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4/29/2009Live-Action Film Trailer for Tezuka's MW Manga Posted
4/29/2009Jun Planning Reportedly Closes U.S. Office, Reorganizes
4/29/2009Frederik L. Schodt Wins The Order of the Rising Sun Award
4/29/2009Studio 4?C's Full First Squad Trailer Streamed
4/29/2009Japan's Weekly Playboy Mag Gets Manga Mag Spinoff
4/29/2009Print View Swine Flu Grounds the Enterprise Trek's Mexican Debut Postponed
4/29/2009'Wolverine,' A Swine Flu Casualty Mexican Opening in Jeopardy
4/28/2009K-ON! Theme Songs Rank #2, #4 on Oricon Weekly Chart (Updated)
4/28/2009Gonzo Confirmed to Animate 2nd Strike Witches Season (Updated)
4/28/2009Fullmetal Alchemist OVA on 1st Brotherhood Disc
4/28/20093x3 Eyes' Takada to Launch Captain Alice Manga in May
4/28/2009Gash/Zatch Bell's Raiku to Launch Manga in September
4/28/2009Fullmetal Alchemist's Arakawa Draws Cover for Irish Novelist
4/28/2009Lyricist Ryoji Sonoda Arrested for Alleged Drug Use
4/28/2009Kawa no Hikari Ecological Novel Adapted into TV Anime
4/28/2009Wei? Survive Manga Gets TV Anime Shorts Green-Lit (Updated)
4/28/2009Central Park Media Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
4/28/2009Drawn & Quarterly Adds The Box Man, Red Snow Manga
4/28/2009Funimation Adds Heat Guy J from Esca's Kazuki Akane
4/28/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, April 21-28
4/27/2009Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Moves to Young Ace
4/27/2009Report: Gundam Unicorn Planned for Simultaneous World Release
4/27/2009Otogimoyou Ayanishiki Fantasy Manga to Relaunch in June
4/27/2009Naruto was #20 Show on Hulu, #1 on Joost in February
4/27/2009Kaiji Gambling Manga to Resume in Japan in June
4/27/2009Viz Publishes Jiro Asada's The Stationmaster Anthology
4/27/2009Maestro's Saso to Launch Sayonara Ginj? Manga
4/27/2009Daily Briefs
4/26/2009Daily Briefs
4/26/2009Japanese Box Office, April 18-19
4/26/2009Wangan Midnight the Movie to Open in Japan This Summer
4/25/2009Tentai Senshi Sunred's 2nd Anime Season Green-Lit
4/25/2009Man Arrested for Bomb Threat on Lucky Star 'Birthplace' (Updated)
4/25/2009Kannagi's Unaired 14th Episode Preview Streamed (Updated)
4/25/20091st 10 Minutes of L change the WorLd Film Streamed
4/24/2009Production I.G's Oblivion Island Film Teaser Streamed
4/24/2009Valkyrie Complex Game Gets Anime Adaptation Green-Lit (Update 2)
4/24/2009School Days to Be Posted on Crunchyroll This Spring (Update 2)
4/24/2009Daily Briefs
4/24/2009Ganbare! Memeko-chan Manga's Flash Anime Streamed
4/24/2009Nozomi Licenses Rental Magica TV Anime (Update 3)
4/24/2009Gonzo Sells 3D/VFX Digital Division to Q-Tec (Updated)
4/24/2009Takehiko Inoue: Vagabond Manga Will End in 1-2 Years
4/24/2009Astro Boy's 1980, 2003 TV Series Streamed on YouTube
4/24/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 12-18
4/24/2009Honey Boys Spiral's Kazuka Minami to Attend Yaoi-Con
4/23/2009Funimation Streams Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom Anime
4/23/200918-Meter Lifesize Gundam's 'Making-of' Video Streamed
4/23/2009Daily Briefs
4/23/2009San Diego Comic-Con Approaching Sell-Out Thursday and Sunday Left
4/23/2009Sin City 2 on the Move To New Studio
4/23/2009Viz Launches Naruto Shippuden Promotion At 500 TWE Stores
4/23/2009Fifth TMNT Movie in the Works As 25th Celebration Kicks Off
4/23/2009'Buddha,' 'Princess Knight' Films From Tezuka Productions
