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Anime News

DateArticle Name
5/31/2012Animate's Ikebukuro Caf? to Serve Hetalia Menu
5/31/2012Anime Expo 2012 Welcomes Top Lolita Model Misako Aoki As An Official Fashion Guest Of Honor
5/31/2012Otakon is Proud to Announce Illustrator Gashicon of Hangry&Angry
5/31/2012Higashimura's Omo ni Naitemasu Gets Live-Action Show
5/31/2012Director Mamoru Oshii Writes Zombie Diary Novel
5/31/2012Crunchyroll Announces Major Update to Windows Phone App
5/31/2012Crunchyroll Launches Ambassador Program
5/31/2012Yoshiki, Leader of X Japan, Unveils His Wax Figure In Madame Tussauds Hong Kong
5/31/2012New Guests And More Announcements For Florida Supercon
5/31/2012Sengoku Basara HD Collection's Promo Streamed
5/31/2012New Toonami Anime Ranks #1 in Young Adult Demographics
5/31/2012Dragon's Dogma Sells 302,040 in 1st Week in Japan
5/31/2012Art of War Re-releases 'Guts: The Battle for Doldrey' Statue
5/31/2012NY Asian Film Fest to Screen Asura, Gyo Anime
5/31/2012JManga Adds Ryo Aduchi's Softenni Manga
5/31/2012Berserk New Releases- Art of War Releasing Guts Statues
5/31/2012Vividred Operation Anime's TV Ad Aired
5/31/2012Hello Kitty Picnic with Sanrio Friends 3DS Game Announced
5/31/2012Daily Briefs
5/31/2012Anime Expo to Host Ei Aoki, Rikiya Koyama, Nobuhiko Okamoto
5/31/2012Anime Expo to Host Voice Actor Ryo Horikawa
5/31/2012Haruka Tomatsu to Appear in Dokurogeki 2 Live-Action Show
5/31/2012Tokyo Nameless Girl's Story Trailer Streamed
5/31/2012Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- Dreamy Theater Extend Hits PS3 in Summer
5/30/2012Shin Megami Tensei IV 3DS Game Revealed (Updated)
5/30/2012Tokyo's Youth Healthy Development Council Looks at Yosuga no Sora
5/30/2012Danny DeVito Wows Fans at MCM London Comic Con
5/30/2012Anime Midwest Announces Greg Ayres
5/30/2012Hemenway's New Single 'Escape' Now Available, Playing Japan Expo 2012 With Naoki Urasawa
5/30/2012Daily Briefs
5/29/2012Khronos Gear Video Anime's Additional Cast Listed
5/29/2012Himizu/Ping Pong Club's Furuya Starts New Manga
5/29/2012Shirokuma Cafe Manga Goes on Indefinite Hiatus
5/29/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, May 27-June 2
5/29/2012Biglobe Poll: Prettiest Voice Actress
5/29/2012North American Stream List: May 21-27
5/29/2012ASCII Media Works Celebrates 20 Years With 20 Super-Deformed Girls
5/29/2012New York Anime Fest to Be Combined With New York Comic Con
5/29/2012Jojo's Bizarre Adventures Ice Cream, Snacks Offered
5/29/2012See Me After Class/Asa Made Jugyou Chu's New Promo Streamed
5/29/2012Natsume to Release Harvest Moon: A New Beginning in N. America
5/29/2012Toriko Chiya to Launch Clover tr?fle Manga Sequel
5/29/2012Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin's Theme Performed by ONE OK ROCK
5/29/2012Blood-C: The Last Dark Film's 1st 8 Minutes Streamed
5/29/2012Piece Sci-Fi Mystery Film Announced as 1st 'Toei Hero Next' Title
5/29/2012Strike Witches' Takamura Launches Vividred Operation Anime (Update 2)
5/29/2012Voice Actress Nana Mizuki Dresses as Sailor Lolita, Gothic Vampire
5/28/2012Atelier Ayesha RPG's Battle Video Streamed
5/28/2012Go Nagai's Kekko Kamen Reborn Film Trailer Posted
5/28/20122nd Kono Naka ni Hitori, Im?to ga Iru! Anime Promo Streamed
5/28/2012Blood-C: The Last Dark Film's Last Intro Video Posted
5/28/2012Berserk Golden Age Arc II Film's Special Preview Streamed
5/28/2012Konami Digital Entertainment Brings Back Hobby Exclusive Gold Series With A Brand New Twist
5/28/2012FUNimation Shows to Appear on Adult Swim's Toonami Block
5/28/2012PJT Japan Rises Contest
5/28/2012Video Gaming @ London Anime Con this July 1st - Largest Ever
5/28/2012Mushi Production Makes Suminokura Ry?i Anime Film
5/28/2012Steins;Gate's Kurisu Makise Gets 1/3-Scale Figure
5/28/2012'K' Anime Gets Manga Adaptation
5/28/2012Japanese Animation TV Ranking, May 14-20
5/28/2012Japanese Box Office, May 12-13
5/28/2012AniMinneapolis to Host Excel Saga's Shinichi Watanabe
5/28/2012Ayumi Fujimura Joins Love, Election, & Chocolate Anime's Cast
5/28/2012Altima, Sachika Misawa Perform New Accel World Theme Songs
5/28/2012Mini-Skirt Uch? Kaizoku Novels Get Manga Adaptation
