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Anime News

DateArticle Name
12/28/2017The Voluptuous 'The Seven Heavenly Virtues' Will Look for Their "Savior" with Sentai Filmworks
12/28/2017Hatsune Miku Returns to the USA and Mexico in Summer 2018
12/28/2017Sentai Filmworks Wins Big with the Small Forest Girls of ‘Hakumei and Mikochi’
12/28/2017CG World Magazine Crowns This Year's Best in CG Anime & Games
12/28/2017Cutie Honey Universe Anime's Teaser Video Streamed
12/28/2017Gossip Site: Kemono Friends Anime's 2nd Season Offered to Sunrise
12/28/2017Tanaka-kun is Always Listless English Dub Stars Blake Shepard, Andrew Love
12/28/2017Japan's Animation TV Ranking, December 18-24
12/28/2017Junji Ito's Tomie Haunts an Elementary School in Odaiba
12/28/2017J-Novel Club Licenses Arifureta Zero Prequel Novel
12/28/2017AnimeNEXT to Host Directors Kenji Kamiyama, Shinji Aramaki
12/28/2017Tochigi Prefecture's Anime Idol Group Comes Face to Face with History
12/28/2017Kemono Friends Director Tatsuki Posts Full 'Keifuku-san' Short
12/28/2017Shin Godzilla Director, Staff Play Themselves in Fussa City Promo Anime Short
12/28/2017Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation Film's Promo Video, Visual Revealed
12/28/2017Sword Gai: The Animation Reveals Main Cast, New Visual
12/28/2017Sentai Filmworks' New Acquisition of ‘Takunomi’, Deserves a Toast
12/28/2017The Japanese Virtual Artist IA Announces Her New Musical & Live Show for 2018, Called ?ARIA?
12/28/2017Layton Games Get Spring TV Anime Starring Professor's Daughter
12/28/2017Renowned Japanese Creators Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki Announced as Guests of AnimeNEXT 2018 Anime Convention
12/28/2017Latest Addition to the Anime Key Frames Collection E-SAKUGA Series Will Be: ?Anime: JIN-ROH E-SAKUGA?
12/28/2017Sentai Filmworks is Adding 'Mitsuboshi Colors' to Their Extensive Selection
12/28/2017The King of Fighters Partners Collab with Puzzle & Dragons
12/28/2017Sentai Filmworks Licenses The Seven Heavenly Virtues Anime
12/28/2017Teeky? Manga Ends in 2 Chapters on January 25
12/28/2017Full Metal Panic! Anime's 2nd Director's Cut Film Previewed in Video
12/28/2017Shinkalion Anime's 1st 3 Minutes of 1st Episode Streamed
12/28/2017A Place Further Than the Universe Anime's Ad Previews Ending Theme
12/28/2017Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi TV Anime's 1st Promo Video Reveals Cast, Gonzo Animation
12/28/2017Tokimeki Restaurant Anime Film's Full Trailer Streamed
12/28/2017Shonen Jump's Sumo Club Manga Hinomaru Zum? Gets Anime
12/28/2017Tokyo Otaku Mode Considering 'Otaku Coin' ICO Designed for the Japanese Anime Industry
12/28/2017Juni Taisen Novel Gets Stage Play Next May
12/28/2017The irregular at magic high school: Summer Vacation Arc Manga Ends
12/28/2017Live-Action Drama About Shonen Jump Reveals Poster of Cast in Cosplay
12/28/2017New Revolutionary Girl Utena Manga Chapter's Story, Date Revealed
12/27/2017Silver Link Animates Miss caretaker of Sunohara-sou for Summer Broadcast
12/27/2017Devilman Crybaby Anime Debuts New Special Video
12/27/2017Bad Fan Behavior Could Lead to Cancelled Love Live Events
12/27/2017Chisa Yuuki Stars in Uchi no Oochopus Mini Anime
12/26/2017Record of Grancrest War Anime's 3rd Promo Video Previews Theme Songs
12/26/2017Yuruyuri Creator Namori Designs New Anime Project's Characters
12/26/2017Infini-T Force Film's Trailer Previews New Characters
12/26/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 18-24
12/26/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 18-24
12/26/20172018 Super Sentai Show Is Franchise's 1st to Star 2 Teams
12/26/2017Kamen Rider Kiva's Kouhei Takeda Returns in Build
12/26/2017Dentsu, DreamWorks Plan TV Animation for Medicom's Be@rbrick Figures
12/26/2017TBS Acquires Lyrical Nanoha's Anime Studio Seven Arcs
12/25/2017And Yet the Town Moves Creator Ishiguro's New Manga Detailed
12/25/2017One Room Anime Launches VR Project With Crowdfunding
12/25/2017The Osomatsu-sans Perform Mr. Osomatsu Season 2's 2nd Cour Ending Song
12/25/2017Akihito Yoshitomi Resumes Eat-Man The Main Dish Manga
12/25/2017Happy Holidays from the Anime World!
