Anime News

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2/25/2009Square Enix Settles Lawsuit With Sword Pirates
2/25/2009Imagi's Astro Boy Officially Back on Track for October
2/25/2009Square Enix Wins $600,000 from Unlicensed Sword Sellers
2/25/2009Walkin' Butterfly's Tamaki to Start Manga in CUTiE Mag
2/25/2009Charady no Joke na Mainichi Anime's Website Online
2/25/2009Strike Witches' 2nd Season Reportedly to Be Announced
2/25/2009Japanese Hagaren Box Buyers Get 1st Peek at New Anime
2/24/2009Crunchyroll to Stream 3 Makoto Shinkai Works on 2/28
2/24/2009Report: Tatsunoko, Marvel Aim for Joint TV Anime in 3 Years
2/24/2009Eva Clock, Picture Stamp iPhone Apps Posted Online
2/24/2009Update: Best Buy List Was Preminary
2/24/2009New Edition of Azumanga Daioh to Mark 10th Anniversary
2/24/2009Hari Tokeino's Me & My Brothers Manga to End in Japan
2/24/2009Cookin' Idol Ai! Mai! Main! TV Anime to Debut in March
2/24/2009Daily Briefs
2/24/2009Blue Dragon's 1st Episode Posted on iTunes for Free
2/23/2009Ghibli Producer: Hayao Miyazaki is Planning Next Work
2/23/2009Fullmetal Alchemist's 3rd New TV Commercial Streamed
2/23/2009S?ten K?ro Manga about Chinese History Gets TV Anime (Update 2)
2/23/2009Japan's Kodansha Reports Its Largest Annual Loss Ever
2/23/2009Viz Media Restructures with Some Employee Layoffs
2/23/2009Shin Koihime Mus? Game Anime Green-Lit
2/23/2009New Series Said to Be Revealed in Gundam Ace Manga Mag
2/23/2009Ponyo, DMC Won Japan Academy Awards on Friday
2/22/2009Kunio Kat?'s 'La Maison en Petits Cubes' Wins Oscar (Update 2)
2/22/2009Shin Mazinger Sh?geki! Z-Hen TV Remake Set for 2009
2/22/2009Macross Frontier Film Tentatively Planned for Fall
2/21/2009Rumiko Takahashi to Publish 1-Shot 'Unmei no Tori' Manga
2/21/2009Canada's YTV to Premiere Pretty Cure on March 6
2/21/2009Sora no Manimani Manga Reportedly to Get TV Anime
2/21/2009Yamato Toymaker Reveals 1/2000 SDF-1 Macross Toy (Updated)
2/20/2009Daily Briefs
2/20/2009Canadian Man Guilty of Possessing Pornographic Anime
2/20/2009Best Buy to Change DVD Strategy
2/20/2009Precure All Stars Film's Teaser, Full Trailer Streamed
2/20/2009Kunio Kat?'s Oscar-Nominated Anime Now in U.S. iTunes
2/20/2009Layoffs Thursday Borders, Best Buy, Brodart
2/20/2009Best Buy?s New Anime Strategy Cuts Presence in Many Stores
2/20/2009From Comedian to Losers Jeffrey Dean Morgan to Star
2/20/2009Akira BD Sells Out No Goodies with Second Pressing
2/20/2009Funimation Gets 'El Cazador De La Bruja' From D. Rights
2/20/2009New ?Dragonball? Action Figures Based on Live-Action Movie
2/20/2009Funimation Picks Up 'My Bride Is a Mermaid' For Later this Year
2/20/2009Diamond Cancels Some March Anime/Manga Related Orders
2/20/2009Viz Media Disables Embeded Videos from Hulu, Joost
2/20/2009Chun-Li Film Double-Billed with Sakura Anime in Japan
2/20/2009Funimation Licenses RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne
2/19/2009Daily Briefs
2/19/2009USA Today Booklist, February 9-15: Naruto Ranks
2/19/2009GetBackers' Writer, Artist Are Planning Next Work
2/19/2009Scores of Free Streaming Anime Added to ANN
2/19/2009Anno's Evangelion 2.0 Film Slated for June 27 in Japan (Update 2)
2/19/2009Tokyo's Wonder Festival to Continue in New Venue
2/19/2009Funimation Adds El Cazador De La Bruja
