Anime News

DateArticle Name
11/30/2006Spirited Away to Air on BBC
11/30/2006Air Gear, Le Chevalier D'Eon Coming in February
11/30/2006New Digi Charat Series
11/29/2006DoCoMo, Kadokawa Sign Cell Phone Content Deal
11/29/2006Genshiken OAV Trailer Online
11/28/2006Voltron Collection 2 Delayed
11/28/2006NPR: The Revenge of Japan's Nerds
11/28/2006CLAMP profile/interview in today's New York Times
11/27/2006Seven Seas Picks up Two Titles
11/27/2006New Ikkitousen On the Way
11/27/2006Asatte no Houkou Episode 1 Online
11/27/2006Death Note Notches Fourth Week at #1
11/27/2006Chew on This: Gundam Pocky
11/24/2006Manga Back on Booklist
11/24/2006Paprika Screening in Hungary
11/23/2006Ga-nime, Toei Team up on Two New Shows
11/23/2006Naruto Hits Cartoon Network Latin America
11/22/2006Four CPM Titles to See Price Cuts
11/22/2006Tokyopop Manga Creator Coming Next Spring
11/22/2006Witchblade Manga to be Flipped, Unflipped
11/22/2006BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo DVD Set for February
11/22/2006Nodame Cantabile Album Breaks Classic Music Ranking Record
11/21/2006GDH Creates Investment Fund
11/21/2006Solid State Society to Premiere at NYCC
11/21/2006Paprika Screening in LA This Week
11/20/2006Nodame Cantabile on AZN
11/20/2006New Byousoku 5 cm Trailer
11/20/2006Utena, His and Her Circumstances Coming to Funimation Channel
11/20/2006Death Note Still #1 in Japan
11/20/2006Score Looking for Playtesters
11/20/2006ADV Films Officially Announces Sgt. Frog, No February Release
11/18/2006Stikfas Evangelion Figures Next Summer
11/17/2006New Yu Yu Hakusho Game
11/17/2006Getta Robo Creator Dies
11/17/2006Gonzo's Master of Epic Site Online
11/16/2006Anime Illustrator Passes Away
11/16/2006Waterloo Festival Opens Today
11/16/2006Death Note Film Tops Box Office Again
11/16/2006Del Rey Picks up Princess Resurrection
11/16/2006New One Piece Movie Trailer
11/16/2006Sergeant Frog in February
11/16/2006Miyazaki Featured in Time Asia
11/16/2006Funimation Changes UK Distributors
11/16/2006I.G's Sisters of Wellber Site Online
11/16/2006Right Stuf's Anime Today Marks First Anniversary
11/16/2006ADV Updates Digital Store
11/16/2006DramaQueen Titles Found, then Announced
11/16/2006Ali Project Books Date in Germany
11/15/2006Paradise Kiss Fashion Design Contest 2006
11/15/2006Dir en Grey to Tour America in February
11/15/2006Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Release Details
11/15/2006Viz Names New Shonen Jump, Shojo Beat Editor-in-Chief
11/15/2006JoyRide Sponsors FMA Charity Tournament
11/15/2006SGT Frog Invades
11/15/2006Media Blasters Confirms New Licenses
11/14/2006Setsucon Cuts Down to One Day
11/14/20064Kids Loses $256k in Q3
11/14/2006Blue Dragon to be Adapted into Manga
11/13/2006FLCL Ultimate Edition Delayed
11/13/2006Gonzo Unveils Latest Anime Site
11/13/2006Pom Poko on UK TV
11/13/2006MAX to Visit Iron Otaku Studios
11/13/2006DBZ Goes HD
11/12/2006Dragon Ball Returns to US TV
11/12/2006A Quiet Week for Manga on Booklist
11/12/2006Behind the Scenes with the ParaKiss Voice Actors
11/11/2006American Anime Awards to be Hosted by New York Comic Con
11/11/2006Media Blasters Close to Acquiring Princess Princess
11/11/2006Hachette Moves into Manga
11/10/2006Natsuki Takaya in Germany
11/9/2006ADV Sets 2007 Table with January Release Dates
11/9/2006Production I.G Commercial Snags Film Fest Award
11/9/2006TAN, Sprint Bring Anime to Cell Phones
11/9/2006Fans Vote for Naruto Card Game Expansion
11/9/2006Voltron Returns to Cartoon Network
11/8/2006Organic Hobby Announces Slew of New Figures
11/8/2006Tokyopop Sets Trinity Blood Pop Novel Timeline
11/8/2006Nerima Daikon Bros. Site Online
11/8/2006Viz Europe Picks up Honey & Clover
11/8/2006Phoenix Anime Fest Scores Kosuke Okazaki
11/7/2006Yoshitaka Amano Interview
11/7/2006Ranma 1/2 Wraps up Next Week
11/7/2006Grave of the Fireflies on TCM Sunday
11/7/2006Solid State Society Interviews
11/7/2006Death Note Wins Japanese Box Office Weekend
11/7/2006Media Blasters Passes on Goddess Season 2
11/4/2006Paprika May Contend for Oscar
11/3/2006Gedo Senki Piano Album on November 29
11/3/2006Live Action Blood: The Last Vampire
11/2/2006Viz Announces Bleach Merchandise Licenses
11/2/2006Bandai Channel Blocked from Foreign Access
11/2/2006ADV Announces January Releases
11/2/2006ADV Films Confirms Le Chevalier D'Eon
11/2/2006New Fist of the North Star on Showtime Beyond
11/2/2006Hellsing Ultimate Website
11/2/2006Illumitoon & Westlake Acquire Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo
11/2/2006ROD TV on G4TechTV Canada
11/1/2006Geneon Discontinues Sherlock Hound
11/1/2006Claymore Anime
11/1/2006New Street Fighter Movie in the Works
11/1/2006Speed Racer a Go!
11/1/2006Blood+ on Cartoon Network
11/1/2006Navarre Second Quarter Conference Call
11/1/2006New Birdy the Mighty Anime
11/1/2006801 Media Announces Mascot
11/1/2006Maison Ikkoku's Godai Cast