12/25/2017Godzilla's 1st Anime Film Gets Shonen Jump + Manga in March
12/25/2017Hinomaru Zum? Manga to Have 'Super Important Announcement' on January 4
12/25/2017Nisekoi's Naoshi Komi Draws New 1-Shot With English Release
12/25/2017Sword Dynasty Anime Based on Chinese Web Novel Reveals Japanese Cast
12/25/2017DARLING in the FRANXX Anime's 2nd Promo Reveals More Cast
12/25/2017Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare Film Gets 4D Screenings
12/25/2017Hinamatsuri Anime's 1st Promo Video Reveals Cast, April Debut
12/25/2017Live-Action Perfect World Film Opens on October 5
12/25/2017Flame of Recca/MÄR's Nobuyuki Anzai to Launch New Manga Series
12/25/2017Junji Ito 'Collection' Anime Listed With 12 TV Episodes, 2 OVA Episodes
12/25/2017Gintama Anime's 'Silver Soul' Arc Previewed in Video
12/24/2017Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari Anime Reveals Additional Cast, Manga Tie-In
12/24/2017Persona 3, Persona 5 Dancing Games Previewed in Video
12/24/2017Doreiku Anime's Promo Reveals 2 Cast Members, Netflix Streaming
12/24/2017Psychic Detective Yakumo Artist Suzuka Oda Launches New Manga
12/24/2017In/Spectre Manga Has 1.5 Million Copies in Print
12/24/2017Don't Be a Titan, Cover Your Cough and Sneezes!
12/24/2017Fumikiri Jikan Manga to Have 'Important Announcement' on January 25
12/24/2017More Fate/Grand Order Servants Get Cute for Sanrio Collaboration
12/24/2017Kemono Friends Special Music Video Wishes Fans a Merry Christmas
12/24/2017Magikarp Exclusive Lottery Sure to Make a Splash
12/24/2017Haré+Guu's Renjuro Kindaichi Launches N to S Manga
12/24/2017Professional Japanese Gamer Criticizes New e-Sports Group, Licenses
12/24/2017New Non Non Biyori Anime Is Summer 2018 Film With Returning Cast, Staff
12/24/2017Fist of the Blue Sky Regenesis TV Anime Reveals Voice Lead, Staff, April Debut on Amazon
12/24/2017Persona 5 TV Anime Reveals Staff, Promo Video, April Premiere
12/20/2017Dynasty Warriors 9 Game's Videos Preview Characters, Open World Gameplay
12/20/2017Toppo Snacks Turn to A.I. to Pick Its Next Flavor
12/20/2017Live-Action Inuyashiki Film's Teaser Reveals April 20 Premiere
12/20/2017Japanese Comic Ranking, December 11-17
12/20/2017Fate/Grand Order VR Voyeurs Find a Way to Spy on Mash Kyrielight
12/20/2017Japan's Video Game Rankings, December 11-17
12/20/2017Danganronpa 3 Anime's Future Arc Gets Stage Play Adaptation
12/20/2017Accept No Waifu Imitations: How to Spot a Fake Rem Bride Figure
12/20/2017Golden Kamuy Manga Has 3.75 Million Copies in Print
12/20/2017Black Clover: Quartet Knights to Merge Magic and Shooter Gameplay in New Third Person Anime Game
12/20/2017My Hero Academia, Fireworks Top Japan's YouTube Music Videos for 2017
12/20/2017Animator Claims Anime Studio Production IMS is Not Paying
12/20/2017Alice or Alice TV Anime Reveals Key Visual
12/20/2017Creator Hikaru Katsuki Comments on Baby Steps Tennis Manga's Cancellation
12/20/2017Toei Animation's Butt Detective TV Anime Premieres in May
12/20/2017New Food Wars! OVA Bundles With Manga's 29th Volume
12/20/2017Video Girl Ai Manga Gets New 1-Shot Chapter
12/20/2017Girls & Panzer's 1st Finale Film Reveals More New Characters With Cast
12/20/2017DeNA, Sotsu, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting to Make 3 TV Anime by 2020
12/20/2017Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun Manga Ends on January 4
12/20/2017GANTZ:L Stage Play's Promo Video Shows Shooting for Character Visuals
12/20/2017Falcom Announces The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV RPG
12/20/2017Mary and the Witch's Flower Anime Film's Japanese BD/DVD Has English Subs
