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Anime News

DateArticle Name
1/31/2006Howl's Moving Castle Nominated for Oscar
1/31/2006Manga Entertainment Expired Licenses
1/31/2006Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature
1/31/2006Funimation Seeks Convention Crew
1/30/2006New Viz Properties from NATPE
1/30/2006Tokyo Tribe 2 Anime Announced
1/30/2006Gintama TV series
1/30/2006Witch Blade Manga Update
1/30/2006ADV UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie License Clarification
1/28/2006ADV Films Announcements
1/28/2006Tokyo Festa in New York
1/28/2006Otakon Enforces Copyright at Artists' Alley
1/27/2006Tokyopop Lay Offs
1/27/2006USA Today Booklist Top 150
1/27/2006Princess Mononoke on YTV Saturday
1/27/2006Brattle Anime Festival in Cambridge
1/26/2006Ken Otaku Ryu "Hating the Otaku Wave" Published in Japan
1/26/2006Seven Seas to Release New Speed Racer Comic
1/25/2006Samurai Champloo on Friday Night Fix
1/25/2006Sakura-Con Announces Three New Guests
1/25/2006Tokyo Anime Center to Open in Akihabara
1/25/2006ADV Podcasts on iTunes
1/25/2006Jin Kobayashi at Kawaii Kon
1/25/2006Bandai to Release Samurai Champloo Film Manga
1/25/2006Green Green Licensed by Media Blasters
1/25/2006Berserk Manga Breaks 21 Million Copies Sold
1/25/2006Hong Kong Busts Site Selling Pirated Anime DVD's
1/25/2006TOKKO To Be Animated
1/25/2006ARIA Season 2
1/25/2006"All Anime Is Porno" Generalizations In Malayasia
1/25/2006Ghibli To Begin Screening Gedo Senki Trailer
1/25/2006Witchblade Manga
1/25/2006Cheng Completes Battle Of Wits
1/25/2006Priest Live-Action Movie
1/25/2006Disney Acquires Pixar
1/24/2006Samurai Champloo Takes Top 2 VidScan Positions
1/24/2006Gamers Ikebukuro Closing -nyo
1/23/2006Musicland owes anime companies $8.7 million
1/23/2006Cartoon Network to Air Ghibli Movies
1/23/2006Youka Nitta Kinokuniya Autograph Signing
1/23/2006Australia Loses Uncut One Piece
1/23/2006Blood+ Licensed
1/22/2006DramaQueen Licenses
1/22/2006Kite Live-Action Directors Chosen
1/22/200651st Shogakukan Manga Awards
1/20/2006CPM Licenses Negadon
1/20/2006Del Rey Acquires Air Gear
1/19/2006Para Para Universal City Walk Concert on Jan. 20th.
1/19/2006CMX to Release VS
1/19/2006AX 2006 Booth Space on Sale
1/19/2006New York Comic-Con Exhibitors & Events Announced
1/19/2006Youka Nitta at New York Comic Con
1/19/2006Manga in Booklist
1/19/2006Angel/Dust neo to be Serialized in Newtype USA
1/18/2006Princess Mononoke Rescheduled on YTV
1/17/2006New York Times on TV Anime
1/17/2006Navarre Picks Up Filmation Catalog
1/17/2006New Futago Hime Series
1/17/2006Death Note Movies
1/17/2006Otaku Murderer Death Sentence Upheld
1/16/2006USB Flash Memory with Bundled e-Manga
1/16/2006Top 100 Graphic Novels Actual--December 2005 Sales Estimates for December Based on Diamond Indexes and Publisher Title Data
1/16/2006Musicland To Close A Third of Its Stores Navarre/FUNimation Owed $12.8 Million
1/16/20062005 Graphic Novel Sales in Comic Stores up 33% Periodicals Up Only 4%
