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Anime News

DateArticle Name
9/30/2005New Tokyopop Manga
9/30/2005Next Ghibli Project
9/30/2005School Rumble OAV Series
9/30/2005New Del Rey Licenses
9/30/2005Production I.G Website Revamp
9/30/2005Gundam Art Exhibition In Tokyo
9/30/2005TM Revolution's Nishikawa Pledges Anime Culture Support
9/30/2005Gackt: Admitted Gundam Fanatic
9/30/2005Anime Vegas Animated Promo
9/30/2005Blu Website
9/29/2005Manga Entertainment Executive Change
9/29/2005Namco Bandai Created
9/29/2005Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Figure Details
9/29/2005Geneon Replies to DearS Mono Issue
9/29/2005Details on Viz Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Release
9/29/2005JDC Trust To Manage Murdock Velocity Book
9/29/2005Hideo Kojima's Blog
9/29/2005 Puffy AmiYumi Big In America
9/29/2005E-Books Now 4.5 Billion Yen Market
9/29/2005Keith Giffen On Battle Royale Manga Adaptation
9/29/2005First Manga Exhibition In Belgium
9/29/2005Live Action Evangelion Film Update
9/29/2005Katsuhiro Otomo's Next Film Insured
9/29/2005Go Nagai Wants To Remake Tezuka's Blackjack
9/29/2005Cosplay USB Drive Series
9/29/2005Initial D Spurs Drifting In Japan
9/29/2005'Hate Korea' Manga A Bestseller In Japan
9/29/2005AAA Anime Enters Into Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Tofu Records
9/29/2005Disgaea 2 on PS2
9/29/2005The King of Fighters Trailer: Another Day
9/29/2005FUNimation Announces 24-Hour Digital Anime Network
9/28/2005DearS DVD Mono
9/28/2005Howl's Moving Castle in the UK
9/28/2005Ishinomori Shoutarou Manga Encyclopedia
9/28/2005New VP at Cartoon Network
9/28/2005Limited Edition FMA Box Sets Coming in November
9/27/2005New Naruto Games for PS2 and Gamecube
9/27/2005Fullmetal Alchemist Manga with Figure
9/27/2005Papillon Rose TV Series
9/27/2005Takashi Miike On Waru - FINAL
9/27/2005Wings of Rean
9/27/2005SPJA / AX Top Level Changes
9/27/2005Anime Boston PodCast
9/27/2005Tori Koro Printing Error
9/27/2005Kakurenbo Website
9/27/2005Wonder Festival Cancels Special Event
9/27/2005SPEED's Hiro Advances In Her Career
9/27/2005Major Screening Of South Korean Animation In Japan
9/27/2005Yamashina Business Tie-Up
9/27/2005Hero Film Festival In Fukuoka
9/27/2005Heavy Anime Influence In Nicktoons Relaunch
9/27/2005Lolita is 50
9/27/2005Media Blasters To Release Yajikita
9/27/2005Subaru Film
9/27/2005Kindaichi Drama Ratings High
9/27/2005ADV Hiring
9/27/2005'Narnia Experience' at 11 Malls Flogs Movie and Merchandise
9/26/2005Spiral Manga Ends
9/26/2005Hinako Ashihara Manga Ending
9/26/2005New Manga from Narumi Kakinouchi
9/26/2005So You Think the Cartoon Network Doesn't Matter? All 7 Volumes of 'Naruto' in the Top 20
9/26/2005Yu-Gi-Oh! GX on Miguzi
9/26/2005Compendium of 500 Ishimori Creations To Be Sold
9/26/2005Crayon Shinchan TV Broadcast Goes Blank
9/26/2005Chinese Anime / Manga Net Piracy Rampant
9/26/2005Fate Of Satsuki And May's House As Aichi Expo Ends
9/26/2005Current State Of Osaka's Animation Industry
9/26/2005GONZO Partners With School To Train New Animators
9/25/2005Gundam Seed - Too Sexy For Japan's Youth?
9/24/2005New VOTOMS Animation Announced
9/23/2005NANA Blitzs Movie And Album Charts In Japan
9/23/2005TV Asahi Top 100 Anime
9/23/2005Paradise Kiss Trailer
9/23/2005The Anime Network Changes
9/23/2005Trigun Limited Collector's Edition Set One Out in November
9/23/2005TV Asahi Top 100 Anime Part 2
9/23/2005Movie Later This Year
9/23/2005Saikano Live-Action
9/23/2005New Saint Seiya Anime
9/23/2005Civic Group Rallies Against Dragostei Din Tei Animation
9/23/2005Southern Masquerade Experience Convention
9/23/2005Tomino Interviewed On Zeta Gundam II
9/23/2005Hajime Chitose On Blood+ TV Theme
9/23/2005Glass No Kamen Theatrical Play
9/23/2005Facsimile Editions Dominate Japanese Toy Industry
9/23/2005Mushiking Card Greed Motivated Swindle
9/23/20053rd Ghost In The Shell TV Series Forthcoming?