12/20/2017Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory's Promo Video Streamed With English Subtitles
12/19/2017Devils' Line Anime Reveals Additional Cast, Staff, April Debut
12/19/2017Lupin III Gets 50th Anniversary Project With Monkey Punch as Chief Director
12/19/2017Voice Actor Tamio Ohki Passes Away at 89
12/19/2017Hatsune Miku Supports Quake-Hit Northeast Japan With AR
12/19/2017Rose of Versailles Manga Gets 2 More Chapters
12/19/20177-Eleven Make-Up Boys Will Help You Look Your Best
12/19/2017North American Anime, Manga Releases, December 17-23
12/19/2017Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu Manga Ends on January 4
12/19/2017Pokémon's Bill Joins the Dark Side at Jump Festa
12/19/2017Bungo Stray Dogs English Dub Casts Max Mittelman as Atsushi Nakajima
12/19/2017Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Film Makes Shortlist for Hair & Makeup Oscar
12/19/2017Celebrate 50 Years of Shonen Jump's Best Theme Songs
12/19/2017Shojo Beat Licenses Suu Morishita's Shortcake Cake Manga
12/19/2017Brian Drummond Returns as Cloned Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super's English Dub
12/19/2017Family Assistance is the Lifeblood for Half of Young Animators in Japan
12/19/2017Hokuto ga Gotoku PS4 Game's Trailer Shows Battle, Mini Games
12/13/2017A Place Further Than the Universe Reveals More Cast, January 2 Premiere Date
12/13/2017Love to Lie Angle Yuri Manga Gets TV Anime in 2018
12/13/2017Summer Wars' Hosoda Reveals Mirai no Mirai Film's Story, Staff, July Date in Teaser
12/13/2017Milky Holmes: Arsene Karei Naru Yokub? Anime Special Casts Pro Wrestler Tomoaki Honma
12/13/2017Anime Boston Hosts Rock Band FLOW
12/13/2017Kabukibu! Manga Listed as Ending With 2nd Volume
12/13/2017Wall Street Journal: Nintendo Seeks More App Developer Partnerships
12/13/2017Aniplex USA to Stream Slow Start Anime on Crunchyroll
12/13/2017Aniplex USA Starts Streaming Record of Grancrest War Anime on Crunchyroll, Hulu on January 5
12/12/2017Captain Tsubasa Soccer Manga Gets New TV Anime in April
12/12/2017Shimajir? Film's Trailer Previews Theme Song
12/12/2017Dodgeball Rising to Launch in 2018
12/12/2017Futari H Life-Size Figure is Creator's Literal Labor of Love (NSFW)
12/12/2017Azoland Pictures to Release Gintama Live-Action Film in North American Theaters January 2018
12/12/2017ONE PIECE: World Seeker Comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam in 2018
12/12/2017MangaGamer's First Fighting Game, Umineko Golden Fantasia, Hits Steam
12/12/2017B?kyaku no Sachiko Live-Action Gourmet Special Reveals Additional Cast
12/12/2017Deku Still Chasing #1 in My Hero Academia Popularity Poll
12/12/2017Production I.G's Pigtails Anime Wins Special Jury Award From NA Film Awards
12/12/2017The Ambition of Oda Nobuna Novelist to Pen Romance of Three Kingdoms Work in 2018
12/12/2017Emoji Movie Gets Japanese Dub for Home Video Release
12/12/2017Toji no Miko Smartphone Game's Promo, Visual Revealed
12/12/2017North American Anime, Manga Releases, December 10-16
12/12/2017Sequels Dominate Most Anticipated Winter 2018 Anime Poll
12/12/2017Nintendo Switch Console Sales Reach 10 Million Globally
12/12/2017A Little Sister (and a Little Alcohol) is All You Need
12/12/2017Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Anime Ads Preview Voices
12/12/2017Fans, Creators Applaud Animation of Fate/Apocrypha's 22nd Episode
12/12/2017Ni no Kuni II Game's Release Date Moved Back to March 23
12/12/2017Kengan Ashura Anime to Air on TV
12/12/2017Pop Team Epic Anime's Promo Videos Reveal January 6 Premiere Date
12/12/201714-Year-Old Singer Ruann Performs March comes in like a lion's New Ending
12/12/2017Blood Blockade Battlefront Creator Celebrates Beyond's Finale With New Visual
