Anime News

DateArticle Name
6/29/2008Daily Briefs
6/29/2008USA Today Booklist, June 16?22
6/29/2008Nanae Chrono's Vassalord Vampire Manga Previewed
6/29/2008Stone Bridge Press to Publish English Book on Satoshi Kon
6/28/2008Second Strawberry Marshmallow Video Anime Announced
6/28/20085th Major Baseball Anime Series to Debut Next January
6/28/2008Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka Game to Get TV Anime in Fall (Updated)
6/28/2008ToHeart2ad plus Video Series Announced for 2009
6/28/2008Anime ef - a tale of melodies Announced, Promo Posted
6/28/2008New Gundam 00 Manga Published in Japan
6/27/2008Daily Briefs
6/27/2008Utsushi-e Troupe to Travel to LA, Boston, NYC, D.C.
6/27/2008Miyazaki's Upcoming Ponyo Previewed on Japanese TV
6/27/2008Four Strike Witches Anime Television Ads Posted
6/27/2008English-Translated Manga on Nobel Winner Suu Kyi
6/27/2008Third Zero no Tsukaima Anime's TV Commercial Streamed
6/27/2008Macross Frontier Gets Third Manga, Novel, Mag in July
6/27/2008Fushigi Yuugi's Yuu Watase to Start New Original Work
6/25/2008Glass Mask Manga Classic to Relaunch in BetsuHana Mag
6/25/20082nd Morning Int'l Manga Competition Results Posted
6/25/2008Gegege no Kitar?'s Mizuki to Start T?no Monogatari
6/25/2008Gunslinger Girl's Video-Only Episode Titles Announced
6/25/2008Dosei Mansion Sci-Fi Manga Gets Live-Action Film (Updated)
6/25/2008Cobra Manga Said to Have Received Hollywood Film Offer (Updated)
6/24/2008Daily Briefs
6/24/2008Virtual Gackt Software Maker to Allow Derivative Works
6/24/2008Hana-Kimi One-Shot Manga to Appear in HanaYume in July
6/24/2008Japanese Box Office: June 14?15, June 21?22
6/24/2008MB's Kitty Media to Add 3 New Adult Anime, 1 BL Anime
6/24/2008Birdy the Mighty Decode Sci-Fi Comedy TV Ad Streamed
6/24/2008Japan Post Service to Issue Patlabor Stamps in August
6/24/2008Tanaka's Tytania to be Animated for TV in October
6/21/2008New York Anime Fest to Host Designer Yoshitaka Amano
6/21/2008Gonzo to Post Strike Witches Online Globally
6/21/20083rd Sailor Moon Musical Actress Kanbe Dies at 24
6/20/200830-Second Twin Angel Anime Promo Video Steamed
6/20/2008Miyazaki Plans Museum Anime Shorts After Ponyo
6/20/2008The Tower of Druaga: the Sword of URUK Anime in 2009
6/20/2008Macross Ace Frontier to Ship in Japan on PSP in Fall
6/20/2008Two Sekirei Anime TV Commercials Streamed
6/20/2008Kiss?sis Manga from Mahoromatic's Ditama to be Animated
6/20/2008Detroit Metal City to Get Plush Dolls, Figures, Single
6/20/2008Berserk's Miura Draws Virtual Gackt for Voice Software
6/20/20082nd Live-Action Gegege no Kitaro Film's Trailer Posted
6/19/2008Daily Briefs
6/19/2008Kodomo no Kodomo Manga's Live-Action Film in September
6/19/2008Domo Series of Shorts to Premiere Online on Veoh
6/19/2008Oshii Premieres Sky Crawlers at U.S.'s Skywalker Sound
6/19/2008USA Today Booklist, June 9?15
6/19/2008Skip Beat! Sh?jo Manga Confirmed for TV Anime in Fall
6/19/2008Bandai's Battle Spirits Card Game to Get Anime, Manga
6/19/2008Queen's Blade Fantasy Game Books Get TV Anime
6/18/2008Good Smile Company Warns Retailers about Knock Offs
6/18/2008Those Who Hunt Elves' Yagami Launches Saori Manga
6/18/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, June 10?16
6/18/2008NY Asian Film Fest to Show Manga/Anime-Related Films
6/18/2008Chihiro Tamaki's Walkin' Butterfly Manga Gets TV Drama
6/18/2008Witchblade Manga Nominated for Harvey Award
6/18/2008Leaf's White Album Game Reportedly Gets Anime
6/18/2008Daily Briefs
6/18/2008Studio Ghibli's Ponyo Anime Film Ticket Ad Streamed
