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Anime News

DateArticle Name
1/29/2009Toei to Animate Mari & Gali for NHK-E Channel in March
1/29/2009TV Tokyo's Iwata Discusses Anime's 'Road to Survival'
1/29/2009Bridge Funding Arrives for Imagi's Astro Boy Film
1/28/2009Librarians Honor Sand Chronicles, Real, Uzumaki, Japan Ai
1/28/2009Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ Promo Video Streamed
1/28/2009Higepiyo 4-Panel Manga from Ebichu Creator Gets Anime (Updated)
1/28/200907-Ghost Anime Promo Video, Theme Songs Posted Online
1/28/2009High School Debut, Chocolate Underground Artists on New Manga
1/28/2009Tears to Tiara RPG, Anime Made into Manga in February
1/28/2009Daily Briefs
1/28/2009Azumi's Kitamura to Direct Baton Animation in US/Japan
1/28/2009Video to 'Transform' Arashi Boy Band into Tatsunoko Anime Heroes
1/28/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, January 20-26
1/27/2009Levine's Moribito Wins Best Translated Novel Award
1/27/2009Digital Manga Publishing Licenses Itazura Na Kiss
1/27/2009Geass' Taniguchi, FF Games' Amano on New Jungle Emperor
1/27/2009Basquash Robot Sports Anime Gets Manga in Shonen Ace
1/27/2009Upper Deck Responds to Counterfeit Yu-Gi-Oh Card Suit
1/27/2009JoJo's Manga Part 3 Republished in Revised Edition
1/27/2009Another Stan Lee Media Lawsuit 'It's Different Money'
1/27/2009Daily Briefs
1/27/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, January 20-26
1/27/2009Viz Starts Haikasoru Novel Imprint for Sci-Fi, Fantasy
1/27/2009Aya Nakahara to Launch Lovely Complex D Manga Spinoff
1/26/2009Upper Deck Source of Counterfeit 'YGO' Cards? In Vintage Case
1/26/2009Airbender Casting Controversy Grows White Actors, Asian Characters
1/26/2009Make Customer Service Local and Strong
1/26/2009Daily Briefs
1/26/2009Poplar's Pianissimo Bimonthly Women's Manga Mag Ends
1/26/2009Hetalia Axis Powers Web Manga to Run in Comic Birz Mag
1/26/2009Tezuka's Jungle Emperor to Return in Summer TV Special
1/26/2009Imagi Confirms Temporary Production Halt on Astro Boy
1/26/2009Beauty is the Beast's Matsumoto Starts B?zu Love Manga
1/26/2009Konami Claims Upper Deck Counterfeited Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards
1/26/20095 Manga to Continue after Magazine Z's End
1/25/2009New Boys-Love Manga Listed from Aurora, Media Blasters
1/25/2009Anime Firms Say They Were Forced to Take Low Tenders
1/25/2009Bleach's, Major's Opening Singles Debut at #2, #10
1/25/2009Afro Samurai: Resurrection Movie Debuts Sunday Night
1/25/2009Japanese Box Office, January 17-18
1/24/2009Gatchaman, Nils Director Hisayuki Toriumi Passes Away
1/24/2009Slam Dunk 10 Days After Epilogue's Reprint Confirmed
1/24/2009Lupin III vs. Detective Conan TV Special in the Works
1/23/2009Sora no Otoshimono Manga Has Anime in Development
1/23/2009Haruhi-chan, Churuya-san Anime to Debut on February 13
1/23/2009Daily Briefs
1/23/2009Yatterman Trailer, 2nd Kamui Gaiden Teaser Streamed
1/23/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, January 5-11
1/23/2009Crunchyroll Still Hosts Some Fan-Subtitled Anime
1/23/2009Yoshihiro Tatsumi to Attend Toronto Comic Fest in May
1/23/2009USA Today Booklist: January 12-18: Naruto Hangs On
1/23/2009Ichigo Mashimaro Encore Video Anime's Promo Streamed
1/22/2009Kat?'s 'La Maison en Petits Cubes' Nominated for Oscar
1/22/2009Weekly Osamu Tezuka TV Show to Remake 19 Classic Manga
1/22/2009Tenchi Spinoff Seikishi's 2nd Anime Promo Streamed
1/22/2009Production I.G Finishes New 7-Minute Kill Bill Sequence
1/22/2009Print View Ledger Gets Oscar Nomination Four Comic Films Nominated
1/22/2009ICv2 Announces Graphic Novel Industry Summit at Conference Plus Celebrity Panelists
1/22/2009Print View Konami to Release 'Yu-Gi-Oh! Crimson Crisis' Sneak Peaks at Hobby Stores
1/22/2009Spider-Man Musical this Fall Wood Reveals
1/22/2009Tom and Jerry Feature From Warner Bros.
