Anime News

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11/30/2011Battle Break Trading Figure Game Gets Anime
11/30/2011Top-Selling Manga in Japan by Volume: 2011
11/30/2011One Piece Sells Record 38 Million Manga Volumes in 2011
11/30/2011Weekly Manga Magazine Devoted to World's Great Figures
11/30/2011Sumioni 'Action/Ink-Drawing' Game Trailer Streamed
11/30/2011Zelda: Skyward Sword Tops Weekly Chart With 194,978
11/30/2011Kobato BD Box to Add 2 New Hajimete no Kobato Flash Shorts
11/30/2011LovePlus Virtual Girlfriends Get Sh?nen Mag Photoshoot
11/30/2011Nana Mizuki, AKB48, L'Arc-en-Ciel in New Year's K?haku
11/30/2011Koi-ken! Mobile Dating Simulation Game Gets Anime
11/30/2011Naruto's Rock Lee Manga Spinoff Gets Anime
11/30/2011Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Film Image Published
11/29/2011Toaru Majutsu no Index Producer: 26-Episode Anime Costs 300 Million Yen
11/29/2011Marty Friedman, Kishidan's Show Perform Kamen Rider Film Theme
11/29/2011Live-Action Akira Film's Plot Listed by Casting Call
11/29/2011Nana Mizuki's The Museum II Album Sells 82,649 at #3
11/29/2011Digital Manga Adds Game-Based Starry Sky Manga
11/29/2011FUNimation Entertainment Acquires GIRL$
11/29/2011Loups=Garous Dvd and Blu-Ray Edition on Sale Today
11/29/2011Moore Talks 'Vendetta' Mask Selling to Protestors
11/29/2011Former Tokyopop Global Title Off*Beat to Resume in 2012
11/29/2011Megpoid Colorist, A Channel Manga Creator Draw on Wacom
11/29/2011J-Cast: Kadokawa Has No Plans for 3rd Haruhi TV Season
11/29/2011K-ON! Film Shown at Midnight at Toho Cinemas Nationwide
11/29/2011Voice Actress Aya Hirano Gets Her Own iPhone App
11/29/2011Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, November 21-27
11/29/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: November 21-27
11/29/2011Hagure Y?sha no Estetica Light Novels Get TV Anime
11/29/2011Manga-Based Wild 7 Police Action Film's New Trailer Posted
11/29/2011'The Walking Dead' Best Ever Basic Cable Drama in Demo
11/29/2011'Battle Royale' Won't Happen 'Hunger Games' Gets Oxygen
11/29/2011Daily Briefs
11/29/2011Oricon Poll: Views on Turning Anime/Manga into Live-Action
11/29/2011Gintama' Producer Indicates Edited Renh? Arc on Home Video
11/29/2011Monster Hunter 3G Hunting Action Game's Opening Streamed
11/29/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: Nov. 27 - Dec. 3
11/28/2011November Issue of World's 1st Digital Manga Magazine "COMICLOUD" On Sale Soon
11/28/2011Shueisha's Cocohana Magazine Manga Lineup Revealed
11/28/2011One Piece's 30-cm Oars Zombie Figure Offered by Bandai
11/28/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, November 13-19
11/28/2011Daily Cosplay - Rozen Maiden's Shinku
11/28/2011Asura's Wrath Game's TV Ad Posted
11/28/2011Hakuhodo, Sega Launch Production Firm Aimed at Hollywood
11/28/2011Producer: Spike Lee's Oldboy Ending May Be Darker
11/28/2011Million Dragon Quest Slime Pork Buns Set to Be Devoured
11/28/2011Voice Actress Aya Hirano Hints at 'Secret' Project
11/28/2011Bakemonogatari's NisiOisin Starts Detective Novel Series (Updated)
11/28/2011Manga-Based Live-Action Thermae Romae Teaser Streamed
11/28/2011H?zuki-san Chi no Aneki 4-Panel Manga Gets Anime
11/28/2011My Sweet Umadonna to Launch on December 11 as Web Game
11/28/2011AIC Adapts Aoshima's Atoranjaa Robot Into Anime Short
11/28/2011Nodame's Tomoko Ninomiya Gives Birth to Healthy Boy
11/28/2011Gravitation's Murakami Relaunches Kanpai! Manga Series
11/28/2011AnoHana Helmer, Designer Reunite on Ano Natsu de Matteru
11/28/2011New Rurouni Kenshin Anime's Part I Promo Video Streamed
11/28/2011K-ON-Wrapped Trains Run on Tokyo's Busy Yamanote Line
11/28/2011Tales of Xillia Anime Not Announced in Magazine
11/28/2011Daily Briefs
11/28/2011New Lupin III Special's TV Ad Posted
11/28/2011'Hornet with Milk Chita' Moe Car Alarms Sold
11/28/2011Kyoto Animation Announces Hyou-ka Teen Mystery TV Anime
11/28/2011SMAP Group Performs Popular Anime Theme Songs
