Ou' And 'Vandread'
12/29/2008Dutch Court Sides With Upper Deck Overrules 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Termination
12/29/2008'City Hunter' Live Action Series Headed to American TV
12/29/2008Daily Briefs
12/29/2008USA Today Booklist, December 15-21
12/29/20087 Former Young Sunday Manga to End in YS Special Mag
12/29/2008Japanese Box Office, December 20-21
12/29/2008Crunchyroll Adds Kaede Newtown, Yonna in the Solitary Fortress
12/29/2008High School Debut's 1-Shot Sequel Manga Next Month
12/28/2008Macross Ship 'Launch Ceremony' to Be Held in February
12/28/2008Hellsing Video Anime's New Promo Video Streamed
12/28/2008Tower of Druaga: the Sword of Uruk's Subbed Trailer
12/28/2008Stan Lee, Shaman King's Takei to Launch Ultimo in February
12/28/2008Kyoto Animation's Munto Television Preview Streamed
12/28/2008Maria Holic, Queen's Blade, Tayutama, Hetalia Promos Posted (Updated)
12/28/2008FUNimation Adds Gonzo's Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo Anime
12/27/2008Kodansha's Monthly Magazine Z, Sakura Taisen Manga End
12/27/2008Magical Bridge: Item Getter Manga from Slayers' Araizumi
12/27/2008Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Game Gets OVA Green-Lit (Updated)
12/27/2008FUNimation Adds Oh! Edo Rocket Alternate-History Anime (Updated)
12/26/2008K?tetsu no Vendetta D?jin Anime's Pilot Sold Next Week
12/26/2008Hey Class President Boys-Love Manga Gets Video Anime
12/26/2008Gokuj?!! Mecha Mote Iinch? Sh?jo Manga Gets Anime
12/26/2008Crunchyroll to Stream The Tower of Druaga: the Sword of Uruk
12/26/2008Maria Holic Anime's 1st Episode Streamed in Japanese
12/26/2008FUNimation Licenses Gonzo's Last Exile Anime
12/26/2008Sex Pistols Boys-Love Manga's OVA to Be 2 Volumes Long
12/26/2008ToHeart2 adplus, Switch, Rideback, Tayutama Videos Posted
12/25/2008Yurumeitsu Four-Panel Manga to be Animated
12/25/2008Live-Action Gokusen to Air Graduation Special in March
12/25/2008Sunrise Indicates Possibility of More Code Geass
12/25/2008FUNimation Licenses Nabari no Ou Ninja Anime
12/24/2008Kadokawa to Launch Newtype Spinoff Mag, Nyantype
12/24/2008Love Roma's Toyoda, Blame's Nihei to Launch New Manga
12/24/2008FUNimation Adds Vandread Science-Fiction Anime (Updated)
12/24/2008Media Personality Ai ?jima Passes Away at 36
12/24/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, December 16-22
12/23/2008New 'Judge Dredd' Film Green Lit Production to Begin in 2009
12/23/2008'Pokemon TCG: Platinum' Due In February
12/23/2008Del Rey Gets ?Ninja Girls? Five Volumes and Counting
12/23/2008Box Office Freeze Out Smith's String Is Broken
12/23/2008Anime Conviction Upheld Under PROTECT Act
12/23/2008Funimation Adds Gad Guard Robot Adventure Anime (Updated)
12/23/2008Venus Capriccio's Nishikata to Launch Cyboy Manga
12/23/2008New Live-Action City Hunter Reportedly Heading to USA
12/23/2008Prince of Tennis OVA Another Story Release Green-Lit
12/23/2008Funimation Adds 1st 'Ikki Tousen' Anime & Announces New Video Portal
12/23/2008Upper Deck/Konami Feud Spreads to Europe U.D. Files for Injunctions
12/23/2008NYCC Guest List Growing Morrison, Bendis, Dell'Otto, Fraction, Gibbons & More
12/23/2008'The Dark Knight' Sets DVD Records Top Blu-ray Release of All-Time
12/22/2008Funimation Adds Ikki Tousen Anime
