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8/29/2008Quiz Magical Academy Anime's 'Making-of' Video Posted
8/29/2008Hakushaku to Y?sei Promotional Video Streamed
8/29/2008TBS Acknowledges Tonari no 801-chan's Cancellation
8/29/2008Girl Who Leapt Through Time at Philadelphia, Durham
8/29/2008Asakiyumemishi - The Tale of Genji Manga Gets Anime
8/29/2008Borders Cuts Loss Inventory Cuts Hurt Sales
8/28/2008Umineko no Naku Koro ni Anime's Promo Video Streamed
8/28/2008Hatsukoi Limited Anime, Drama CD to Be Announced (Updated)
8/28/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, August 21?27
8/28/2008Shokotan's Blog Hero Character Gets Manga in Magazine
8/28/2008SF Japantown to Screen Girl Who Leapt Through Time for Free
8/28/2008Kodomo no Kodomo's Live-Action Film Trailer Streamed
8/28/2008Tonari no 801-chan's TV Anime Plans Reportedly Shelved
8/28/2008Daily Briefs
8/27/2008Daily Briefs
8/27/2008Murakami's Video for Kanye West Song is iTunes #1
8/27/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, August 19?25
8/27/2008NY Children's Fest to Run Girl Who Leapt Through Time
8/27/2008Winter Sonata's Bae Eyeing Kami no Shizuku Drama Role
8/27/2008Hunter X Hunter Manga to Restart on October 6
8/27/2008New Initial D Anime DVD to Ship in Japan on December 5
8/27/2008Lau Wan Kit's Feel 100% Wins 2nd Int'l Manga Award
8/26/2008Marvel, Madhouse's Iron Man Anime Image Posted Online
8/26/2008Ring 0's Meimu Draws Manga for Gundam MS IGLOO 2 Anime
8/26/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, August 11?17
8/26/2008Lucky Star OVA's TV Commercial Streamed
8/26/2008'Lion' is 4th Macross Frontier CD Single in Top 5
8/26/2008Vampire Knight Guilty Sequel's Promo Video Streamed
8/26/2008'Death Note II' on 400 Screens 'Death Note I' in Canada
8/26/2008Wolverine, Iron Man Anime From Madhouse
8/26/2008Two DC Movies a Year Dark Superman
8/26/2008Daily Briefs
8/26/2008Oreskaband to Release First U.S. Album Next Spring
8/26/2008Report: 1st Dragonball Trailer to Debut in October
8/26/2008Utena Voice Actress Kawakami Recovering from Surgery
8/26/2008Marvel, Madhouse's Iron Man Anime Image Posted Online
8/25/20082nd CG Gundam: MS IGLOO 2 Promo Video Streamed
8/25/2008Kristen Bell Joins CG Astroboy Film Cast
8/25/2008Japan Aims for Copyright-Relaxed 'Special Cyber Zones' (Updated)
8/25/2008Takahashi's Ice Blade Manga to Relaunch in Japan
8/25/2008Daily Briefs
8/25/20082nd Death Note Film to Run in U.S. Theaters in October
8/25/2008Iron Man, Wolverine in Marvel, Madhouse's 1st TV Anime (Updated)
8/25/2008Mushishi, Neo Angelique Manga Finish in Japan (Updated)
8/25/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, August 13?20
8/24/2008Madhouse to Create 4 Anime with Marvel Comic Heroes (Updated)
8/24/2008Library War, Denn? Coil, 20th Century Boys Win Seiun Awards (Updated)
8/24/2008Hells Angels Anime to Premiere in October in Japan
8/24/2008Votoms: Pailsen Files Prequel Gets Theatrical Release
8/24/2008Gonzo to Animate Korean MMORPG Dungeon & Fighter (Updated)
8/23/2008Shogakukan, Shueisha to Directly Publish in Europe (Updated)
8/23/2008Bandai Visual Ships 100,000+ Geass R2 #1 Discs