11/27/2011Daily Briefs
11/27/2011Rie Kugimiya Added to Baby, Please Kill Me! Cast
11/27/2011Love, Election, & Chocolate Game Gets 2012 TV Anime
11/27/2011Smile Precure Confirmed for Next Spring
11/27/2011Cosplay Calendar, Voice Actor Calendar Offered For Charity
11/27/2011Film Star Jean Reno Returns as Doraemon in New Ad
11/27/2011North American Stream List: November 21-27
11/27/2011?bel Blatt Fantasy Manga's Main Series Returns
11/27/2011Oricon Poll: Actors for Hypothetical Live-Action Slam Dunk
11/27/2011Sentai Filmworks to Dub Dream Eater Merry for Blu-ray
11/27/2011Tiger & Bunny as Drawn by Asuka Manga Creators
11/27/2011Universal Studios Japan Hosts K-ON Cast, Life-Size Statues
11/27/2011Producer: Miyazaki's Newest Is Not For Everyone to Relax & Watch
11/26/2011Daily Briefs
11/26/2011Japanese Box Office, November 19?20
11/26/2011Sgt. Frog/Keroro Starscream Transformer Toy Offered
11/26/201170,000+ Yen Needed to Get All K-ON! Film Ticket Bonuses
11/26/2011Kitaro's Eiji Wentz to Star as Wrestling Hero Tiger Mask (Updated)
11/26/2011Niconico and Aniplex Presents "Rurouni Kenshin Streaming Live: Reflection" A Free Live Event Streaming Simultaneously in Japan, US and Canada
11/26/2011Historical TV Anime Kingdom's Cast Listed
11/23/2011Final Fantasy XIII-2's Battle in Valhalla Trailer Streamed
11/23/2011Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy's Nojima Makes Short Anime
11/23/2011Live-Action Ranma 1/2 TV Special's 1st Ad Aired
11/23/2011Tokyo Evangelion Store Displays Unidentified Characters
11/23/2011Kuroko no Basuke Anime's Staff, Cast, Premiere Listed
11/23/2011Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2's U.S. Trailer Streamed
11/23/2011Discotek to Release 2nd Panda! Go, Panda! Film Also
11/23/2011K-ON! Film Gets Midnight Screenings
11/23/2011Twitch Site: Ken Watanabe Offered Akira's Colonel Role
11/23/2011Inazuma 11/Happy Feet 2's Collaborative Ad Posted
11/23/2011Bandai Entertainment to Close its Online Store in December
11/23/2011Frontier Gate's 2nd Trailer Streamed
11/23/2011Bandai Entertainment's E-Commerce Website "The Store" To Close On December 29th; Online Sale Begins Today
11/23/2011Crunchyroll Simulcasts gdgd Fairies CG TV Anime
11/23/2011FUNimation Entertainment brings Confucius to North America
11/23/2011Amazon Launches DC Store With Digital, Print GNs, Videos, Toys
11/23/2011New Honcho at Viz Europe Hyoe Narita
11/23/2011Books Expected to Decline by One Third
11/22/2011Touch My Katamari PS Vita Game's English Trailer Posted
11/22/2011Yurumates 4-Panel Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime
11/22/2011Mamoru Oshii: Today's Anime Is Driven by Otaku, Merchandise
11/22/2011Seven Seas Adds Oniichan no Koto Nanka?, Girl Friends Manga
11/22/2011Microsoft Offers Windows Sounds Voiced by Eri Kitamura
11/22/2011GA's Kiyuduki?to Resume Shoulder a Coffin, Kuro Manga
11/22/2011Tiger & Bunny's Kotetsu & Barnaby Bed Sheets Offered
11/22/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 14-20
11/22/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: November 14-20
11/22/2011Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost Game Revealed
11/22/2011A Certain Scientific Railgun PSP Game's Promo Streamed
11/22/2011Real-Life Mario Kart Arrives in Los Angeles
11/22/2011SMAP's Kimura, Hiroshi Kitadani Duet One Piece Theme
11/22/2011Anime K?haku Contest Returns with Aki Toyosaki
11/22/2011Manga-Based Kisei J?i Suzune Film's Trailer Streamed
11/22/2011Duel Masters Card Game Has Curry-Scented Card
11/22/2011Live-Action Cowboy Bebop's Instavision Involved in Lawsuit
11/22/2011Discotek Adds Isao Takahata's Panda! Go Panda! Anime
11/22/2011Hyoe Narita, New President of VIZ Media Europe
11/22/2011New People Kicks Off 2011 Holiday Shopping Season With A Special Retail Sale on Japanese Pop Fashions and Products
11/22/2011Seven Seas Goes Omnibus-First With Girl Friends and I Don't Like You At All, Big Brother!!