1/21/2009Street Fighter IV Game's Animated Story Trailer Posted
1/21/2009Taish? Yaky? Musume Anime's Promo Video Streamed
1/21/2009Elementhunters Sci-Fi Adventure Anime to Debut in July (Update 2)
1/21/2009Nodame's Ninomiya Says She Has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
1/21/2009Bandai Entertainment to Restructure with Staff Layoffs
1/21/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, January 13-19
1/21/2009Producer: Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Will Not Be Origin Story
1/21/2009GetBackers Manga Returns in One-Shot Side Story
1/21/2009Ponyo, Sky Crawlers Win at 63rd Mainichi Film Awards
1/20/2009Code Geass, Maaya Sakamoto Albums Debut at #1, #3
1/20/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, January 13-19
1/20/2009Doraemon's Fujiko F. Fujio to Be Honored with Museum (Updated)
1/20/200954th Shogakukan Manga Award Winners Announced
1/20/2009New DVD Company to Release 8 of the Earliest Anime
1/20/2009Basquash Robot Sports Anime Promo Movie Page Launched
1/20/2009MPD-Psycho, 2 Other Manga to Continue after Mag's End
1/19/2009The Sacred Blacksmith Light Novels Get Anime Green-Lit
1/19/2009Franny & Melanie Anime to Run on Japanese TV in February
1/19/2009Kadokawa to End Publication of Comic Charge Mag
1/19/2009Karuho Shiina Puts Kimi ni Todoke on Hold to Have Baby
1/18/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, December 29-January 4
1/18/200910 Titles Nominated for 2nd Manga Taisho Awards
1/18/2009Miike, Sakurai to Host Yatterman World Premiere at NYC (Updated)
1/18/2009Japanese Box Office, January 10-11
1/17/2009Daily Briefs
1/17/2009USA Today Booklist, January 5-11: Naruto Drops
1/17/2009D?jinshi Con Applicants' Personal Info Leaked Online (Updated)
1/17/2009Peach-Pit to Restart 3 Manga after Hospitalization
1/17/2009My Melody TV Anime Franchise to Reportedly End
1/17/2009Kanamemo Four-Panel Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit
1/16/2009Diamond Raises Purchase Order Minimum for Publishers
1/16/2009Yukemuri Sniper Suspense Manga Gets TV Drama Green-Lit (Updated)
1/16/2009Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mah? Anime's Promo Movie Streamed
1/16/2009Seitokai no Ichizon Light Novels' TV Anime Green-Lit
1/16/2009Daily Briefs
1/16/2009Adult Swim Removes Moribito from Weekend Schedule (Updated)
1/15/2009Wanimagazine to Launch Gelatin Bish?jo Comic Mag
1/15/2009Last Week's Naruto Shipp?den Now Streaming for Free
1/15/2009Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Proposal Officially Announced
1/15/2009Sakuran Boy DT TV Flash Anime's 1st Episode Streamed
1/14/2009Sanrio, Sega's Jewelpet Plush Toy/Website Get TV Anime
1/14/200920th Century Boys, Eva:1.0 at Santa Barbara Film Fest
1/14/2009Funimation's Parent Navarre Confirms Staff Reductions
1/14/2009Report: Funimation Gets Fullmetal Alchemist Premium
1/14/2009Konami Responds on 'YGO TCG' 'We Are the Only Distributor'
1/14/2009No 'Yu-Gi-Oh! Champion Packs' Konami Won't Fill Orders