5/28/2012Korean Idol Unit Girls' Generation Debuts in Club Sunday Series
5/28/2012Evangelion Shinji x Kaji PSP & iPhone Cases Revealed
5/28/2012Chitose Get You!! Anime's Cast, Theme Singers Announced
5/28/2012Guilty Gear XX ?core Plus R Game Announced with Video
5/27/2012Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor's Manga Launched
5/27/2012StylipS Sings Kono Naka ni Hitori, Im?to ga Iru! Opening
5/27/2012Lodoss War Online Game's 1st Promo Streamed
5/27/2012Haruka Tomatsu to Perform Sword Art Online Ending Theme Song
5/27/2012Kanjani 8's Maruyama Stars in Boys on the Run Show
5/27/2012Galaxy Angel's ?tsuki Launches Girl Love Variation Manga
5/27/2012AKB48's Veggie Ranger Ad Cosplay Designed by Trigun's Nightow
5/27/2012Gundam AGE PSP RPG's 2nd TV Ad Streamed
5/27/20122nd Rinne no Lagrange Season's 1st Promo Streamed
5/27/2012Persona 4 Anime Compiled Into 90-Minute Film with New Cuts
5/25/2012W-Juliet's Emura Launches Idea no Hana Sh?jo Manga
5/25/2012Oda Nobuna no Yab? Historical Comedy's 3rd Promo Posted
5/25/2012Nayuta no Kiseki Game's Demo Video Streamed
5/25/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 13-19
5/25/2012Hagure Y?sha no Estetica TV Anime's 2nd Promo Streamed
5/25/2012Red Riding Hood Cha Cha Manga Returns as Monthly Series
5/25/20124?C/Toyota's 1st PES Anime Short Posted with English Subs
5/25/2012Kojima Unveils Zone of Enders Sequel Project (Updated)
5/25/2012Kojima Previews Images from Zone of Enders Bundle
5/25/2012Hatsune Miku Project Diva F's Song Intro Video Posted
5/25/2012Lollipop Chainsaw's Boss, Live-Action Juliet Promos Posted
5/25/2012Berryz Kobo Searches for AnimeNEXT Fan Favorite
5/25/2012Viz Media Announces Plans for FanimeCon 2012
5/25/2012Anarchy Reigns/Max Anarchy's Launch Trailer Streamed
5/25/2012Naruto x GREE Social Game Has English Version Planned
5/24/2012Upcoming Astonishing X-Men Marriage Receives Massive Media Attention
5/24/20122nd Yamato 2199 Film's Promo Video Streamed
5/24/2012Konami's Busou Shinki Action Figures Get TV Anime
5/24/2012AM2 Announces Console Tournament Schedule
5/24/2012Summer Enrollment Begins At Manga Dojo
5/24/2012NicoNico and Aniplex of America Presents The "Puella Magi Madoka Magica English Finale Screening": A Free Simultaneous Streaming Live Event
5/24/2012eigoMANGA Heads To FanimeCon 2012
5/24/2012Chattanooga Based Radio Program ?Tokyo Tower? Partners with Leading Japanese Broadcaster for Global Event
5/24/2012City Hunter's Hojo, Producer TK Create Virtual Diva Mana
5/24/2012Madhouse's Persona 4: The Golden Game Opening Streamed
5/24/2012Dragon Ball Z for Kinect Game's 2nd Promo Posted
5/24/2012Resident Evil Recreated in Real-Life Abandoned Hospital
5/24/2012D.N.Angel's Yukiru Sugisaki to Launch 1001 (Knights) Manga
5/24/2012Moe Can Change! Video Anime's Hakase Promo Streamed
5/24/2012Mamoru Oshii's Steel Battalion Live-Action Trailer Posted
5/24/2012Tiger & Bunny Anime Inspires Chess Pieces from Megahouse
5/24/2012Haruka Tomatsu, Tatsuhisa Suzuki Star in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Anime
5/24/2012Chronicle Helmer Josh Trank Develops Shadow of the Colossus
5/24/2012Ai Kayano, Takahiro Sakurai Lead "Say 'I love you'" Anime's Cast
5/24/2012Baka to Test to Sh?kanj? Spinout! Manga to End
5/24/2012New Japanese Trailer Streamed for CG Starship Troopers: Invasion Film
5/24/2012Tooko Miyagi to Launch Paradise Lost Manga in Asuka (Updated)
5/24/2012K-ON! Photoframe Banks with Scary Eyes Follow You Around Room
5/24/2012Dead Or Alive 5's Liefang vs Zack Gameplay Trailer Posted
5/24/2012Kazuki Sakuraba's Fuse Novel Inspires Manga
5/24/2012Kouichi Yamadera to Voice Yamato 2199 Antagonist Dessler
5/24/2012Time of Eve Creator's 2nd Patema Inverted Prologue Streamed
5/23/2012Madoka Magica Game Offers Custom Super-Deformed Magical Girls
5/23/2012Official K-ON! Ladies' Panties Unveiled
5/23/2012Digimon World: Re:Digitize Promo with Anime Footage Posted
5/23/2012Ryota Ohsaka, Minori Chihara, Eri Kitamura Star in Oniai
5/23/2012Sony Mascot Toro & Kuro Plushies Cosplay as Oreimo
5/23/2012Library War Anime Film's New TV Ad Streamed
5/23/2012Anime Network Selects In Demand To Handle VOD Transport
5/23/2012Become A Cosplay Idol with NEO Magazine's New Tournament!