11/22/2011Funimation Channel Announces the Launch of Their Updated Website Funimation.TV and Grand Opening of Shop For Anime Fans
11/22/2011Coicent and Five Numbers DVD and Blu-Ray Editions On Sale Today
11/22/2011Daily Briefs
11/22/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: November 20-26
11/22/2011New Legend of Zelda Manga Drawn by Akira Himekawa
11/22/2011Courtney Waller Collects the Trophy at the Final Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series of 2011
11/22/2011The King of Fighters XIII, New Entry in Legendary Fighting Series, In Stores Now Across North America
11/21/2011Hetalia Paint it, White! Film's English Clip, Interview Posted
11/21/2011Full Moon's Tanemura Holds Tour for Female Fans Only
11/21/2011Shinkai's Hoshi o Ou Kodomo Licensed in North America
11/21/2011Dragon Ball Episode of Bardock Spinoff Manga Gets Anime (Updated)
11/21/2011Asahi: Kadokawa Controlled 48% of Light Novel Market
11/21/2011Madoka Magica Exhibit in Tokyo, Osaka to Recreate Scenes
11/21/2011FUNimation Entertainment Launches Fullmetal Battle for iPhone and iPod Touch
11/21/2011Adult PC Game My Girlfriend is the President Goes Golden Master
11/21/2011Nyu Media Announces the Next Wave of Localized Japanese Indie Titles
11/21/2011Final Fantasy XIII-2 Soundtrack Previewed Online
11/21/2011Panty & Stocking's School Uniform Sold by Gainax
11/21/2011Daily Briefs
11/21/2011Square Enix Releases Games for Android in Japan
11/21/2011Ghibli Lists Jobs for Isao Takahata's Summer 2013 Film
11/21/2011Opening Movie for Eien no Aseria PSP Version Streamed
11/21/2011Daily Cosplay - Puella Magi Madoka Magica's Madoka
11/21/2011Princess Resurrection's Mitsunaga Starts Mystery Manga
11/21/2011Sengoku Basara Holds AKB48-Style 'BSR48' Popularity Poll
11/21/2011Live-Action Arakawa Under the Bridge Film Trailer Posted
11/21/2011Berserk Anime's 2nd, 3rd Films to Open in 2012
11/21/2011Durarara, Lasting Anthem Games Offered on Android Market
11/21/20117 AKB48 Members Join Ultraman Saga's Earth Defence Force
11/21/2011Gary Oldman Discusses Offer for Akira Role
11/21/2011DMI Officially Launch the Anime Cel Art Store
11/21/2011Japan Flix And Well Go USA Team Up
11/20/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 7-13
11/20/2011North American Stream List: November 14-20
11/20/2011Japan's #1 Selling Male Solo Artist Sings Doraemon Song
11/20/2011Namco Bandai Games to Absorb Namco Tales Studio
11/20/2011Tiger & Bunny's Life-Size Wild Tiger Made From Balloons (Updated)
11/20/2011Nelvana Offers Beyblade 4D as Beyblade: Metal Fury
11/20/2011Daily Briefs
11/20/2011Asa Made Jugyou Chu! Romantic Comedy Manga Gets Anime
11/20/2011Ky?, Koi o Hajimemasu Sh?jo Manga Gets Live-Action Film
11/19/2011Japanese Box Office, November 12?13
11/19/2011Colin Firth Acknowledges Being 'Approached' for Oldboy
11/19/2011Restrictions Lifted on Maine Man Arrested for Explicit 'Anime'
11/19/2011Daily Briefs
11/19/2011One Piece Gets New Film Set in New World Arc
11/19/2011Hollywood Reporter Lists Candidates for Akira's Tetsuo
11/19/2011Shonen Jump: Medaka Box Has 3rd Project Besides Anime, Novel
11/18/2011FMA/Hanamaru Kindergarten's Mizushima Directs Natsuiro Kiseki
11/18/201116th Detective Conan Anime Feature to Open in April
11/18/2011Un-Go episode:0 Anime Prequel Film's Teaser Streamed
11/18/2011TV Tokyo Decided to Pull Gintama' Episode on Its Own
11/18/2011High School DxD TV Anime's Promotional Video Streamed
11/18/2011Film Star Jean Reno's Live-Action Doraemon Ad Streamed (Updated)
11/18/2011Tibetan Dog Anime Film's Trailer Streamed
11/18/2011Kristen Stewart Offered 'Akira' As Ky Reed
11/18/2011'Munsters' Pilot Revived By NBC
11/18/2011Platinum Seeks to Raise $10M Shares Worth Less than $.01
11/18/2011Bluewater Signs with SCB Distributors For Graphic Novels
11/18/2011Viz Jumps Ahead 12 'Bleach' Volumes For Shonen Jump Digital Warp
11/18/2011K-ON's Azusa Nakano Full-Graphic T-Shirt Offered
