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Anime News

DateArticle Name
2/25/2010Carved Horror Film's Manga Adaptation Listed by Amazon
2/25/2010Boys Be's Itabashi, Love Song's Nishi Launch New Manga
2/25/2010Toei Animation Raises This Year's Earnings Forecast
2/25/2010Nick Simmons' Incarnate Halted Over Alleged Bleach Plagiarism (Updated)
2/25/2010Daily Briefs
2/25/2010Hyakka Ry?ran Samurai Girls Novels Get TV Anime
2/24/2010Watchmen's Alex Tse Wrote Script for Live-Action Ninja Scroll
2/24/2010Haruhi's New Light Novel to Be Previewed in The Sneaker
2/24/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 8-14
2/24/2010Daily Briefs
2/24/2010Gundam UC's U.S. Theatrical Premiere in San Francisco
2/24/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, February 15-21
2/24/2010Seattle's Sakura-Con to Host Haruhi Artist Noizi Ito (Updated)
2/23/2010Da Capo Anime Spinoff for Sakura Yoshino Green-Lit
2/23/2010Hetalia Fan Disk to Include Unstreamed Episode
2/23/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 15-21
2/23/2010The Story of Saiunkoku Book Listed by Viz's Distributor
2/23/2010Elementhunters' 1st DVD to Include Pilot Version
2/23/2010Yankee-kun to Megane-chan Manga Gets Live-Action Series
2/23/2010GoGo Monster Manga Nominated for LA Times Book Prize
2/23/2010Bakemonogatari's 2nd Unaired Episode Streams in Japan
2/22/2010Bandai Ent. Adds Code Geass: Knights & Queens Manga
2/22/2010Haruhi Film, Moyashimon, Sarai-ya Goyou Promos Posted
2/22/2010Azumi's Kitamura to Write Shunji Iwai's Itasha Script
2/22/2010Couple Arrested for Swindling Eva Phones off Auction
2/22/2010Seattle's Sakura-Con Hosts Trigun Film Premiere, Staff
2/22/2010Minnesota's Anime Detour to Host Shinichi Watanabe
2/22/2010Damens Walker Dating Essay Manga Gets Mobile Web Anime
2/22/2010SD Gundam Sangokuden TV Anime Confirmed for April
2/22/2010Daily Briefs
2/21/2010Dogs Director Abe Indicates a Madhouse Film is on Hold
2/21/2010Shiki, Yoj?-Han Shinwa Taikei, Working Promos Streamed
2/21/2010Daily Briefs
2/21/2010Mag: Live-Action Vampire Hunter D, More Anime Planned
2/20/2010IMAGI's Astro Boy Film Debuts at #3 on UK Charts
2/20/2010Daily Briefs
2/20/2010Kodansha Hints at Launch of 5 Loveplus Manga Series
2/19/2010Sydney Manga and Anime Show Hosts Actress Yuko Miyamura
2/19/2010Animelo Holds 1st Overseas Live Concert in Shanghai
2/19/2010Kirsten Dunst & McG's 'Akihabara Majokko Princess' Video Streamed
2/19/2010Media Blasters Adds Record of Lodoss War OVA, TV Anime
2/19/2010J-Pop Band Chatmonchy to Perform in New York, California, Texas
2/19/2010Daily Briefs
2/19/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, February 7-13
2/19/2010Time of Eve Sci-Fi Film's New Footage Previewed
2/18/2010Media Blasters Confirms Sayonara Zetsub? Sensei License
2/18/2010Girls Bravo's Kaneda Launches Hamidoru! Idol Manga
2/18/2010Daily Briefs
2/18/2010Ponyo, Bakemonogatari, Conan Win Japanese BD Prizes
2/18/2010Japanese Box Office, February 13-14: Haruhi Adds $567K
2/18/2010Another Hour of Adult Swim Every Day
2/18/2010B&N Fends off Burkle Maintains Poison Pill
2/18/2010Anime Expo Hosts Excel Saga Director Shinichi Watanabe
2/18/2010One Piece Opening Anime Made for Hey! Spring of Trivia
2/18/2010Producer: Battle Angel Film Planned After Avatar 2
2/17/2010N. Carolina's Animazement Hosts Utena's Saito, Chika Sakamoto
2/17/2010Haruhi's Day of Sagittarius III Game Offered on iPhone
2/17/2010Yamato Resurrection's BD/DVD to Include Both Endings
2/17/2010'Young Director' to Helm Studio Ghibli's Work in 2011
2/17/2010Daily Briefs
2/17/2010Anime Encyclopedia's McCarthy Decries Book's Copying
2/17/2010Crunchyroll, Funimation Stream Shinkai Works, Moeyo Ken
2/17/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, February 8-14 (Updated)
2/16/2010Report: Ashita no Joe Boxing Manga Goes Live-Action
2/16/2010California's FanimeCon Hosts Japanese Band LM.C in May