5/23/2012JMSDF Makes Two Voice Actresses "Ship Captain of the Day"
5/23/2012Hatsune Miku Project Diva F Puts Vocaloid Idol in Real World
5/23/20122nd Oreimo PSP Game Sells 53,175 at #1
5/23/20122 Sol Trigger Character Videos Posted
5/23/2012Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Tops U.S. iTunes' Electronic Album Chart
5/23/2012Moe Can Change! Video Anime's Sarari Promo Streamed
5/23/2012Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Set Previewed in Video
5/23/2012Video of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's Demo Title Screen Posted
5/23/2012Blood-C: The Last Dark Film's 5th Intro Video Streamed
5/23/2012Yuki Nakaji Ends Jun-ai Labyrinth Manga
5/23/2012Kenji Inafune, Other Creators Announced as Working on Guild02 Game
5/23/2012Japan's Defence Forces Recruits High Schoolers with Gundam's Zaku
5/23/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, May 14-20
5/22/2012Death Note/Kaiji Composer Taniuchi Arrested on Marijuana Charges
5/22/2012Last Madoka Magica Episode to Be Streamed in English
5/22/2012Bronze Sazae-san Statue's Hair Stolen Twice
5/22/2012Galaxy Angel Rune Voice Actress Yuuna Inamura Gets Married
5/22/2012Sentai Filmworks L incenses "Intrigue in the Bakumatsu ~ Irohanihoheto"
5/22/2012Win Anime Boxsets Every Day Of The MCM Expo With NEO Magazine's Photo Competition
5/22/2012Digital Manga Updates for 2nd Half of May Include Continuation Of Monday 40% Promo on Select Volume 1 Titles, Honey and Clover Debut
5/22/2012Kanae Hazuki's Say "I love you" Sh?jo Manga Gets Anime
5/22/2012Robiko's Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Sh?jo Manga Gets Anime
5/22/2012Vagabond Manga Inspires US$66 Folding Paper Fans
5/22/2012Moe Can Change! Video Anime's Anna Moegi Promo Posted
5/22/2012Dir en grey Concert Film to Be Streamed Worldwide
5/22/2012Nagai's Kekko Kamen Heroine Gets New Live-Action Film
5/22/2012Miyagi Costumed Hero to Get Live-Action TV Series in July
5/22/20122nd KenIchi Video Anime's 8-Minute Clip Streamed
5/22/2012Daily Briefs
5/22/2012Cookie Jar Group to Serve as Licensing Agent for Scan2Go
5/22/2012Dragon Age: Dawn of The Seeker Premiere Trailer Streamed
5/22/2012K-ON! Celebrates Tokyo Sky Tree's Opening with Mats
5/22/2012Japanese Animation TV Ranking, April 30-May 6
5/22/2012Right Stuf to Print Former Tokyopop Title Bizenghast's Vol. 8
5/22/2012Live-Action GTO Remake Confirmed with EXILE Member Akira
5/22/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, May 20-26
5/22/2012Right Stuf, Inc. Announces Exclusive Deal With Creator M. Alice LeGrow & Tokyopop to Publish Bizenghast, Vol. 8
5/21/2012Kyoto Animation to Publish Ky?kai no Kanata Light Novel
5/21/20122nd Dog Days Anime Season's 2nd Trailer Streamed
5/21/2012One Piece Manga Inspires Theme Park Plans in China
5/21/2012Namco Bandai's Next 'Tales of' RPG's Teaser Ad Streamed
5/21/2012Madoka Magica, Sanrio's My Melody Unite for Crossover Goods
5/21/2012Japanese Animation TV Ranking, April 23-29
5/21/2012Moe Can Change! Video Anime's Kanna Promo Posted
5/21/2012Blood-C Sells Internet Security Software
5/21/2012Daily Briefs
5/21/2012Adult Swim's Toonami Block to Air Casshern Sins, Deadman Wonderland (Updated)
5/21/2012Anime Expo 2012 Welcomes Voice Actress Monica Rial as Official Guest of Honor
5/21/2012Nana Mizuki, Yukari Tamura to Sing 2nd Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Film's Themes
5/21/2012Atelier Ayesha RPG's Gameplay Movie Streamed
5/21/2012Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale Arcade Game Updated
5/21/2012Kanae It? to Perform Squid Girl OAD Theme Song
5/21/2012Digital Manga Announces Junko's Konbini-Kun
5/21/2012Funimation Announces Deadman Wonderland Dub Cast
5/21/2012Smile Precure! Anime Film to Open on October 27
5/21/2012Life-Size Gundam's Virtual Pilot Auction Ends at US$9,800
5/21/2012"DIR EN GREY UROBOROS at BUDOKAN the MOVIE" One night only worldwide streaming! Watch the legendary concert exclusively on USTREAM!
5/20/2012North American Stream List: May 14-20 (Updated)
5/20/2012009 Re:Cyborg Film Has English Script in Development
5/20/2012Minami Kuribayashi, ayami to Perform at Anime Expo
5/20/2012Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse to Debut at Anime Expo
5/20/2012Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Anime's Long Promo Streamed
5/20/2012Milky Holmes Gets New TV Anime Special This Summer
5/20/2012MyNavi Poll: Strongest Fate/Zero Master & Servant
5/19/2012Founder of Viz's French Distributor Kaz? Steps Down
5/19/2012Japanese Animation TV Ranking, April 16-22
5/19/2012Voice Actress Sachika Misawa Cosplays as Accel World's Kuroyukihime
5/19/2012Berserk Film Site Marks Eclipse with Sacrificial Feast Clip
5/19/2012Jackie Chan: Chinese Zodiac Is His 'Last Big Action Movie' (Updated)
5/19/2012Live-Action Ai Ore! Film's Trailer Streamed
5/19/2012Voice Actress Yuko Goto Reveals Ailment as Autoimmune Disease
5/18/201230-Centimeter/1-Foot Madoka Magica Figure Announced
5/18/2012Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne? Anime Listed
5/18/2012MCM London Comic Con: More Games, More TV Shows, More Comics... and Danny DeVito!
5/18/2012Anime Expo 2012 Puts The Focus On Fashion With Lolita Designer Cyril Lumboy As An Official Guest Of Honor
5/18/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Cluster Edge?