11/18/2011Daily Cosplay - Witchblade's Masane & Shiori
11/18/2011Sakura Wars Sh?jo Manga's Character Lineup Revealed
11/18/2011Tales of the Heroes Action Game Videos Streamed
11/18/2011Hello Kitty PS Vita Game Holds Open Casting Call
11/18/2011Baby, Please Kill Me! Anime Theme Songs Sung by Cast
11/18/2011D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ Cast, Release Date Announced
11/18/2011Oblivion Island Film's English Dub to Premiere in NYC in December
11/18/2011Eri Kitamura's Vocaloid CUL Voice, Design Previewed
11/18/2011Tekken: Blood Vengeance's 1st 7 Minutes Streamed
11/18/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, November 6-12
11/18/2011Daily Briefs
11/17/2011Oreimo's Kuroneko Pitches Mazda Cars in Newspaper Ad
11/17/2011Seitokai Yakuindomo Manga Volume 7 to Bundle Anime DVD
11/17/2011Movie Star Jean Reno Plays Doraemon in Live-Action Ads
11/17/2011Ai Mi! Moe Can Change! Bish?jo-Raising Game Gets Anime
11/17/2011Ni no Kuni PS3 Game's Live-Action Ads Streamed
11/17/2011Mario Kart 7 Ads Starring Boy Band Arashi Streamed
11/17/2011Saint Seiya PS3 Game's Opening Streamed
11/17/2011Daily Briefs
11/17/2011Fractale Anime's Manga Adaptation Ends in Japan
11/17/2011Switch Girl Teen Comedy Manga Gets Live-Action Show
11/17/2011Viz Media Announces the Release of Bleach The Movie: Fade to Black on DVD and Blu-ray, and for Digital Download
11/17/2011Viz Media Fires Up Kids' Imaginations This Holiday Season with New Manga Titles
11/17/2011Demon Lord Dante vs. Getter Robo G Manga to End
11/17/2011Western Tottori Plans Bish?jo Game to Boost Local Area
11/17/2011Arrietty Anime Film's U.S. Dub Featurette Posted
11/17/2011Jormungand Action Manga About to End in Japan
11/17/2011PlayStation UK Mag: Kojima to Discuss Metal Gear Solid 5
11/17/2011K-ON! Fair Snacks, More Offered at Lawson Stores
11/17/2011Katamari Damacy No-Vita to Roll Into Otaku's Room
11/17/2011Nodame's Ninomiya to Launch Baby-Raising Essay Manga
11/17/2011Final Fantasy XIII-2 Interview Video Streamed
11/17/2011Gundam Caf? Serves Year-End Party Menus
11/17/2011Square Enix's Lord of Apocalypse Promo Video Posted
11/16/2011Gundam, Ultraman, Kamen Rider Play Dodgeball Again on PSP
11/16/2011K-ON! Social Simulation Game Made for Japanese Phone
11/16/2011Tales of Xillia Anime Listed by Retail Site
11/16/2011Ultraman Saga Anniversary Film TV Ad Posted
11/16/2011Alice in the Country of Hearts Fan Disc Opening Posted
11/16/2011Live-Action Akira Is Not Next Movie for Ezra Miller
11/16/2011Ni no Kuni Game's Curry Video Streamed
11/16/2011Ghost In the Shell Gets Feature Phone Game in Japan
11/16/2011Hyper Japan Host World Cosplay Summit UK Selection
11/16/2011Digital Manga Brings the Digital Manga Publishing Store to the iPad and Android Tablets
11/16/2011Destination Japan Announces the Tokyo Anime Freedom Tour 2012
11/16/2011Animate The Holidays With New Professor Layton, Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, Pok?mon, Vampire Knight And More
11/16/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, November 7-13
11/16/2011NIS America to Release Atelier Meruru PS3 Game
11/16/2011Atelier Meruru?: The Apprentice of Arland Comes To North America and Europe in Spring 2012
11/16/2011Hatsune Miku in Los Angeles Photo Book to Ship Next Month
11/16/2011Onechanbara Z Splatter Action Game's Trailer Streamed
11/16/2011Top 10 Light Novels Ranked by Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi!
11/16/2011Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- extend Sells 184,673 on PSP
11/16/2011Ghibli's Miyazaki, Suzuki Wish Pixar a Happy 25th
11/16/2011Nintendo Responds to PETA About Super Mario 3D Land
11/16/2011Medaka Box School Comedy TV Anime Made by Gainax (Updated)
11/16/2011Negima Film's Length Nearly Doubled for Manga-Bundled DVD
11/16/2011Fate/Zero Collaborates with Online Toy Wars Game
11/16/2011Working!!/Wagnaria!! Gets Stage Play Next May
11/16/2011Persona 4 Fighting Game Adds P3's Akihiko Sanada, Mitsuru Kirij?
