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Anime News

DateArticle Name
5/31/2017Studio Ghibli to Open 'Ghibli Park' in Aichi in Early 2020
5/31/2017Glitter Force Title Trademark Moves From Saban Brands to Toei
5/31/2017Manga Delves Into Early Careers of Famed Game Creators
5/31/2017God Wars PS4/Vita Game's 1st English-Dubbed Character Trailer Streamed
5/31/2017Fate/Grand Order Game's English Short Trailer Features Caster Servant Class
5/31/2017Yuri!!! on Ice Characters Cameo in Steven Universe Comic
5/31/2017Funimation Licenses Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul Film
5/31/2017Discotek Streams 1st Chargeman Ken Anime Episode
5/31/2017Uta no Prince-sama Staff Apologize for Starting Concert Before All Attendees Entered
5/31/2017Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Film's Promo Videos Show Heroes, Antagonist
5/31/2017Moyocco Anno's Happy Mania Manga Gets New Chapter
5/31/2017Transforming Digimon Toy Line Gets Anniversary Upgrade
5/31/2017Japan's Video Game Rankings, May 22-28
5/31/2017A3! Ikemen Game Gets 1st Manga Anthology, Serialization
5/31/2017Tsuredure Children Anime's 1st Short Promo Shows Umbrella-Sharing Scene
5/31/2017Toei Animation Creates Net Anime Based on 'Butt Detective' Children's Books
5/31/2017Jun Fukuyama's Jobs Include Dance Instructor in KFC Shorts
5/31/2017New Hell Girl Anime's 2nd Promo Reveals July 14 Premiere
5/31/2017Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul Film Reveals New Visual, Stills
5/31/2017Irregular at Magic High School Anime Film's Trailer Streamed
5/31/2017A Centaur's Life Anime's 1st TV Ad Reveals July 9 Premiere
5/30/2017Lodoss Creator's Record of Grancrest War Anime Announces Cast, Staff, January Debut
5/30/2017Kyoei Toshi PS4 Game Reveals Evangelion Unit-01, Gamera, Fall Launch
5/30/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, May 22-28
5/30/2017Marvel Future Avengers Anime Reveals Cast, Staff, July 22 Debut
5/30/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, May 22-28
5/30/2017The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Gekij? Anime's 2nd Ending Song Ranks #1
5/30/2017Welcome to the Ballroom Anime's July 8 Debut, Theme Song Artist Revealed
5/30/2017Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun Soccer Anime's Video Reveals Image Song, July Debut
5/30/2017Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul Film Reveals 5 More Cast Members
5/30/2017Amazon's Crayon Shin-chan Spinoff Anime Gets Season 4
5/30/2017Original High School Anime 'Just Because!' Unveils Trailer, Characters
5/29/2017Gamers' Osaka Store Transforms Into Eromanga Sensei's Takasago Books
5/29/2017Pet Girl of Sakurasou Creator, Sword Art Online: Progressive Manga Artist's Original Anime 'Just Because!' Revealed
5/29/2017DIVE!! TV Anime Gets VR Experience in July
5/29/2017Love Live! Sunshine!! Mini-Unit Guilty Kiss' 2nd Single Gets Preview Video
5/29/2017Kindaichi's Shin Kibayashi, Kosaku Shima's Kenshi Hirokane Launch Collaboration Manga
5/29/2017KenIchi Creator to End Tokiwa Kitareri!! Manga in June
5/29/2017Orange Manga Gets 7th Compiled Volume
5/29/2017TV Show Calls Out Miyazaki for 'Retiring,' Apologizes for Misquoting Him
5/29/2017Rensuke Oshikiri's Gyanprin Gambling Manga Inspires Smartphone Game
5/29/2017Kunihiko Ikuhara, Kotono Mitsuishi Attend Sailor Moon R Film Screening in July