1/14/2009ADV Revises Format For 'Clannad' & 'Princess Resurrection'
1/14/2009Daily Briefs
1/14/2009Pioneer Stops Making Laserdisc Players After 27 Years
1/14/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, January 6-12
1/14/2009Video Tour of Tokyo's Ghibli Museum Streamed
1/13/2009Toei, Frogman Launch Keihin Kazoku Flash Anime
1/13/2009Kup?~!! Mamegoma! Anime Promo Movie Streamed
1/13/2009Korean Protests Call for Hetalia Anime's Cancellation (Updated)
1/13/2009Kadokawa Tests kadoTV Video Service with Subtitles (Updated)
1/13/2009'Watchmen' Settlement Close TV Ad Campaign Underway
1/13/2009Producer Eager for 'Sin City 2' Jamie King Says Script Is Done
1/13/2009'Eagle Eye' Tops DVD Charts 'TDK,' 'Wall-E' Still Doing Well
1/13/2009Heath Ledger Wins Golden Globe 'Slumdog Millionaire' Triumphs
1/13/2009'Gran Torino' Sideswipes the Competition 'The Spirit' Heads for Tierra del Fuego
1/13/2009Darkstalkers Tribute Artbook
1/13/2009Japanese Otaku Awards' 2008 Winners Announced
1/13/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, January 6-12
1/13/2009Saitama Launches Trilingual Site for Anime Tourists (Updated)
1/12/2009Gainax Animates New Shuriken Girls Promo Video for CES
1/12/2009Japanese Leader Invokes Sailor Moon During Korean Visit
1/12/2009A 'Tetsujin 28' Movie from Imagi? Website With Teaser Trailer is Up
1/12/2009'Watchmen' Settlement Talks 'Productive' Lawyers Want Hearing Delayed
1/12/2009'Astro Boy' Footage Premiering At the NYCC
1/12/2009Barnes & Noble's Holiday Sales Drop Except for Last 2 Weeks
1/12/2009Viz Launches J-Pop Merchandise Line At Zazzle
1/12/2009'Shazam' Movie Dead In Current Version
1/12/2009Casper, Gumby Parent Scrambling For New Financing, Investment
1/12/2009Daily Briefs
1/12/2009500-kg Robot for Oshii's Tetsujin 28 Stage Play Rises
1/12/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, December 22-28
1/12/2009Comics Publisher Studio 407 Plans to Expand into Manga
1/12/2009Half-Season Princess Resurrection, Clannad Sets Slated (Updated)
1/12/2009Bandai Entertainment Denies 5 cm per Second License
1/11/2009Yoichi Fujita to Stop Directing Gintama This Spring
1/11/2009Japanese Box Office, January 3-4
1/11/2009New Fullmetal Alchemist Anime's Staff Confirmed
1/10/2009New Square Enix Products
1/10/2009Daily Briefs
1/10/2009Crunchyroll Site Simulcasts PiPoPa, Skip Beat! Anime
1/10/2009Actor Teizou Muta Passes Away
1/10/2009USA Today Booklist, December 29-January 4: Naruto Rises
1/9/2009Good! Afternoon Mag to Post 1st Issue Online for Free
1/9/2009Imagi Launches Tetsujin 28 Site with CG Test Teaser
1/9/2009Cross Game Baseball Manga Reportedly to Get TV Anime
1/9/2009Hatsukoi Limited Anime's Advance Promo Movie Posted
1/9/2009Denpa teki na Kanojo Anime Promo Video Streamed
1/9/2009Daily Briefs
1/9/2009Crunchyroll Site Simulcasts Shugo Chara!! Doki? Anime
1/9/2009Pandora Hearts Anime's Comiket Promo Video Streamed (Updated)
1/8/2009Second Gurren Lagann Film's Teaser Trailer Streamed