11/16/2011Dead or Alive's Ayane Appears in Warriors Orochi/Musou Orochi 2
11/16/2011Knight in the Area Soccer Anime's Cast, Staff, Date Revealed
11/16/2011Daily Briefs
11/16/2011L'Arc~en~Ciel Concert Film Event Only Days Away and Will Thrill J-Pop Music Fans in 9 Major U.S. Cities
11/14/2011Hatsune Miku Good Smile BMW Car Wins JAF Grand Prix
11/14/2011King of Fighters XIII Promotional Movie Trailer Posted
11/14/2011Live-Action Ranma 1/2 Poster Drawn by Rumiko Takahashi
11/14/2011Viz Manga Announces Bleach Manga Digital 'Jump Ahead' To Latest Story Arc
11/14/2011L'Arc-en-Ciel Tickets Go On Sale November 17 for April 11, 2012 Show at the O2's Indigo02/London
11/14/2011GEN Manga Is Now Available on Graphicly
11/14/2011GetAmped European Server Closed Beta Test Announcement
11/14/2011Browser-Based Mecha Strategy Game Cosmic Commander 2nd Beta Has Begun
11/14/2011EuroCosplay Championships, Finals 2011
11/14/2011Anime-zing! 2012 Features Sonny Strait, Robert Axelrod
11/14/2011Section23 Films Announces February Slate
11/14/2011Yuruyuri's Magical Girl Mirakurun Stick Sells for US$297
11/14/20115th Towa no Quon Film's 1st 6 Minutes Streamed
11/14/2011New People Entertainment Releases Documentary Of AKB48 - To Be Continued on DVD and Digital on December 1st
11/14/2011Montreal's Animaze Film Festival Screens Redline, First Squad Films
11/14/2011Gundam AGE Character Poll Won By Vargas, Yurin
11/14/2011Ekiben Hitoritabi Travel Manga Gets Live-Action TV Series
11/14/2011Zelda: Skyward Sword's New Robin Williams Ad Streamed
11/14/2011Redline Racing Film's 4th English-Dubbed Clip Posted
11/14/2011Voice Actress Hitomi Harada to Stream Birthday Celebration
11/14/2011Yamato Resurrection Director's Cut to Run in Theaters
11/14/2011Arakawa Under the Bridge Pop-Up Shop to Open in Tokyo
11/14/2011Historical Manga Kingdom Gets TV Anime in 2012
11/11/2011Enterbrain Starts Fellows! (Q) Manga Mag for New Artists
11/11/2011Glay Holds Japan's 1st Live Streaming Show on 3 Sites
11/11/2011Jewelpet Twinkle Fan Disc F to Have New Animated Music Video
11/11/2011Twitch Site: Colin Firth Offered Villain Role in Oldboy Remake
11/11/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, October 30-November 5
11/11/2011AKB48's Y?ko ?shima to Cosplay for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Launch
11/11/2011Yamato 2199 Anime Remake Film's Teaser Streamed
11/11/2011Evangelion Tomato Ramen Soup to Be Sold in Japan
11/11/2011Ushicon to Host Aria Director Junichi Sato in Texas
11/11/2011Full Moon Manga's Tanemura Ends Exclusivity with Ribon Mag
11/11/2011Japan to Join Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Talks
11/11/2011Gintama' #232 to Not Run on AT-X at TV Tokyo's Request
11/11/2011Veteran Anime Director Junichi Sato Appearing at Ushicon 2012
11/11/2011JAST USA Releases PC RPG Aselia the Eternal
11/11/2011Anime USA Partners with Make-A-Wish Foundation
11/11/2011Izumicon 2011 Announces Main Events and Guests Vic Mignogna, Christine Auten, Samantha Inoue-Harte, David Williams, and Doug Smith!
11/11/2011K-ON's Azusa's Birthday Celebrated with 2,222 Cards
11/11/2011Daily Briefs
11/10/2011Detective Conan's New Kait? Kid Special to Air on Xmas Eve (Updated)
11/10/2011Aya Hirano's Rolling Stone Cover Photoshoot Streamed
11/10/2011Lone Wolf & Cub's Koike to Create Magical Girl Story
11/10/2011Prince of Tennis Featured on English NHK World TV Show
11/10/2011Hatsune Miku Concert Streamed for Free Thursday Morning
11/10/2011Peach Girl's Miwa Ueda to Launch Rokomoko Manga
11/10/2011Strike Witches Film's 12th Witch Revealed: Shizuka Hattori
11/10/2011Danb?ru Senki Boost PSP Game's TV Ads Streamed
11/10/2011Daily Briefs
11/10/2011New Lollipop Chainsaw Game Trailer Streamed
11/10/2011Hatsune Miku's 2 Live Events Combined for Next March
11/10/2011Fate/Zero's Holy Grail War Made Simple (Intermediate Level)
11/10/2011Japanese Phone Service Lets You Make Friends with Coke Machines
11/10/2011Megumi Nakajima Joins Phi-Brain Anime's Cast
11/10/2011Muscian Daigo to Star in Ultraman Saga Film Next March
11/10/2011Maken-Ki! Cast Adds Rie Tanaka, Rina Satou, Others
11/10/2011Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends Gameplay Trailer Streamed
11/10/2011Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Gets Manga Adaptation
11/10/2011Giant Killing, Walkin' Butterfly Creators Collaborate
11/10/2011Ano Natsu de Matteru Romantic Comedy's Cast Confirmed
11/10/2011Redline Film to Screen in Los Angeles in December
11/10/2011Canada's Waterloo Shows Makoto Shinkai's Hoshi o Ou Kodomo
11/9/2011Nikkan Sports: Yamato 2199 Anime Film to Open in April
11/9/2011One Piece Manga #64 Sells 2 Million+ Copies in 3 Days
11/9/2011Toyota's U.S. Hatsune Miku Ads Win Award
11/9/2011Sentai Filmworks Announces The World God Only Knows Dub Cast
11/9/2011Live-Action Doraemon Ad Shows Cast 2 Decades Later
11/9/2011Canada's Waterloo Shows Madhouse's Recollections of a Certain Pilot
11/9/2011Super Mario 3D Land Sells 343,492, Propels 3DS Sales
11/9/2011Shaman King -Flowers- Sequel Manga to Launch in April
11/9/2011Voice Actor Ken Yamaguchi Passes Away at 55
11/9/2011Redline Racing Film's Video Blog Posted by Manga UK
11/9/2011Houbunsha, Ume Aoki to Start Manga Time Kirara Carino Mag
11/9/2011Black Rock Shooter TV Anime Retains Video Voice Cast
11/9/2011Clannad Complete Collection Blu-Ray Edition on Sale Today!