12/12/2017Detective Pikachu Film With Ryan Reynolds to Open on May 10, 2019
12/12/2017Junko's Kiss Him, Not Me Manga Ends in 3 Chapters
12/12/2017Record of Grancrest War Anime Premieres January 5
12/12/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, December 4-10
12/12/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, December 4-10
12/12/2017Terraformars Manga to Resume in April After Co-Creator Recuperates
12/12/2017Live-Action Rainbow Days Film's Teaser Reveals July Opening
12/5/2017Dagashi Kashi 2, Takunomi. Reveal Shared Timeslot, New Videos, Visuals
12/5/2017Rina Yagami's Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu Manga Enters Climax
12/5/20172nd Code Geass Anime Compilation Film Reveals New Visual, Song Performers
12/5/2017Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Anime Reveals More of Cast, January 11 Debut
12/5/2017Black Clover: Project Knights Game Heads West on PS4, PC in 2018
12/5/2017Black Clover Fantasy Action Manga, Anime Get PS4 Game
12/5/2017My Brother's Husband LGBT Family Manga Gets Live-Action Mini-Series
12/5/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, November 27-December 3
12/5/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 27-December 3
12/5/2017B?kyaku no Sachiko Gourmet Manga Gets Live-Action Special
12/5/2017Denki-Gai's Asato Mizu Launches Death Game Manga
12/5/2017Live-Action Video Girl Ai Reveals Additional Cast, Including Manga's Original Protagonist
12/5/2017Crunchyroll Digitally Publishes Scum's Wish décor Spinoff Manga
12/5/2017Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Film Tops Japan's Box Office
12/4/2017Mr. Osomatsu Also Gets Original Net Anime Shorts in January
12/4/2017Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Anime Listed With 26 Episodes
12/4/2017Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!!, 'Ky?, Koi o Hajimemasu' Manga Get New 1-Shots
12/4/2017Bungo Stray Dogs Spinoff Novel About Yukito Ayatsuji, Natsuhiko Kyogoku Gets Manga
12/4/2017Ace Attorney Anime's English Dub Clip Previews 1st Case
12/4/2017Hot Spring Anime Streaming Marathon Heated Things Up in December
12/4/2017Cardfight!! Vanguard Gets New Spinoff Manga Series
12/4/2017Hajime no Ippo Voice Actor Kohei Kiyasu Announces Marriage, Child
12/4/2017Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology 3DS Game's Trailer Shows Battle
12/4/2017Latest Restaurant Manga Brings Extinct Animals to Life
12/4/2017Mega Man 11 Announced for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC
12/4/2017Hatsune Miku, Precure a la Mode Switch Costumes for New Merch
12/4/2017In This Corner Of The World, Napping Princess Nominated for Annie Awards
12/4/2017Secret of Mana PS4 Remake Gets Physical Copies in the Americas
12/4/2017Attack on Titan 2 Game's Video Reveals March 15 Release Date in Japan
12/4/2017Red River Manga Gets New Chapter, Musical by Takarazuka Revue
12/4/2017The Ancient Magus' Bride Manga Has 5 Million Copies in Print
12/4/2017Mary and The Witch's Flower Film's English Dub Trailer Streamed
12/4/2017Gungrave VR Game Launches on December 14
12/4/2017Kagerou Daze Novel Series Ends in 8th Volume
12/4/2017Kuroko's Basketball's 3rd Stage Play Reveals Cast, Visual
12/4/2017Drifters Anime's Episodes 13, 14 Previewed in Video
12/4/2017Recovery of an MMO Junkie Anime Previews Episode 11 OVA in Video
12/4/2017Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Game's Switch Launch Trailer Posted
12/4/2017Newton and the Apple Tree Visual Novel's Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Goal
12/4/2017Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded Gets Switch Version on December 21