6/17/2008The Telepathy Girl Ran TV Anime's Preview Streamed
6/17/2008Kat?'s "Tsumiki no Ie" Wins Annecy Cristal, Jury Award
6/17/2008Funimation Acquires Big Windup! Baseball TV Anime
6/17/2008Promo for Macross All That VF Anime Short Streamed
6/17/2008British Film Institute to Host 5cm Per Second's Shinkai
6/17/2008Viz Media Sets up Hollywood Office This Month
6/17/2008ShoPro Renamed as Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions (Updated)
6/17/2008Tokyopop to Continue Printing Gakuen Alice Sh?jo Manga
6/17/2008"Otaku" Murderer Tsutomu Miyazaki Executed on Tuesday
6/16/2008Square Enix New Product June
6/13/2008Las Vegas Film Fest to Screen Murakami Anime on Monday
6/13/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, June 4?10
6/13/2008Japan Delays Decision on Manga/Anime in Child Porn Law
6/13/2008Macross Frontier's "Interstellar Flight" Video Posted
6/13/20082nd Sekirei Anime Trailer Streamed
6/13/2008Gon Manga to Get Korean TV Animation in Early 2010
6/13/2008Daily Briefs
6/12/2008High School Debut Sh?jo Manga to End in Japan in July
6/12/2008Tokyopop to Keep Fruits Basket, Saiyuki, Tactics, Rave
6/12/2008USA Today Booklist, June 2?8
6/12/2008Navarre Announces Financial Results for 2007-2008 (Updated)
6/12/2008DNA Now an Integral Part of Cards
6/12/2008Topps suing Upper Deck over use of 'exclusive' images
6/12/2008Burger King Plans Pokemon Promo Exclusive Pokemon TCG Cards
6/12/2008'The Art of 'The Dark Knight' In July From Universe
6/12/2008Casper Gets New Push For 60th
6/12/2008Borders Closes on Sale of Australia Business Plus New Zealand and Singapore
6/12/2008TV, Movie, Character Licensing Ekes out Gain In Down Market for Licensed Products
6/12/2008Here Come the Smurfs For Feature Film
6/12/2008Media Blasters Nabs 'Dokuro-chan' Anime Gore-Filled Magical Girl Comedy
6/12/2008Dr. Master Offers 'Divine Melody' First Volume Due in January
6/12/2008Itazura na Kiss Anime to Show Creator's Planned Ending
6/12/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, June 3?9
6/12/2008Tokyopop to Cut Manga Output in United Kingdom
6/11/2008Film Critic, Siberian Express Director Mizuno Dies
6/11/2008Akiba-chan CG/Stop Motion Series to Debut in July
6/11/2008Egg Man CG Anime to Premiere Globally on Crunchyroll
6/11/2008Kadokawa USA Orders Halt on Fansub Links for 11 Anime (Updated)
6/11/2008Daily Briefs
6/11/20081st Subbed Fist of the North Star Streamed for Free
6/11/2008Amuri in Star Ocean DVD Commercials Streamed
6/11/2008Shonen Gangan Details Gainax's Shikabane Hime: Aka Anime
6/10/2008Inuyasha Confirmed to End Next Wednesday in Japan
6/10/20081st Anime Album in 11 Years to Rank in Japan's Top 3
6/10/2008Sensual Phrase's Shinjo Explains Why She Left Magazine
6/10/2008Otaku Slasher Wreaks Havoc Kills Seven in Akihabara Attack
6/10/2008Over 10% Would Read Digital Book According to Zogby Survey
6/10/2008Inuyasha Manga Ending In Japan
6/10/2008Media Blasters Acquires Dokuro-chan Anime (Updated)
6/10/2008Manga Sutra's Katsu-Aki to Start Doku?Koi Manga
6/10/2008He is My Master's Husband/Wife Creative Team Splits Up
6/10/2008Heart no Kuni no Alice Game Gets Anime Video Project
6/9/2008Tokyopop's Output to Drop to 20-22 Monthly Releases
6/9/2008Neo Angelique Abyss -Second Age- TV Sequel Confirmed
6/9/2008Ghost in the Shell 2.0's Promo Video Streamed
6/9/2008Toronto Short Film Fest to Host Director Kei Oyama
6/9/2008U.S. Navy Distributes Carrier Manga at Base, Online
6/9/2008'Prince of Persia' Gets Cast Shooting Starts in July
6/9/2008More Game Company Layoffs Score Cuts Staff
6/9/2008BEA Wrap-Up Locations, Strike, Graphic Novels