11/9/2011Anime Network to Stream Un-Go Online
11/9/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Un-Go Television Anime
11/9/2011Unorthodox Media Announces Season 2 of The Ki Anime Report
11/9/2011NEC BIGLOBE Android App, SUGOI BOOKS Now Available in Canada!
11/9/2011Horibuchi on New People ICv2 Interview--Part 1
11/9/2011Horibuchi on Manga ICv2 Interview--Part 2
11/9/2011Horibuchi on Anime ICv2 Interview--Part 3
11/9/2011Nana Mizuki, Ayahi Takagaki Sing Symphogear Themes
11/9/2011Tokyo Nameless Girl's Story Manga Gets Film
11/9/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, October 31-November 6
11/9/2011AKB48's Y?ko ?shima Co-Designs Final Fantasy 13-2 Costume
11/9/2011Armored Core/A.C.E.'s From Software Makes Gundam UC PS3 Game
11/9/2011The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Takes Over with Hidden Arsenal 5: Steel Swarm Invasion
11/9/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses A-Channel
11/9/2011I Am a Sh?jo Manga Creator Risqu? Game to Ship in 2012
11/9/2011Allegory Releases New Series ? Speed Racer Returns to Bookshelves!
11/9/2011Artist K. Hachiya: Copyright Law Changes Would Affect Cosplay
11/9/2011TV Anime Another's Voice Cast Revealed
11/9/2011Special Streaming For Free on Nico Nico Douga!: Hatsune Miku's Sapporo Performance
11/8/2011The Idolm@ster Caf? to Open in Tokyo's Akiba
11/8/2011Akira Casting Calls for Yamagata, Tetsuo, Ky Listed
11/8/2011Shin Megami Tensei Imagine/Guilty Crown Crossover Launched
11/8/2011AIC Creates Yakimochi Caprice Ending Anime Sequence
11/8/2011Mashiro's Izumi's New Work Hinted by Comptiq
11/8/2011Young Black Jack Manga Inspired by Tezuka Classic
11/8/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking: October 31-November 6
11/8/2011New Fate/Zero Project to Be Revealed in Newtype
11/8/2011K-ON! Film's 'Unmei?wa?Endless' Theme Song Previewed
11/8/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: October 31-November 6
11/8/2011Madoka Magica Film Project to Be Trilogy (Updated)
11/8/2011Ni no Kuni PS3's New Gameplay Videos Streamed
11/8/2011Kadokawa Nico Nico Ace Digital Magazine Launches Online
11/8/2011Viz Media Debuts New Naruto Manga Ahead of Print Counterparts on & Viz Manga App
11/8/2011World Cosplay Summit Joined by Russia, England in 2012
11/8/2011Top 300 Comics Actual--October 2011
11/8/2011Top 300 Graphic Novels Actual--October 2011
11/8/2011Daily Briefs
11/8/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: Nov. 6 - 12
11/8/2011Megumi Hayashibara Sings Shaman King's 'Osorezan Revoir'
11/8/2011What's Michael's Kobayashi Launches Edo-Period Manga
11/8/2011Sony's Toro Mascot Plush Cosplays as Madoka Magica's Kyubey
11/8/2011Starship Troopers Suit Drafted by Appleseed/MOSPEADA's Aramaki
11/8/2011Chi's Sweet Home Bonus Extra to Be Created by Fans
11/8/2011Rock Band Coldplay Does Space Bros./Uch? Ky?dai Film Theme
11/7/2011The Drops of God Manga Launch Celebrated with Wine-Tasting
11/7/2011Live-Action Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trailers Posted
11/7/2011The Idolm@ster Anime, Animal Hospital Join Forces
11/7/2011Redline Racing Film's 3rd English-Dubbed Clip Posted
11/7/2011Madoka Magica Film Project Launches
11/7/2011Ghibli's Goro Miyazaki: Next Work May Come Around 2013
11/7/2011Ichiko Returns to Sing Last Zero no Tsukaima's Opening
11/7/2011Haganai PSP Game Inspires Free iPhone/iPod touch App
11/7/2011Man Sentenced for Uploading Gundam UC #3 on Nico Nico
11/7/2011Stores List Short Anime for Mah? Tsukai Nara Miso o Kue!