2/16/2010So-Ra-No-Wo-To's BD/DVD #4, #7 to Add Unaired Episodes
2/16/2010Dance in the Vampire Bund Special Edition Compilation Airs
2/16/2010Welcome to the Space Show's English Trailer Streamed
2/16/2010Summer Wars Wins Tokyo Anime Fair's Top Award, 6 More (Updated)
2/16/2010Some of the 4th Annual Seiy? Award Winners Revealed
2/16/2010Fujoshi no Hinkaku Essay Manga Gets Flash Anime
2/16/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 8-14
2/15/2010Daily Briefs
2/15/2010Hawaii's Kawaii Kon Hosts Hideo Ishikawa, Masakazu Morita
2/15/2010Hatsune Miku DVD Collections at #6, #7 on Weekly Chart
2/15/2010USC to Host Azumi/Baton/Godzilla: Final Wars' Kitamura
2/15/2010Amazon JP Gets 88,000 Evangelion 2.22 BD/DVD Pre-Orders
2/15/2010Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku Anime's 2nd Preview Streamed
2/15/2010NY Int'l Children's Film Fest to Host Director Hosoda
2/15/2010Sunred, Kawasaki Soccer Team Create New Anime Special
2/14/2010First Gundam Anime, All of Gundam Seed Now Streaming
2/14/2010Report: Tecmo's Rio Game Character Gets TV Anime
2/14/2010Funimation Announces Dragon Ball Z Kai's English Cast
2/14/2010Funimation Gets Trigun TV Anime Series on BD/DVD
2/14/2010Amano Attends Opening of Los Angeles Exhibit Next Week
2/14/2010Anime Network Presents To Love-Ru for Valentine's
2/13/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, February 1-7 (Updated)
2/13/2010Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Premieres on U.S. TV
2/12/2010New Pretty Cure All Stars 2 Trailer
2/12/2010Producer: 2nd Unaired Bakemonogatari Episode Next Week (Updated)
2/12/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, January 31-February 6
2/12/2010Kadokawa: Haruhi Film Earns 200 Million Yen in 1st Week
2/12/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 1-7
2/12/2010Daily Briefs
2/11/2010NIS America Licenses Toradora! as Its First Anime (Updated)
2/11/2010Sanrio/Sega's Jewelpet Gets New TV Anime Series (Updated)
2/11/2010MIT to Host Mamoru Hosoda, Free Summer Wars Screening
2/11/2010Christopher Handley Sentenced to 6 Months for 'Obscene' Manga (Updated)
2/11/2010Totoro Makes Cameo in Pixar's 3rd Toy Story 3 Trailer
2/11/2010Japanese Otaku Awards' 'Girl's Side' Winners Announced
2/11/2010Kurozuka's Noguchi to Revive Babel II Sci-Fi Manga
2/11/2010Japanese Box Office, February 6-7
2/10/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, February 1-7
2/10/2010Arashi's Ohno to Star in Live-Action TV Kaibutsu-kun
2/10/2010Report: Book of Eli's Hughes Brothers in Akira Talks
2/10/2010Level 5's Inazuma 11 Anime Extended Until March 2011
2/10/2010Sock Monkey Loves You Book Gets TV Anime
2/10/2010Evangelion Spandex Bicycle Shorts for Sale
2/10/20101st Macross Series Streaming with English Dub on Hulu
2/9/2010Animation Studio Shuts Down Home of Astro Boy, Turtles
2/9/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 1-7
2/9/2010Daily Briefs
2/9/2010Yoshihiro Tatsumi Nominated for Eisner Hall of Fame
2/9/2010Kuragehime Women's Manga Gets TV Anime
2/9/2010Dubbed Strike Witches, Wallflower, Halo Clip Posted
2/9/2010Eleanor Farjeon Story Gets Japanese/Korean Animation
2/9/2010Manga UK Adds New Fullmetal Alchemist, Sengoku Basara
2/9/2010Haruhi Film in Top 10 with 89,010,100 yen (Updated)
2/9/2010Mitsuru Adachi Ends Cross Game Sports Manga Next Week
2/9/2010King of Thorn, Senk? no Night Raid Promos Streamed
2/9/2010Galileo Galilei Band to Launch TV Anime Shorts
2/8/2010Ichiban Ushiro no Daima? TV Anime's Promo Streamed
2/8/2010Votoms Case;Irvine, Finder, Koei Futatabi Anime Revealed (Updated)
2/8/2010Anime Boston Hosts Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu
2/8/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, January 25-31
2/8/2010Japan Foundation Teaches Japanese via Anime, Manga
2/8/2010Chicks Dump 'Avatar' With 'Dear John' No 8 Straight on Super Bowl Weekend