8/23/2008Moribito to Premiere on Adult Swim at 1:30 a.m. ET/PT
8/22/2008Utena Voice Actress Tomoko Kawakami Hospitalized
8/22/200820th Century Boys Film's World Premiere Held in Paris
8/22/2008Otakon Asks for Info on Suspected Fraud by Ex-Staffer
8/22/2008Production I.G Job Post Refers to '3D Movie Project'
8/22/2008Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~ Promo Movie Streamed
8/22/2008Haruhi-chan, Churuya-san Parody Manga Get Anime Shorts
8/22/2008FUNimation Channel Adds Five Series Beginning Sep. 1st
8/22/2008'Ponyo' Box Office Tops 10 Billion Yen
8/22/2008Daily Briefs
8/22/20081st Death Note Film to Play in Canadian Theaters
8/21/2008Manga, Graphic Novels to Get Hugo Award Category
8/21/2008Oregon Man Says Son Borrowed Mature Manga from Library (Updated)
8/21/2008USA Today Booklist, August 11?17: No Manga
8/21/2008Futabasha Launches Free Web Comic High! Service
8/21/2008The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Opens in Boston on Friday
8/21/2008Daily Briefs
8/21/2008Higurashi no Naku Koroni Rei, Switch Promos Streamed
8/20/2008Daily Briefs
8/20/2008Anpanman's Yanase Creates Children's Safety Anime
8/20/2008New Fullmetal Alchemist TV Anime Series Confirmed
8/20/2008Manga Mag Artist Keizo Tsukamoto Earns Guinness Record
8/20/2008Yo nimo Kimy? na Man-gatar? Manga Gets Video Adaptation
8/20/2008Square Enix September Offers
8/20/2008IATV Acquires Tokyopop Anime Titles, Other Programming
8/20/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, August 12?18
8/19/2008Yoko Kanno Makes Voice Cameo in Genius Party Beyond
8/19/2008Akikan! Romance Light Novels Get Manga in Ultra Jump
8/19/2008Death Note Team's Bakuman Manga Posted in 4 Languages
8/19/2008Taish? Yaky? Musume Baseball Anime Confirmed
8/19/2008Daily Briefs
8/19/2008U.S. Graphic Novel Ranking at Comic Stores: July (Updated)
8/19/2008Cutie Honey, Space Adventure Cobra to Pitch Whiskey (Updated)
8/19/2008Japanese Box Office, August 16?17: Ponyo's 5th #1
8/18/2008Daily Briefs
8/18/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, August 4?10
8/18/2008Michiko to Hatchin Trailer with Actual Footage Streamed
8/18/2008Oishinbo's Akira Hanasaki Draws Nob? no Shiro Manga
8/18/2008Chaos;HEAd Anime's Promotional Video Posted Online
8/18/2008NY Anime Fest to Debut Vampire Hunter D Short Story
8/18/2008Clannad After Story Promo Video Streamed
8/18/2008New Regency Drops Voltron Film, Relativity May Pick Up
8/17/2008Birdy the Mighty Decode Gets Second Season in January
8/17/2008New York Anime Fest Fields Questions for Rie Tanaka
8/17/2008Cybersix Comic Co-Creator Carlos Meglia Passes Away
8/17/2008Haruhi's Kyoto Animation to Produce Tonari no 801-chan
8/16/2008Nodame's Tomoko Ninomiya to Take Time Off to Have Baby (Updated)
8/16/2008Man Arrested for Threatening Japan's Comike with Grenade (Updated)
8/16/2008Evan Miller's The Gallery Unveiled
8/15/200818.1 Billion 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Cards Sold Worldwide
8/15/2008Digital Manga Goes Digital Launches Online Manga Rental
8/15/2008'Harry Potter' Film Moved to Summer Warners Cites Lack of 'Tentpoles'
8/15/2008Postponed, Not Canceled at Tokyopop? Is that like how ADV still publishes manga?
