Anime News

DateArticle Name
11/30/2007Japanese D?jinshi Chain Launches Online Download Store
11/30/2007Devilman, Aim for the Ace Composer Misawa Passes Away
11/30/2007Lenny Kravitz to Sing Theme for Death Note's L Spinoff
11/30/2007Japanese Anime TV Ranking: September 17?November 25
11/30/2007New February ADV Releases
11/30/2007Rose of Versailles Film Remake's Date to be Announced
11/30/2007DSvision Add-On to Offer Anime, Manga on Nintendo DS
11/30/2007Otoko Juku Live-Action Film Remake's Trailers Posted
11/30/2007'An Open Letter to the Industry' Translated into Japanese
11/29/2007Manga Panels in New York City, San Francisco Museums
11/29/2007Hokkaido TV's On-chan Mascot Gets TV Anime in January
11/29/2007Voice Actors Kouichi Yamadera, Mika Kanai Divorced
11/29/2007Tokyo Anime Center to Hold 'Life-Size Figure Party'
11/29/2007USA Today Booklist, November 19?25
11/29/2007MIT Professors Write, Direct Anime-Themed Play
11/29/2007The Rose of Versailles Film Remake Delayed Until 2009
11/29/2007Anime, Game Composer Kow Otani to Perform in Australia
11/29/2007Maid Caf? in Canada Shuts Down (Updated)
11/28/2007Anime Collectible Maker Southern Island Goes Bankrupt
11/28/2007NYAF to Hold Casshern's American Theatrical Premiere
11/28/2007Yes! Precure 5 Go Go! Magical Girl Sequel Confirmed
11/28/2007Yakitate!! Japan's Hashiguchi to Launch Medical Manga
11/28/2007Publishers Weekly Talks with NYAF Manager, ICv2 Head
11/28/2007Pachinko Manga Creator Keichir? Oki Passes Away
11/28/2007Japanese Companies May Join Odex's Case in Singapore
11/28/2007Special Extra Episode of Freedom Announced (Updated)
11/28/2007Penguin Revolution Manga to End in Japan in December
11/28/2007Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, November 14?27
11/27/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, November 20?26
11/27/2007Viz Invests in Californian Theater Opening Next Winter
11/27/2007Monkey Punch, Moyoco Anno, Hinako Takanaga Interviewed (Updated)
11/27/2007Nissan GT-R Coupe's Redesign Inspired by Gundam Anime
11/27/2007California University Offers Class on Manga Publishing
11/27/2007Ai Yazawa Resumes Drawing of Nana Manga
11/27/2007Aquarian Age Live-Action Film's US Prospects Hinted
11/27/2007Police Reaches Dead End in Belgian 'Manga Murder' Case
11/27/2007Japanese Box Office, November 19-25: Always Back at #1
11/26/2007AKB48, Shokotan, Leah Dizon to Join K?haku Uta Gassen
11/26/2007Perfect Blue on BD, Appleseed Sequel on BD & HD DVD
11/26/2007Sguy and The Family Stone Movie in Japan in February
11/26/2007Shigofumi Television Anime's Promo Video Posted
11/26/2007Appleseed Helmer to Host L.A. Premiere on December 15
11/26/2007Shina Dark Manga's Volume 3 to Include Anime DVD
11/26/2007Bost Launches Global Anime Video-on-Demand from Japan
11/26/2007Editorial: An Open Letter to the Industry
11/26/2007Honey & Clover's Sakurai to Star in Miike's Yatterman
11/25/2007Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Light Novel Gets TV Anime
11/25/2007Takehiko Inoue Hints at New Project with Vagabond, Real
11/25/2007Kemeko-DX Sci-Fi Comedy Anime's Teaser Video Posted
11/24/2007GDH Int'l Head Condemns Illegal Anime Distribution
11/24/2007Production I.G President Talks Ghost Hound Anime
