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3/31/2011Arakawa Under the Bridge Gets Film, Live-Action Show
3/31/2011Masaki Okada to Play Young Black Jack in TV Special
3/31/2011Crunchyroll to Simulcast Sengoku Otome ~Momoiro Paradox~ (Updated)
3/31/20114Kids Files Shareholders' Report on Yu-Gi-Oh! Lawsuit
3/31/2011Crunchyroll to Simulcast Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi (Updated)
3/31/2011Crunchyroll to Simulcast The World God Only Knows 2nd Season (Updated)
3/31/2011Leonard Nimoy to Voice Sentinel Prime In ?Transformers: Dark of the Moon?
3/31/2011'Love Hina' & 'Tokyo Mew Mew' Return In Omnibus Editions From Kodansha USA
3/31/2011Warners Assumes Control of DC Publishing Licensing Except Subsidiary Rights for Core Comics
3/31/2011Geoffrey Rush to Voice Tomar-Re In 'Green Lantern' Movie
3/31/2011He's Baaack! Arnold Returns in Stan Lee Comic & Cartoon
3/30/2011Funimation Confirms Shiki on DVD, Blu-ray in Spring 2012 (Updated)
3/30/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, March 21-27
3/30/2011Crunchyroll to Simulcast Deadman Wonderland Action Anime
3/30/2011Kodansha Adds New U.S. Shugo Chara!, Until the Full Moon Manga
3/30/2011Crunchyroll to Simulcast Tono to Issho Second Season
3/30/2011Digital Manga Adds Mr. Convenience Boys Love Manga
3/30/2011Crunchyroll to Simulcast Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi
3/30/2011Crunchyroll to Simulcast Sket Dance Comedy Anime
3/30/2011Kodansha President Sawako Noma Passes Away
3/30/20112 Quake-Affected Shonen Sunday Issues to Be Put Online
3/30/2011Code Geass Manga Artist Plans to Sue Blogger
3/29/2011Crunchyroll Simulcasts Nichijou/My Ordinary Life Anime
3/29/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, March 21-27
3/29/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases, March 27 - April 2
3/29/2011Kekkaishi Manga to End in Japan on April 6
3/29/2011Last K-ON!! BD Tops Sales Chart for 2nd Week in a Row
3/29/2011Crunchyroll Simulcasts Lotte no Omocha!/Astarotte's Toy
3/29/2011TV Tokyo, Nihon Ad Terminate Yu-Gi-Oh! Deal, Sue 4Kids
3/29/2011Leiji Matsumoto Works on Anime of Hayabusa Space Probe
3/29/2011Crunchyroll to Simulcast Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai
3/28/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, March 14-20
3/28/2011Amazon Lists New Ponent Mon, Tokyopop, Seven Seas Books
3/28/2011Crunchyroll Confirms Hana-Saku Iroha Simulcast
3/28/2011Japanese Box Office, March 19-20
3/28/2011Crunchyroll to Simulcast Gintama TV Anime's Return
3/28/2011Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Manga to End on April 7
3/28/2011NTV Chair/Anime Film Producer Seiichiro Ujiie Passes Away (Updated)
3/27/2011TV Tokyo to Air English Mainichi Kaasan/Kaasan - Mom's Life
3/27/20112011 FMA Film, Onigamiden, Priest Trailers Streamed
3/27/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, March 13-19
3/26/2011OreTsuba Game Remake to Bundle Unaired Anime Episode
3/26/2011Steins;Gate Anime's Final BD/DVD to Include Special
3/26/2011Howl's Moving Castle's Diana Wynne Jones Passes Away
3/26/2011Hidamari Sketch Gets New Special Edition
3/26/2011Yuruyuri Manga Gets TV Anime
3/26/2011Kodansha to Put 6 Manga Mags' Issues Online After Quake
3/26/2011One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP 3DS Game Delayed After Quake
3/25/2011GoodSmile Company helps Japan Recovery with Hatsune Miku Support Edition Nendoroid
3/25/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, March 14-20
3/25/2011Sentai Filmworks Adds Angel Beats! Fantasy TV Anime
3/25/2011Japanese Publishers' Portal Now in Beta
3/25/2011Noitamina Garners Timeslot's Lowest Rating to Date
3/25/2011Daily Briefs
3/25/2011Working!!/Wagnaria Manga Has 'New Project' in the Works (Updated)
3/25/2011FMA's Hiromu Arakawa Starts Silver Spoon School Manga
3/24/2011Bandai Adds 2 Tales of the Abyss Manga
3/24/2011Funimation Dismisses Its One Piece BitTorrent Lawsuit
3/24/2011Wandering Son's Unedited Episodes 10/11 Put on BD/DVD
3/24/2011Voice Actors, Actresses Plan Charity Events for Quake
3/24/2011Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira Video Anime Launches (Updated)
3/24/2011CLAMP, I.G to Collaborate on Blood-C Original Anime
3/24/2011Tomohiro Kat? Sentenced to Death for Akihabara Killings
3/23/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, March 7-13