2/19/2009Ponyo Wins Tokyo Anime Fair's Animation of the Year
2/19/2009Gintama Anime to Continue for Fourth Year (Updated)
2/18/2009Daily Briefs
2/18/2009GDH to Absorb Its Gonzo Subsidiary, Adopt Gonzo's Name
2/18/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, February 10-16
2/18/2009Justin Chatwin: Dragonball Film Sequel Already Written
2/18/2009Funimations Adds My Bride Is A Mermaid! Comedy Anime
2/18/2009Funimation Hints at Possible License Announcement Today
2/18/2009Appliya to Bring Evangelion to the Iphone
2/18/2009New Tokyopop Manga Titles Listed by
2/18/2009Canada's St. Onge to Sing Valkyria Anime's Theme Song
2/16/2009Dragonball Evolution Toys Shown at Toy Fair
2/16/2009Oishinbo Cuisine Manga to Resume in Japan Next Week
2/16/2009Game-Based Sengoku Basara Anime's New TV Ad Streamed
2/16/2009Reed Reveals New Minky Momo Magical Girl Project
2/16/2009Sanrio's Sugar Bunnies Fleur Anime Series Revealed
2/16/200915-m Tetsujin 28/Gigantor Statue Still Set for Summer
2/16/2009Mattel Lands 'Avatar' Toy License Based on James Cameron Film Project
2/16/2009Diamond De-Lists 1000 Viz Manga
2/16/2009Udon to Publish Silent M?bius: Complete Edition
2/16/2009Walmart Does 'Twilight' Boutiques, Online Promotions
2/16/2009Hasbro?s 2009 Toy Plans Include ?GI Joe,? ?Transformers,? ?Wolverine,? ?Clone Wars? Toys
2/16/2009Print View 'Friday the 13th's' Potent Eponymous Debut 'Coraline' Down Just 9%
2/16/2009Udon to Release 'Silent Mobius: Complete Edition' In Right-to-Left Format
2/16/2009Funimation Adds 4 'Bamboo Blade,' 'Dragonaut,' 'Tower of Druaga,' & 'Blassreiter'
2/16/2009ScarJo in 'Iron Man 2'? EW Thinks So
2/16/2009New 'Bionicle' Film Direct-to-DVD in the Fall
2/15/2009Japanese Box Office, February 8-9
2/15/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, January 26-February 1
2/15/200920th Century Boys' Fictional Ujiko-Ujio Draws Spinoff
2/15/2009Katsura Hoshino to Resume D.Gray-man Manga on March 9
2/14/2009Funimation Acquires Bamboo Blade, Druaga, Dragonaut
2/14/2009'Totoro's Home' Destroyed by Suspected Arson Fire
2/14/2009Haruhi-chan, Churuya-san Streamed with English Subs
2/14/2009Diamond to No Longer Restock 1,018 Viz Items
2/14/2009Kunio Kat?'s Oscar-Nominated Anime Now in U.S. Theaters (Updated)
2/13/2009'Nice Boat' Video Posted Instead of Haruhi-chan Debut (Updated)
2/13/2009Ghibli Confirms It Animated Yui Aragaki's Music Video
2/13/2009Advocacy Group Crowns Barbie Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Worst Toy of the Year
2/13/2009'No Heroics' On ABC
2/13/2009BEA To Stay in New York Weekdays
2/13/2009Daily Briefs
2/13/2009Latest Pok?mon Movie Runs on U.S. Cartoon Network
2/13/2009Live-Action Blood: The Last Vampire Teaser Streamed
2/13/2009VP/Shonen Jump EIC Weidenbaum Leaves Viz (Updated)
2/13/2009Sony to Release Devparade's Naruto Ending Theme Online
2/13/2009Dark Horse to Publish Thumbelina by Moetan Artist POP
2/12/2009Right Stuf Licenses Maria Watches Over Us Season 4
2/12/2009New Blu, Digital Manga Titles Listed by
2/12/2009Greg Ayres Releases Statement after Mild Heart Attack
2/12/2009Morning Musume Girl Group to Perform at Anime Expo
2/12/2009USA Today Booklist: February 2-8: Naruto Blitz Begins
2/12/2009Reorganization of Bandai Visual Announced
2/12/2009Absolute Boyfriend Drama Returns in Spring TV Special