12/22/2008New DB, Tegami Bachi, Romance Dawn Anime DVD Offered
12/22/2008To Love-Ru -Trouble- OVA's Promo Video Streamed
12/22/2008Kuruneko Cat Manga Blog to Get Anime
12/22/2008428 Visual Novel's Canaan Anime Commercial Streamed
12/22/2008Bob Sapp to Fight Kinnikuman Cosplayer Next Week
12/22/2008USA Today Booklist, December 8-14
12/22/2008CoMix Wave Films' Peeping Life CG Anime Posted Online
12/22/20084Kids Keeps Sonic X, Dinosaur King, Yu-Gi-Oh on U.S. TV
12/22/2008Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh, Shugo Chara Singles Rank #2, 8, 9
12/21/20082008's Top-Selling Manga in Japan, #26-50
12/21/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, December 8-14
12/21/2008Online Retailers List New Manga, Books in 2009 (Updated)
12/21/2008Japanese Box Office, December 13-14
12/20/2008Daily Briefs
12/20/2008Anime & Eco Environmental Mag Launched in Japan
12/20/2008Future Diary, Blazing Transfer Student Creators Launch Manga
12/20/20082008's Top-Selling DVDs in Japan (Overall) - Updated
12/19/2008Fist of the North Star Spinoff Manga to Feature Jagi
12/19/20082008's Top-Selling Manga in Japan, #1-25
12/19/2008Denpa teki na Kanojo OVA to Be Added to Kure-nai Manga
12/19/2008Keanu Eager to Play Spike Spiegel In Live Action 'Cowboy Bebop'
12/19/2008Second 'Bakugan' Anime Series Set to Debut Next Spring
12/19/2008Navarre Shutters BCI Eclipse Unit Low End of DVD Market Hurting
12/19/2008Upper Deck Plans to Continue YGO OP Including Website
12/19/2008Tokyopop Says 'Worst Retailing Environment' Is ?Accurate Assessment?
12/19/2008Comic Stores ?Holding Up Really Well? Diamond?s Fletcher Says
12/19/20084Kids Cuts Staff By 15%
12/19/2008Tokyopop?s 'Priest' Gets New Director Project Rebooted
12/19/2008Crunchyroll Signs Deal With Pony Canyon 'Steel Angel Kurumi' Is First Title
12/19/2008Daily Briefs
12/19/2008Mayu Shinjo to Continue Ayakashi no Koi Emaki Manga
12/19/2008Virginia Man's 20-Year Sentence for Anime Child Porn Upheld
12/19/2008Del Rey Acquires Hosana Tanaka's Ninja Girls Manga
12/19/2008Final 5 Naruto (Pre-Shipp?den) Episodes Streamed
12/18/2008Jumpland Posts Meister Soccer Manga in English Online
12/18/2008Rideback Motorcycle Robot Anime's 2nd TV Ad Streamed
12/18/2008Tayutama Adult PC Game to Reportedly Get TV Anime
12/18/2008Kiss?sis Manga Gets Another Anime DVD Green-Lit
12/18/2008Daily Briefs
12/18/2008'Live-Action Manga' to Spoof U.S. TV's 24 Show in Japan
12/18/2008Ponyo, Sky Crawlers Nominated for Japan Academy Prizes
12/18/2008Kowarekake no Orgol's New Anime Sample Posted Online (Updated)
12/17/20082009 Naruto Shippuden Film's Promo Video Streamed
12/17/2008Japan's Shueisha to Launch JC.COM Manga Book on Friday
12/17/2008360+ Theaters to Run Sword of the Stranger in February
12/17/2008Viz to Distribute Anime through Warner, iTunes Canada
12/17/2008Daily Briefs
12/17/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, December 9-15
12/17/20084Kids Entertainment Lays Off About 15% of Workforce
12/17/2008Keanu Reeves Hopes to Star in Live-Action Cowboy Bebop
12/16/2008CoMix Wave to Debut Peeping Life CG TV Anime on Friday
12/16/2008Crows Zero II Film, Kowarekake no Orgol Anime's Teasers
12/16/2008Pretty Cure to Run on Canada's YTV in Early 2009
12/16/2008Universal Signs Deal for Proposed Bakugan Film
12/16/2008Daily Briefs