4/23/2009Liar Game Manga Made into 2nd TV Drama Season, Film
4/23/2009Fujoshi, Ch?ni-by? Manuals Get Manga Remakes in June
4/23/2009Nobody Knows' Kore-eda Brings Air Doll to Cannes
4/23/2009USA Today Booklist, April 13-19
4/23/2009Bungaku Shoujo Theatrical Film Anime Confirmed (Updated)
4/22/2009Crunchyroll Adds Live-Action MPD Psycho, More Tomie
4/22/2009Age Called Blue Boys-Love Manga Posted in English
4/22/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, April 13-19
4/22/2009Gundam Unicorn Anime Officially Announced (Updated)
4/22/2009Video News: Crunchyroll Anime Now on ANN
4/22/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, April 14-20
4/22/2009Duel Masters/Penguin's Troubles Film Trailer Streamed
4/22/2009Kannagi's Takenashi Reports on Recovery, Planned Return
4/22/2009Viz Launches Web Release of Rumiko Takahashi's Rin-ne (Updated)
4/21/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, April 14-20
4/21/2009Azumanga Daioh Manga's 3 New Chapters to Debut in May (Updated)
4/21/2009GeGeGe no Ny?b? Book by GeGeGe Author's Wife Gets Film (Updated)
4/21/2009Louis Vuitton, Murakami Animate Superflat First Love (Updated)
4/21/2009M?ry? no Hako, Ken to Mah? to Gakuen Mono Video Anime Scheduled
4/21/2009Gundam Unicorn Novels' Anime Adaptation Reportedly Confirmed
4/21/2009Hekiru Hikawa to End Pani Poni Manga, Plan 'Episode 0'
4/21/2009Tezuka's Buddha, Princess Knight Planned as Anime Films
4/21/2009New Say Hello to Black Jack Web Chapters to Be Priced at Y30
4/21/2009Matsumoto's Koshika has Anime, iPhone Manga Planned
4/21/2009Production I.G. Animates Music Video for Oasis (Updated)
4/20/2009The Pirate Bay Trial: The Official Verdict - Guilty
4/20/2009Report: Final Fantasy VII: ACC Sells 100K+ BDs on 1st Day
4/20/2009Lone Wolf and Cub Anime Adaptation Still in Planning
4/20/2009V.B. Rose's Hidaka to Draw 1-Shot Berry Berry Manga (Updated)
4/20/2009Daily Briefs
4/20/2009Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea's Spanish Trailer Posted
4/20/2009'Matching Service' for Japanese Otaku Seeking Friends
4/20/2009One Piece, Early Days singer Ai Kawashima in NYC in May
4/20/2009Majin Tantei N?gami Neuro Manga Ends in Japan on Monday
4/19/2009Dragonball Drops Out of Top 10 at U.S. Box Office
4/19/2009Japanese Box Office, April 11-12
4/19/2009Isshoni Training Exercise Anime to Ship on April 24 (Updated)
4/19/200913th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Winners Announced (Updated)
4/18/2009Anime Network Streams GetBackers, Pet Shop of Horrors
4/18/2009Higurashi's Ryukishi07, Peach-Pit Create PSP Software
4/18/2009Prime Minister As? Goes Cherry Blossom Viewing with AKB48 (Updated)
4/18/2009Sayonara Zetsub? Sensei's 3rd TV Series Green-Lit (Updated)
4/17/2009HanTsuki Light Novels Get Live-Action Film Green-Lit
4/17/2009Daily Briefs
4/17/2009Maaya Sakamoto to Play New Character in Eva: 2.0 Film
4/17/2009Sherlock Hound Anime Streamed in English on YouTube
4/17/2009Major Minor's Majestic March Wii Game Gets TV Anime (Updated)
4/17/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 5-11
4/17/200910 Former Workers Sue ImaginAsian for Unpaid Wages
4/16/2009Japanese Man Builds 11-Meter, 15-Ton Beetle Robot
4/16/2009Hello Project's Tsunku, Blazblue Co-Creators at AX
4/16/2009Viz Indicates Online Plans for Honey and Clover, Nana
4/16/2009USA Today Booklist, April 6-12
4/16/2009Daily Briefs
4/16/20093 New Academic Books on Otaku, Anime, Manga Published