3/23/2011Viz Simulcasts Sunrise's Tiger & Bunny Superhero Anime
3/23/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, March 14-20
3/23/2011Dublin Film Fest to Show Summer Wars, Redline in May
3/23/2011Anime/Manga Releases Delayed After Quake: Part IV
3/23/2011Madoka Magica's Airing, Streaming Delayed 'For Now' (Updated)
3/23/2011Shonen Jump Posts Quake-Delayed Issue Online
3/22/2011Seikon no Qwaser II, Tatsumi's Promo Videos Streamed
3/22/2011Kannagi's Locale Inspiration Seriously Damaged by Tsunami
3/22/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, March 14-20 (Part 1)
3/22/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, March 14-20 (Part 2)
3/22/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases, March 20-26
3/22/2011Downloaded Sora no Otoshimono Copy Shown at Funimation Studio
3/22/2011Crunchyroll iOS App Lists Spring 2011 Anime
3/22/2011Shun Oguri, Masaki Okada to Film Uch? Ky?dai Manga
3/21/2011Anime/Documentary Profiles Japanese Content Business
3/21/2011Sora no Otoshimono Film Trailer Streamed
3/21/2011Zektbach's 2nd Album Ships with Original Video Anime
3/21/2011'Hobbit' Production Underway In New Zealand
3/21/2011?Sailor Moon? Manga Returns In September from Kodansha
3/21/2011?Sailor Moon? Manga Returns In September from Kodansha
3/21/2011Daily Briefs
3/21/201143 Manga Creators Hold Charity Sale in Utsunomiya
3/21/2011Japanese Box Office, March 11-12
3/21/2011Mitsurou Kubo's Moteki Romantic Comedy Manga Gets Film
3/20/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, March 6-12
3/20/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, March 7-13
3/18/2011Margaret Mag's Manga Creators Plan Quake Charity Book
3/18/2011Macross II Producer Hiroshi Kakoi Passes Away in Quake
3/18/2011Snyder?s Supes Reboot Likely ?Man of Steel? ?Respect the Canon, But Don?t Be A Slave to the Movies?
3/18/2011'Tron Uprising' Cartoon Series Debuting on Disney XD in
3/18/2011Kevin Costner to Play Jonathan Kent In ?Superman: Man of Steel?
3/18/2011Aronofsky Ankles 'The Wolverine' Doesn?t Want to Spend a Year Overseas
3/18/2011Dark Horse Extends ?Domo? License For Lunch Boxes & PVC
3/18/2011A First Glimpse of the New Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki & Her Prominent Lasso
3/18/2011Digital Manga Adds Lovephobia Gothic Horror Manga
3/18/2011Kodansha USA to Publish Sailor Moon, Sailor V Manga
3/18/2011Digital Manga Adds 2 Boys-Love Manga Series
3/18/2011Alice in the Country of Hearts Game Gets Anime Film (Update 2)
3/17/2011Seitokai no Ichizon Light Novels Get More Anime
3/17/2011Hakury? Legend Manga's Nuclear Power-Themed Arc Dropped from Mag
3/17/2011Many? Hikench? Manga Gets TV Anime
3/17/2011Umino's March comes in like a lion Wins Manga Taisho
3/17/2011Anime Contents Expo 2011 Cancelled (Updated)
3/17/2011Daily Briefs
3/17/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, February 27-March 5
3/16/2011Hyouge Mono, Saiyuki Gaiden Promos Streamed
3/16/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, March 7-13
3/16/2011Anime/Manga Releases Delayed After Quake: Part II
3/16/2011Air Gear Manga Volume 32 to Bundle 3rd Anime DVD
3/16/2011Kiichi Hotta's Kimi to Boku. Manga Gets TV Anime
3/16/2011Tokyo International Anime Fair 2011 Cancelled
3/16/2011This Week's Madoka Magica Not Aired in 'Self-Restraint' (Updated)
3/15/2011Kare Kano/His and Her Circumstances Returns in 1-Shot Manga
3/15/2011Sofuteni, A Channel, Norageki Promos Streamed
3/15/2011Anime/Manga Releases Delayed, Cancelled After Quake
3/15/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, March 7-13 (Part 1)
3/15/2011Manga Artists Unite in D?jinshi Book for Quake Charity
3/15/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, March 7-13 (Part 2)
3/14/2011Anime with Disaster Scenes Face Changes After Quake
3/14/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 28-March 6
3/14/2011Viz Launches Next Bakuman Book Digitally Before Print
3/14/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, February 28-March 6
3/14/2011Idolmaster, Hakuoki, Blue Exorcist Promos Streamed
3/13/2011Rock Singer Gackt Starts Earthquake Relief Fund
3/13/2011News: Anime/Manga/Game Industry Members Check In After Quake (Updates Continue)
3/13/2011T.M. Revolution to Turn Concert Into Charity Event
3/12/2011Tonight's One Piece Simulcast Delayed