11/7/2011DC Crushes Marvel Share In October Market Share
11/7/2011B&N Adding Nook Tablet At $249
11/7/2011AKB48's Haruna Kojima Stars in Metal Gear Solid Ad
11/7/2011Magical Halloween Game CD Bundles Anime DVD
11/7/2011Idolm@ster Filmstrip with All 12 Idols Gets 111,500-Yen Bid
11/7/20117th Dragon 2020 RPG's Battle Video Streamed
11/7/2011Haganai Voice Actresses Sketch Their Own Characters
11/7/2011Kokia to Contribute .hack//The Movie's Theme Song
11/7/2011Ai-Kon 2011 Announces Mascot Contest
11/7/2011Live Viewing Japan Brings Legendary Japanese Rock Group L'Arc~en~Ciel's 20th Anniversary Concert Film Performance To 9 Major US Cites In November
11/7/2011A Very Vintage Vertical Vednesday Tasting The Drops of God
11/7/2011Anime USA Announces Two New Cosplay Guests
11/7/2011Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey Unable To Attend Anime USA 2011
11/7/2011Daily Briefs
11/7/2011Spike's Conception RPG Teaser Streamed
11/7/2011Evangelion Energy Drinks with 12 Character Labels Offered
11/7/2011Erotic Manga App Now Available for the Android Smartphone
11/7/2011U-Md. Video Game Orchestra To Treat Media With Concert ‘Sneak-Peek’
11/7/2011Bunny Drop/Usagi Drop Spinoff Manga to End in December
11/6/2011Daily Briefs
11/6/2011Tiger & Bunny's Shibuya 109 Event Photos from Tokyo Posted
11/6/2011Good! Afternoon Mag to Reveal New Work by Ice Blade's Takahashi
11/6/2011Atelier Game Character Curtains Sold in Japan
11/6/2011Clamp's 1st Gate 7 Chapter Posted in English
11/6/20117th Dragon 2020 RPG's Opening with Hatsune Miku Posted
11/6/2011North American Stream List: October 31-November 6
11/6/2011Gintama Fan Depicts Hypothetical Live-Action Cast
11/6/2011K-ON! by the Numbers: Sales of 'Phenomenon' Outlined
11/6/20112ch Forum's Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 Semifinals, Finals
11/6/2011Manga-Based Afro Tanaka Comedy Film's Trailer Streamed
11/6/2011Aya Hirano Appears on Rolling Stone Mag's Cover in Japan
11/6/2011Sentai Filmworks Adds A Channel, Un-Go Anime
11/5/2011Tiger & Bunny Ad Posted in 13-Million-Yen Building Wall Space
11/5/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, October 24-30
11/5/2011Bandai Namco Breaks Down Revenues by Franchise
11/5/2011Gundam Extreme Vs. Game's 11-Minute Promo Streamed
11/5/2011Cat Shi*t One's IDA to Animate Tailchaser's Song Novel
11/5/2011Shigeru Takao's Issho ni Ney? yo Manga Ends
11/5/2011Dozens of Marios Overrun San Diego for Nintendo Game Launch
11/5/2011Christie: High Tension/Young Miss Holmes Manga Sequel Launched
11/5/2011Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Story Trailer Streamed
11/5/2011Sakura Wars: Kanadegumi Manga to Run in Sh?jo Magazine
11/5/2011K-ON! Film Celebrated with Dishes, Desserts, Passports
11/5/2011Hollywood Reporter: Warner Looks at 2 for Akira's Tetsuo
11/5/2011New AKB48 DVD to Come with 1 of 116 Random Photos
11/4/2011Zelda Playing Cards with 8-Bit & Modern Art Sold by Nintendo
11/4/2011Heroes Phantasia Anime Crossover RPG's 1st Promo Streamed
11/4/2011New Fate/Apocrypha Project to Be Launched by Type-Moon
11/4/2011JoJo's Araki Draws Art for Quake-Affected Historical Ruins
11/4/2011Hello Kitty, Tonari no 801-chan Yaoi Comedy Join Forces
11/4/2011Takehiko Inoue Now Drafting Return of Vagabond Manga
11/4/2011Daily Briefs
11/4/2011Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Releases in North America with a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack in February 2012!