5/29/2017Game Developer Natsume Hints at Nintendo-Related E3 Announcement
5/29/2017Sony Ends Shipments of PlayStation 3 Console in Japan
5/29/2017Kemono Friends Gets Collaboration with Japan Racing Association
5/29/2017Porno Graffitti, J?Dee'Z Perform New Themes for Puzzle & Dragons X Anime
5/29/2017Listen to Hitorijime My Hero's Opening Before the Premiere
5/29/20171st Haikara-san ga T?ru Anime Film Reveals Visual, Theme Song
5/29/2017The Lost Child Game's Debut Trailer Reveals August 24 Release
5/29/2017The Glass Mask Year 3 Class D Film Opens on July 22
5/29/2017Former KAT-TUN Member Koki Tanaka Tests Positive for Marijuana Use
5/29/2017Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] Fighting Game's Console Opening Video Streamed
5/29/2017Restaurant to Another World Anime Reveals Teaser Video, More Cast, July 3 Premiere
5/29/2017Nights of Azure 2 Game's 2nd Promo Video Reveals August 31 Release Date
5/29/201721st Detective Conan Film Earns 6.35 Billion Yen, Sets New Record For Film Franchise
5/29/2017I Am Setsuna's Tokyo RPG Factory Teases Possible New Work With Visual
5/29/2017Spice & Wolf Manga 'Heads Toward Finale' in 16th Volume
5/29/2017Bokutachi ga Yarimashita Live-Action TV Series' Cast, July Premiere Revealed
5/29/2017Singer Hitomi Noda Retires From Entertainment Industry
5/29/2017Hayate the Combat Butler's Final 2 Volumes Get Limited Editions With Side Stories
5/28/2017New Haikyu!! Stage Play's Visual Revealed
5/22/2017Live-Action Peach Girl Film Opens at #3 in Japanese Box Office
5/22/2017Hakubo no Chronicle Manga Ends Serialization on May 29
5/22/2017Ice Blade's Tsutomu Takahashi Turns 'NeuN 9' 1-Shot into Full Series
5/22/2017Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler Anime Reveals New Key Visual
5/22/2017Live-Action Gintama Film Unveils On-Set Photos of Yuuya Yagira, Ryo Yoshizawa
5/22/2017Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Game's Switch Version Gets Release in N. America, Europe This Fall
5/22/2017Onsen Y?sei Hakone-chan's Daisuke Yui Launches New Manga in June
5/22/2017Kaasan - Mom's Life Manga to End in June
5/22/2017Resident Evil's Constantin Film to Produce Hollywood Monster Hunter Film
5/22/2017New Game!! Anime Season 2 Reveals 4 New Cast Members
5/22/2017Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul Film Casts Kai Ogasawara as Hide
5/22/2017Resident Evil Films' Producer Plans Reboot Film
5/22/2017Vertical to Release Your Lie in April Light Novel in July
5/21/201791 Days Anime's Unaired 13th Episode Trailer Shows Young Vanettis
5/21/2017The IDOLM@STER Million Live! Theater Days Smartphone Game Surpasses 1 Million Pre-Registered Players
5/21/2017Attack on Titan Planetarium Show's Trailer Streamed
5/21/2017'B-Project' Stage Play Reveals Cast in Costume for Thrive, KiLLER KiNG Groups
5/21/2017Iwaihime: Matsuri Game's Opening Movie Streamed
5/21/2017Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine Smartphone Game Inspires Net Anime Shorts
5/21/2017Mazinger Z Interval Peace, Mazinger Z Alter Ignition Manga Launch
5/21/2017Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 Game's 2nd Promo Video Previews Job Classes
5/21/2017Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Anime Reveals Promo Video, July 6 Premiere, Theme Song Artists