5/18/2012Anime Expo 2012 Will Feature A Major Exhibition By The Gallery Of Fantastic Art
5/18/2012Tune in Tokyo Presents Otsukare-Sama Royal/T Grand Finale Event
5/18/2012May'n Presents Special Video Message For FanimeCon 2012
5/18/2012Moe Can Change! Video Anime's Chie Promo Posted
5/18/20122010 Live-Action Tekken Film Has Prequel Being Planned
5/18/2012Voice Actress Yuko Goto Goes on Hiatus Due to Health
5/18/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 6-12
5/18/2012California's AM2 to Host Mushishi Director Hiroshi Nagahama
5/18/2012AM2 Announces Celebrated Animator, Designer, and Director Hiroshi Nagahama as an Official Guest of Honor
5/18/2012Lollipop Chainsaw's Infomercial-Style Promo Streamed
5/18/2012Acclaimed Composer Kajira Yuki Returns To Anime Expo For A Live Concert
5/18/2012Japan's Digital Frontier Co-Produces France's Windwalkers Film
5/18/2012Singer Searches for Missing Life-Size Mazinger Z Hovercraft
5/18/2012Daily Briefs
5/18/2012Type-Moon Outlines Future Plans
5/18/2012Tari Tari Anime's Opening, Ending, Manga Adaptation Announced
5/18/2012Hyouka Gets New Opening and Ending Themes
5/18/2012Shinichi Ishizuka's Gaku Manga Coming to End
5/18/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, May 7-13
5/18/2012Pok?mon: Black and White Season 2's TV Ad Streamed
5/17/2012Evangelion Mystery-Solving Attraction Planned in Tokyo
5/17/2012New Oreimo PSP Game's 5th Countdown Promo Streamed
5/17/2012Girls und Panzer TV Anime Promo Streamed
5/17/2012Viz Media Offers New Sci-Fi Book - The Future Is Japanese
5/17/2012Nozomi Entertainment Announces Martian Successor Nadesico Complete Collection L.E.
5/17/2012Nozomi Entertainment Announces Maria Watches Over Us, Season 1
5/17/2012Fourth Annual Shinsedai Cinema Festival Announces Programming
5/17/2012Nozomi Entertainment Wants Fans' Questions for Martian Successor Nadesico Director Tatsuo Sato
5/17/2012Unlimits New Single "Cascade" (NARUTO Ending Theme) Is Available Today From iTunes And Amazon
5/17/2012New From Viz Media's Haikasoru Imprint, A Stirring New Anthology of Fantasy, Science Fiction, And Cyberpunk Shows Why The Future Is Japanese
5/17/2012Namco Bandai Games Unveils 'Tales of Graces' F Day One Edition Content And Launch Date
5/17/2012Black God/Kurokami Manga to End in 3 More Chapters
5/17/2012Persona 2: Eternal Punishment's Opening Anime Streamed
5/17/2012Composer Yuki Kajiura to Perform at Anime Expo With FictionJunction
5/17/2012Ken Akamatsu: Future Negima! 'Revival' a Possibility
5/17/2012Live-Action Ikky?-san Prime Time Drama Special Announced
5/17/2012JManga Adds Koito Akiyama's 1-Volume Moehime Manga
5/17/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, April 30-May 6
5/17/2012Capcom Reveals E.X. Troopers PS3, 3DS Game
5/17/2012Anime Subcontractor Studio Easter Sued for Unpaid Overtime
5/17/2012Mini Model Cars for Nendoroid Petite Figures Unveiled
5/17/2012Daily Briefs
5/17/2012Disco Legend/Pok?mon Theme Singer Donna Summer Passes Away
5/17/2012Jojo's Araki, 1,000 Twitter/Facebook Fans to Redraw Kingdom Manga
5/16/2012Detective Conan's Shinichi & Kait? Bedsheets Unveiled
5/16/2012Danb?ru Senki W Game to Feature Combining Robots
5/16/2012Detective Conan Statue's Magnifying Glass Stolen
5/16/2012Dragon's Dogma Game's Pawn Community Trailer Posted
5/16/2012Blood-C: The Last Dark Film's 4th Intro Video Streamed
5/16/2012Basilisk's Segawa Remakes Nagai's Cutey Honey Manga
5/16/2012JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Inspires Smartphone in Japan
5/16/2012Pok?mon Black 2/White 2 Games' 5-Minute Anime Promo
5/16/2012Manga Reading Room Opens For New, Expecting Mothers
5/16/2012Adult Swim Brings Back Toonami Block Starting on May 26 (Update 2)
5/16/2012Mario Party 9 Stays at #1 For 2nd Week
5/16/2012Departure Of The Founder and President of Kaz?, Cedric Littardi
5/16/2012Atelier Meruru?: The Apprentice Of Arland Ships On May 29th To North America
5/16/2012Sweden's Supreme Court Holds Trial for Translator's Child Pornography Charges
5/16/20121st Official Evangelion Smartphone Previewed in 6 Videos (Updated)
5/16/2012Japanese Box Office, May 5-6
5/16/2012Squid Girl Helmer Mizushima, Strike Witches Advisor Reveal Girls und Panzer TV Anime (Updated)
5/16/2012MyNavi Poll: Best Anime/Manga Character to Be Your Boss
5/16/2012Salaryman Kintaro Creator to Launch 4th Otokogi Manga
5/16/2012Nausica? Anime Film's Rerun Spurs 530,000 Tweets
5/16/2012Toonami Revival to Have 'New Original Anime Programming'