4/16/2009Crunchyroll Adds Live-Action Tomie, Other Horror Films (Updated)
4/16/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, April 6-12
4/15/2009Rumiko Takahashi's Rinne to Run in Sync in U.S., Japan
4/15/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, April 7-13
4/15/2009Crunchyroll Adds Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Updated)
4/15/2009Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Anime Promo Streamed
4/15/2009Zac Efron: Not 'Likely' to Be in Full Metal Panic! Project
4/15/2009Say Hello to Black Jack's Sato to Post Manga Online
4/15/2009Woman Arrested for 800 Stolen Original Yaruki Manman Drawings
4/15/2009Vampire Hunter D Manga Posted on Uclick's iPhone App
4/15/2009New Takahashi Manga to Debut on Web As the Manga Magazine Is Released in Japan
4/15/2009Dark Horse, Image Embrace 'FOC' Starting April 23rd
4/15/2009Hetalia Anime's Second Season Green-Lit (Updated)
4/14/2009Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari's 4th Promo Streamed
4/14/2009Lone Wolf and Cub Manga Resumes in Katana Web Mag
4/14/2009Obata to Resume We Were There Romance Manga in June
4/14/2009'Monsterpocalypse' with 'Voltron' In 2010
4/14/2009HeroClix Deal Collapses WizKids May Release Product
4/14/2009Death Note Free with Purchase Promotion At TWE Stores
4/14/2009'Transformers' and 'GI Joe' DVD Sets From Shout! Factory
4/14/2009Daily Briefs
4/14/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, April 7-13
4/14/2009Crunchyroll Adds 2005 Glass Mask Sh?jo TV Anime
4/14/2009Hana-Kimi Manga One-Shot to Ship This Month
4/14/2009USA Today Booklist, March 23-29 & March 30-April 5
4/14/2009Japanese Science Fiction Con Award Nominees Revealed
4/13/2009Square Enix May Update
4/13/2009Some Boys-Love Manga Removed from Searches
4/13/2009Love*Com's Nakahara to Launch Berry Dynamite Manga Series
4/13/2009Weekly Tezuka Manga Posted on Yappa's iPhone App
4/13/2009Kyo no Gononi Manga Gets Original Anime DVD Green-Lit (Updated)
4/13/2009Director John Woo Makes Anime Voice Debut in S?ten K?ro
4/13/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, March 30-April 5
4/13/2009Viz to Stream Dubbed Naruto Episodes on Joost, Hulu
4/13/2009Munto Anime Film's Ads Streamed for April 18 Opening (Updated)
4/12/2009Japanese Box Office, April 4-5
4/12/2009Dragonball Evolution Opens at #8 with US$4.6 Million (Updated)
4/12/2009Clannad After Story's Last DVD to Include Kyou Arc
4/12/2009Fullmetal Alchemist Creator Posts Free 4-Panel Manga
4/12/2009Z Gundam Writer Endo to Launch Bakumatsu Medaka-Gumi Manga
4/11/2009Rumiko Takahashi's Next Work Revealed: Ky?kai no Rinne
4/11/2009Funimation to Stream Kiddy Grade, Mushi-Shi, Ouran on ANN
4/11/2009Baka to Test to Sh?kanj? Light Novels to Be Animated (Updated)
4/11/2009Higepiyo Anime Inspires Manga in Ribon Mag
4/10/2009Koichi Ohata Unable to Attend Sakura-Con This Weekend
4/10/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, March 29-April 4 (Updated)
4/10/2009Cencoroll Science-Fiction Anime's TAF Trailer Posted
4/10/2009Taish? Yaky? Musume Anime's New Promo Video Streamed
4/10/2009Lucky Star's Yoshimizu to Restart Miyakawa-ke no K?fuku
4/10/2009Daily Briefs
4/10/2009Berserk Manga to Return from Latest Hiatus in Japan (Updated)
4/10/2009Ponyo Film's French Trailer, 6 Video Clips Streamed
4/9/2009Funimation to Offer Linebarrels of Iron, Strike Witches
4/9/2009Prime Minister As?: Anime, Manga Are Part of Japan's Recovery
4/9/2009ToHeart2 adplus Promo Video Posted Online