6/9/2008Graphic Novels Well Represented Among Online Book Buyers
6/9/2008'Kung Fu Panda' Kicks It June B.O. Off to a Great Start
6/9/2008Inside the Tokyopop Restructuring The Cutbacks, the New Directions
6/9/2008New Yaoi Generation Publisher Promises Manga Releases
6/9/2008Chibi Vampire's Kagesaki Starts Hekikai no AiON Manga
6/8/2008Ghost in the Shell to Return to Japanese Theaters (Updated)
6/8/2008X Japan Suspends Global Tour Due to Yoshiki's Health
6/8/2008Jump Super Tour's Anime Lineup Announced in Japan (Updated)
6/8/200817 Hit or Stabbed, 7 Confirmed Dead in Tokyo's Akihabara (Update 9)
6/7/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, May 26?June 1
6/7/2008Toei Offers English-Subbed Slam Dunk, North Star
6/7/2008Daily Briefs
6/7/2008Saber Marionette i ~Neo Gene~ Manga to Launch in July
6/6/2008Daily Briefs
6/6/2008Kazuo Koike's Jin Historical Manga Magazine Ends
6/6/2008Ocean Waves Novelist Saeko Himuro Passes Away
6/6/2008Gash/Zatch Bell Manga Creator Raiku Sues Shogakukan
6/6/2008First Detroit Metal City Anime Mini-Episode Streamed
6/6/2008Japan's Animator Labor Group Legally Incorporates
6/6/2008Clannad: Tomoyo Edition's Trailer Streamed
6/5/2008American Ponyo Release Reportedly Gets Producers
6/5/2008Naruto, Kingdom Hearts Tops U.S. Graphic Novels Sales in May
6/5/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, May 28?June 3
6/5/2008Cardliver, Ghost School Manga Get TV Anime
6/5/2008Comedian Shinagawa Writes, Directs Film From His Drop Story
6/5/2008Tokyo Movie to Start 3D CG Show Scarecrowman in July
6/5/2008USA Today Booklist, May 26?June 1: No Manga
6/5/2008Daily Briefs
6/4/2008Street Fighter IV Game's Anime Teaser Images Posted
6/4/2008IMDB Asks, "Which Miyazaki film is Your Favorite?"
6/4/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, May 27?June 2
6/4/2008Daily Briefs
6/4/2008Todd Ciolek's The X Button Launches
6/4/2008Anime Expo to Host Character Designer Akemi Takada (Updated)
6/4/2008Over 65,000 Watch 1st Death Note Film in U.S. Theaters
6/4/2008Cooking Papa, Yasuko to Kenji Manga to Get TV Dramas
6/4/2008Tokyopop to Restructure - Update
6/4/2008First Slam Dunk Episode Streamed with English Subs
6/3/2008Tokyopop to Restructure
6/3/20081st Galaxy Angel Rune Episode Streamed
6/3/2008Former Shonen Mag Editor-in-Chief Uchida Passes Away
6/3/2008Japanese Box Office: May 24?25, May 31?June 1
6/3/2008To Aru Majutsu no Index Light Novels Get TV Anime
6/3/2008D&Q, Go! Comi, Tokyopop Schedule Titles
6/3/2008Daily Briefs
6/3/2008Negima! Magister Negi Magi: Ala Alba Promo Streamed
6/2/2008U.S. Band Weezer Collaborates with Go-On! Manga's Akisige
6/2/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, May 19?25
6/2/2008Tezuka's MW Adapted for Live-Action Film for 2009
6/2/2008Viz to Ship Anniversary Shonen Jump, Naruto Kids' Novels (Updated)
6/2/2008USA Today Booklist, May 19?25
6/2/2008New My-Hime Project Begun in Japan
6/2/2008Bleach Designer Kudo to Appear at NYC's Movie Opening
6/2/2008Vertigo Entertainment Developing U.S. Death Note Remake
6/2/2008Emily the Strange Live Action Film Dark Horse's Richardson to Produce
6/2/2008Graphic Novels a Bright Spot In Down BEA
6/2/2008'Sex' Tops 'Indy' Overall Weekend B.O. Up 30
6/2/2008Tokyopop & HarperCollins' 2008 Co-Productions Three Feline-Themed Graphic Novels
6/2/2008First Ever BEA Graphic Novel Breakfast A Sold-Out Success
6/2/2008Video-on-Demand Service Akimbo Shuts Down
6/1/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, May 21?27
6/1/2008Shinichiro Watanabe to Speak at Toronto Film Festival