5/16/2012Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP RPG's Gameplay Streamed
5/16/2012G4 Streams Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker Clips
5/16/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, April 23-29
5/15/2012Voice Actor Paul St. Peter Attending Anime USA 2012
5/15/2012Manga Creator Tanemura Featured on English NHK World TV Show
5/15/2012Tsuritama's Akira Pitches Real-Life Duck Curry Shop in Video
5/15/20123rd Seitokai Yakuindomo Anime DVD's Promo Streamed
5/15/2012Kingdom Hearts 3D's 10-Minute English Trailer Streamed
5/15/2012Dragon Quest-Style' Live-Action Show Yoshihiko Returns
5/15/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, April 16-22
5/15/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, May 13-19
5/15/2012MangaGamer to Host Voice Actress Tomoe Tamiyasu at Anime Expo
5/15/2012Pok?mon: Black and White Season 2's Story Details Revealed
5/15/2012Androids, Boy's Love, Sex Dolls, And More Cool Stuff From America's #1 Source for Doujin Manga
5/15/2012Anime Network Announces Book of Bantorra Collection 1 and 2 Giveaway
5/15/2012Section23 Films Announces August Slate
5/15/2012ShiftyLook Announces MCM Expo London Comic Con Official Schedule of Events
5/15/2012Anime Midwest Announces Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe
5/15/2012Anime Midwest to Host Excel Saga's Shinichi Watanabe
5/15/2012Japanese Box Office, April 28-29
5/15/2012MangaGamer Announces Guests for Anime Expo
5/15/2012Ghibli Co-Produces The Red Turtle Film by Dutch Helmer de Wit (Updated)
5/15/2012Daily Briefs
5/15/2012Galaxy Express 999 DVD Collection Magazine to Launch in June
5/15/2012TMS Streams Kubbe Picture Book's Full Promo Video
5/15/2012Sakura Taisen, Other Characters Added to Project X Zone Cast
5/15/2012Cast, Theme Song Singer, Date for Toei's Ashura Film Announced
5/15/2012Robin with His 100 Friends Gets 2nd Anime Season
5/15/2012JManga Adds Records of the Three Kingdoms, Miku-4
5/15/2012Cast Members from Ebiten Anime Form New Voice Actress Unit
5/14/2012Lawson's Monogatari Giveaway Features Yotsugi's Hat
5/14/2012Japanese Builders Stream Updates on 3.8-Meter Robot Mecha
5/14/2012Tron: Uprising's 1st Episode Streamed in HD
5/14/2012New Oreimo PSP Game's 4th Countdown Promo Streamed
5/14/2012Opening Movie for New Class of Heroes Posted
5/14/2012MyNavi Poll: Manga Visual Traits That are Desirable in Real Life Partners
5/14/2012Lupin III's Fujiko, Lupin, Jigen Inspire Life-Size Statues
5/14/2012Japan's Comitia Convention Plans Foreign Comic Festa
5/14/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, April 9-14
5/14/2012Blood-C Film's New Trailer with Nana Mizuki's Theme Posted
5/14/2012Sword Art Online Anime's 2nd TV Ad Streamed
5/14/2012Lollipop Chainsaw's 'Zom-Be-Gon' English Promo Streamed
5/14/2012Evangelion Presents, AR App Given Away on ANA Airline (Updated)
5/14/2012Blue Exorcist Stage Play Previewed in Video Clip
5/14/2012Charity Auctions Feature More Art by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko & Others
5/14/2012Japanese Box Office, April 21-22
5/13/2012New Oreimo PSP Game's 3rd Countdown Promo Streamed
5/13/2012Japanese Box Office, April 14-15
5/13/2012Dojin Work's Hiroyuki to End 'Comic Artist & His Assistants' Manga
5/13/2012North American Stream List: May 7-13
5/13/2012France's Annecy Festival to Show Toei's Niji-Iro Hotaru Film
5/13/2012Moribito Designer Asou to Draw 009 Re:Cyborg Manga
5/13/2012The Idolm@ster Live in Slot! Machine Game's 2nd Promo Streamed
5/13/2012A Bride's Story Manga's Promo Streamed
5/13/2012Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II Cast, Theme Performers Revealed
5/13/2012Mobile Suit Gundam UC Anime Series Adds 7th Volume (Updated)
5/12/2012Switchblade Pictures Licenses Sultry Assassin 2 - Ninja Brainwash
5/12/2012Pop Japan Travel Returns With the All-Japan Alpha+Omega Tour, August 29 to September 7
5/12/2012Helter Skelter's Live-Action Film Trailer Streamed
5/12/2012Live-Action Film Trailer of Horror Novel 'Another' Posted
5/12/2012Keiji Inafune's Soul Sacrifice Unveiling Streamed in English
5/12/2012Daily Briefs
5/12/2012Bus? Ch?gakusei Basket Army's 3rd Anime Short Streamed
5/12/2012MyNavi Poll: Which Fate/Zero Character to Go Out With
5/12/2012Niji-Iro Hotaru's Special Trailer, Video Message Posted
5/12/2012Astronaut/Yamato Fan Noguchi Plays Himself in Space Brothers
5/12/2012Pok?mon: Black and White Season 2 to Premiere on June 21 (Updated)