12/16/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, December 9-15
12/16/2008Upper Deck Disputes End of Yu-Gi-Oh! Deal with Konami
12/16/2008Pok?mon Voice Actress Maddie Blaustein Passes Away (Updated)
12/16/2008Ishikawa, UVERworld's Gundam 00 Singles Rank #3, #11 (Updated)
12/15/20082 Yamato Copyright Suits Settled for 250 Million Yen
12/15/2008Girls High on Thursdays, Ramen Fighter on Tuesdays
12/15/2008Amazon Canada Lists CLAMP's Mangettes: Gate 7 in August
12/15/2008Crunchyroll CEO: Making Online Anime Pay Interview with Kun Gao,
12/15/2008YGO OP ?In a Transitional Period? To Resume in New Year
12/15/2008Konami Takes over 'YGO TCG' Upper Deck Files Suit
12/15/2008Sayonara KB Toys! Second Chapter 11 Ends in Liquidation
12/15/2008Read or Die Director Masunari's 1st Film in the Works
12/15/2008Crunchyroll Adds Steel Angel Kurumi, 2 Spinoffs (Updated)
12/15/2008Peach-Pit Puts 3 Manga on Hold Due to Hospitalization
12/15/2008'Eureka Seven' Movie Debuts in Japan in April
12/15/2008Udon Manga on Crunchyroll Digital Comics Presented Weekly
12/15/2008Daily Briefs
12/15/2008USA Today Booklist, December 1-7: No Manga
12/15/2008Imperial Guards Artist Ito to Draw Shutoheru Manga
12/14/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, December 1-7
12/14/2008Japanese Box Office, December 6-7
12/14/2008Bandai Entertainment Gets Kurokami Anime (Updated)
12/14/2008Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser's Teaser Streamed
12/13/2008Sex Pistols Boys-Love Manga to Reportedly Get OVA
12/13/2008Duel Masters Cross Film to Open in Japan in Fall 2009
12/13/20082009 Pok?mon: Diamond & Pearl Film's New Teaser Posted
12/13/2008Bandai Streams Tamagotchi in Seven Languages for Free
12/12/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, December 3-9
12/12/2008Manga Publisher Tokyopop Lays Off Eight More Staffers
12/12/2008Phantom Visual Novel Gets Manga from Nitroplus
12/12/2008Minami-ke Original Animation DVD Reportedly Green-Lit
12/12/20083rd Macross Frontier Album Sells 86,450 to Rank #2
12/12/2008Mamoru Oshii's Musashi Samurai Film Teaser Streamed
12/12/2008Kannagi Creator Takenashi Undergoes Surgery, Recovers
12/11/2008New Square Enix Products
12/11/2008Daily Briefs
12/11/2008Nausica? Screening at Midnight Friday in Los Angeles
12/11/2008Game-Based Sengoku Basara Anime's Promo Posted Online
12/11/2008Libre Prints Repeat After Me? English-Teaching Manga
12/11/2008Druaga: the Sword of Uruk Promotional Video Streamed
12/11/2008 Kait? Tenshi Twin Angel Creators Hint at 'New Project'
12/11/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, November 26-December 2
12/11/2008Kurokami The Animation Promotional Video Streamed
12/8/2008Kup?~!! Mamegoma! TV Anime Series to Launch on January 10 (Updated)
12/8/2008Touhou Anime Project D?jin DVD at Comiket This Month (Updated)
12/8/2008Sequel to Nodame Cantabile: Paris Green-Lit for Fall 2009 (Update 2)
12/8/2008Japanese Box Office, November 29-30
12/8/2008Oshii's Sky Crawlers Already Running in Los Angeles
12/8/2008'Akira Blu-ray Disc' Streets February 24th
12/8/2008'Watchmen' Movie Takes Shape Now at 2hrs 35 Minutes
12/8/2008Studio Dithers Over 'Torso' Decision Due Before the 15th
12/8/2008'Frank Miller: The Spirit Storyboards' From Dark Horse in May
12/8/2008Vanguard Nabs 'Emo Boy' Satirical Comic From SLG