8/15/2008Lain's ABe Self-Publishes Manga on iTunes in 20 Nations
8/15/2008Tokyopop Says Pulled Titles Are Delayed, Not Cancelled
8/15/2008Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens Anime Trailer Streamed
8/15/2008Collins Design Prints 500 Essential Anime Movies Book
8/15/2008USA Today Booklist, August 3?10: No Manga
8/14/2008Naruto Manga Printed in 23 Nations, Anime Aired in 60+
8/14/2008Skin related bug in ANN Forum and Encyclopedia
8/14/2008Broccoli Books Posts Nui! Manga Sample Online
8/14/2008Digital Manga Launches emanga Beta Rental Site
8/13/2008Live-Action Blood Reportedly to Open in U.S. in March
8/13/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, August 5?11
8/13/2008Tezuka's Final Unfinished Anime To Be Completed by Son
8/13/2008'Pokemon' Sets Japanese B.O. Record For an Anime Movie Series
8/13/2008Second Season of 'Code Geass' Will Air on Adult Swim
8/13/2008Daily Briefs
8/13/2008Extra Dragonaut - The Resonance Episode's Promo Posted
8/13/2008Code Geass R2 Anime Sequel to Run on Adult Swim in U.S. (Updated)
8/13/2008Honey Hunt Manga Debuts in Shojo Beat Magazine
8/12/2008Life, Hataraki Man Manga Added to iPhone's J App Store
8/12/2008Book on Miyazaki's Spirited Away Ships in Britain, USA
8/12/2008'Country Doctor' Tops Awards at Hiroshima Animation Fest
8/12/2008Diamond's Hardcover Black Jack Adds Exclusive Stories
8/12/2008Fist of the North Star Manga Marks 25 Years with Wedding
8/12/2008'Indy 4' on DVD October 14th 2-Disc Special Edition & Blu-ray
8/12/2008Bandai Gets '.hack//G.U. Trilogy' Anime Feature Based on Video Game
8/12/2008Stan Lee Working With Gonzo On 'Quartz' Anime Series
8/12/2008Viz Pictures Gets 'Happily Ever After' Live Action Film Based on Manga
8/12/2008Daily Briefs
8/12/2008Japanese Box Office, August 9?10: Ponyo's Month at #1
8/12/2008California Museum Opens Manga/Anime Exhibit on Friday (Updated)
8/11/2008Pierrot Studio Animates Julia Vuori's Sika Books
8/11/2008Bikkuri-Man Anime Returns in Free Online Series
8/11/2008Kano Duo to Star in I.G's Abunai Sisters Anime DVD
8/11/2008Japanese Box Office, August 2?3: Ponyo's 3rd Week at #1
8/11/2008'Dark Knight' Bakes the 'Pineapple Express' First Since 2003 to Spend a Month on Top
8/11/2008'Iron Man' DVD Release Set For September 30th
8/11/2008Daily Briefs
8/11/2008Happily Ever After Film in Seattle, Scottsdale, Pittsburgh
8/11/2008Umizaru Coast Guard Manga, Nonchan Manga Get New Films
8/11/20083 Titles' Fansubs Pulled on Behalf of Japan's d-rights
8/11/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, July 28?August 3
8/10/2008Otakon 2008 Draws Over 26,000 Attendees
8/10/2008ADV Gets Indian Summer Anime, Five Live-Action Titles
8/10/2008Stan Lee's Pow Develops Quartz with Gonzo's Parent GDH
8/10/2008Daily Briefs
8/9/2008Bandai Entertainment Adds .hack//G.U. Trilogy Anime
8/9/2008Ghiblies 2 Director Momose Working on New Ghibli Work
8/9/2008Crunchyroll to Add Gonzo, ADV, Media Blasters Titles (Update 2)
8/9/2008Otakon Attendance Numbers 23,000 on Day 1
8/8/2008Daily Briefs
8/8/2008Quiz Magic Academy Promotional Movie Streamed
8/8/2008Casshern Sins Trailer Posted Online
8/8/2008Madhouse Still Working on Ninja Scroll 2 Plans
8/8/2008Namco Bandai Reports 66% Drop in Q1 Profit