11/24/2007Kemeko Deluxe! Sci-Fi Love Comedy Manga Gets Animated
11/23/2007Vampire Knight Sh?jo Manga to be Animated for TV
11/23/2007Two New Surveys
11/23/2007Live-Action Initial D Movie Gets Blu-ray Disc Release
11/23/2007Bost Announces Global Anime Video-on-Demand from Japan (Updated)
11/23/2007Appleseed Sequel to Premiere at L.A.'s Jules Verne Fest
11/23/2007Canadian Violinist's Album Has Princess Mononoke Theme
11/23/2007Seattle Gets Honey and Clover's Theatrical Premiere
11/22/2007U.S. Premiere of Tweeny Witches at New York Anime Fest
11/22/2007Macross Frontier Manga, TV Special's Date Announced
11/22/2007Candy Boy Romantic School Comedy Episode Posted Online
11/22/2007Ky?ran Kazoku Nikki Sci-Fi Comedy Novels Get Anime
11/22/2007Virginian Teen Suspended over Names in 'Death Note'
11/21/2007Lucky Star Cast, Fans to Visit Real-Life Shrine
11/21/2007BayTSP Acknowledges Sending Warning Notices by Mistake (Updated)
11/21/2007Pop Japan Travel Promotes Tour with Writing Contest
11/21/2007USA Today Booklist, November 12?18
11/21/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, November 13?19
11/21/2007The Anime Network Streams Episodes Online for Free
11/21/2007Mexico to Return to World Cosplay Summit Competition
11/21/2007Lupin III: Legend of the Gold of Babylon DVD on Hold
11/20/ Lowers Prices on Episode Downloads
11/20/2007Naruto Places #2 in Lycos List of Most Searched Toys
11/20/2007Rose of Versailles Bath Powder Sets Debut in Japan
11/20/2007Super Robot Wars: OG Anime's Japanese Trailer Posted
11/20/2007Japanese Man Arrested for Pirating Sgt. Frog, Eureka 7
11/20/2007Animax Pitches Yakitate!! Japan in Singapore with Bread
11/20/2007Fist of the North Star Online RPG's Info, Pics Posted
11/20/2007Kyo Kara Maoh's 3rd Season to Premiere in April 2008
11/20/2007Ghost in the Shell 2 Artist Posts Decade-Old Debut Work
11/19/2007Japanese Box Office, November 17?18: Precure 5 at #5
11/19/2007Hawaii's Kawaii Kon to Host Eva Actress Yuko Miyamura
11/19/2007Manga Prototype Viewer for iPhone/iPod Touch Displayed
11/19/2007MariMite Pizza Hut Japan Campaign, Fan Disk Announced
11/19/2007Viz to Print REAL B-Ball Manga from Slam Dunk Creator
11/19/2007Cancelled Comic Bonbon Mag Announces Fate of Its Manga
11/19/2007Anime BitTorrent Users Reportedly Sent Notices by ISPs
11/19/2007Hameln, Sumomomo, Guru Guru Creators Publish New Manga
11/19/2007New York Children's Film Fest to Rescreen Anime Short
11/18/2007Hidamari Sketch's Second Season Announced
11/18/2007Kanokon Romantic Comedy Light Novels Adapted for Anime
11/17/2007Junj? Romantica Boys-Love Anime Confirmed
11/17/2007Not-So-Daily Link of the Day: Haruhi Tissue Boxes
11/17/2007Gundam 00's Second Season to Start in October of 2008
11/16/2007Viz Offers Naruto Anime Downloads via Direct2Drive
11/16/2007Literature Professors to Publish Book on Sci-Fi, Anime
11/16/2007Media Blasters Indicates Plans for Lone Wolf & Cub TV
11/16/2007Death Note's L Spinoff's Trailer with Footage Posted
11/16/2007Report: Japan Spent 11 Billion Yen on E-Manga in 2006
11/16/2007Subaru Ballet Manga Adapted into Live-Action Movie
11/16/2007Media Blasters Confirms 1973 Lone Wolf & Cub License
11/16/2007Del Rey Previews Aventura Manga Excerpt on MySpace