5/21/2017Inuyashiki Anime's Writer, Character Designer Revealed
5/21/2017Gosei Sentai Dairanger Actor Tatsuya N?mi Passes Away
5/21/2017Aniplex USA to Stream Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga Anime's English Dub Exclusively on Hulu
5/21/2017Aniplex USA Launches Campaign For Fate/Grand Order Smartphone Game
5/20/2017DIVE!! TV Anime to Stream Exclusively on Amazon Prime Video
5/20/2017Ojisan and Marshmallow Manga Creator Draws 1-Shot About AKB48 Members
5/20/2017Love Live! Sunshine!! Mini-Unit AZALEA's 2nd Single Gets Preview Video
5/20/2017Aniplex USA to Stream The Moment You Fall in Love Anime Film on Crunchyroll (Updated With Video)
5/20/2017Aniplex USA Reveals Home Video Release Plans For Blue Exorcist, Occultic;Nine, WWW.WAGNARIA!! Anime
5/20/2017Cheer Fruits Original TV Anime Gets Manga in June
5/20/2017Sekai Project Reveals 'Maiden Voyage' Brand for Otome, Boys-Love Games
5/20/2017New Nintendo 2DS XL Slime Console Oozes into Stores on July 29
5/20/2017Voice Actresses Revealed for Yasushi Akimoto-Produced Idol Unit 22/7
5/20/2017Inti Creates Releases Mighty Gunvolt Burst, Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack For Switch
5/20/2017Fairy Tail Manga Ends Serialization in 10 Chapters
5/20/2017Yuki Yuna Is a Hero: Washio Sumi Chapter's 3rd Anime Film Previewed in Video
5/20/2017Digimon Adventure tri. Stage Play Reveals Main Cast, Visual, Story
5/20/2017Gamers! TV Anime Reveals Main Cast, Theme Song Artists
5/17/2017Gundam Thunderbolt Anime's Episode 7 Previewed in Trailer
5/17/2017World Embryo, Chrono Crusade's Daisuke Moriyama Launches Manga
5/17/2017Bungo Stray Dogs Anime Gets 1st Smartphone Game
5/17/2017Saboriman Ametani Kantar? Manga Gets Live-Action Show in July
5/17/2017Summer Wars' Mamoru Hosoda Reveals His Next Film, Mirai, for May 2018 Debut
5/17/2017Voice Actor John Cygan Passes Away at 63
5/17/2017Production I.G's 'Vertical Anime' Launch Delayed Until Further Notice
5/17/2017Live-Action Love and Lies Film Reveals Visual
5/16/2017Designer Watch Meets Poke?mon for a Whopping US$258,000
5/16/2017Resident Evil Revelations PS4, Xbox One Game Slated for August 31 in Japan
5/16/2017Weekly Shonen Jump's Circulation Drops Below 2 Million
5/16/2017Tiger & Bunny Comes Back...As a Lottery-Prize Drama CD
5/16/2017A Silent Voice, Masako Nozawa, Makoto Shinkai Win Japan Movie Critics Awards
5/16/2017Sonic Forces Game Has Playable Custom Character
5/16/2017BPO Publishes Viewer Complaint About Anime With 'Sexually Extreme' Content
5/16/2017Kodansha USA Publishes Ema Toyama's Aoba-kun's Confessions Manga Digitally
5/16/2017North American Anime, Manga Releases, May 15-21
5/16/2017Light Novel Author Reki Kawahara's Home is Buried in Sword Art Online Merch
5/16/2017Yen Press Licenses Re:Zero EX Spinoff Novels
5/16/2017Longer Live-Action Royal Tutor Ending Sequence Streamed
5/16/2017Director Jordan Peele Explains Why He Isn't Directing Live-Action Akira
5/16/2017Naruto, Sasuke God Figures Make a Storm This September
5/16/2017Zero Time Dilemma Launches For PS4 on August 17 in Japan
5/16/2017Accel World VS. Sword Art Online Game's English-Subtitled Trailer Reveals July 7 Release
5/16/2017Toei and Funimation Announce New Dragon Ball Licensing Agreements
5/16/2017The Gameplay of Akiba's Beat
5/16/2017Antiquia Lost Is KEMCO's Next Steam Installment. Vote on Steam Greenlight!