11/4/2011NIS America Adds Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge
11/4/2011Matsudo City Uses Moe Character for Warning Poster (Updated)
11/3/2011Black Rock Shooter TV Staff Revealed in New Promo Video
11/3/2011Free 'Yuruyuri Shake You' iOS App Released in Japan
11/3/2011Spirit of Wonder's Tsuruta Puts Last Emanon Chapter Online
11/3/2011Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero, Haganai Letterman Jackets Offered
11/3/2011Strike Witches: Witches of Africa to Run in Comptiq Mag
11/3/2011Sailor Moon Tops October Graphic Novels in U.S. Bookstores
11/3/2011Poll: Fans' Favorite Star Driver Cybodies
11/3/2011Daily Briefs
11/3/2011Gackt's 'Graffiti' Music Video for Sket Dance Streamed
11/3/2011Seitokai Items Offered in Japan's Save On Stores
11/3/2011One Piece Manga #64 Gets Japan's 1st 4-Million Print Run
11/3/2011Daily Cosplay - Gurren Lagann's Yoko
11/3/2011SoulCalibur V Character Creation Trailer Streamed
11/3/2011Romancing SaGa's ItoKen Scores Music for Haganai Spoof
11/3/2011K-On! Sells More than 15 Billion Yen in Merchandise
11/3/2011Crunchyroll to Join Application Release Party on the Latest Version of Google TV
11/3/2011Hollywood Reporter: Keira Knightley Approached for Role in Akira Film
11/3/20119.5-Meter Rubber Duck Raised in Osaka for Quake Charity
11/3/2011Un-Go BD/DVD Volumes to Include Inga Nikki Mini-Anime
11/3/2011Inu ? Boku SS Anime's 1st Promo Video Streamed
11/3/2011O-Parts Hunter's Kishimoto Starts New Manga in Sh?nen Rival Mag
11/2/2011Canada's Waterloo Fest to Show 2011 Fullmetal Alchemist Film
11/2/2011Professor Layton Anime Film's U.S. Trailer Streamed
11/2/2011Final Fantasy 0, Idolm@ster 2 PS3 Sell 472,253 & 65,512 (Updated)
11/2/2011Uziga's Zombie Manga Rain For the Dead Gets Live-Action Film
11/2/2011Mamoru Nagano's Gothicmade Anime's TV Ad Streamed
11/2/2011New Working/Wagnaria Project in Development
11/2/2011Hatsune Miku's Singapore Concert to Be Streamed Live
11/2/2011Director: Live-Action Kite to Be in 2D With Real Stunts
11/2/2011Shane Black Describes Changes He Opposed to Warner's Death Note
11/2/2011Japanese Lawmakers Propose Tokyo Backup City
11/2/2011K-On! Caf? to Open to Celebrate Film Release
11/2/2011740K Copies of Tales of Xillia Game Shipped in Japan
11/2/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, October 24-30
11/2/2011New LovePlus Game's Full Trailer Posted
11/2/2011Premiere Japan Screens Live-Action & Anime Films at London's Barbican November 25-27
11/2/2011Anime USA 2011 Proudly Announces Latest Voice Actor Guest, Tony Oliver
11/2/2011Northern Anime Festival Announces Its Return with New Brand
11/2/2011Viz Media to Release Anime Film Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva
11/2/2011One Piece 63 Is 2011's 3rd 3-Million-Copy Seller
11/2/2011Pacific Media Expo's ?Anime Nightclub? Program Roasts Veteran Voice Actor Richard Epcar
11/2/2011Sega's Rhythm Kait? R Game Videos Streamed
11/2/2011Count Down to The Apocalypse Saga! Right Stuf & Nozomi Ent. Stream Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Student Council Saga
11/2/2011Sengoku Basara 3: Utage's 4th Promo, Ad Streamed
11/2/2011Digimon Xros Wars Joins The Crunchyroll Fall 2011 Lineup
11/2/2011Crunchyroll to Stream Digimon Xros Wars Anime
11/2/2011Kimi no Iru Machi Anime's Cast Revealed
11/2/2011JManga Site Offers No Longer Human, Isaku Natsume's Dash! Manga
11/2/2011All Nippon Entertainment Works Begins Film and Anime Production
11/2/2011Minami-ke Cast: Manga to Be Adapted Into Anime Again
11/1/2011AniMinneapolis Announces Dr. Awkward and Sonny Strait
11/1/2011Crunchyroll Scares Up 21 Brand New Episodes This Week
11/1/2011Anime USA 2011 Proudly Announces Latest Voice Actress Guest, Monica Rial
11/1/2011VIZ Media to Release Deluxe Collector's Edition of CLAMP's Apocalyptic Manga Series, X
11/1/2011Seven Seas to Release Kaoru Shintani's Christie: High Tension Manga
11/1/2011Seven Seas To Release Young Miss Holmes With Vampire Bund Cameo
11/1/2011Macross Frontier's Cosmic Nyaan Concert Promo Streamed
11/1/2011Daily Briefs
11/1/2011Heaven's Memo Pad's Sugii Starts Student Council Detective Kirika Novels
11/1/2011Oda Nobuna no Yab? Historical Romantic Comedy Gets TV Anime (Updated)
11/1/2011Goo Poll: Hit Shonen Jump Manga People Stopped Reading
11/1/2011Kappa Godaime TV Flash/Clay Anime Premieres
11/1/2011Madoka Magica's Homura Full-Graphic T-shirt Offered in Japan
11/1/2011Classic Transformers Images Reimagined
11/1/2011Touch Shot! Game Promo Video Streamed
11/1/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: Oct. 30-Nov. 5
11/1/2011GTO's Tohru Fujisawa to Launch Soul Reviver Manga Series
11/1/2011More One Piece x Hello Kitty Crossover Goods Previewed
11/1/20112ch Forum's Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 Quarterfinals
11/1/2011K-ON! Postage Stamp Souvenir Sheets Issued This Month
11/1/2011Rozen Maiden dolls talk Spinoff Manga to Launch in Ribon
11/1/2011Moyashimon Ichiban Kuji Has Oryzae Plush Cosplaying as Y?ki
11/1/2011K-ON! Finland/London Tour Offered by JAL
11/1/2011Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, October 24-30
11/1/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: October 24-30
11/1/20111st Berserk Film's Newest Trailer Streamed