Anime News

DateArticle Name
12/31/2006Shadow Chronicles' Hits Theaters
12/31/2006Midnight Eye Interviews Katsuhiro Otomo
12/31/2006Red Ranger an Anime Fan
12/29/2006AMS Files for Bankruptcy
12/28/2006More Haruhi Suzumiya Auditions
12/28/2006MSN Entertainment Commends Samurai 7
12/28/200630% of Adult Manga involve "Children and Sexual Intercourse"
12/28/2006iTunes Japan Orders Available Worldwide
12/27/2006Graphic Novels and Manga Taking off in India
12/27/2006Yoshitaka Amano Interview
12/27/2006Broccoli Books MySpace Page
12/27/2006Bastard!! Online Trailer
12/27/2006New Anime, Official Websites and Trailers
12/26/2006ImaginAsian TV Launches New Anime Block
12/26/2006Hiruhi Suzumiya Voice Auditions
12/26/2006"Hollowing Out" of Japan's Anime Industry
12/24/2006More Haruhi Suzumiya News
12/24/2006Fullmetal Alchemist Wins Amazon Critics Choice
12/24/2006Anime Boston to Host Formal Ball
12/24/2006Viz Expands European Operations
12/22/2006Gedo Senki in Australia
12/22/2006Bandai Licenses the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
12/22/2006Transformers Trailer Online
12/21/2006Fruits Basket, Naruto Still Running on Booklist
12/21/2006Japan Academy Prize to Honor Animation
12/21/2006Potemayo, New Zero no Tsukaima Anime in the Works
12/21/2006Mardock Scramble Canceled
12/21/2006Ayakashi Samurai Horror Tales Licensed
12/20/2006ADV Films Acquires 009-1
12/20/2006Funimation Channel in Seattle
12/20/2006YouTube Sends Founders to Japan
12/20/2006Gilgamesh, Cromartie High School on UK Digital TV
12/20/2006Yu-Gi-Oh Comes to McDonald's
12/20/2006Princess Resurrection Anime Announced
12/19/2006Ikiko Itoh in Germany
12/19/2006Sony will Release Advent Children Limited Edition in February
12/19/2006Haruhi Suzumiya in Gaza
12/19/2006Nerima Daikon Brothers Behind the Scenes Video
12/18/2006Haruhi Suzumiya Website
12/18/2006Polysics Sets 2007 Tour Dates
12/18/2006Gundam The Ride to Close
12/18/2006More Miyazaki on UK TV
12/18/2006Tokyopop Announces UK Rising Star
12/16/2006Nausicaa Inspired Flying Machine on Display
12/15/2006AX 2007 Registration Online
12/15/2006Protoculture Addicts Increases Distribution
12/15/2006ADV Films Acquires Oh! My Goddess Season 2
12/15/2006Geneon Launches Paradise Kiss Website
12/15/2006Seven Seas Nabs Venus Versus Virus
12/15/2006Earthsea Gets UK Release
12/14/2006Shinobi in Indianapolis this Weekend
12/14/2006Naruto Climbs Booklist
12/14/2006The Real Nodame Cantabile
12/14/2006Yoyogi Animation Applies for "Rehabilitaiton"
12/13/2006Illumitoon Delays
12/12/2006Naruto Back on Booklist
12/12/2006Witchblade Manga in February
12/12/2006Utawarerumono Premieres on TAN
12/12/2006Canadian Maid Caf
12/12/2006JASRAC Asks YouTube to Improve Anti-Piracy Measures
12/12/2006Aftern Ellen Interview With American Yuri Artist
12/12/2006NANA 2 International Premiere to Feature Lead Actresses
12/12/2006Paprika Sound Track Eligible for Oscar
12/12/2006Moonlight Lady Returns
12/12/2006Coyote Ragtime Show Episode 1 Online
12/12/2006Broccoli Books New Licenses
12/11/20064Kids Forms Trading Card, Online Game Companies
12/8/2006Best Student Council on TAN
12/8/2006Broccoli Picks up New Titles
12/7/2006Death Note Spinoff Film in the Works
12/7/2006Detective Conan Movie 11 in April
12/7/2006Yoyogi Animation Institute Declares Bankruptcy
12/6/20064Kids Cancels One Piece Production
12/5/2006Prince of Tennis, M?R Coming to Toonami
12/5/2006Funimation Channel Now in Sacramento
12/5/2006Death Note Settles into Third Place
12/5/2006Annie Award Nominations Announced
12/5/2006Art Contest Promotes Breast Cancer Research
12/4/2006Del Rey Announces Three New Titles
12/4/2006Naruto Filler to End
12/4/2006Hellsing Ultimate Website
12/4/2006TRSI Announces To Heart
12/4/2006Counterfeit & Bootleg Anime Figures: How to Tell Fakes From the Genuine Licensed Products
12/4/2006Important UPS Announcements and Changes
12/3/2006Bokurano Anime
12/3/200620th Century Boys Live Action Movie
12/3/2006KID Corp Declares Bankruptcy
12/2/2006When Piracy Becomes Promotion
12/2/2006Afro Samurai Website
12/2/2006FBI searches home, offices of Robotech producer/writer, Harmony Gold founder
12/2/200616 Animated Features Eligible for Golden Globe
12/2/2006Kamichama Karin Anime
12/1/2006Sundance to Feature Bugmaster
12/1/2006Ultraman Director Passes Away
12/1/2006Prickly City goes "Manga Style"