5/16/2017Neptunia Re;Birth series Now Available on Twitch
5/16/2017Tickets Now On Sale for Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic Limited Theatrical Engagement
5/16/2017Kuroko's Basketball: Last Game Anime Film Tops 1 Billion Yen
5/16/2017Bandai Namco Debuts Evangelion VR Experience This Summer
5/16/2017JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gets Manga App With Iggy-Raising Mini-Game
5/16/2017Pet Girl of Sakurasou Creator, Sword Art Online: Progressive Manga Artist Work on New Anime
5/16/2017Akira Animation Director Takashi Nakamura Makes His 1st 3D Anime Short
5/16/2017Hitorijime My Hero Boys-Love TV Anime Reveals Cast, Staff
5/16/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, May 8-14
5/16/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, May 8-14
5/16/2017Comedian Galigali Galixon Slated to Appear in Live-Action Gintama Film
5/16/2017Sega's Shining Franchise Illustrator Tony Working on Console Game, RPG App, Arcade TCG, 'Real' TCG to be Revealed in 2017
5/16/2017Koisuru Shirokuma 'Petit' Anime's 2nd Episode Debuts
5/12/2017Blame! Gets HTC Vive VR Demo Based on Upcoming Film
5/12/2017Y?koso Jitsuryoku Shij? Shugi no Ky?shitsu e TV Anime's Promo Video Streamed
5/12/2017Atsushi Abe, Y?ichi Nakamura Star in Y?kai Ap?to no Y?ga na Nichij? Anime
5/12/2017Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Concert's Visual Revealed
5/12/2017Atlus Streams Character Videos for Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology 3DS Game
5/12/2017Mah?jin Guru Guru Anime's Character Visuals Revealed
5/12/2017Funimation: Other Black Butler Anime to Remain Available
5/12/2017Digimon Adventure tri. Anime Film Series Gets Stage Play Telling Side Story
5/12/20171st Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel Anime Film Reveals New Key Visual
5/12/20172nd Live-Action Sagrada Reset Film Streams 11 Character Clips
5/12/2017Kaito × Ansa Puzzle-Solving TV Anime's 2nd Video Reveals Theme Song
5/12/2017J?ni Taisen Anime Previews Backgrounds for Pivotal Scene
5/12/2017Saiyuki Reload Blast Anime's 2nd Promo Video Reveals Granrodeo's Opening Theme
5/12/2017Corpse Princess' Akahito Ends Saisei no Phantasma Manga
5/12/2017Hong Kong's Camsing International Buys Stan Lee's Pow! Entertainment
5/11/2017Yowamushi Pedal Manga Has 17 Million Copies in Print
5/11/2017Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Uch? Sentai Ky?ranger Films' Teaser Video Streamed
5/11/2017Dragon Ball Super Happy Meal Toys Come to Japan's McDonald's
5/11/2017ESL to Host Blazblue Centralfiction PSN Community Cups
5/11/2017Viz Media Europe Will Present Two Movies at Cannes' Marché du Film
5/11/2017Yu-Gi-Oh! The Art of The Cards in Stores Today, Already Sold Out at Distributors
5/11/2017Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin: Chronicle of Char and Sayla Coming August 2017 From Right Stuf, Inc. and Sunrise Inc.