2/8/2010Writers Join in E-Book Smackdown MacMillan CEO Hopes the End is Near
2/7/2010Coraline's Uesugi Wins Annie, But Not Miyazaki, Hisaishi
2/7/2010Canada's YTV Removes Naruto, Bleach From Schedule
2/7/2010Japan Makes English Evangelion Tourism Map, Poster
2/7/2010Chiaki Kuriyama's Gundam UC Song Gets Overseas Release
2/6/2010Japanese Box Office, January 30-31
2/6/2010Alive - Saish? Shinka teki Sh?nen Manga Ends in Japan
2/6/2010CG Astro Boy's Imagi Studio Lays Off 300+ Employees
2/6/2010Daily Briefs
2/5/2010xxxHOLiC R?, Eden of the East, Working!! Promos Posted
2/5/2010Seiho Boys' High School! Sh?jo Manga Listed by Amazon
2/5/2010New York Times Manga Best Seller List, January 24-30
2/5/2010Five Star Stories' Nagano to Make Directorial Debut
2/5/2010ANN Exclusive Review: Gundam UC Vol. 01 Available Now
2/5/2010Divorce Living Together Manga Gets TV Drama & Sequel
2/5/2010Daily Briefs
2/5/2010Dengeki Daisy Sh?jo Romance Manga Listed by Amazon
2/5/2010Time of Eve Science-Fiction Anime Gets Manga Series
2/4/2010My Darling is a Foreigner Film's Trailer Streamed
2/4/2010Idol Shoko Nakagawa's Life Story Made into Sh?jo Manga
2/4/2010New Fullmetal Alchemist's 9th BD/DVD Adds Unaired Anime in Japan
2/4/2010Daily Briefs
2/4/2010Worldwide 'Sailor Moon' Revival Spreads From Japan to Italy
2/4/2010No Super Bowl Ad for 'Iron Man 2' 'Last Airbender,' 'Alice in Wonderland' Get Spots
2/4/2010Conditional Settlement Notice Filed In Konami - Upper Deck Suit
2/4/2010Hawkeye is the 4th Avenger Clint Barton Back in the Purple
2/4/2010Sakura-Con Hosts Giant Robo/Shin Mazinger's Imagawa
2/4/2010Producer: Live-Action Evangelion Project Still Active
2/4/2010Adult Swim to Debut Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Update 3)
2/4/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 25-31
2/4/2010Eagle Talon The Movie 3 Moviegoers Get 10,000 Free DVDs
2/3/2010Evangelion 2.22 Film's Digitally Mastered DVD Listed
2/3/2010'Namco Bandai Group Restart Plan' Announced
2/3/2010Daily Briefs
2/3/2010Funimation Parent Navarre Reports 3Q Sales Drop
2/3/2010Iron Man Is an Avenger 3rd Member of the Team Revealed
2/3/2010Borders Bankruptcy ?Very Low Probability? Merger with B&N Possible
2/3/2010Halo Legends, Kakera: A Piece of Our Life Videos Posted
2/3/2010Japan's Animation TV Ranking, January 18-24
2/3/2010Japanese Comic Ranking, January 25-31
2/3/2010Yen Press Adds Haruhi-Chan, K-On! Manga, Bungaku Shoujo (Updated)
2/2/2010Heartcatch Precure, Senk? no Night Raid Promos Posted
2/2/2010Navarre Reveals Funimation's Dragon Ball Kai License (Updated)
2/2/2010Ponyo Not Nominated for Oscars
2/2/2010Highschool of the Dead Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit
2/2/2010X Japan Band Invited to Lollapalooza Fest in August
2/2/2010Daily Briefs
2/2/20107th Animax Award Winner 'Shoka' to Debut in March
2/2/2010Bakemonogatari Vol. 4 Blu-ray Sells 48,000 in 1st Week
2/2/2010'Spider-Woman' Joins New Avengers Not in the 'Heroic Age' Graphic
2/2/2010'Avatar,' 'The Hurt Locker' Lead Oscar Noms No Nod for 'Ponyo'
2/2/2010Funimation Nabs 'Dragon Ball Z Kai' Revamped 'DBZ'
2/2/2010Olivia Wilde in 'Cowboys & Aliens' Joins Daniel Craig
2/2/2010Upper Deck Lauds Konami Settlement 'A Successful Resolution'
2/2/2010E-book Smackdown Macmillan vs. Amazon
2/2/2010Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 25-31
2/1/2010Eden of the East the Movie II's Trailer Streamed
2/1/2010Kuroshitsuji II to Debut in July with New Butler, Master
2/1/20108 Fuji TV Stations to Launch Anime Shorts Next Month
2/1/2010All of Z Gundam, 2 Gundam UC Trailers Now Streaming
2/1/2010Nodame Cantabile Manga to Bundle Anime DVD, CD in April
2/1/2010Kure-nai Manga's 5th Volume to Bundle Anime in July
2/1/2010Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, January 18-24
2/1/2010Live-Action Jin Producers Deny News Reports of Film