8/8/2008Macademi Wasshoi's Newest Promotional Video Streamed
8/8/2008Saber Rider Comes to American DVD
8/8/2008RoboDz to Run on U.S.'s Revamped Disney XD Channel
8/8/2008Eva:1.0, L, Afro Samurai to Run in German Film Fest
8/8/2008USA Today Booklist, July 28?August 3
8/7/2008Sky Crawlers, Detroit Metal City to Run in Toronto
8/7/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, July 31?August 6
8/7/2008Maria Holic Manga Confirmed to Get TV Anime
8/7/2008Store Sells 'Pundam,' 'Epangelion' Cosplay for Dogs
8/7/2008Fujiko F. Fujio's Unique Short Stories Get TV Drama
8/7/2008Manga Does Not Rule U.S. Graphic Novel Sales in July
8/6/2008Salaryman Kintaro Manga to Get New TV Drama Series
8/6/2008Japanese Comic Ranking, July 29?August 4
8/6/2008One Outs Baseball Manga to Get TV Anime This October
8/6/2008Kiku-chan to ?kami TV Anime Special's Trailer Streamed
8/6/2008Guin Saga Novels to be Animated for TV Next Spring
8/6/2008Kamen no Maid Guy Manga to Bundle DVD with New Anime
8/6/2008Daily Briefs
8/5/2008Japanese Anime TV Ranking, July 21?27
8/5/2008Ottawa Animation Fest to Show Shinkai's Neko no Sh?kai
8/5/2008ADV, Geneon Worth $7-$10 Million To FUNimation Sales
8/5/2008Kogyoaika Volleyboys Manga Gets Movie This Fall
8/5/2008Aria, Utawarerumono Singer/Songwriter Eri Kawai Dies
8/5/2008New Gurren Lagann, Higurashi Manga to Start This Month
8/5/2008Two More from 'Monster' Creator Among New Viz Manga Scheduled
8/5/2008Japanese Man Arrested for Pirated Anime DVD Auctions
8/5/2008Daily Briefs
8/4/2008Toei, Disney's 1st Full RoboDz Episode Streamed Online
8/4/2008Japanese Box Office, July 26?27: Ponyo Keeps Top Spot
8/4/2008New Queen's Blade, Chaos;Head Game Manga Announced
8/4/2008New Art Previewed for Japanese-Animated First Squad
8/4/20083rd Man Sentenced for Anime Sharing with Share Program
8/4/2008St. Dragon Girl Creator Starts Yume-Iro P?tissi?re Manga
8/4/2008'The Dark Knight' Abides
8/4/2008FUNimation's Q1 Sales Down
8/4/2008The Future of the Hobby Channel
8/4/2008Disney Sets Up 'Monster Attack Network'
8/4/2008WizKids? Joe Hauck?s Last Day
8/4/2008Dark Horse Incubates 'World Embryo'
8/4/2008Universal Straps on '2 Guns'
8/4/2008FUNimation Schedules First Sojitz Titles
8/4/2008Taniguchi's 'Harukana Machi-e'
8/4/2008Daily Briefs
8/4/2008Navarre Talks Afro Samurai Sales Numbers, Future Plans
8/3/2008Brazilian Team Wins 2008 World Cosplay Summit (Updated)
8/3/2008Death Note Creators Confirmed to Launch Bakuman Manga
8/3/2008Tanemura to Draw Gentlemen's Alliance Side Story Manga
8/3/2008Anime Studio Pierrot Founder to Speak at NYC Bookstore
8/2/2008USA Today Booklist, July 21?27
8/2/2008Navarre Reports that Funimation Exceeds Q1 Expectations
8/2/2008Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, July 24?30
8/2/2008Tensai Bakabon, Akko-chan Creator Fujio Akatsuka Dies
8/1/2008New Ranma 1/2 Short Debuts at Takahashi's Tokyo Event
8/1/20081st Funimation Releases of Former ADV Titles Scheduled
8/1/2008Imagi Creative Director Posts Gatchaman Art, Notes Delay
8/1/2008Industry Group: Global Anime Sales Dipped 7.4% in 2007
8/1/2008Linebarrels of Iron's English Promo Video Streamed (Updated)
8/1/2008New Attempt at Yamato Anime Project Announced
8/1/2008Daily Briefs
8/1/2008Production I.G to Launch New Anime Series at Otakon (Updated)