5/11/2017Yousei Teikoku Reveals Track List and Powerful Jacket Image for 20th Anniversary Single
5/11/2017Crunchyroll, Tubi TV Add More Anime Titles From Funimation
5/11/2017Crunchyroll Adds El-Hazard: The Wanderers, The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye Anime
5/11/2017Sanrio's My Melody Gets Magical Makeover with Sailor Moon
5/11/2017Monochrome Factor's Kairi Sorano Starts New Series
5/11/2017Viz Media Europe to Present A Silent Voice, Yo-Kai Watch Movies at Cannes Film Market
5/11/2017Get Your Burger Manga-Style at Japan's Village Vanguard Diner
5/11/2017Square Enix to Launch Figureheads Ace Arcade Game
5/11/2017Im?to Sae Ireba Ii. Anime's Site Briefly Listed Studio Silver Link, Director Shin Oonuma
5/11/2017Nagoya Anime Project Program Offers Behind-the-Scenes Look at Anime Production
5/11/2017Kickstarter to Publish Delico Psyche's Boys-Love Manga in Print Meets Goal
5/11/2017Leiji Matsumoto Creates Sci-Fi Landscapes for Unique Sand Art
5/11/2017Rabi-Ribi is Coming to Consoles in Europe
5/11/2017Revenant Saga Finally Debuts on PlayStation: 3D Battles Await in a Grand Fantasy RPG
5/11/2017"Koe no Katachi" aka A Silent Voice debuts on the Top 5 at Mexican Box Office
5/11/2017Nutaku Announces Debut of 3 New Sexy Titles on Platform
5/11/2017Studio Ghibli Fest 2017 Series Pass Now Available at Regal
5/11/2017Birthdays the Beginning Now Available for PS4 and Steam® and New DLCs
5/9/2017Dynasty Warriors 9 Open-World Game Revealed for PS4
5/9/2017The Pokémon Company Invests in Wicked Cool Toys
5/9/20172nd Tokyo Ghoul Stage Play's Visual Unveiled
5/9/201741st Annual Kodansha Manga Awards' Winners Announced
5/9/2017Yuko ?no Stars in Konohana Kitan Anime
5/9/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, May 1-7
5/9/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, May 1-7
5/9/2017Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Film Opens at #10 With 53 Million Yen
5/9/2017Makoto Shinkai's 'your name.' Anime Film Earns US$4.7 Million in N. America
5/9/2017Degica Games to Localize Castle of Shikigami Game
5/9/2017Live-Action The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Film Unveils Photos on Set
5/9/2017Atlus USA Delays Caligula Effect Game in Europe
5/8/2017Gosick Illustrator Hinata Takeda Passes Away
5/8/2017Japan's Video Game Rankings, April 24-30
5/8/2017Japanese Netizens Choose Jump's Best Manga Artist
5/8/2017Tekken 7 Game's Video Introduces Playable Characters
5/8/2017Baseball Team Hanshin Tigers Go Super Saiyan for Promotional Collaboration
5/8/2017Senki Zessh? Symphogear XD Unlimited Smartphone Game's Opening Streamed
5/8/2017Persona Series Director, Character Designer Thank Western Fans
5/8/2017Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl Anime's Visual, Character Designs Revealed
5/8/2017Eevee & Colorful Friends Merch Campaign Gets Cute Animated Video
5/8/2017Five Classic Sailor Moon Voice Actors, Musical Group SeraSymphony, Singer Jennifer Cihi, and Seven Masters Level Cosplayers to Appear at Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration
5/8/2017New Dark Rose Valkyrie Opening Movie and Interview System Screenshots
5/8/2017Street Fighter V Adds Ed as Playable Character
5/8/20171st Shonen Jump Exhibition's Display Line-up Announced
5/8/2017Link: The Unleashed Nexus Game Gets Full Remake for PS4, PC
5/8/2017Hello Lady! -Superior Dynamis- Game Announced for PS Vita
5/8/2017Sagrada Reset Anime Casts Hiroshi Naka, Shigeo Kiyama
5/8/2017Revue Starlight Stage Musical's 1st TV Ad Streamed
5/8/2017 Kenka Banch? Otome PS Vita Fandisc Game's Promo Video Streamed
5/8/2017Live-Action Series About Kaij? Otaku Stars Kanata Hongou
5/8/2017Captain Tsubasa Soccer Manga Gets Stage Play in August
5/8/2017Y?koso Jitsuryoku Shij? Shugi no Ky?shitsu e TV Anime Reveals Staff