5/11/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 29-May 5
5/11/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, April 2-8
5/11/2012New Gravity Rush Ad with Former Momoiro Clover Idol Akari Streamed
5/11/2012AM2 Announces Ms. Tara Strong- The Voice of Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls), Hello Kitty, Raven (Teen Titans), Harley Quinn (Arkham City), Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony), And More- As An Officially Guest of Honor
5/11/2012Video of CyberConnect2 CEO Running Paris Marathon in Naruto Cosplay
5/11/2012Anime Expo to Host Animetal USA's 1st U.S. Concert
5/11/2012Anime Expo 2012 Presents the U.S. Concert Debut of Animetal USA
5/11/2012Evangelion's Anno & Ghibli's 'Giant God Warrior' Teaser Aired
5/11/2012Water Boys/Swing Girls' Yaguchi Directs 1st Anime Project
5/11/2012Lollipop Chainsaw Game's 2nd Live-Action Promo Streamed
5/11/2012Rose Guns Days Novel Game's 1st Promo Streamed
5/11/2012Hyouka 'Episode 11.5' to Be Streamed Before BD Release
5/11/2012009 Re:Cyborg Anime Film's Live-Action Promo Streamed
5/11/2012One Piece, Keiko Takemiya Win 41st Japan Cartoonist Awards
5/11/2012K Anime Project's 2nd Promo Video Streamed
5/11/20122nd Countdown Promo for New Oreimo PSP Game Streamed
5/11/2012Daily Briefs
5/11/2012Nayuta no Kiseki PSP Game's First "Promotional Movie" Streamed
5/11/2012Gundam: Battle Operation's Second Promotional Video Streamed
5/11/2012Atelier Ayesha Opening, Sample Voices Posted by Gust
5/11/2012Promotional Video for AnoHana PSP Game Streamed
5/11/2012009 Re:Cyborg's Extended "International Version" Trailer Posted
5/11/2012AM2 Announces 2012 Panel Events
5/10/201236th Annual Kodansha Manga Awards Announced
5/10/2012Soul Sacrifice PS Vita Game's 1st Trailer Streamed
5/10/2012Daily Briefs
5/10/2012K-ON! Azusa Stop-Motion Figure Sequence Posted
5/10/2012New 3D Action Puzzle iPhone App Ninja Bomb Released
5/10/20122nd Oreimo PSP Game's Live-Action Promo Streamed
5/10/2012Princess Jellyfish Creator Higashimura Takes Brief Break Due to Injury
5/10/2012Doraemon's 'Dokodemo Door' iPhone Cover Sold
5/10/2012Katamari Damacy Rolls Bunny/Usagi Drop Into Latest DLC
5/10/2012Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru 2: Futari no Elder Promo Streamed
5/10/2012Nausica?'s Giant God Warriors Inspire Figma Figure, Statue
5/10/2012AniMinneapolis Announces Wendy Powell
5/10/2012Zetsuen no Tempest Fantasy Mystery Manga Gets TV Anime
5/10/2012Moe-yu App Lets Users Bathe With Kana Asumi-Voiced Character
5/10/2012Users Play With Slimes in New Dragon Quest Browser Game
5/10/2012MangaGamer Announces Release Date and Trial Version for Dengeki Stryker!
5/10/2012The Fans Have Spoken: Neon Genesis Evangelion Is Number One With A Bullet
5/10/2012Destination Japan Announces The Tokyo Maximum Tour 2012
5/10/2012Punie-chan's Ohwada Turns Live-Action Mabuyer Into Manga (Updated)
5/10/2012Sayaka Sasaki to Sing Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai Theme
5/10/2012Lollipop Chainsaw's Complete N. American Costume List Revealed
5/10/2012Hitomi Harada Sings Arcana Famiglia TV Anime's Theme Song
5/10/2012Dragon's Dogma Game's Launch Trailer, Clip Streamed
5/10/2012Biglobe Poll: Most Popular Spring Anime
5/10/2012Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Accessories Offered
5/9/2012Sunrise Makes Anime Film of Nerawareta Gakuen Sci-Fi Novel
5/9/2012Anime Midwest Announces LittleKuriboh of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged
5/9/2012Super Mario 3D Land's Kitsune Luigi Inspires Plush Toys
5/9/2012Madoka Magica Spinoff Manga's Kazumi Made Into Papercraft
5/9/2012Daily Briefs
5/9/2012Smile Precure! Let's Go! M?rchen World Game Revealed
5/9/2012Lollipop Chainsaw's Live-Action Japanese Promo Streamed
5/9/2012Magazine Site Lists Photo Kano Under 'TV Anime,' Then Edits Listing (Updated)
5/9/2012Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Adds 52,428 Copies in 2nd Week
5/9/2012Mardock Scramble Manga Ends in Japan
5/9/2012The 11th New York Asian Film Festival Is Here
5/9/2012Toei, Colopl Make Star Plus One! Project for Mobile Phones
5/9/2012ShiftyLook Assembles Eclectic Mix of Cartoonists & Writers for Dig Dug 30 th Anniversary Webcomics Collaboration Project
5/9/2012Limited Only By Imagination
5/9/2012Soul Sacrifice Is New PSV Game by Mega Man/Onimusha's Inafune
5/9/2012Collect Mini Versions of Persona 4 Cast's Eyeglasses