1/8/2009Multinational, Same-Day Debuts of Shippuden, Gintama, Kurokami (Updated)
1/8/2009Daily Briefs
1/8/2009Hetalia - Axis Powers Pasta Sauces Offered in Japan
1/8/2009Kyoto Animation's Munto Television Ad Streamed
1/8/2009Geneon Posts Anime Songs in iTunes in 22 Countries (Update 2)
1/8/2009Diamond to Distribute Yaoi Generation's Manga
1/8/2009Astro Boy Footage to Be Screened at New York Comic Con
1/7/2009Hollywood's Lone Wolf and Cub No Longer in Development
1/7/2009Final New Year's Tally for Lucky Star Shrine: 420,000
1/7/2009Box Set with Viz's I"s, I"s Pure Listed on Retail Site (Updated)
1/7/2009Funimation Restructures with Layoffs in Several Departments (Updated)
1/7/2009Daily Briefs
1/7/2009Oshii's Musashi Film Tickets Sold with Sword Guards
1/7/2009Voice Actor Osamu Ichikawa Passes Away
1/7/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, December 23-January 5
1/6/2009Kodomo no Jikan Second Term Anime's Promo Streamed
1/6/2009Dezaki's The Tale of Genji Anime Commercial Posted
1/6/2009Zoku Natsume Y?jin-ch? Promo Movie Streamed
1/6/2009Tokyopop Germany Discusses End of Its Kodansha Licenses
1/6/2009Tokyopop on Kodansha in Germany ?We Can Only Guess?
1/6/2009Borders Installs New Management Team Holiday Sales Down 11.7%
1/6/2009'Ponyo' to Get Summer Release in U.S.
1/6/2009Tokyopop Germany Loses Kodansha In Mid-Series
1/6/2009FUNimation Nabs 'Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone'
1/6/2009Daily Briefs
1/6/2009March Comes in Like a Lion's Cover by Berserk's Miura
1/6/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, December 23-January 5
1/6/2009Megurine Luka Announced as Next Vocaloid 2 Character
1/5/2009Korean Live-Action Hana yori Dango Gets 14.3% Rating
1/5/20092.1-Meter-Tall Pine-Cone Totoro Unveiled in Japan (Updated)
1/5/200980% of Seiy? Take Part-Time Jobs to Make Ends Meet
1/5/2009Exile Song & Dance Unit's New Anime to Air This Week (Update 3)
1/5/2009Ghibli Museum's Foundation Offering Research Grants
1/5/2009Houbunsha to Launch Tsubomi Yuri Manga Anthology
1/5/20092008's Top Domestic Movies at Japanese Box Office (Updated)
1/2/, Crunchyroll, Hulu Begin Shipp?den Streams
1/2/2009Report: Kodansha Lets Tokyopop Germany's Licenses Expire
1/2/2009GAMA to Announce ED On Monday
1/2/2009FUNimation to Distribute 'Samurai Champloo' For Geneon
1/2/2009'Robot Chicken' at NYCC Green, Senreich, others
1/2/2009Retail Sales Drop In Brutal Holiday Season
1/2/2009USA Today Booklist, December 22-28: Naruto Returns
1/2/2009Kotonakare Hero Gingerman Flash Anime to Air in Japan
1/2/2009FUNimation Adds Three Series 'Gankutsuou,' 'Slayers,' 'Gungrave'
1/2/2009Borders Extends Paperchase Deadline And Debt Repayment
1/1/2009Anime/Manga Songs on New Year's K?haku Uta Gassen
1/1/2009Kimi ni Todoke's Manga Reportedly Gets Drama in April
1/1/2009Gegege no Kitar?'s Shigeru Mizuki Wins Asahi Prize
1/1/2009Crunchyroll to Post Natsume Y?jin-Ch? Anime on Monday
1/1/2009New Year's Greetings ? Anime Style (Update 5)