11/16/2007Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, November 7?13
11/15/2007English-Subtitled Gundam MS IGLOO Trailer Streamed
11/15/2007USA Today Booklist, November 5?11: Naruto Volumes Rise
11/15/2007Smith Micro Acquires Manga Studio, Anime Studio, Poser
11/15/2007Japanese Man Arrested for Stealing 101 Manga Volumes
11/15/2007Tokyopop Creators Hold Signings in Southern California
11/15/2007Studio 4?C to Animate Detroit Metal City DVD
11/15/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, November 6?12
11/15/2007Tonari no 801 chan Fujoshi Manga Adapted for Sh?jo Mag
11/15/2007Death Note's Matsuyama to Star in Detroit Metal City (Updated)
11/14/2007ADV Films Officially Launches Kanon Trailer
11/14/200718 Minutes of Ryofuko-chan Anime Posted Online
11/14/2007Bandai Promotes Tamagotchi Movie with Osaka Police
11/14/2007Viz Ships Wooden Display Case with 27 Naruto Volumes
11/14/2007Right Stuf Severs Ties with Unresponsive Mythwear
11/14/2007Dragon Ball Movie to Film This Year for 2008 Release
11/14/2007Right Stuf's Nozomi Hosts Lost Universe Site, Trailer (Updated)
11/14/2007Anime Expo Hires 3rd-Party Company for Registration
11/14/2007Anonymous Author to Reveal Death Note Spinoff's Story
11/14/2007SOS! Tokyo Metro Explorers Website, Trailer Launched
11/13/2007MangaNovel's User-Translated Manga Service Expands
11/13/2007I.G's Ascience Ad Wins London International Ad Award
11/13/2007Overseas Naruto Business Boosts TV Tokyo's Profits
11/13/2007Kite Liberator's Japanese DVD Release Delayed
11/13/2007Gonzo, Nitro+'s Blassreiter Promotional Movie Posted
11/13/20075 Centimeters Wins at Asia Pacific Screen Awards
11/13/2007English Appleseed: Ex Machina Trailer Posted
11/13/2007Anime Collectible Firm's Head Arrested for Tax Evasion
11/13/2007'American Otaking' Steve Pearl Passes Away
11/13/2007Osaka Plans to Host Anime Industry Fair
11/12/2007New Astro Boy Concept Art, Interview Released
11/12/2007Japanese Box Office, November 10?11: Precure 5 at #6
11/12/2007Tokyo Professor Writes Book on 1,000 Years of Manga
11/12/2007Trailer for Ghibli Artist's Exhibition DVD/BD Posted
11/12/2007True Tears Anime's Promotional Video Streamed
11/12/2007Votoms: Pailsen Files Volume 2 Promo Video Posted
11/12/2007Naruto Film on Canada's YTV, Anime on Super Channel
11/12/2007Library War Television Anime Officially Announced
11/11/2007Heroes' Lee Auditions for Dragon Ball Z Movie
11/10/2007Microsoft Puts Blue Dragon on Xbox Live Japan
11/10/2007Borders Selling Exclusive Miyazaki Collection (Updated)
11/9/2007Media Blasters Indicates Plans to Release Doujin Work
11/9/2007Gunbuster vs. Diebuster's English Site, Trailer Posted
11/9/2007Macross F Sequel's Promotional Video Posted
11/9/2007Starz Edge's Animidnight Adds More Anime
11/9/2007Tsubasa Team Wins Danish World Cosplay Summit Round
11/9/2007Navarre CEO Eyes Former Geneon Titles for Funimation
11/9/2007New York Anime Fest's Programming Schedule Announced
11/9/2007Legal Scholar Praises Anime Music Videos at Conference
11/9/2007Manga-Based Bus Gamer TV Anime Officially Confirmed
11/9/2007Bandai Namco Announces Restructuring Plans
11/8/2007Tekkonkinkreet Submitted for Oscar Animation Nomination
11/8/2007Buffalo Gallery Hosts Millennium Actress, Lecture
