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Anime News

DateArticle Name
6/30/2011NicoNico to Stream Blood-C, Uta no Prince Sama Outside Japan
6/30/2011Ghibli's Arrietty Film Trailer with U.K. Dub Streamed
6/30/20112011 Fullmetal Alchemist Film's 2 New Ads Streamed
6/30/2011Fractale Manga Continues Despite Director's Request
6/30/2011France's Japan Expo Award Winners Announced
6/30/2011'They're Not Just Looking for Bombs Anymore' CBLDF Consumer Ads Focus on Loss of Privacy Rights
6/30/2011It's Not the Batmobile, But? Here's a Look at Bruce's New Lamborghini
6/30/2011'Captain America' TV Spot Reveals Possible Opening Spoiler Alert
6/30/2011'Transformers 3' Earns $13.5 Million on Tuesday Total Includes 'Sneaks'
6/30/2011Warner Japan Filming 'Rurouni Kenshin' Due Out in 2012
6/27/2011The Story of Saiunkoku Light Novels to End This Week
6/27/20112010 Fullmetal Alchemist Film's 2nd Video Class Posted
6/27/2011Morita-san wa Mukuchi TV Anime's Trailer Streamed
6/27/2011Removed Itsuka Tenma no Kuro-Usagi Preview Updated, Reposted
6/27/2011Digital Manga Guild Assigns Its 1st 3 Titles
6/26/2011Toei Animaton: Overseas Licensing Income Jumps 66%
6/26/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, June 13-19
6/25/2011North American Stream List: June 18-24
6/25/2011Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Novels Get Anime DVD
6/25/20112011 Fullmetal Alchemist Film's 4-Minute Clip Posted
6/25/2011Durarara!! Premieres on U.S. TV's Adult Swim Tonight
6/25/2011The Idolm@ster Anime's 3rd Promotional Video Streamed
6/25/2011Main Descendants of Darkness Manga Series to Resume
6/24/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, June 12-18
6/24/2011M?0's Kano to Start Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa Manga (Updated)
6/24/2011Persona 4 the Animation's New Promotional Video Streamed
6/24/2011Brave10's Shimotsuki Draws Manga of Kikuchi's Mephisto
6/24/2011Hotarubi no Mori e Film's TV Ads Streamed
6/24/2011Defense Fund to Oppose Canadian Manga Child Porn Case
6/24/2011Usagi Drop/Bunny Drop Anime's Opening Sequence Posted
6/24/2011Type-Moon's Carnival Phantasm Promos Streamed
6/24/2011DC?s New Digs In Beautiful Downtown Burbank
6/24/2011Here's What 'The Hobbit' Will Look Like A 3-D 'Lord of the Rings'
6/24/2011Judge on Borders: 'I Think You're Getting Raped' Reluctantly Approves Loan Extension
6/24/2011'Iron Man,' 'Wolverine' Anime Debut July 29th On the G4 Network
6/24/2011New 'Captain America' Movie Poster Plenty of Red, White, & Blue
6/24/2011Uta no Prince-sama? Maji Love 1000% Anime Promo Posted
6/24/2011New English-Translated Manga Magazine Gen Launched
6/24/20112D Virtual Idol Unit AGC38's 1st Anime Short Film Posted
6/23/2011Dantalian no Shoka Light Novels to Bundle Unaired Anime
6/23/2011R-15 Light Novels to Bundle Unaired Original Anime
6/23/2011Daily Briefs
6/23/2011Japanese Box-Office, June 18-19
6/23/2011Petit Eva Designer Ryusuke Hamamoto Launches New Manga
6/23/2011Onigamiden to Make its U.S. Premiere at Anime Expo
6/23/2011Ikoku Meiro no Crois?e Promo Video Streamed
6/23/2011Kannagi Manga to Return on July 27 in Japan
6/23/2011Maiden Japan, Section23 Add Himawari Anime
6/23/2011English-Narrated Itsuka Tenma no Kuro-Usagi Ad Posted
6/23/2011Konami's Busou Shinki Action Figures Get Anime Shorts
6/23/2011New Saki TV Anime Project Launching
6/23/2011The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Novel Sells 1 Million+
6/23/2011Those Who Hunt Elves' Yu Yagami Starts Mottai-9 Manga
6/22/2011Library War Light Novels Get Anime Film
6/22/2011Kami-sama no Memo-ch?, Ro-Kyu-Bu! Anime TV Ads Posted
6/22/2011Blade Anime's 3rd Teaser Streamed by Marvel
6/22/2011Gundam The Origin Manga to Launch Anime Project
6/21/2011Magazine E-no to Be Replaced by New Mag This Fall
6/21/2011Daily Briefs
6/21/2011Yuruyuri Anime's TV Commercial Streamed
6/21/2011Toronto's Shinsedai Fest to Screen Anime Films, Shorts
6/21/2011Anime Expo to Host 3 From High School of the Dead Crew
6/21/2011Ghibli's Arrietty to Have Different Dub Casts in U.S., U.K.