2/12/2009Detroit Metal City Cameos in Street Fighter Online (Updated)
2/12/2009Gonzo to Restructure, Reduce Staff Count from 130 to 30 (Update 3)
2/11/2009Daily Briefs
2/11/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, February 3-9 (Updated)
2/11/2009Dentsu Plans Animated TV Series for Chub City Toys
2/11/2009Funimation Posts More Ouran, Romeo X Juliet Episodes (Updated)
2/11/2009Japanese Box Office, January 31-February 1
2/11/2009Sunrise's Sora Kake Girl Anime Gets 2 Manga Spinoffs (Updated)
2/11/2009Miyazaki to Create 2-Part Serial in Model Graphix Mag
2/11/2009Negima's 2nd Original Anime DVD Series Reportedly Announced (Updated)
2/9/2009Tales of Vesperia RPG to Get Theatrical Film This Year
2/9/2009Kimi ni Todoke Manga to be Adapted into Anme
2/9/2009Gegege no Kitar? Anime to Reportedly End This Spring
2/9/2009Voice Animage Mag to Return in Japan after 7 Years
2/9/2009Tokyopop to Produce Domo Manga In Full Color
2/9/2009'Tokyo-Zombie' Live-Action DVD From Anchor Bay in April
2/9/2009Graphic Novels Up in 2008 Manga Down
2/9/2009'Fantasy Economy' Up at NYCC Nearly 77,000
2/6/2009Tokyopop to Adapt NHK's Domo Mascot in Print
2/6/2009Fullmetal Alchemist's Original Ed, Al to Reprise Roles (Updated)
2/6/2009Production I.G. to Add Eden of the East Film in 2009
2/6/2009Dragon Ball Z to Rerun on Japanese TV in HD in April
2/6/2009Funimation's Parent Announces Third Quarter Results
2/6/2009Staff for 'Renewed' Airing of Haruhi Suzumiya Announced
2/5/2009Daily Briefs
2/5/2009Tatsumi's A Drifting Life Manga Preview Posted Online
2/5/2009Missing 14-Year-Old Girl Reportedly Headed to Ikkicon (Updated)
2/5/2009ICv2 Estimates U.S. Manga Sales Were Down 17% in 2008 (Update 2)
2/5/2009Toradora! Anime's Original Novels to End on March 10
2/5/2009Chii's Sweet Home's 2nd TV Season Announced for April
2/5/2009Bones' Sword of the Stranger Film Opens in U.S. Today
2/5/2009Second Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu TV Anime Green-Lit
2/4/2009Kadokawa Shoten Reportedly Says April Haruhi is Rerun
2/4/2009Paprika's Original Novel to Ship in U.K. in April
2/4/2009Rumiko Takahashi to Launch Latest Work This Spring
2/3/2009U.S. Panel Delays Requirement That Toys Be Tested for Lead
2/3/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, January 27-February 2
2/3/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, January 12-18
2/3/2009Haruhi Suzumiya TV Anime Reportedly to Relaunch in April (Update 2)
2/3/2009Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro Condoms Sold in Japan
2/3/2009Ghiblies 2's Yoshiyuki Momose Directs Music Video
2/3/2009Yurumates Comedy Anime's Promotional Video Streamed
2/3/2009Dragonball's Toriyama Sketches Ayumi Hamasaki as Goku (Updated)
2/2/2009Joost Begins Streaming Koi Koi Seven Anime
2/2/2009D?jin Chain Reports Rising Sales Despite Recession
2/2/2009Detective Conan, Yatterman's Timeslot Moves Announced
2/2/2009Spice and Wolf II's Act 0 to Ship on DVD in April (Updated)
2/2/2009Fall in Love Like a Comic's Yagami to Start Ore-sama Kingdom Manga
2/2/2009Bandai Visual Launches Free Magazine Website in Japan
2/2/2009Stranger Wins Recognition at Italy's Future Film Fest (Updated)
2/2/2009Mizuki's Op?ration Mort Wins Angoul?me's Heritage Award
2/2/2009Daily Briefs