11/8/2007500,000-Copy Jump Square Debut Gets 2nd Run of 100,000
11/8/2007Funimation's Sales, Profit Meet Lowered Expectations
11/8/2007Detroit Metal City Manga Gets Anime, Live-Action Film
11/8/2007Japanese Comic Ranking, October 30?November 5
11/8/2007USA Today Booklist, October 29?November 4: 4 Naruto Books
11/8/2007Spanish World Cosplay Summit Finalists Chosen
11/7/2007American Manga Scholar Wins Fulbright Fellowship
11/7/2007Studio Nue, Yoko Kanno's Macross F Sequel Set for 2008
11/7/2007Bandai Visual Screens Hi-Def Anime & Premieres at Cons
11/7/2007Nippon Animation Adapts Les Orphelins de Simitra Novel
11/7/2007Production I.G to Animate Library War Sci-Fi Novel
11/7/2007Persona 3 Game Adapted as Television Anime for January (Updated)
11/7/2007Publishers Weekly's Comics Bestsellers, October/November
11/6/2007Honey and Clover Manga Gets TV Drama Adaptation
11/6/2007Poll: Miyazaki is #2 in Representing Japan's Culture
11/6/2007ADV Films Streams First Episode of Venus Versus Virus
11/6/2007Dot-Anime Has Gundam Flags in US, Char's Robe in Japan
11/6/2007Ghost in the Shell Mechanical Designers Interviewed
11/6/2007Christmas Special Announced for P?n?lope Kids' Anime
11/6/2007Wolf Video to Release Love My Life Yuri Film on DVD
11/6/2007Captain Tsubasa Creator; Appleseed, Excel Saga Helmers Interviewed
11/6/2007Japanese Box Office, November 3?4: Resident Evil at #1
11/5/2007Gonzo, NitroPlus, Gantz Director Working on New Anime
11/5/2007Rumiko Takahashi's One-Pound Gospel Dramatized for TV
11/5/2007New Anime for Terasawa's Cobra Pulp Sci-Fi Green-Lit
11/5/2007Biohazard (Resident Evil) Manga Short Announced
11/5/2007Production I.G, Masamune Shirow's Latest Airs in April
11/5/2007Sydney Japanese Film Fest to Screen Stormy Night, Coo
11/5/2007Gackt to Release Album of Gundam Songs
11/5/2007Japan's 'Gundam' Personal Equipment System Revealed
11/5/2007Devil May Cry 4 Collector's Set to Include Anime DVD
11/5/2007SJ Runs Yu-Gi-Oh's End, Slam Dunk's Debut, Naruto's Origin
11/4/2007Boys-Love Manga Artist Asami Tojo Passes Away
11/3/2007Iris Cancels North American Boys-Love Mag's Launch
11/2/2007Halko Momoi's Anime Expo Concert to Hit DVD in January
11/2/2007Casablanca, Other Hollywood Movies Adapted into Manga
11/2/2007One Piece, Tsubasa, xxxHOLiC Movies to Screen at NYAF
11/2/2007ADV Films Streams The Wallflower Anime Trailer
11/2/2007Promo Videos Posted for Dragonaut Theme, Votoms Game
11/2/2007Xebec, Noein Head Writer to Make 'Hard-Boiled Sci-Fi'
11/2/2007Miyazaki's Nausica? to Screen in Wisconsin Sunday
11/2/2007Japan's Lotus Opens Anime/Manga Rights Portal
11/1/2007Gothic Rock's MYM, D&L to Appear at PMX, Anime Jungle
11/1/2007Zenryoku Usagi Characters Adapted for Anime in January
11/1/2007Kadokawa, Bandai Entertainment to Release Lucky ? Star
11/1/2007Anime Fashion Show to be Held at Japan's Kobe Airport
11/1/2007Atari Disputes Loss of Dragon Ball Z Game Licenses
11/1/2007Wacom Japan Aims Graphics Tablet at Manga Artists
11/1/2007Japan's MOFA Launches Astro Boy Site for Tourists
11/1/2007Viz Pictures Adds Honey & Clover, Love*Com, Nana Live-Action
11/1/2007USA Today Booklist, October 22?28: Naruto Drops Lower
11/1/2007Digital Manga Gears Up with Speed Racer in February