12/8/2008'Sin City 2' Back on Track? Production Could Start in April
12/8/2008'Dark Knight' Re-Release Set for Jan. 23rd Only $4 Million Short of a Billion
12/8/2008Graphic Novels Make 'Year's Best,' 'Holiday Gift' Lists From NPR, New York Times
12/8/2008'Punisher: Dead Zone' Leftovers Rule Post-Thanksgiving Weekend
12/8/2008Top Cow Pledges $2.99 for 2009 Talk of $3.99 Comics Roils Industry
12/8/2008'Twilight' Director Off Sequel Quick Turnaround Cited
12/8/2008Fables Pilot At ABC
12/7/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, November 24-30
12/7/2008Japan's Killing Suspect Says He Is a Precure, Kitar? Fan (Updated)
12/7/2008 La Corda D'Oro ~secondo passo~ TV Special Confirmed
12/7/2008New Fullmetal Alchemist TV Anime to Premiere in April (Update 2)
12/6/2008Kawamori's Basquash Anime Gets Airdate, Staff, Cast (Update 2)
12/6/2008K-ON! Four-Panel School Comedy Manga to Get Anime
12/6/2008Nitroplus to Launch Visual-Novel-Based Phantom TV Anime (Updated)
12/6/2008CLAMP's Kobato Manga Gets TV Anime Next Fall
12/6/2008Leapt Through Time's Hosoda to Direct Summer Wars Film
12/5/200817th Crayon Shin-chan Movie to Open in Japan in Aprll (Updated)
12/5/2008Kannagi Manga Reportedly on Hiatus Due to Creator's Health (Updated)
12/5/2008Gatchaman Voice Actor Mikio Terashima Passes Away
12/5/2008USA Today Booklist, November 24-30: Naruto Slips More
12/5/2008Queen's Blade Volume Zero DVD Commercial Streamed (Updated)
12/5/2008Bandai's 'Mugen Pop Pop' Whose Stress Is Relieved?
12/5/2008Gallela Ungagged Reveals Gen Con Acquisition Group Involvement
12/5/2008BookScan's Top 20 Graphic Novels For November 2008
12/5/2008'The Dark Knight' Tops Downloads Pre-Orders on iTunes Phenomenal
12/5/2008'Mutts' Takes on Obama Dog Search Starting December 8th
12/5/2008Naruto makes top 10 buzz word searches for year in review
12/5/2008India Reportedly Bans Crayon Shin-chan from TV
12/5/2008Grave of the Fireflies, Tezuka Marathon in DC Saturday
12/4/2008Daily Briefs
12/4/2008Yotsuba&! Creator Kiyohiko Azuma Addresses Anime Rumors
12/4/2008Editor's Note: Answerman Delay
12/4/2008Toei Plans US$55-Million Digital Revamp of Tokyo Studio
12/4/2008Free Tekkonkinkreet Screening in New York City Tonight
12/4/2008Utawarerumono OVA's Promo Video Streamed in Japan
12/4/2008New La Corda D'Oro TV Anime in March Reportedly Leaked (Updated)
12/4/2008Saki Mahjong Manga to Get TV Anime from Gonzo in 2009 (Update 2)
12/4/ Posts 2008's Top Comics, Light Novels
12/1/2008Zodiac P.I.'s Natsumi Ando Launches Arisa Sh?jo Manga (Updated)
12/1/2008Instant Teen - Just Add Nuts One-Shot Spinoff Printed
12/1/2008Hana-sakeru Seish?nen Manga to Get TV Anime
12/1/2008Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Video Anime Green-Lit
12/1/2008Mainichi K?san Manga to be Animated for TV Next Spring
12/1/2008Udon Launches 'Manga for Kids' Line Debuting in April
12/1/2008'The 99' Gets Cartoon Series Produced by Endemol
12/1/2008Gonzo Asks 50 to Retire 25% Workforce Reduction
12/1/2008'Wall-E,' 'Tropic Thunder' Top DVD Charts 'Iron Man' Rules Sluggish '08 Sales
12/1/2008Black Friday Up Competitive Season Ahead
12/1/2008'Four Christmases' Defies the Critics 'Bolt' Gains in Second Frame
12/1/2008Gen Con's Adrian Swartout on New Offer - No Thanks
12/1/2008GenCon Makes Good to Make-A-Wish Foundation With the Bankruptcy Court's Blessing