4/9/2009?oku: The Inner Chamber Manga Gets Live-Action Film
4/9/2009Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Debuts on Funimation
4/9/2009Sega Toys Aiming for Third Bakugan TV Anime Season
4/9/2009Woman Arrested for Threatening One Piece Creator Oda
4/8/2009The Asylum Session 3D Anime's Trailer Streamed
4/8/2009Takehito Koyasu's Velvet Under World Gets Music Video Anime
4/8/2009Gurren Lagann's Yoko Idol CD/Music Video Promo Posted
4/8/2009Mamoru Hosoda's Summer Wars HD Teaser Trailer Streamed
4/8/2009Kimagure Orange Road Manga to Return in One-Shot Story
4/8/2009Gainax Co-Founder Takami Akai Plans New Anime Project
4/8/2009Japanese Comic Ranking, March 31-April 6
4/8/2009Daily Briefs
4/8/2009Solanin Manga Made into Film with Nana's Aoi Miyazaki (Updated)
4/7/20098 Live-Action Dragonball Movie Clips Posted Online
4/7/2009Ristorante Paradiso Production Studio Video Streamed
4/7/2009Miracle Train Moe Boy Characters Get Anime Green-Lit
4/7/2009Hiroyuki Yamaga, Halko Momoi Going to Fanime (Updated)
4/7/2009Omamori Himari Manga Gets TV Anime Green-Lit
4/7/2009Mandalay Pictures Licenses Full Metal Panic! Film Rights (Updated)
4/7/2009Wizards Sues Eight For Copyright Infringement
4/7/2009Daily Briefs
4/7/2009Crunchyroll to Simulcast Ristorante Paradiso on Wednesday
4/7/2009Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, March 31-April 6
4/7/2009Blade of the Immortal Novel Listed on
4/7/2009Manga Nominated for 2009 Eisner Awards
4/6/2009Daily Briefs
4/6/2009Japanese Anime TV Ranking, March 23-29
4/6/2009Naruto Shipp?den Episode 103 to Simulcast for Free
4/6/2009Gundam Licensor Sotsu Reports Lower 2Q Income, Profits
4/6/2009Funimation Channel Adds Viz Anime Starting in Late Spring (Updated)
4/6/2009801-chan & Middle School Spinoff to Run in Magazine
4/6/2009Hatsukoi Limited Anime's Promo Commercial Streamed
4/6/2009Japanese Box Office, March 28-29
4/6/2009Paper: DiCaprio Considers SMAP for Ninja Scroll Film (Updated)
4/5/2009Detroit Metal City Singer Kaji Beat Up, Robbed in Sweden (Updated)
4/5/2009New Hidamari Sketch Special Reportedly Announced
4/5/2009Crunchyroll to Simulcast Natsu no Arashi on April 5
4/5/2009New York Times Manga Best Seller List, March 22-28
4/4/20093rd Naruto Shipp?den Film Slated for August 1 in Japan
4/4/2009Say Hello to Black Jack's Sato Discloses Expenses, Income (Updated)
4/4/2009Kigurumikku V3 Anime Listed on Crunchyroll
4/4/2009Venus vs. Virus, Hitohira, King of Thorn Creators on New Manga
4/3/2009Daily Briefs
4/3/2009Shangri-La Science Fiction Anime's Second Ad Streamed
4/3/2009Guin Saga Fantasy Anime's English-Dubbed Trailer Posted
4/3/2009New Ace Attorney Manga to Launch in Japan's Young Mag
4/3/ Lists Pandora Hearts, Crimson Shell from Yen
4/3/2009Crunchyroll Simulcasts 2nd Hayate the Combat Butler Season
4/3/2009Funimation Adds Toei's Air Master, Captain Harlock
4/3/2009DMP Adds Kikuchi's Yashakiden Novels, Taimashin Manga
4/3/2009New Tales of the Abyss Manga to Launch This Month
4/3/2009Kamikaze Douga's Amanatsu Anime Video Streamed
4/3/2009Funimation to Offer 2009 Fullmetal Alchemist on April 9 (Update 4)
4/1/2009N. America's 2007 Anime Market Pegged at US$2.8 Billion
4/1/2009Daily Briefs
4/1/2009Avex, Docomo to Run New Anime on Japanese Mobile Phones
4/1/2009Gonzo to Be Delisted from Tokyo Stock Exchange
4/1/2009Ponyo's Hisaishi Wins Japan Movie Critics Award
4/1/2009Shangri-La Opening Footage Appears Online