6/21/2011Ika Musume/Squid Girl Music Video's Preview Streamed
6/21/20112nd Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Season's Ads Posted
6/21/2011Persona 4 the Animation's Risecchi Promotional Video Streamed
6/21/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, June 13-19
6/21/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: June 13-19
6/20/2011Sentai Filmworks Licenses Mardock Scramble Anime Films
6/20/2011Borders Retailer Plans July Sale of Almost All Assets
6/20/2011NY Asian Film Fest Hosts Takayuki Yamada, Tak Sakaguchi, Yudai Yamaguchi
6/20/2011Viz Adds Sanrio's Fluffy Fluffy Cinnamoroll Manga
6/20/2011Sora no Otoshimono Film's Final Trailer Streamed
6/20/2011Daily Briefs
6/20/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: June 19-25 (Updated)
6/20/2011Hisaya Nakajo to Launch Short Hana-Kimi Manga Series
6/20/2011VitaminX Addiction's Special 'ChibitaminX' Video Streamed (Updated)
6/19/2011Bara-Iro no Seisen Women's Manga Gets Live-Action Show
6/18/2011Live-Action Mainichi Kaasan Wins at Shanghai Film Fest
6/18/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, June 6-12
6/18/2011Yurumates Ha? Comedy Video Anime's Promo Video Streamed
6/18/2011Towa no Quon TV Special Streamed with Anime Footage
6/18/2011Negima, Hayate the Combat Butler Films' Teaser Posted
6/18/2011Noir Anime Gets Live-Action TV Series Green-Lit at Starz
6/17/2011Anime Expo Hosts Toshio Furukawa
6/17/2011Naruto Shippuden: Bonds Film to Premiere in October
6/17/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, June 5-11
6/17/2011California's AM2 to Screen Rintaro's Yona Yona Penguin
6/17/2011Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison Film's Trailers Posted
6/17/2011Many? Hiken-ch?'s 2nd Promotional Video Streamed
6/17/2011Japanese Gov't Prints English Map to Anime Locales
6/17/2011Kamisama Dolls Anime's New Promotional Video Streamed
6/17/2011Hana-Kimi's Nakajo Creates 2-Chapter Wild Kiss Manga
6/17/2011Toho, Production I.G's Mushibugy? Anime Ad Streamed
6/16/2011'Muppets' Parody 'Green Lantern' With Teaser Trailer & Poster
6/16/2011New ?Wimpy Kid? Gets 6 Million 1st Printing Largest Run of the Year
6/16/2011Marvel Replaces ?Uncanny X-Men? With 2 Titles 'X-Men Regenesis'
6/16/2011Can 'Green Lantern' & 'Spidey' Trump Bad Notices? Superheroes in Distress?
6/16/2011James Mangold to Direct 'The Wolverine' Helmed '3:10 to Yuma'
6/16/2011Russell Crowe as Superman's Father Oscar Winner Will Portray Jor-El
6/16/2011Japanese Box Office, June 11-12
6/16/2011Fullmetal Alchemist's Ed & Al 'Interviewed' on Camera
6/16/2011Daily Briefs
6/16/2011Anime Expo to Host Last Exile Sequel's Staff
6/16/2011Many? Hiken-ch?'s BD/DVD Volumes to Include Mini Anime
6/16/2011Voice Actress Group LISP to Suspend Activities
6/16/2011Full Moon's Tanemura Draws Idol Group Fudanjuku Manga
6/15/2011Daily Briefs
6/15/2011Live-Action Arakawa Under the Bridge Footage Streamed
6/15/2011Baka to Test 2's BD/DVD Volumes to Add Another Anime Extra
6/15/2011Aniplex of America Streams Rurouni Kenshin Blu-Ray Promo
6/15/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, June 6-12
6/15/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases: June 12-18
6/15/2011R-15 Comedy TV Anime's Advance Preview Video Streamed
6/15/2011Gainax's Dantalian no Shoka Anime Promo Video Streamed
6/15/2011Inazuma Eleven Go Soccer RPG Film to Open in December
6/15/2011Discotek Adds Demon City Shinjuku Anime
6/15/2011Baka & Test Manga Spinoff Confirmed to Get Anime
6/14/2011Daily Briefs
6/14/2011Kamisama Dolls' 1st BD to Bundle New Video Extra
6/14/2011Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Bonus Episode #12.5's Ad Streamed
6/14/2011California's AM2 Hosts Madhouse's Maruyama, Katabuchi
6/14/2011Senj? no Valkyria 3 Anime's Promotional Video Streamed (Updated)
6/14/2011Media Blasters Licenses Squid Girl on DVD
6/14/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, June 6-12
6/14/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: June 6-12
6/14/2011Parasyte's Iwaaki to Start New Black Jack Manga Series (Updated)
6/13/2011Daily Briefs
6/13/2011Blade Anime's Trailer, Character Designs Posted
6/13/2011Space Pirate Captain Harlock 3D Pilot's Clips Posted
6/13/2011Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere Promo Video Streamed