3/12/2011Anime/Manga/Game Event Cancellations Updates
3/12/2011Akiko Yano and Scoop on Somebody Perform Live in Toronto Tonight
3/11/2011We Were There/Bokura ga Ita Manga Gets Live-Action Film
3/11/2011Studio 4?C Co-Produces French Animated Film Mutafukaz
3/11/2011Anime/Manga/Game Events Cancelled After March 11 Quake (Updated)
3/11/2011Seattle's Sakura-Con Hosts Manga Creator Atsushi Suzumi
3/11/2011NY Int'l Children's Film Fest Adds Extra Space Show
3/11/2011Hundreds killed in tsunami after 8.9 Japan quake
3/11/2011Thermae Romae Bath Manga Gets Live-Action Film
3/11/2011Anime/Manga/Game Industry Members Check In After Quake (Updated)
3/10/2011Mobile Software Company Aplix Buys Anime Studio AIC
3/10/2011Voice Actor Kan Tokumaru Passes Away at 69
3/10/2011Noitamina's C, Anohana Promotional Videos Streamed
3/10/2011Shinkai's Hoshi o Ou Kodomo, Gantz Trailers Streamed (Updated)
3/10/2011'Fumiko's Confession's' Ishida Streams New Anime Short
3/10/2011Hana-Kimi School Manga Gets Live-Action Korean TV Show
3/10/2011Toei Replaces Possibly Infringing Dragon Ball Kai Music
3/9/2011Shima Shima Manga Gets Live-Action TV Series
3/9/2011Tokai TV, DLE, King Records, Movic Plan TV Anime
3/9/2011Kamiyama's 'Xi Avant,' Sengoku Otome Promos Streamed
3/9/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 28-March 6 (Part 2)
3/9/2011Distant Star Manga's Sahara Launches Tetsugaku Retora
3/9/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: March 6-12
3/8/2011Daily Briefs
3/8/2011Princess Resurrection Manga Gets 3rd Anime Release
3/8/2011Media Blasters Adds Kanokon Original Video Anime in June
3/8/2011Ika Musume #3 Tops Overall Weekly Chart with 9,000 BDs
3/8/2011Kamui Designer/Unico Helmer Moribi Murano Passes Away
3/8/2011Magic Tree House Books' 2012 Film Confirmed as Anime
3/8/2011U.S. Man Sues Over Toei's Knights of the Zodiac/St. Seiya
3/8/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 28-March 6 (Part 1)
3/8/2011GTO, 19 Creators Launch Soul Messenger Crime Manga
3/8/2011Eiy? Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki RPG Gets Anime
3/7/2011Black Rock Shooter's 4-Panel Manga Launches This Week
3/7/2011Gajo Sakamoto's 1934 Tank Tankuro Manga Put in English
3/7/2011New Zetsub? Sensei Episode Offered to BD Box Buyers
3/7/2011Daily Briefs
3/7/2011Borders' Woes Behind Tokyopop Layoffs Manga Publishers Affected the Most
3/6/2011Japanese Box Office, February 26-27
3/6/2011K-On! Manga to Cover College, High School in 2 Mags
3/6/2011Daily Briefs
3/5/2011Seattle's Sakura-Con to Host Actress Kotono Mitsuishi, Chrono Crusade's Moriyama
3/5/20115th Annual Seiy? Award Winners Announced
3/5/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, February 20-26
3/4/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, February 21-27
3/4/2011Daily Briefs
3/4/20112 Pok?mon: Black & White Films' Trailer Streamed
3/4/20112nd Tono to Issho TV Anime's DVDs to Add Gackt Extras
3/4/2011AnoHana, Live-Action Nintama's Promo Videos Streamed
3/4/2011Appleseed XIII Released on Film/Net/BD Simultaneously
3/3/2011Tips on how to spot Licensed One Piece Products
3/3/2011Viz Confirms Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs Manga's Hiatus
3/3/2011Ore-sama Kingdom, Hime Gal Paradise Get More Anime
3/3/2011Kiss Dum R Anime's BD-Box to Add New Footage
3/3/2011Deadman Wonderland Manga Gets DVD with Unaired Anime
3/2/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, February 21-27
3/2/2011Sadamoto's Evangelion Manga to Resume in April
3/2/2011Sket Dance Gets Online Flash Anime on March 7
3/2/2011Toriko, One Piece Get Crossover TV Anime Special
3/2/2011Gyo Horror Manga by Tomie's Junji Ito Gets Anime
3/2/2011New York's Carnegie Hall to Show 2 Miyazaki Shorts
3/2/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 21-27 (Part 2)
3/1/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: Feb. 27 - Mar. 5
3/1/2011Oreimo #3 Tops Overall Weekly Chart with 17,000 BDs
3/1/2011Tokyopop's Employee Ranks Shrink This Week
3/1/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, February 14-20
3/1/2011JAST USA Adds School Days HQ Visual Novel Software
3/1/2011Orphen Fantasy Gets New Light Novel Series This Fall
3/1/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, February 21-27 (Part 1)
3/1/2011Arrietty Wins Tokyo Anime Fair's Top Award & 4 More (Update 2)