5/8/2017Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic Anime Gets Manga in June
5/8/2017Gekij?ban Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya: Sekka no Chikai Film's New Visual Unveiled
5/8/2017Starmarie Idols Sing Cardfight!! Vanguard G NEXT's New Ending
5/8/20172nd Episode of NHK's Anime/Documentary Series About Athletes Airs on May 28
5/8/2017Anime-Gataris Original Anime Casts Rie Takahashi as Yui Obata
5/8/2017Kase-san and Morning Glories' Full 5-Minute Anime Clip Streamed
5/8/2017Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Film's Trailer Previews Action Scenes
5/3/2017Keishich? Batt?-ka Manga Gets Stage Play Adaptation, Visual Revealed
5/3/2017Nippon Ichi Software's Exile Election Game Inspires Stage Play
5/3/2017Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Utsutsu VR Experience Runs in Tokyo in May
5/3/2017Live-Action IDOLM@STER.KR Show's Trailer Streamed
5/3/2017Blade of the Immortal Live-Action Film Opens at #6
5/3/2017My Neighbor Seki's Takuma Morishige to Launch New Manga Series
5/2/2017Anime Music Industry Members Discuss the Past 10 Years
5/2/2017Street Fighter V DLC Stage Temporarily Pulled to Remove Islamic Chant in BGM
5/2/2017'your name.' Anime Film Earns US$4.5 Million in N. America
5/2/2017Yu Yu Hakush?, Monster Strike Collaboration Gets New Commercials
5/2/2017In Another World With My Smartphone TV Anime's 1st Promo Shows Animation
5/2/2017Funimation Reveals English Dub Cast for The Royal Tutor Anime
5/2/2017Sanrio's Deeky & Carina Anime Shorts Premiere May 7
5/2/2017Game Maker Rejet's Latest Project is Undead Musical CDs
5/2/2017North American Anime, Manga Releases, April 30-May 6
5/2/2017Goodnight Punpun, Orange, The Osamu Tezuka Story, Princess Jellyfish, Wandering Island Nominated for Eisner Awards
5/2/2017Crowdfunding Opens for Animation Based on Vivaldi's The Four Seasons
5/2/2017Takahiro Sakurai Promotes Apartment Complex as Butler Chipmunk
5/2/20172nd Ninja Girl & Samurai Master Anime Season Announces More Cast
5/2/2017Bandai Namco Entertainment Streams 1st Trailer for Code Vein RPG
5/2/2017Funimation Reveals English Dub Casts for WorldEnd, Sakura Quest Anime
5/2/2017Love Live! Character Designer Y?hei Murota Welcomes Baby
5/2/2017Shirobako Anime's Website Updated With 'Under Construction' Sign
5/2/2017Live-Action Blade of the Immortal Film's Trailer Shows Manji, Makie Battling
5/2/2017Food Wars! Original Anime DVD's 3rd Promo Video Streamed
5/2/2017Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry's Video Previews Polka Dots' Theme Song
5/2/2017Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni- Game Gets PC Release via Steam
5/2/2017Welcome to the Ballroom Anime's Video Previews Unison Square Garden Song
5/2/2017Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, April 24-30
5/2/2017Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, April 24-30
5/2/2017Teeky? Season 9's Visual, Song Artists, July Premiere Revealed
5/2/2017Cross Infinite World Licenses Akaoni, I Became the Secretary of a Hero! Light Novels
5/2/2017Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler Anime Casts Miyuki Sawashiro
5/2/2017Magical Girl Comedy Net Anime Seizei Gambare Mah? Sh?jo Kurumi Revealed
5/2/2017Iwaihime: Matsuri Horror Game's Promo Video Streamed
5/1/2017Cross Infinite World Announces Three New Acquisitions for 2017
5/1/2017Chuusotsu - 1st Graduation Kickstarter Gets First Gameplay Trailer and Collector's Edition
5/1/2017Resident Evil: Vendetta CG Animated Film Debuts for Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on July 18
5/1/2017Kemono Friends Character Designer Draws Tsuchinoko for Yearly Festival
5/1/2017Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy Game's English-Subtitled Trailer Introduces Characters