5/9/2012Toei Makes TV Anime of Driland Fantasy Mobile Game
5/9/2012NY Asian Film Fest to Screen Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
5/9/2012Momoiro Clover Z to Perform in Malaysia
5/8/2012Agency: Ghibli Makes Live-Action 'Giant God Warrior' Short
5/8/2012Play Xevious for Free Online, Thanks to Sprite
5/8/2012Princes of Tennis TV Studio Trans Arts Filed for Bankruptcy
5/8/2012Viz Media Offers New And Existing Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha Members A Special Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Premium
5/8/2012Anime NebrasKon Announces Steve Blum and Keith Silverstein as Guests for 2012
5/8/2012Illustrator Mamoru Yokota and GAINAX Founder Hiroyuki Yamaga to Return to FanimeCon
5/8/2012K?ji Kumeta & Yasu's Joshiraku Comedy Anime Cast Revealed
5/8/2012Saturn Apartments' Iwaoka to Launch New Manga Series
5/8/2012Limited Edition Hatsune Miku Edition PS Vita Offered
5/8/2012Waru Action Manga Artist Joya Kagemaru Passes Away
5/8/2012Sol Trigger, Soul Sacrifice, Dragon's Dogma Game Videos Posted
5/8/2012Working/Wagnaria Stage Play to Have Cameos by Anime Cast
5/8/2012Singer/Voice Actress Shokotan Describes Her Dating Type
5/8/2012Radio-Controlled Robot Transforms Into a Car, Walks, Punches
5/8/2012The Hunt for Pikachu Video: Fans Search for Elusive Pok?mon
5/8/2012Namja Town's Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari Menu Revealed
5/8/2012Original Pok?mon Singer Reworks Song for Presidential Hopeful Paul
5/8/2012Dragon Age CG Anime Film's Trailer, 6-Minute Clip Streamed
5/8/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, March 26-April 1
5/8/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, May 6-12
5/8/201247 One Piece Stamps Issued in May ? 1 for Each Prefecture
5/8/2012Anime Network Celebrates Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month on Comcast's Xfinity On Demand
5/8/2012Fanime Hosts Voice Actress, Singer Mai Aizawa
5/8/2012Voice Actress and Singer Mai Aizawa to Entertain Fans at FanimeCon
5/8/2012Yuki CD with Kids on the Slope Theme Ranks #3
5/8/2012Wake Up to Yoko Kanno & Cornelius Music in Uniqlo App
5/7/2012McDonald's Serves 1st Ever Gundam Happy Meals in Japan
5/7/2012Code Geass: Akito the Exiled's New Promo Streamed (Updated)
5/7/2012Mangirl! Manga About Editors' Lives Gets TV Anime
5/7/2012K-ON Manga's Second Run to End in June
5/7/2012CG Starship Troopers: Invasion Film's Bug Designs Previewed
5/7/2012Daily Briefs
5/7/2012Hen Semi/Go no Ni Designer Chikaoka Draws Blossom in Video
5/7/2012Ring Films' Sadako Appears in Kayoe! Ch?gaku TV Anime Shorts
5/7/2012Los Angeles Asian Film Fest to Screen 3 Sae Amamiya Shorts
5/7/2012Nao Yazawa Teaches How to Draw Manga in English
5/7/2012Viz Media's Shonen Jump Alpha Adds New Rurouni Kenshin Manga (Updated)
5/7/2012Fanime to Host Animator, Designer Shigeto Koyama
5/7/2012Designer Shigeto Koyama to Attend FanimeCon as a Guest of Honor
5/7/2012Niji-iro Hotaru Film's 1st 20 Minutes Streamed
5/7/2012New Vocaloid Character Mayu Introduced
5/7/2012Powerpuff Girls, Aya Hirano Team Up for Song
5/6/2012Daily Briefs
5/6/2012Corpse Party Anthology PSP Game's Promo Streamed
5/6/2012California's Fanime Hosts Artists Kia Asamiya, Mamoru Yokota
5/6/2012The Idolm@ster Live in Slot! Machine Game Revealed
5/6/2012Gilles Poitras and Ric Meyers Return to FanimeCon 2012
5/6/2012AM2 Unveils 2012 Passport Cover
5/6/2012Japanese Manga Artist Kia Asamiya Announced as an Official Guest of FanimeCon 2012
5/6/2012Illustrator Mamoru Yokota and GAINAX Founder Hiroyuki Yamaga to Return to FanimeCon
5/6/2012Japanese Manga Artist Kia Asamiya Announced as a Official Guest of FanimeCon 2012
5/6/2012North American Stream List: April 30 - May 6
5/6/2012Momoiro Clover Z Idols Sing for & Dress as Pok?mon
5/6/2012Music Producer Greg Penny Makes Project: 13 Videos with Studio 4?C
5/6/2012Square Enix Designer Akitoshi Kawazu Celebrates Baby's Birth
5/6/2012Blood-C: The Last Dark Film's 3rd Intro Video Streamed
5/6/2012Throngs of Sadakos from Ring Films Overrun Tokyo Intersection
5/6/2012Haganai Gets New Original Video Anime on September 26
5/5/2012Bakuman Manga's Akito Jersey to Be Sold This Month
5/5/2012Daily Briefs
5/5/2012Finnish Embassy Explains How to Quote Madoka Magica in Finnish
5/5/2012Newspaper: Exile's Akira Replaces Akanishi on GTO Remake
5/4/2012Studio Madhouse Produces Mononokuma TV Anime Shorts
5/4/2012Singer May'n to Release Latest Albums on iTunes in U.S.