6/13/2011Range Murata's 1st Art Book Sold as English iPad App
6/13/2011Gundam AGE Promotional Video Streamed Outside Japan
6/13/2011Sgt. Frog's Susumu Yamaguchi to Direct Gundam AGE (Updated)
6/12/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, May 30-June 5
6/12/2011Wartime Manga Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni Gets TV Special
6/12/2011Japanese Box Office, June 4-5
6/12/2011Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira's 2nd Promo Video Posted
6/11/2011Daily Briefs
6/11/2011Keiichi Hara's Colorful Anime Film Wins 2 at Annecy Fest
6/11/2011Animated Ro-Kyu-Bu! Promo Video Officially Streamed
6/11/2011Game Designer/Animator Yoshiteru Tsujino Loses Wife, Son
6/11/2011Funimation Adds We Without Wings ? Under the Innocent Sky
6/11/2011Funimation's Higurashi, Familiar of Zero Licenses Expire
6/8/2011Crois?e TV Anime's BD/DVD Volumes to Add SD Specials (Updated)
6/8/2011Shakugan no Shana III (Final) Anime to Air This Fall
6/8/2011Un-Go TV Anime Domain Listed by noitaminA's Registrant
6/8/2011NECA Signs Licensing Deal With Valve Corporation Will Produce Action Figures, Toys, Board Games & Apparel
6/8/2011Fox Hires 'Fringe' Scribe to Reboot 'Daredevil' Script Based on 'Born Again'
6/7/2011Ex-WotC Employee Pleads Guilty To Stealing $45K of MTG Promo Cards
6/7/2011North American Anime, Manga Releases, June 5-11
6/7/2011SoraOto/Zombie/Itsu-Ten, Blood-C Promos Streamed
6/7/2011Kyoto Seika University Offers Japan's 1st Manga Ph.D.
6/7/2011Tekken: Blood Vengeance to Run in U.S. Theaters in 3D (Updated)
6/7/2011Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: May 23-29, May 30-June 5
6/7/2011Toei Robot Girls to Get Pilot Film in July
6/7/2011Death Note Helmer Araki, supercell Involved on New Work
6/7/2011Book Retailers Schedule Hunter x Hunter Manga #29
6/7/2011Former Funimation Parent Navarre Posts 4th Quarter Results
6/7/2011Sanrio, Mercis Settle Lawsuit, Donate to Quake Efforts
6/7/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, May 30-June 5
6/7/2011Rental Magica: Mah? Tsukai to Kamikakushi Anime Listed
6/6/2011Detective Conan Theme is 45th #1 B'z Single in a Row
6/6/2011Section23, Maiden Japan Add Glass Maiden Mystery Anime
6/6/2011Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Gets 2nd Anime Season (Update 3)
6/6/2011Manga Creator Moto Hagio to Teach at Joshibi U.
6/6/2011'X-Men: First Class' Hits Low End of Projections Lowest Marvel Movie Opening in Years
6/6/2011Bottom Feeder Bidding for Borders Gores Group Offers to Buy 200 Stores
6/6/2011Daily Briefs
6/6/2011'Anime Porn' Leads to Arrest in Slidell, Louisiana
6/6/2011Japanese Box Office, May 28-29
6/5/2011Japan's Animation TV Ranking, May 23-29
6/5/2011Infinite Stratos Gets All-New Encore Video on BD/DVD
6/4/2011Daily Briefs
6/4/2011Japanese Box Office, May 21-22
6/4/2011Nura, Alice in the Country of Hearts, Mardock Scramble, Nekogami Promos Streamed
6/3/2011New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 22-28
6/3/2011Live-Action Hayate, No. 6, Tachikoma Promos Streamed
6/3/2011Daily Briefs
6/3/2011Manga Creator Jiro Taniguchi to Be Knighted in France
6/3/2011Square Enix Announces Plans for Master Chief Play Arts Kai
6/3/2011Postal strike a hit to small businesses: Federation
6/3/2011Shiki Horror Manga Ends in Japan
6/3/2011Takara Tomy's B-Daman Toys Get Anime This Fall
6/3/2011Amazon Lists Stargazing Dog, Yuichi Yokoyama Manga
6/2/2011Yumeiro P?tissi?re Sh?jo Cooking Manga Ends on Friday
6/2/2011Monthly Comic Ry? Magazine Goes on Hiatus
6/2/2011Live-Action Hayate, VitaminX Anime Promos Streamed
6/2/2011Chicago College to Host Thermae Romae's Mari Yamazaki
6/2/2011Daily Briefs
6/2/2011AX to Host Singer Maon Kurosaki, Orange Road's Matsumoto
6/2/2011Judge Orders Hold on U.S. Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime License (Updated)
6/1/2011Daily Briefs
6/1/2011Man Arrested for Threatening Voice Actress Aya Hirano
6/1/2011Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, May 23-29 (Part 2)
6/1/2011Japanese Comic Ranking, May 23-29
6/1/2011New Haruhi Novel Sells 341,000 to Top Weekly Chart
6/1/2011Blade, Fairy Tail, Ro-Kyu-Bu! Promo Videos Streamed
6/1/2011New Descendants of Darkness Manga Chapter Runs in June