1/16/2006FUNimation licenses Holic/Tsubasa movie, Tsubasa TV series
1/13/2006Suncoast Returning All Manga Inventory Musicland Files Bankruptcy
1/13/2006Musicland Blowback, Part 2 Impacts in Every Category
1/13/2006Chibi Maruko-chan Live Action
1/13/2006Simon & Schuster to Handle Viz Sales
1/13/2006The myth of rising Japanese nationalism
1/13/2006Mari Iijima in attendance at Macross screening in Houston
1/12/2006Musicland Holding Corp. Files Chapter 11 to Complete Restructuring Initiatives
1/12/2006A.LI.CE / Blue Remains Release
1/12/2006Manga out of Top 150 Books List
1/12/2006Shinichiro Watanabe in Detroit
1/12/2006Japanese Manga Anthology Circulation Falling
1/12/2006New Graphic Novel Publisher Debuts This Spring First Second Books
1/12/2006Hasbro Properties on G4 Plus Kaiju Big Battel
1/12/2006MS: Blu-ray on Xbox 360 'possible'
1/12/2006Analyst Declares Blu-Ray the Winner
1/12/2006Genshiken Season 2 Announced
1/12/2006Patlabor and Lodoss War on AZN
1/12/2006Negima Release Set
1/11/2006Fullmetal Alchemist OAV
1/11/2006Toys "R" Us Shutters More Stores Kmart Layoffs
1/10/2006Kids magazine teaches anime history
1/10/2006R.O.D. Manga-ka and Akamatsu's Assistant Married
1/10/2006Anime! Anime! Top 10 of 2005
1/9/2006Book of Daniel and Manga
1/9/2006Virgin Comics And Virgin Animation
1/9/2006Hobby Store Closings Hit GW In US; LOTR Everywhere
1/9/2006Georgia Events Website
1/9/2006Turner Classic Movies to Air Some Miyazaki Films in Canada
1/9/2006Mini Anime Festival at Holyoke Community College
1/9/2006Tokyopop Licenses Seikai Novels
1/9/2006Shadow Skill Promo Torrent
1/9/2006Battle B?Daman Back on Cartoon Network
1/9/2006Paramount Looking to Sell DreamWorks Catalog
1/9/2006CSUN Anime, Sci-Fi and Gaming Con
1/9/2006Del Rey Gets new Deputy Publisher
1/8/2006Full Moon licensed by Viz, vol 1 in June
1/6/2006Anime on Blu-Ray
1/6/2006Llamacon Sets Attendance Cap
1/6/2006Adult Swim Schedule Change
1/6/2006Manga in Top 150 Books
1/6/2006ICv2 Graphic Novel Conference Adds Panelists, Cocktail Event At New York Comic-Con
1/5/2006Infinity Studios Licenses Sweety
1/5/2006Korean Government to Sponsor Animation Industry
1/5/2006New Eureka Seven Games from Bandai
1/5/2006Special Gundam Anime to be Included in Upcoming Game
1/5/2006Dark Horse Schedules 'GIS: SAC' Novel For April
1/5/2006Fake C&D Letter
1/5/2006Tokyopop on Board with Sony Reader
1/4/2006New Website
1/4/2006Urusei Yatsura Boxset 10 in January
1/4/2006Manga in Spanish from Public Square Books
1/3/2006ICv2 2005 Manga Awards--Part 1 Top Publisher, Release & Marketing Campaign
1/3/2006ICv2 2005 Manga Awards--Part 2 Phenomena, Controversy & Deal of the Year
1/3/2006$10 GameWorks certificate with Sakura-Con signups
1/3/2006Namco Bandai Holdings (USA) Website
1/3/2006Bandai Visual USA Website Update
1/3/2006Shinichiro Watanabe in Houston
1/2/2006AmeriKon Planned for Columbus, Indiana
1/2/2006Palgrave to Release "Cinema Anime"
1/2/2006'Viewtiful Joe' is Combo Release DVD and CD
1/2/2006Toy Sales Decline in 2005? Electronics Taking Business
1/1/2006Home Video Sales Drop In 2005