5/4/2012May'n (Accel World, Macross Frontier) to Release New Album on USA iTunes
5/4/2012Xseed Adds Raganrok Odyssey, Orgarhythm in N. America
5/4/2012Good Smile Racing Hatsune Miku BMW Wins Super GT300 Round 2
5/4/2012Ah My Buddha Creator Toshinori Sogabe Starts New Manga
5/4/2012Ghibli Producer Suzuki Discusses 'Western Influence,' War Loss
5/4/2012Hello Kitty Itch Relief Stick Cases Given Out in Campaign
5/4/2012'Disappearance of Hatsune Miku' Song Inspires Novel
5/4/2012A Letter for Momo Wins Top Prize at Czech's AniFest
5/4/2012Funimation Channel HD Returns to Verizon FiOS Service
5/4/2012Aniplex x Dengeki G's Original Anime Project's 1st Ad Aired
5/4/2012Gundam Poll: Favorite Former Enemies Who Team Up
5/4/2012Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Game's 2nd Live-Action Promo Streamed
5/4/2012New York Lists Media Blasters as Dissolved as of April 2011 (Update 2)
5/4/2012Rosario+Vampire Was #1 April Manga in U.S. Bookstores
5/4/2012New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 22-28
5/4/2012Viz Media Offers 40% Off On Select Volume 1 Digital Manga Titles Every Monday In May On And VizManga App For iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
5/3/2012Evangelion Smartphone to Include 3D Short From Khara
5/3/2012Good Smile Company's 10th Anniversary Figure Vote Results Posted
5/3/2012Good Smile Company's Hatsune Miku TV Ad Streamed
5/3/2012Viki Streams Koutetsu Sangokushi, Don Dracula With English Subtitles
5/3/2012Strike Witches Manga Spinoff Posted for Free in English
5/3/2012'Butt-Biting Insect' Kids' Song Gets TV Anime Series
5/3/2012Brain-Controlled Cosplay Cat Ears Sell 3,000 Units in 2 Hours
5/3/2012Anime Actors Come Together For Rock and Roll Medicine Show
5/3/2012Animicon Soho 2012: Super Early Bird Discounts Available For The Third Annual festival of Anime, Manga, And Asian Culture In NYC
5/3/2012DC Anime Club Presents 2012 Cosplay Parade
5/3/2012Dragon Age: Dawn Of the Seeker Theatrical Release
5/3/2012JManga Adds New Tomoko Yamashita, Tsukiji Nao Titles
5/3/2012Read or Die's Shutaro Yamada Starts Rain Code Manga
5/3/2012'663114' Anime Short to Screen at Los Angeles Film Festival
5/3/2012Medical Time-Travel Manga Jin Gets Takarazuka Stage Play
5/3/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, March 19-25
5/3/2012Josh Brolin: Park Chan-wook Gave Blessing on Oldboy Remake
5/3/2012Otaku Blogger/TV Host Danny Choo to be AX 2012 Emcee
5/3/2012Lain's Yoshitoshi ABe Streams Videos of Manga Drawing
5/3/2012Claymore Manga Series Ends in Jump Square Magazine
5/3/2012Igaguri Chiba to Appear and Perform at FanimeCon 2012
5/2/2012Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Outsells Mario Party 9
5/2/2012Bodacious Space Pirates' Bentenmaru Ship Gets Plastic Model
5/2/2012Olympusat's FUNimation Channel HD Now Available to 4 Million Subscribers on Verizon FIOS
5/2/2012What's On At May's Comic Con?
5/2/2012Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Upotte!"
5/2/2012Daily Briefs
5/2/2012P.A. Works's 1st Tari Tari Anime Promo Streamed
5/2/2012Working/Wagnaria Stage Play's Full Cast in Costume
5/2/20122nd Oreimo PSP Game's 3rd Promo Streamed
5/2/2012Atlus to Release Persona 4 Golden in N. America
5/2/2012Atlus to Publish Persona 4 Golden in North America This Fall
5/2/2012Viz Media Announces Shonen Jump Alpha Trivia Sweepstakes
5/2/2012Robotics;Notes Game's Opening Movie Streamed
5/2/2012Madoka Magica's Homura Glasses with Prescription Lenses
5/2/2012Gusk? Budori no Denki Anime Remake's Full Trailer Posted
5/2/2012Voice Cast, Theme Song for After School Midnighters Announced
5/2/2012Uekiloid Video Revives Hitoshi Ueki's Music Career After Death
5/2/2012Dragon's Dogma Developer's Diary Videos Streamed
5/2/20122 Arrested for Shirts of Anpanman/Kewpie Lookalike
5/2/2012Hot Topic Sells Hatsune Miku T-Shirts, Playing Cards, More Online
5/2/2012+Tic Elder Sister School Comedy Anime Gets 7 More Episodes
5/1/2012Fate/Zero Anime Reversible Eye Masks Offered
5/1/2012Persona 4: The Golden RPG's Clips Streamed
5/1/2012Daily Briefs
5/1/2012AM2 Announces More Interactive Events for Attendees
5/1/2012PS Vita Metal Gear Solid HD Edition Promo Streamed (Updated)
5/1/2012Steins;Gate Parody Adult Video Pulled Due to Copyrights
5/1/2012Gundam W/Detective Conan Song Duo Two-Mix Reunite
5/1/2012Square Enix Plans 'Maiden' iOS/Android Game in Summer
5/1/2012Evangelion, ANA Airline to Launch Collaboration in May
5/1/2012Second Trailer for Pok?mon: Kyurem Vs. Seikenshi Keldeo Film Posted
5/1/2012Results of Gintama Figure Poll Revealed
5/1/2012Digital Manga Licenses 2 Boys-Love Books, 1 Project H Book
5/1/2012Deadline: District 9's Copley Closes Deal on Oldboy
5/1/2012Japanese Comic Ranking, March 12-18
5/1/2012Right Stuf, Inc Announces Exclusive Deal With Gentosha Comics and Tokyopop to Publish Hetalia Axis Powers Manga, Vols. 1-3
5/1/2012Right Stuf to Release First 3 Hetalia Manga Volumes
5/1/2012North American Anime, Manga Releases, April 29-May 5
5/1/2012Rurouni Kenshin Inspires New PSP Game This Summer
5/1/20124Kids to Sell Yu-Gi-Oh! Assets to Kidsco for US$10 Million (Updated)
5/1/2012Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!! Manga to End in 4 More Chapters
5/1/20122nd Gundam Model Builders World Cup Announced
5/1/2012PacSet Tours Announces Animated Spring Tour for March 2013 and Tour Payment Plans
5/1/2012Studio Ghibli's Latest Masterpiece ? Arrietty Comes To DVD & Blu-Ray
5/1/2012Meta Con 2012 Announces Two More Power Rangers Guests
5/1/2012Anime Blast Chattanooga Welcomes Kyle Hebert in 2012
5/1/2012Digimon World: Re:Digitize's New Promo Streamed