9/23/2005Apostle XX: Evangelion 10th Anniversary Project
9/23/2005Anime Advances Into Taiwan
9/23/2005Death Manga At Center Of Bizzare Murder
9/23/2005Gundam Creator's Wings Of Rean To Be Animated
9/23/2005Northstar Revival Aims To Be "Japanese Star Wars"
9/23/2005Pretty Cure: An Integral Component Of TOEI's Overseas Strategy
9/23/2005Gundam 0083 5.1 HD Remaster DVD BOX
9/23/2005Sergent Keroro Broadcasts In South Korea
9/23/2005Digimon Brand To Get Boost
9/23/2005Pacific War Animation Ketsudan To Be Released On DVD
9/23/2005Doraemon TV Theme Sees First Change In 20 Years
9/23/2005Evangelion Game Being Developed For PSP
9/23/2005Live Action Initial D Film Opens In Japan
9/23/2005Toei Begins Internet VOD Service
9/23/2005TMS Entertainment Begins DVD Production
9/23/2005Gedo Senki To Be Ghibli And Miyazaki's Next?
9/22/200510th Animation Kobe Awards
9/22/2005Viz To Release Video Girl Len
9/22/2005ADV Offices Closed
9/21/2005Genon Halloween Rebate Special
9/21/2005Infinity Studios Acquires Zero
9/21/2005Air Plagiarisation Follow-Up
9/20/2005Jim Henson Studios to produce Parasyte
9/20/2005Viz and the World Bank Partner to Develop New Manga
9/19/2005International Anime Distribution attempts to legalize fansubs
9/18/2005New York Times article on girls' manga
9/17/2005King of Fighters anime in December
9/17/2005Mainichi Daily News article on Female Otaku
9/17/2005More Utena, Goddess CDs
9/16/2005Samurai Champloo game screens
9/16/2005Xenosaga III screens & info
9/16/2005Hellsing Ultimate trailer now available
9/16/2005Anime & Manga novels a success
9/15/2005Hellsing Ultimate OVA Release Date set
9/15/2005Do As Infinity breaks up
9/15/2005Advent Children scheduled
9/15/2005 Viz to enter Europe in new venture
9/15/2005Gonzo to enter MMORPG business
9/15/2005.hack://G.U. release date announced
9/15/2005ANN's Interview with Man-Faye
9/14/2005Yoko Kanno to score Ragnarok Online 2
9/14/2005CNN article on Anime Videogames
9/14/2005Naruto ratings soar
9/14/2005Right Stuf Announces 'Kimba' Details Eleven Discs
9/14/2005Kyodo News article on Female Anime and Manga Fans
9/13/2005Golgo 13 Rescheduled
9/13/2005New Gaiking Anime
9/13/2005Gankutsuou wins Best TV Series award at Animation Kobe fair
9/13/20052005 Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits Conference
9/12/2005Hayao Miyazaki at Venice
9/12/2005Tokyopop and Del Rey New Title Solicitations
9/12/2005Wal-Mart Plans Aggressive Holiday Pricing New Toy Price War?
9/12/2005Mattel Plans Collectible Figure Game Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters
9/10/2005New Hana Yori Dango live-action
9/10/2005New m.o.v.e. single available on iTunes
9/9/2005News Corp. Buys IGN For $650 Million
9/9/2005Bandai Launches Golf Anime In December
9/9/2005First Rumiko Takahashi Autograph Card Sold For $670
9/9/2005Galaxy Angel in November and December Anime and Manga
9/9/2005Graphic Novels Drove First Half Growth Tokyopop Highest Rate
9/9/2005Korean Agencies Pick Three Toons for Support
9/9/2005Whatever Happened to Those "Voltron" DVDs?
9/9/2005Comedy Central Orders More "South Park"
9/9/2005Updated: Friday Night Fix Bringing Adult Swim to Internet
9/8/2005Sega Slots Initial D For PSP
9/8/2005Japan to Invite Foreign Reporters to Promote Anime
9/8/2005ADV Anime Club
9/8/2005New titles from Bandai
9/8/2005IGPX East Coast Premiere
9/8/2005Howl's Moving Castle Region 2 release
9/7/2005Anime deuts on Encore Action channel
9/7/2005Official ADV Films BT Server
9/6/2005Peacemaker On Showtime
9/6/2005Bobobo, IGPX premiere dates announced
9/5/2005Initial D Movie Licensed and Available
9/5/2005New I''S OAV
9/5/2005New Detective Conan Movie
9/5/2005Fist of the North Star Arcade Game Footage and Details
9/5/2005Hajime no Ippo: All Stars to come to the U.S.
9/4/2005Subtitled Anime on Adult Swim?
9/4/2005Live Action Basilisk ?
9/4/2005Naruto Manga Edited
9/4/2005Initial D at Venice
9/3/2005Broccoli Coloring Contest
9/3/2005Kimagure Orange Road Artist to Return
9/3/2005Manga-ka in Tiff with Son's School
9/2/2005AMVs In Copyright Presentation
9/2/2005Funimation Anime Club Support Program
9/2/2005Keroro Gunso Report
9/2/2005Article on Anime Styled Nancy Drew
9/2/2005Daikichirou Kusube Dies
9/2/2005Otakon 2006 Hotel Sold Out
9/2/2005DearS Ending
9/2/2005Navia Drapt Anime
9/1/2005Anime Fusion Mall Tour From Geneon and Musicland
9/1/2005Bandai Cuts Navia Dratp 1st Series Prices And Expands Organized Play
9/1/2005Azumi Screening at PMX
9/1/2005CPM Restarting Anime Club Program